ingrown hair in the bikini area


  • The causes of ingrown hairs
  • Methods for treating ingrown hair in the bikini area
  • Funds from ingrown hairs
  • Preventing ingrown hairs in the bikini area

Girls are constantly taking care of the beauty of his body, aware of the difficulties may be due to the removal of unwanted hair. Each session of hair removal and hair removal is safe and are subject to certain risks. During the procedure may cause microtrauma of the skin and allergic reactions such as redness and rashes. But perhaps the most unpleasant side effect - it is growing hair.

Unsightly, abscesses at the site of growing and dark spots on the skin - it's not all the trouble that brings an ingrown hair. Constant contact with clothes chamber inflammation brings pain. And if there is inflammation in the delicate bikini area, the pain increases significantly.

The causes of ingrown hairs

The cause of ingrown hairs is a pathological change in the direction of their growth. Seta not penetrated to the outside, and increases in the horizontal direction beneath the skin. From such unpleasant surprises not insured by anyone. Typically, the process occurs as a result of their own inexperience, negligence in matters of hair removal or unprofessional actions beautician.

Initially, the ingrown hair is a painful red pimple. If you do not take timely measures to eliminate it, the inflammation can spread to form a galaxy of dark spots very fearsome. In the most severe cases spots may turn into wounds and lead to unpredictable consequences.

Therefore, if the problem is not to pretend that you do not notice it, and endure to the end. Seek professional help - to a medical institution or a beauty salon. If you feel the strength to cope with the discomfort arose, armed with a sterile instrument and learn some ways to remove ingrown hair in the bikini area.

 how to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini area

Methods for treating ingrown hair in the bikini area

Get rid of ingrown hair is possible only by deleting them. The choice is wide enough funds. You can take advantage of proven traditional methods, the traditional medical-surgical or resort to laser technology. When it comes to the delicate bikini area, the issue is somewhat complicated. Not every woman will dare to turn to professionals to eliminate such an intimate problem. However, the delay in this case is impossible, as the treatment may take some time. Get rid of ingrown hair in the bikini area is usually in several stages:

  • Preparation of the skin;
  • Eliminating hair;
  • Regeneration of the skin and its treatment, if necessary.

If you decide to fix the problem at home, start with the bath procedures:

  • Take a hot bath with soothing decoctions or infusions. Can be added to the water foam, a few drops of essential oils and little sea salt;
  • Carefully crafted bikini area a special tool that helps cleanse the delicate skin of otshelushivshihsya particles;
  • Wipe dry and disinfect medical alcohol problem area;
  • Prepare a sterile instrument. You will need tweezers and a fine needle, through which you must open the abscess and remove the "stray" hair. Tweezers, try to pull out hair;
  • Treat the wound with antiseptic, if necessary, apply antibiotic ointment or means with tannins;
  • Avoid hair removal in the bikini area at least a week, so as not to provoke the re-growth and give the skin some time to recover.

In no case do not squeeze pustules formed fingers or nails, you risk to achieve the opposite result. And remember that the use of non-sterile instrument can be deadly.

Funds from ingrown hairs

Now let's look at compounds that help to get rid of ingrown hairs. They can prepare yourself.

  • Aspirin, in equal proportions, mixed with glycerol, is applied to the problem area for 1-2 hours to soften the skin. After these procedures, removing the hair noticeably easier;
  • Powder bodyaga, dilute hydrogen peroxide is applied to the hair-growth zone of 10-15 minutes. The procedure is done for five days. After washing off the suspension of the skin smeared with olive oil and baby cream. This tool will help to get rid not only of the ingrown hair, but also on the micro-cracks, sores and blemishes;
  • Medications for acne are able to provide assistance in the fight against ingrown hairs, especially in cases of purulent inflammation. Very effective for these purposes scrubs with fruit and glycolic acid. To eliminate age spots, you can use salicylic ointment.

 how to get rid of ingrown hairs in the bikini area right

Preventing ingrown hairs in the bikini area

Any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. Never to ask about how to get rid of ingrown hairs should responsibly approach to the removal of excess vegetation in the bikini area. If you do this procedure in the cabin, make sure in advance in the presence of experienced professional craftsmen, reliability and sterile instruments. As well as to comply with sanitary regulations. Do not hesitate to disturb the personnel issues we are talking about your health!

If you prefer epilation intimate areas in a homelike atmosphere, remember a few simple rules.

  • Before the procedure rasparte body in hot water. You can make a compress of terry towels for a few minutes;
  • When shaving machine, do not use soap. Prefer special gels and foams, they moisturize and cool the skin, making it easy to slip the blade;
  • The razor must be sharp, even better - disposable;
  • Your movement in any case should not be directed against the hair growth, to inadvertently injure hair follicles;
  • Always finish the procedure of shaving the desired treatment area moisturizers;
  • When creating an intimate hairstyles you used to use electric epilator, the skin in the bikini area must be perfectly dry;
  • After the procedure, treat it with an antiseptic, and after a while, apply body lotion that removes dryness and irritation. Optionally, you can substitute milk lotion, hair growth slows down;
  • If the ingrown hair does not stop, you should choose another method of hair removal.

In order to solve the problem of ingrown hairs, there are a whole series of cosmetics. This can be sprays, gels and lotions, delicate structure which allows to use them daily, including the private parts. With regular treatment, you can forget about such a disadvantage as ingrown hair in the bikini area. In the arsenal of beauticians are also handy wipes impregnated with a special substance that slows hair growth and prevents ingrown.

 Ingrown hairs in the bikini area: causes, treatment, prevention

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 remedy for blackheads


  • The cause of black spots
  • How to prevent the occurrence of black spots?
  • Getting rid of blackheads at home
  • Cabin methods of dealing with black dots

Perhaps in the world there is no woman who would be entirely satisfied with their appearance. Blondes are painted in brunettes, brown-haired dream of platinum hair color. High want to be lower and the tiny girl, on the other hand, choosing a heel higher. That lands then the female sex! But there is a drawback that concerns absolutely everyone with his women. This black dots. That only makes any girl to get rid of comedones! Beautician overpay, nakupalis bunch of expensive ointments and scrubs, flooded with requests to prompt the Internet the best remedy for blackheads. In fact, get rid of comedones are not so difficult. The main thing - to know a few proven techniques and patience.

The cause of black spots

But before looking for a cure blackheads, let us look at the reasons for the appearance of skin imperfections:

  1. Incorrectly picked up cosmetics

    Tell me, how to choose mainly cream and lipstick modern girls? That's right, following the prompts advertising. That actress in a movie you like, then shade liked. As a result, in a beautiful jar of cream not only improves the skin condition, but also manages to clog the pores, causing the appearance of blackheads. And who, say, to blame? The girl, of course, will be to sin on the manufacturer. But we all know that the reason most to a customer that has acquired the cream without consulting a beautician.

  2. Inadequate cleansing

    All we will wash off in the evening make-up and dust collected per day on the skin. But not all of us are doing it correctly. Often women do not fully remove makeup from the face, and its particles clog the pores.

  3. Stress

    Probably, every profession is somehow connected with the experiences. Someone passed the wrong time project, someone caught a nervous client, and someone just tired from work and dreams of the sea. The result - the stress and the black dots on the face.

  4. Hormonal failure in the body

    Sometimes it is like a pregnant and lactating women, and older women who have entered menopause.

  5. Exacerbation of chronic diseases

    Sometimes our body signals of impending disease not just the symptoms of pain (which each of us safely, "seizes" tablets), but also the external manifestations: acne, comedones, spots on the skin. Unfortunately, not all properly recognize these signals and begin to fight against the black dots, while the need to treat the whole body.

  6. Environmental influences

    Remember how we all raced as a student in the harvest? The bustling city was replaced by endless fields, endless lectures - playing the guitar, short skirts gave way to comfortable jeans and a shirt. Romance! Only for some reason after such many students hanging skin covered notorious black spots. And it is quite natural, since care for themselves in the field was difficult. Yes, and the dust in the fields periodically slaughter into the pores, causing acne and comedo.

 the best remedy for blackheads

How to prevent the occurrence of black spots?

Do you know what the disease is best treated? The one whose appearance was avoided. So it is with black dots. Get rid of comedones, of course, possible, but it is much easier just to prevent their occurrence. How to do it? Who will teach.

  • First, thoroughly clean the skin in the evening

    It is not necessary to use for this expensive gels for washing. It is enough to remedy suited to your skin type. After the remnants of cosmetics hid in a drainpipe, wipe the face tonic.

  • Do not forget about peeling

    Often, it is this procedure is most effective against black dots.

  • Limit your intake of tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and red wines

    Of course, all of these moderate drinking liquids, you can, but if your rate - 5 cups of espresso a day, do not be surprised if you are greeted in the mirror is not a fresh complexion, and black dots.

  • Be careful when choosing a face creams and makeup

    It is better if these funds will write you a beautician, taking into account the type and condition of your skin.

  • Do not touch the face with his hands!

    Often the girls inadvertently touch the fingers of the face, like a check on whether their comedones and there has not disappeared from the forehead acne. Dear you, our, do not do this, because your hands the day accumulates a huge amount of bacteria that carry you safely on the face.

  • Eat less fat, sweet and spicy

    If you can curb myself, for an updated diet will tell you "thank you" is not only the skin, but also the stomach, which is extremely difficult to cope with the heavy food.

  • Drink more water

    Each person per day should drink at least 2 liters of pure water. You - not the exception.

  • Do not forget the way for the beautician

    Periodically, every self-respecting woman should conduct cleaning of the face and other preventive procedures. How often? You decide. Just remember - the more you give yourself the time, the better the condition of your skin.

 remedy for blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads at home

Let us suppose that you recorded a beautician at the reception until next Friday, and get rid of blackheads is necessary now. In this case, it's time you learn to deal with comedones at home.


First you need to remove the horny skin. For this purpose, suitable as a regular facial scrub and homemade exfoliating agent. Grind a handful of oatmeal in a blender, add 1 egg yolk back and a tablespoon of honey. Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Homemade Facial Scrub ready! If the recipe has seemed to you not too effective, you can prepare a rough, but at the same time effective for peeling the coffee mixture. For her, we'll need 2 tablespoons of black coffee powder, 1 egg and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. All components scrub traditionally mixed and applied to the face.

Home Facial Cleansing

Boil 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile in a pot of boiling water, steam over the steam out face (15 minutes under a bath towel is quite enough). Then disinfect hands and gently try to squeeze the black dots, holding nails from two sides clogged pores. It is very important not to overdo it. If black spots are not squeezed out, it means that a person is not enough steamed or comedones are not yet "ripe." Better to leave the procedure until the next time when black dots will be more pliable. After cleansing your face, wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide, and after - a tonic pores.

Face masks

As an additional tool in the fight against comedones can use face masks. By the way, they need to be applied at the very time when the facial skin to steam, and therefore susceptible to treatment of any kind. Those who are limited in time, can be taken as the mask of white (or blue) clay. More patient and persistent suggest you make yourself the following mask:

Acetic mask

Mix equal proportions of honey and apple cider vinegar, but make sure to it that both components were good quality. Bad vinegar can burn the skin and candied honey finally clog the pores of the face. Once you have seen in the freshness of the products used, apply a honey-vinegar mixture on your skin, let soak. Rinse with warm water.

The mask of tooth powder and hydrogen peroxide

Strange neighborhood, is not it? Nevertheless, beauticians claim that dentifrice diluted hydrogen peroxide to mushy state, is able to deliver girls by black dots. Try it.

Mask of shaving foam

Again, unusual ingredients. At this time, the mask body will shaving foam. No, remove excess hair we're not going to. Let us just to dry pores and get rid of blackheads. To do this, take 2 teaspoons of shaving foam and 1 teaspoon of fine salt, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide. Mix all the ingredients, apply a thin layer on the face.

Gelatine mask film for face

But there will have some work to do. Crush one tablet a powder activated carbon, mix it with 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 teaspoon gelatin. Allow the components of the present 1 minute, then put in the oven for 10-15 seconds (depending on the selected temperature). Cool the mixture and apply a thin layer on the face. Allow the mask to dry, then add another layer of gelatin 1 slurry. After the second layer has dried, must lie at rest for 15 minutes. Talking, laughing and swearing is forbidden. A person must be real, or earn a few extra wrinkles while fighting with black dots.

 anti-black spots

Cabin methods of dealing with black dots

Thus, the "X hour" has come, and you go to the reception to the cosmetician. He examined the face of the scale of the problem, offers a choice of a number of procedures, which you did not hear at all. What to do? Trust the opinion of a cosmetologist? This is certainly the right decision. But still advise you to get acquainted with the methods of struggle with cabin with black dots, so the next time look more confident.

  • Hand cleansing

    It's almost the same procedure that you tried to do at home, it only performs a qualified beautician with modern facilities and the latest technology. Pros manual cleaning person consist in the fact that at the end of procedure, your pores will be really clean. But in order for that to happen, you have to be patient a little pain (and it is a minus of this method).

  • Vacuum cleaning person

    Here, the pores will be cleaned more carefully, using a special vacuum that under slight pressure will squeeze out all the black dots, settled on your face.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

    The most modern method of getting rid of comedones. It is worth it, of course, more expensive than the previous two procedures, but also the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning above. At least, this state all cosmetologists.

  • Chemical peeling

    This method involves peeling the top layer of skin using a special fruit acids. Suitable chemical peel is not all. And after sunbathing is not recommended. Therefore still advise you to pay attention to more traditional methods of dealing with black dots.

Those whose struggle with black spots is just beginning, it is advisable to be patient. The main thing - to carry out all procedures systematically, at least 3 weeks, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. And because you want to be beautiful in the spring, right? So do not be lazy!

 The best remedy for blackheads: opinion beautician

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