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  • Healthy skin without problems: What every girl needs to know
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Beautiful, smooth, clear skin without a single person, and blackhead pimple - every woman's dream. Sometimes, the fair sex agree to experience the various trends of cosmetic industry, just to get rid of the problems that arise due to poor lifestyle choices. Harmful food, smoking, alcoholism, insomnia, constant stress at work, passive pastime - it's just a small list of things, which is why the skin ages faster and appear on it defects.

 How to remove black dots in the home

Healthy skin without problems: What every girl needs to know

Rule one: eliminate from the diet of fatty foods

How would you not like french fries and fast food from a food would have to give up forever. If you find it difficult to part with sharply grilled ham and meatballs, first oil can be replaced by olive, they also should fill salads. Over time, the better to buy a steamer or bake meat and fish in the oven. Month of such a diet - and your skin will not be able to learn: it will become more clear, unhealthy shine disappear, reducing the number of black dots.

Rule two: go through medical research

Your face is covered with acne could not due to improper care, but because of a serious illness. So before you decide to self-medicate, be sure to visit a dermatologist for a complete comprehensive examination of his body. It is easier to remove the cause than for a long time to treat the consequences. Based on your analysis, your doctor will prescribe a particular treatment and will tell you how to remove black dots.

  • The problems with the gastrointestinal tract

The fair sex, which constantly appear eels in the T-zone, refer to the gastroenterologist, as it is - one of the symptoms that indicate a problem with the stomach, pancreas, intestines. Try to time to eliminate the fatty and sugary foods, strong coffee, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, drink more green tea, as it removes toxins, eating sour fruits and vegetables. Over time, the black dots stop appearing on the body.

  • Problems with reproductive organs

The chin - face area, especially sensitive to what happens to a woman of childbearing age. Thus, the presence of pimples and blackheads the skin at the site indicates the hormonal disturbances. This may be, for example, an increased amount of endorphins. Fix this problem is possible by means of conventional cosmetics and, of course, special drugs that should be prescribed by a doctor.

  • Hormonal boom

If you jump out the black dots on the nose, it says that you have some problems with the endocrine system. Typically, this problem faced by boys and girls in their teens, so the girls and older ladies late thirties should definitely go to the endocrinologist. In some cases, black spots on the nose are due to heart problems, liver or stomach.

  • Mad fungus

So, for example, you may have a problem with Candida - ordinary fungus, which is a healthy person does not harm. But it is necessary to be ill with diabetes dramatically much better, as the once trouble starts with the skin. In order to determine the existence of this problem, you need to go to the mirror and see the bright light in the mouth. If the language is seen as a white coating of a thick film, then it is time to urgently contact your doctor.

For the first time until the disease is not cured, you have to stop eating sweets: sugar, dried and fresh fruits, berries, honey, candy, cookies. Later sweet tooth will have to limit myself, because of their excessive love for carbohydrate food problem can return soon. If the time for acne does not pay attention, then after a few months the person is completely covered with acne, eczema, hives. In the treatment in this case will take more than six months.

When acne appears on the eve of menstruation, in this case, do not panic. It is enough to wipe the skin tonic, apply a nourishing cream and squeeze out education. Usually on the second or third day after the onset of critical days, this problem is solved by itself.

Rule three: avoid vitamin deficiency and hypervitaminosis

Very often women make the most common mistake - make winter in huge amounts of vitamin C or B, without first consulting your doctor. All anything, but do also not to drink tea with lemon, do not eat some mandarin and seize all this kilo of oranges? As a result, in the morning after such an explosive cocktail on the face can be detected bright crimson rashes, irritation and red spots, and a week later appear acne.

Also, do not get involved in the juices as they contain quite a number of preservatives, dyes, stabilizers and other chemicals. Two or three cups of this drink per day would lead to severe intoxication, thus reveal the reason it is unlikely you will be able to immediately. Soon you will be sinning for cosmetics or yesterday's dinner. Please note that sometimes the occurrence of acne affect bromo and iodine-containing drugs.

Rule Four: cleanses the skin

To date, the opinion dermatologists as to how to remove black dots without the help of beauticians, strongly divided. Some believe that the conduct complicated procedures on their own at home can not be unprepared ladies. Such experiments on themselves can be expensive and very often lead to more serious consequences. The second side of the contrary recommends at least once a week to make a clean skin, using conventional cosmetics. Tonic, mask, cream - all of this can be found in free sale in any drugstore.

 How to remove black dots correctly

Getting rid of blackheads steps

You do not know how to remove black dots on the thin and delicate skin? First, the person must carefully prepare for the procedure and clean the treated area from dust, dirt, residues of fat. To do this, simply wipe it with a cotton swab or a special tonic jelly. Then apply a small amount of scrub (can be prepared at home) and a good rub your hand problem area two to three minutes. However, it is also worth to know the measure, and in any case should not be peeling if acne greatly inflamed. Otherwise, you can damage the skin, leading to the appearance of scars.

Weekly cleaning of the face - one of the most important rules of every self-respecting girl. A more effective way to deal with black dots in the home with the help of popular recipes beauty does not exist. Experts recommend a daily economic or wash tar soap, which is considered to be bactericidal. Also do not forget that the anti-inflammatory and soothing effect has cosmetics with tea tree extract.

If no skin irritation, can make a mask of fine salt and a soap. After the procedure, the person starts to burn and itch? Just wipe it off with water, diluted with calendula tincture or boron-salicylic alcohol. Dry pustules can be using cranberry juice, raspberry, currant and cucumber infused alcohol. At the end of cleaning or peeling to the pores were narrowed, the skin should be wiped with a small piece of ice.

If the acne does not pass, try to change the make-up or pinch its use to a minimum. Do not try to hide defects by using silicon powder, a tonal framework and similar products, as this will only exacerbate the inflammation and score the pores. In addition, to hide such problems can not be improvised means.

Do not squeeze pimples! Beauticians warn mechanically influence even on already formed spots is impossible, since the resulting bacteria can enter the wound, which will lead to the spread of the infection. Moreover, after this procedure on your lovely little face may remain small scars, from which it will be impossible to get rid of at home. So trust your health you need only real experts that handle instruments with a special solution.

But if you can not constantly go to the office beautician, you will have to deal with this problem on their own. Naturally, we can not too often resort to mechanical and manual cleaning. Thus it is necessary to follow certain rules and use antiseptics.

  • Always clean and steamed face before the procedure, since the softened skin to work much easier. Use either a steam bath or make a hot compress. Instead of chlorinated water is best to use chamomile teas or infusions of herbs.
  • Before you begin to squeeze a pimple, carefully pull the skin. Due to such manipulation, the so-called rod may itself off well, while the impact on the problem area will be minimized.
  • The fingers of the procedure should be treated with an antiseptic (peroxide, salicylic acid, alcohol), and then - to wind and dry with a clean cloth. The fact that the need to wash hands with soap and water, modern girls even resemble not worth it.
  • Squeeze can only have matured, "ready" eels with yellow or black head, otherwise you may injure your skin. "Immature" pimples best left for later. And do not forget to wipe them with a special tool.
  • Be careful in the hole does not remain the root of the rod, or may start the inflammation. If you do not remove the grease tube completely left a deep scar. It is considered the most delicate area of ​​lips and nose, so there is not too much to squeeze the black dots.
  • After the procedure, treat these skin tonic or lotion, then apply a soothing mask. Not bad in this case will affect the mixture of cottage cheese and homemade yogurt. At night, lubricate the face of nourishing or moisturizing cream.

In the future, to avoid the appearance of acne and pimples, use antiseptic lotion based on aloe juice. Tonic can do yourself at home. To do this, wrap it in a thick white sheet of paper, two plants and place them in the bottom tray of the refrigerator, where you store fruits and vegetables.

Two weeks later, Aloe grind in a blender or meat grinder, then use the gauze, folded in two layers, squeeze the juice. In a small glass a bowl mix it with sixty grams of water and ten grams of alcohol. Wipe clean with inflamed areas should be every day, preferably in the morning, as soon as you wake up and at night before bedtime.

Copes with acne normal garlic, which is not in vain in the nation is considered to be a natural antibiotic. So, a couple of large cloves cut in half and rub them places where there were eels. However, do not overdo it with the amount and do not leave the juice on the skin, and immediately Wash with copious amounts of filtered water.

Note that you can only rinse face with cool or slightly warm water, as too hot to accelerate the work of the sebaceous glands. It is better to use a decoction or acidified vodichku proportion of one tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of conventional liquid. By following these simple rules, you will cope with the emerging acne and prevent their further spread.

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