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  • Secrets of snow-white smile
  • Makeup hides flaws
  • Yellowness - a sign of health

Beautiful snow-white smile - it is not a gift of nature, but the result of daily and proper care of their teeth. Unfortunately, many women forget that only one cleaning is not always enough. Smoking, alcohol, food containing a huge number of dyes, low quality pasta - all this has a negative impact on the color of the enamel. Conventional toothbrushes are unlikely to be able to cope with a touch of yellow, stone and other similar problems. In some cases, even the girls can not do without the help of experts.

Secrets of snow-white smile

There are several basic ways to whiten teeth quickly improvised means at home. Their effectiveness depends on the enamel, the problems and limitations of many such factors. Remember, a single universal method that would fit all, does not exist. Only through trial and error, you can choose the option that is suitable for your smile.

Clear the fresh coating

  • Soda

If the teeth recently appeared yellow spots, get rid of them you can usually using baking soda. She definitely has a home of each family. It is enough to pinch it means to pour into a paste, slightly wet and three minutes to brush your teeth formed gruel. The result is stunning - fresh plaque disappears immediately.

However, you can not use this method more than once a week. Otherwise, you just simply spoil the enamel. It is recommended to use sodium bicarbonate, if the problem occurs after eating food with seasonings. Curry, soy sauce, and many of these ingredients are used to prepare exotic dishes, and leave their mark on the teeth.

  • Dough

How quickly whiten teeth at home, do not hurt yourself at the same time? Choose a toothpaste with abrasive substances. This - the most simple, secure and reliable way, which is often preferred by all the modern girl. Brushing your teeth in such products may be two to three times a week, alternating with conventional powders.

Toothpaste is not classified as potent means for bleaching. Therefore inherited from nature with yellow, it is unlikely to cope alone. If you decide to combine it with soda, previously consult with a specialist. The double impact of sometimes quite fraught with bad consequences, up to tooth decay.

  • The ash and activated carbon

Earlier in Russia usual residents cleaned their teeth with ash. When even a paste and brush do not know the ashes applied to the finger and carefully rubbed his enamel. As a result of such manipulations smile at our beauties were white and shining. This is not necessarily breed in an apartment fire and wait until the log burned. You can use an ordinary activated carbon, which is sold in any drugstore.

So, mash a couple of pills and drip into them a little water to make a paste. The consistency of the mixture should resemble pasta. Brushing your teeth means that you can once every three days, no more. After the procedure, twenty or thirty minutes, costs nothing to eat.

  • Gum

Teeth whitening is not because of the magical properties of the gum, and thanks to increased salivation. The resulting plaque is not fixed on the enamel, and washed. Therefore, dentists recommend after even after eating chewing pads or plates. However, if a girl has a seal, Naroscheny teeth or gum problems, in any case can not be used gum.

  • Green tea

Every morning brew green tea and rinse their mouths. This will help prevent the appearance of yellow spots and eliminate the plaque formed per night. You can also apply special rinses. Just buy them in pharmacies, rather than just a store.

Clear the old spot

  • Peroxide

With a touch of the old, which was the result of excessive love for coffee and cigarettes easily handle hydrogen peroxide. This substance is also part of some professional whitening gels. But alone, without additional components, it works well. It should be carefully applied to the enamel, not to injure the gums. Use for this purpose a thin brush or cotton swab. Two minutes later, rinse your mouth with plenty of water.

Be careful during the procedure can not swallow saliva. Peroxide can cause severe poisoning. You also can not use the substance, if you are experiencing health problems. Always adhere to the specified time, otherwise aggressive components may corrode tooth enamel.

  • Gel

Whitening gel is usually recommended to be carried out in the event that the toothpaste does not cope with the task. To lighten the enamel on one tone, you will need to spend at least five procedures. The result, unfortunately, is held for long.

You can also resort with a solution, if you have a special bite and during brushing is not always lacking. As a result - in the gaps between the teeth formed yellow plaque, which can not be overcome even with a special thread. Damage gel helps to gain uniformly white smile.

 How to whiten teeth fast

Safety measures

Bleaching of folk and professional means without prior examination of the dentist is completely contraindicated for people older age category. In old age, instead of white and beautiful teeth can make gray-blue smile. However, translucent enamel - is not the worst thing that can happen.

Improper use of certain ingredients and too frequent bleaching leads to a rather sad consequences. There were cracks, scratches and pores formed increases with time, after which the teeth start to crumble and break.

Two hours before and after the procedure can not be drunk hot or cold water and eat food, which contains dyes. And, moreover, do not eat citrus fruits the next day. Loose after such aggressive action of the teeth are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. But enamel is able to absorb any substances, like a sponge.

Before proceeding to such manipulation and experimentation, be sure to test the vehicle on a separate site. Thus, you eliminate the occurrence of an allergic reaction. If a rash appears on the skin, it will begin to itch or oven, on this version should be abandoned.


  • Fruits, vegetables and meat

To further whitening did not become a mandatory procedure, eat each day apples, pears, carrots. Preferably, the form is not rubbed. So you not only get rid of plaque, but also to prevent the emergence of some problems with the gums. And, of course, to saturate your body with all the beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

As for meat, the bacon kebabs and similar dishes should bite his teeth, not cut with a knife. Of course, if you're in a public place. The more you work the jaw, the better. Remember who prefers to eat only soft foods and frayed, are turning to dentists.

  • Flossing

Every time after you eat, be sure to depart to the bathroom to brush his teeth a special thread. Otherwise stuck food particles can simply start to rot. As a result - plaque, tartar, halitosis, periodontal disease, tooth decay and other diseases.

Never, under any circumstances, use toothpicks. The sharp tip of the wood can damage the soft tissue or scratch the enamel. There are cases when a breakaway piece stuck in the gap, or pierces the gums. If it happens, without the help of a dentist or surgeon you can not do.

  • Annual inspection

Even if you do not bother, it is still at least once a year visit a specialist. Do not wait until your teeth will begin to hurt or be covered with such a coating, which can not cope with even a dentist. If you have the opportunity, do whitening in the doctor's office. You may be offered a choice of two methods: laser or chemical. Each has its advantages, disadvantages and contraindications. But in any case it will be much faster, easier and safer than using the popular recipes beauty.

Before you spend bleaching, the doctor is obliged to make cleaning easier. This is necessary in order to remove food particles stuck. This procedure may cause discomfort or even pain. Sensitive ladies is cauterized.

If you have recently increased their teeth, put a seal or implant had surgery, be sure to tell your doctor. If you spend bleaching, artificial parts will be much darker. Pre-need to replace it with a lighter options. As for surgery, until complete healing affect the jaw is strictly prohibited.

 quick teeth whitening

Makeup hides flaws

It is not necessary to do a professional whitening and spoil the tooth enamel to get a snow-white smile. There are many methods of how to hide the yellow of natural and visually make the teeth a little lighter. To do this you will need to get a special makeup.

  • Red lipstick

The more intense the color of lipstick, the lighter will seem smile. If you have the nature of yellow enamel, do not choose faded and dull shades. Otherwise, your teeth will seem even darker than it really is. Also remember to use lip gloss.

  • Bronze tone base

The secret of success lies in the contrast. The darker one item, the lighter the rest of the body. Gives the skin a light tan, you get rid of yellow teeth visible. If desired, you can select only the cheekbones. By this trick should be used with the fair sex, or pale pink face.

Yellowness - a sign of health

White teeth - it's a fad. In fact, the nature of a smile may be yellowish or grayish-blue. At the same time the darker the color, the stronger enamel. Having decided to bleaching, the girls do not think about the harmfulness of the procedure. As a result, it falls after five to ten years to suffer with a sore jaw.

If you want to get rid of plaque, do the usual cleaning. Using special tools and instruments the doctor will remove food residue formed stone. At the end of a special coating is applied which protects your smile over the next three to four months.

 How quickly whiten teeth: the secrets of snow-white smile

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