Oats for your body

One of the most nutritious cereal is oats. It can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels. In addition, in the field of cosmetology, this culture showing amazing results. Oats helps to restore the skin, reduces inflammation, and gives a healthy color. Phytic acid found in grains, is a powerful antioxidant, thanks to which the skin becomes elastic and velvety, and wrinkles become less visible. Pretty bold phytic acid is easily penetrates the skin and retains moisture.

Starchy substance acts on all cosmetic lines. Not only are they perfectly moisturize the skin, but also prevent the uncontrolled proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. For hydration and nutrition of the upper layers of the epidermis responsible lipids. Essential polyose implement the necessary regeneration of cells. A large number of polyphenols antiradical and anti-inflammatory effect on human skin. Almost every well-known cosmetics company has a full line of products based on oats.

At home, you can create your own cosmetics. To give the skin a velvety and smooth, prevent and smooth out existing wrinkles, you should regularly clean it before going to bed special medicinal decoction of oatmeal. To do this, take 2 tablespoons flakes and boil them in one liter of water for 10 minutes. You can then cool and drain. When acne is recommended to use oatmeal as a scrub. He has a mild effect while deeply nourishing the skin.

Sensitive and dry peeling skin can be restored with the help of special tools. To do this, pour 1 tbsp oats three tablespoons of warm milk. Then we are set aside until complete swelling of the grains. This mixture is applied on clean face for about 20 minutes. After that you need to wash off the mask with water and lubricate the skin nourishing cream. After one week of regular treatments, the skin becomes more delicate, smooth and elastic. Furthermore, such a tool can be used for prevention in the cold season.

If you have deep wrinkles and skin flabby and tired, you can use the following mask. Fill oatmeal cream in a ratio of two to four. Also be applied for 20 minutes and wash off. This unique tool will remove the excess fat of the epidermis, making it more supple and healthy.

 Oats for the beauty of your body

 beautiful manicure short nails


  • The main features of the short manicure
  • Spring flowers
  • Black gold
  • Bubble
  • Starry sky

Some women believe that the only possible beautiful manicure on long marigolds. Some try to grow them naturally, while others seek help in beauty salons and make extensions. And in the first and in the second case, a woman faces a number of problems. If the nature of the nails brittle and thin, grow them very hard. After increasing need more than one month to strengthen the structure of the nail, and tonics are not enough.

So why do we need all these tricks? Why waste your time to resort to the costly procedures if and short nails can be the pride of its owner? Even Capricious fashion went towards us - this season relevant extremely short and tidy fingernails! In this article we will dispel all your doubts and tell you how to make a beautiful manicure on short nails, how to care for them, how to choose the perfect combination of colors and textures.

 beautiful manicure on nails

The main features of the short manicure

  • Short nails - it is practical and convenient. You will no doubt agree with this fact. In addition, many men prefer their women "wearing" neat manicure, not long cat's nails;
  • Short manicure require the same meticulous care as long. Do not neglect the salt baths, take care of the cuticle, follow form of nails;
  • Never use a metal nail file! They just spoil the structure of the nail plate. Buy tool in the pro shop, then a manicure at home yourself is not difficult;
  • In order for your manicure look harmonious, pick the right shape for the nails. Today, the fashion square, but do not blindly follow the publications in glossy magazines. Remember, square shape fits only those girls who are thin and long fingers. If you do not belong to those, choose the classic oval;
  • Do not forget to take care of the cuticle. Trim it is not necessary, just move your using an orange stick. You can buy a special oil, which slows the growth of cuticles, the more often you use it, the less it will grow;
  • Remember, short nails look great dark and bright shades of nail polish. Do not be afraid to experiment;
  • If you want to visually lengthen the nails, use a vertical design drawings;
  • Girls with too broad a nail plate, nail not be applied over the entire surface, but only in the middle, left side unpainted;
  • In the short nails can not draw too big or too small drawings - stick to the golden mean; The same goes for decorating nails;
  • Choosing a design is to confine 2-3 shades of nail polish, or nail polish is too colorful;
  • Acrylic molding and other types of three-dimensional design are excluded. In short nails a decoration looked too vulgar;
  • To find the right pattern, look closely to the shape of your nails. On the oval and almond marigolds look great floral motifs, executed in bright colors. But for the square shape is best suited dark varnish and graphics or abstract paintings;
  • Not be discounted and the classic jacket. It is suitable for any form of nails.

Well, here we have considered the main features of the short manicure. Now, let's examine a few examples of design. Of all of the following ways to be sure you select the appropriate for you.

Spring flowers

To create this design, you will need: pearlescent lacquer, white and purple paint nails, thin brush and fixer.

  • Cover nails pearlescent paint: first paint the middle, then the sides;
  • When the paint is dry, take a brush and purple dye. Carefully draw a wavy line along the length of the claw (left or right, as you wish);
  • Likewise, process all the nails;
  • Now we need to diversify the pattern. The same paint to add a few lines of already finished scrolls across the width of the nail plate. Be guided by your imagination;
  • Now take the white paint and at the base of each of the navel put small dots. As a result, you should have a pattern reminiscent of a branch with snowdrops;
  • After making all the same pattern marigolds, fixer fix it.

This manicure for short nails is perfect for romantic walks, and for office everyday. Optionally, you can choose other colors for drawing, as long as they are not too bright, and combined with each other.

 Fashionable beautiful manicure short nails

Black gold

You will need: black and gold lacquer, yellow acrylic paint, brush or fine needle, a fixer.

  • Cover nails gold lacquer;
  • Once the base color is dry, paint over one corner of the nail with black lacquer. We try to corner turned elongated;
  • Take the yellow paint and draw out her black lacquer border, in two or three places making small curls, calling on the corner;
  • Now we take again the black lacquer and put them on the golden curls. They should be in proportion to the yellow;
  • We cover fixer picture - ready to manicure.

This option is good for going out to dinner at a restaurant. Excellent will look in tandem with the little black dress.


You will need: a brown and gold lacquer, white, yellow and brown acrylic paint, a brush, a fixer.

  • Basic color - brown. We cover them completely nail plate;
  • Take a gold lacquer, and in one corner of the nail making vertical strokes - is visually lengthen the fingers;
  • With white paint and thin brush, paint the vertical wave in the middle of the nail, as if tracing the gold color;
  • Yellow paint draw two circles: large and small. So that they stand up for a white wave;
  • Now draw another two laps, but brown. Also to intercede for the edge of the white line and the yellow circles;
  • We cover fixer, preferably in two layers.

The design "bubbles" looks good with a sporty style of clothing.

Starry sky

You will need: burgundy and light purple matte lacquer, white and black paint, a brush, a fixer.

  • On the entire surface of the nail Apply burgundy lacquer;
  • Take the purple paint and paint them the nail area - he should get stretched;
  • White paint draw out the boundary corner, drawing a brace;
  • Now draw 2-3 stars, stretching their long, white paint, too. One on a purple background. Remaining on burgundy;
  • Black paint encircle stars on one side;
  • Fix the result of the fixture.

Here's a simple but at the same time an original and beautiful manicure on short nails. Not necessarily completely adhere to the above recommendations. Experimenting with color and form the pattern, you can create a custom design that will not look less attractive.

Remember, do not be afraid to realize their fantasies to life! Only through trial and error, you can create something unforgettable. And do not despair if the first attempt does not turn out the way you planned. Everything comes with experience.

 Beautiful manicure on short nails: fast, simple, original

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