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  • Necessary funds for home manicure
  • Stages home manicure
  • French manicure at home
  • The original design of nails at home

She wants to look well-groomed every woman. And each is struggling to maintain the beauty given to her nature. We follow the fashion, exercise, buy a new cosmetics that promise a magical transformation. And, of course, do not forget about the nails. After all, fashion manicure - this is an important part of the female image. Well-groomed hands speak volumes, they are the original card. Girl with neat manicure and always looks great, and others perceived properly.

Of course, all the secrets and ideas nail design to study very hard. And why do you need it? Just know what a classic manicure at home and learn how to do some of the most relevant figures on nails. To popular and never go out of fashion design is a simple French manicure. And if you think that it is monotonous, you are deeply mistaken. Today, so many species of tunic that can easily relate it to everyday decorating nails, and festive, and even creative.

But let us all in order. First we need to understand, from what stage is the creation of a manicure at home and steps to review all of its nuances.

 simple manicure at home

Necessary funds for home manicure

Thus, to be able to lead the nails in order and a manicure home circumstances in your arsenal must be present some instruments and tools.

  • Set nail files;
  • Sharp scissors for leather;
  • Tweezers and nail clippers;
  • A set of orange sticks;
  • Nail polish remover;
  • Cotton pads;
  • Means for nail bath: sea salt, softening and aromatic oils;
  • Oil to soften cuticles;
  • A set of high-quality paints;
  • Set for a French manicure;
  • Fixative lacquer;
  • Moisturizing and nourishing hand cream.

How to choose a nail file

This tool is to talk separately. Its quality will depend on the health of your nails in the future. If nails are weakened and exfoliate, choose a round fine-grained nail file made of glass. With it, you will attach the nail and the desired shape, and carefully otshlifuete its surface.

If the health of nails, you do not complain, you can safely choose the sapphire nail file. Desirably combination having a different surface. When buying tools, pay attention to its friction plane. Spend it on your fingertip - quality nail file does not scratch the skin, does not have the raised sections, "grains" is almost not felt.

Remember that rough and coarse nail files designed for artificial nails, natural do not withstand such treatment. In no case do not use a metal tool, prefer nail file on a rubber or paperboard. Before you make a purchase, ask the seller. He will give you good advice and suggest how to make the right decision based on the state of your nails.

 ideas manicure at home

Stages home manicure

In doing manicure is particularly important and orderly sequence. And the rest of the process is a lot easier than it may seem initially. So, let's begin.

  • Removing old paint

    For this we use a special liquid. It is advisable to purchase a vehicle that does not contain acetone, in order to avoid overdrying the nail plate, its fragility and brittleness. Remove nail polish with a cotton need to drive on which is applied a small amount of liquid;

  • Shaping

    Remember one important rule: to grind and cut only dry nails. Nail file must move strictly in a certain direction - from the sides towards the center. Form choose based on their preferences, but do not forget that much depends on the shape of the fingers themselves. For example, a square shape is the most resistant to external influences. But it is ideal to only long fingers. For plump and short fingers is best to choose an oval or pointed shape - they visually lengthen the hand and the nail itself;

  • Brightening

    Luster is attached using a special polishing nail file. It has four different surfaces, which are numbered in the order of their use;

  • Cuticle

    The procedure begins with a special coating on the cuticle softening oil. In After 2-3 minutes, when the vehicle is fully absorbed into the skin, you can make bath polish, adding to the pre-sea salt or oil. After a five-minute "bath" you can begin to remove the cuticle. Trim it is not recommended, as it will lead to the opposite effect: the cuticle will grow even faster. Just grab an orange stick and gently move the skin to the base of the nail. Cuticle oil can be used daily;

  • Deburring

    To remove this nuisance it is best to use a special sharp scissors or clippers. Do not pull the skin! So you contribute to the formation of painful wounds. Just one neatly cut away the burrs precise movement;

  • The pads and the corners of the fingers

    If you have blisters on the inside of the finger, they can be treated with a special ceramic nail file or pumice usual. The same applies to the calloused fingertips;

  • Completion manicure

    At the end of the process lubricate hand cream, give it a good soak, then degrease the nails. If desired, cover them with lacquer. All - a classic manicure at home is ready!

As you can see, nothing is impossible. Devoting 30-40 minutes and its handles using the above tips, you at home can make a professional manicure, which will be the subject of your pride.

French manicure at home

And now let's go directly to the nail design. French manicure has enough advantages: it is an original, timeless, fashionable, suitable for any outfit for any length of nails. Today, commercially available kits that facilitate the process of creating a tunic. The set includes: a white pencil, stencils for drawing edging, white matt lacquer and base lacquer. The latter may have cream or pale pink hue. So, what is a fast jacket?

  • First you need to paste stencils. We do this so that the tip of the nail remained free (up to 5 mm);
  • Now take the white lacquer and paint edging - paint the tip of the nail to the line of the stencil. If necessary, apply two coats;
  • Wait until the paint is completely dry, and remove the stencil;
  • Take the white pencil and paint inside the free part of the nail;
  • Now we put basic coverage. It is better to choose based on the color of your skin. Pale girl pink suit. Tanned - beige;
  • Cover fixer manicure - everything is ready;
  • If you stain the skin around the nail, take a cotton swab, dip it in nail polish remover and remove any blemishes.

Varieties of French manicure

Of course, the white jacket is always at its peak. But if you want to get more original and trendy image, you can move away from the classic little and consider some interesting ideas.

  • For edging, you can use any color to black. Just make sure to manicure combined with a general way and did not look vulgar;
  • You can decorate the tip of the nail with crystals and even small dried flowers;
  • Also, as the design is often used and sequins. They sprinkled the tip of the claw, and then everything is covered fixer;
  • Present and non-standard forms of edging. It may be triangular, chamfered or rhomboid.

Strictly speaking, french suitable for any occasion. Important correct accents and choose the species that would be appropriate for a particular case.

 Tips for home manicure

The original design of nails at home

And finally, let's look at some interesting ideas nail design that will definitely find a place in your life.

Chess board

You will need: white lacquer, pink acrylic paint with a fine brush, black paint.

  • Painted nails white matt lacquer. Make sure that there are no gaps, if necessary, make two layers;
  • Take the pink paint and thin brush, divide the nail into 6 parts. Draw two horizontal lines and one vertical;
  • Now paint the resulting pieces in a checkerboard pattern. Use the pink dye. As a result, you should have three white and three pink square;
  • Take the black paint and a brush do the edging of each part;
  • Black paint as paint and thin strips. On the white - vertical on pink - horizontal;
  • We cover all the fixative.

That's such an original design turned out. Believe me, nobody even realizes a manicure at home or in a salon environment.


You will need: matt lacquer bright shades such as red or coral, black paint and a fine brush.

  • Cover nail varnish, if necessary in two layers;
  • We give completely dry, take a black paint and a fine brush to draw a butterfly on the ring finger;
  • Butterfly should get pretty big - over the entire nail;
  • Good draws the body and wing tips that they appear three-dimensional. The rest of the reserve transparent;
  • You may want to stick rhinestones on the tip of each wing, so manicure is more decorative;
  • Do not forget to cover all the fixative.

Whatever nail design you choose, remember - it must comply with certain cases. On weekdays, there is no need too be creative enough to make the classic jacket or just cover the nail varnish and plain dim. But going to a party, you can give free rein to imagination and come up with something original, and even exotic. In all must be a sense of proportion - this is the main rule, which concerns not only the manicure, but the whole of the female image.

 How to do a manicure at home correctly and beautifully

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