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There is not a woman who would calmly looked in the mirror at my extra 10 kilos, indifference would buy jeans two sizes larger and with a smile took mockery of others about its completeness. All this - no more than a mask. In fact, the girl faced the problem of excess weight, first panic and then begins to feel all the charm of an inferiority complex, and then frantically prescribers diets and gyms address. Does life embody noble intentions to throw a couple of kilos? It depends on the woman. Many prefer instead of decisive action to nurture the problem and adapt to life "in the body." And only some fight with the insidious genes for their own attractiveness.

Agree, the second category of women is commendable. Since resist the sake of a piece of cake and a glass of freshly squeezed juice to get up early in the morning for a jog instead of an extra hour lain in bed - a kind of feat. Although you can throw the weight much easier. It is enough to replace the fresh juice tea with milk. Yes, you understood correctly. This fasting day on molokochae, the effectiveness of which has long been proved. Why starve yourself for weeks and crawl exhausted to run, if you can just arrange a fasting day and bring the figure back to normal as soon as possible? Especially that molokochay good for health.

 molokochay fasting day

Use molokochaya

Those who are still skeptical glances toward molokochaya, authoritatively declare that this drink will help you throw from 700 grams to 2 kilograms of weight loss per day. In addition, molokochay soothe cranky nervous system (in difficult times we live!), Stabilizes the kidneys, liver, heart. Contraindications this method virtually none. Lose weight on molokochae not be able to unless the one who was "lucky" to be born with intolerance to milk and milk products. Even dislike of green tea can be overcome by replacing the net welding mixture of black and green tea in a ratio of 1: 1. Therefore, we can safely say that this fasting day is universal. Of course, from the fullness of the drink you feel it will not, however, eliminate milk skillfully hunger, which is a constant companion of weight loss.

By the way, it should be noted that after this fasting day a woman sees that her hair stopped falling out, your nails become stronger, and the whole body felt an extraordinary lightness. In other words - you want butterflies in your stomach? Drink molokochay and lose weight at the same time! Of course, this must be done with skill, so the next point in this article is an overview of the discharge of the day.

Discharge day molokochae

What molokochay? Regular tea with milk, not more. Therefore, it can absolutely make every woman. Of course, many of us great pleasure to drink Overseas pills and teas in colorful packages with unknown contents. And in vain! There is nothing better than regular milk, and tea. Welding removes toxins from the body, milk, caffeine reduces and softens the taste of the drink. Indeed, milk and tea - the perfect couple. But what kind of tea at the same time better? Nutritionists prefer green tea, although molokochay on plain tea leaves with the Indian elephant has a right to exist. Especially as there are people who simply do not like green tea. What now? Do not carry out unloading? Certainly not! It is enough to adapt the fasting day on molokochae for yourself, and you will be able to enjoy the highly anticipated weight loss. We (with your permission), we take the basis of classic recipes using green tea.

There are several options brewing molokochaya:

  1. The easiest way is to mix 1 liter of freshly brewed green tea and low-fat milk. Mix thoroughly. Sugar is added is strictly prohibited! First, you unload it, and not the traditional tea. Secondly, sugar blunts some properties of green tea beverage and reduces efficiency.
  2. The following recipe is not only more difficult but also more specific. There nutritionists do not rely on the female consciousness in the brewing of tea and give clear instructions. So, take as the basis 3 tablespoons of green tea with a slide. Boil 2 liters of water to make tea. After the tea leaves properly dissolve in the water, pour 1 liter of tea in boiled milk. Subject drink for 20 minutes, then carefully filtered. Molokochay ready for use.
  3. The latter method is the most effective of all. Here we also measured out 3 tablespoons of green tea, but the tea brew boiling milk instead of plain water, as we used to do. The amount of milk can range from 1, 5 to 2 liters, but nutritionists recommend taking only drink low-fat, instead of weight loss long-awaited you are not caught up with extra weight, the undertaken nowhere.

 Valuable fasting day on molokochae

Subtleties unloading molokochae

Agree that each diet and fasting day has its own secrets and subtleties. Not without them, and in the case of molokochaem. The first warning that I would like to give the girls losing weight - conduct discharge home. The fact that molokochay - a diuretic, so toilet must be saving proximity, or can not avoid confusion. Plus, you will experience the feeling of hunger, and with it, and weakness. Agree, it is easier to lie down at home than in a busy office where the boss watching your every move!

The following rule smoothly follows from the previous one. If we expels fluid from the body, it must be something to make up, or fasting days turn into weeks in a hospital bed. But this is not about us. We will lose weight correctly and except molokochaya drink 2 liters of mineral water a day. Then our water balance, like the weight, will be the norm. Only mineral water worth taking a good and without gas. The concept of "good" embeds the sense that the mineral water had to get it out of the hole, and not from the tap in the house next door. Do not be afraid to overpay for the water when it comes to your health.

Immediately hasten to disappoint fans of tasty meal. There during unloading is prohibited. Absolutely. So please be patient and molokochaem. Drink a mixture of green tea with milk is also needed by the rules - a glass molokochaya 1 time for 2 hours. In the mineral water is a restriction does not apply. It can be used at least every 5 minutes. Just do not forget that you are allocated a total of 2 liters of mineral water, so distribute this amount wisely. By the way, molokochay can be drunk as hot (representing that this nourishing chicken soup) and cold (if outside heat). The main thing - do not stray from the course and instead grab a glass of molokochaem sandwich or a piece of meat.

Those who have already managed to fall in love with this way of losing weight, certainly want to repeat the feat and sit for a few days on molokochae. Not worth it! Still, the milk tea - is not just a way to quench your thirst and an effective diuretic, so the joke with him is not necessary. Nutritionists are allowed to spend only 1 day per week molokochae, and then only under the condition that you - completely healthy person. As for the time of year, it is best to begin to lose weight in the spring, when vitamins are already filled with not just a table and a fridge, but the long winter evenings exhausted body; When hunger is not so much a desire to lose weight interrupts even the strongest stomach desires to appeal to your mercy and beg for some food. In a word, the hotter outside, the more benefits will molokochay.

The final recommendation will be a sense of moderation, which is so clearly sometimes neglect our girls. Only they can hold onto molokochae night to the next morning reward themselves for resistance mountain hot sandwiches. Only Russian women can carry out unloading before corporate, to get into your favorite dress, but in the evening knead grilled chicken, washed down with wine-calorie meat. And well, if distressful dress sewn from elastic fabric. And if it gets going on the plump waist from the abundance of food in the midst of the holiday? Of course, we have a bogey. But every joke has some truth. Therefore, arranging discharge day, let yourself lose weight and continue the installation. And then molokochay will only drink, but not an effective means to lose weight quickly.

 On the way to a slim figure: Discharge day molokochae

 How to remove fat from the back


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Sedentary lifestyle, love of fast food and a bad food in general, constant stress - all this leads to obesity. Overweight and can be for a month, but on what to ask him sometimes go more than a dozen years. It is especially difficult to get rid of fat on the back. It is actually very little exercise to combat it with pleats on this part of the body. In addition, some physical exercise will not do here. The girl will need to learn to control themselves and their desires. And from the moment when she decided to lose weight, beauty once and for all is to forget a lot of fun. And the very first thing - is food.

 How to remove fat from the back right

How to eat to get rid of wrinkles

The three-day express diet


By such methods of weight loss should be used only in cases where the extra weight is no more than three to four kilograms. Sit on the rapid diet can be no more than once or twice a year. It is advisable to do this after the holidays, when a few days had been eaten by the monthly norm.


  • The first day

Breakfast: oatmeal, boiled in water. Green tea without sugar. For a taste you can add a teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: lenten soup, boiled chicken leg. Salad vegetables, seasoned with nonfat yogurt. Water.

Dinner: two hundred grams of fish baked in the oven.

  • Second day

Breakfast: soft-boiled egg.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese. Green tea.

Dinner: salad of carrots, beets and apples. Dressed with olive oil.

  • Day Three

Breakfast: beet salad.

Lunch: soup legenky.

Dinner: yogurt or yogurt.


As you have noticed, the main task of an express diet - body cleansing and removal of toxins. At the same time the fair sex have for three days to abandon the normal nutrition. Usually, after a couple of hours after that so meager breakfast, lunch and dinner, unfortunately, want to eat again. Therefore, this is not an option for people who have stomach problems, kidney, cardiovascular system.

You can not combine a three-day diet with a serious physical or psychological stress. And, of course, such a diet can hurt the girls in the state, nursing mothers and people who have had a recent serious illness. In such cases it is better to find a more loyal menu.

Healthy eating

To begin to deal with what is meant by a healthy diet. So this is - the use of products that ensure the normal functioning of the human body. In other words, you should choose a food that has a positive effect on health and does not cause problems with weight (bulimia, anorexia, obesity, etc.). Therefore, if you are not a priverzhenitsey fast or strict diets, you definitely fit this way of losing weight.

Six basic rules of healthy eating

  • Count calories

To get rid of fat deposits on the back, start to cook low-calorie dishes. Download for themselves a special table and count on it, how much and what you can eat today. Of course, the first time you will be so difficult to eat, but later on you subconsciously learn to choose the right products.

  • Reduce the amount of fat

Try to limit yourself to eating fatty foods. But, of course, do not show excessive studiousness! Otherwise, you will simply have nowhere to take energy to maintain the body in good shape. Drink milk, eat cheese, fish, but in moderation. Refuse should be only on trans-fatty acids.

  • Eat as many fruits, vegetables and cereals

On the day you should eat at least one fresh fruit, preferably grown at home or in the season brought from abroad. This can be an apple, banana, kiwi fruit, orange. Try to introduce to your diet grains, beans, and of course, green. Onion, parsley, dill, lettuce - is not only extremely useful but also delicious.

So, the morning you should not begin with coffee and a cereal. Forget about the sandwiches, pasta, breakfast noodles, etc. dishes that cause obesity. You can cook buckwheat porridge, rice milk. If you wish to add dried fruit, honey. But will have to give up sugar.

  • Choose pasta and bread from the bread Žitny

From that day rolls, pizza, white loaves and pasta should dream only nightmares. The maximum that you can afford - it is the products of wheat flour. But if you want very much to eat forbidden food, do it. From a small piece of bread, you just do not. Just do not eat it all in one sitting.

  • Say a firm no carbohydrates

So, once and for all forget about sugar, soft drinks, snacks, sweets, condensed milk. But that does not leave your mind without glucose that is needed to wit, eat more healthy foods. So this is - honey, dried fruits, marshmallows, candy. But there are limitations. Number vkusnostej not exceed forty grams per day. So if you want madly halva or jam, try not to eat more than normal.

  • Avoid salt

Once removed from the life of this ingredient you are unlikely because the fresh food you exactly in the first two or three months will not come to their liking. Try to gradually reduce the daily dose of a pinch. In this salad, use only iodized salt. In soup add it does not make sense, since the heat treatment, it loses all its useful properties.

 How to remove fat from the back exercises

Doing sports: Exercises for the back

The second stage of weight loss - sports. Start slowly giving strain on the muscles. The easiest way - is to start going to the gym. There's an experienced instructor will tell you how to remove the fat from the back, at the same time without causing harm to their health. One wrong move - and you have to go to a surgeon or trauma.

But there are a number of simple and totally safe exercises that are allowed to do at home. They can start even without a warm-up. Time of day (morning and evening), venue and clothes for most of them is not important. Yet it is recommended to do such exercises at home when no outsiders.

  • Exercise one: swing blades

Be straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist hook the castle. Slowly, caving in the back and sticking out his chest, and lower lift the palm up and down. At the same time you should feel like your shoulder blades are closed. Perform two sets of three minutes.

  • Exercise Two: twists

The body straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms raised to the level of the chin and bent at the elbows. By turning the right-left, then swaying up and down. Note movements should be fast, but not too sharp. Otherwise, you pull a muscle. By the way, this exercise especially in that it not only helps to drive away the fat from the back. Thanks to him, you also get rid of wrinkles on the sides.

  • Exercise Three: deflection body

Get on your knees, stretch your arms in front of you and try to wave to roll forward. Imagine that stretched a rope above you, through which you have to climb, first the head, under the shoulders, chest, waist and buttocks. This arch your back as deep as your flexibility allows.

  • Exercise Four: Press swing

The first variant. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, heels near the buttocks, put his hands behind his head. The fast pace and lift the lower the body forty times. Note palm in any case should not be fastened to the castle. Otherwise, no benefit from the lessons will not.

Option Two. Put your foot on the knee of one leg of the second. In this position swing the press twenty times, then change the pose. This exercise is useful for cutting away the fat from the sides of the abdomen and lower back. But if you have back problems or have a hernia, the implementation of such physical exertion for you is fraught with consequences.

Straighten your back

Sometimes wrinkles appear on the back of poor posture, especially when the girl is constantly stooped. If your figure is the side resembles a question mark, then it's time to get an orthopedic belt. You can purchase it at almost any pharmacy, and its cost will be affordable to anyone interested.

Wear it should be from five to fifteen minutes a day, depending on your condition. Fastened it under the breast, on the shoulders and waist. Choose this device should be in size. It will be fine if you're allowed to try on the belt in place.

 How to remove fat from the back for a long time

Doing massage

Proper rehabilitation massage will help get rid of fat, make your back more smooth and graceful, eliminate low back pain and neck. To do this you have to go ten-day course, which is repeated every year. However, going to the salon for a session, be sure to check the presence of specialist diplomas and certificates. He certainly must have a certificate attesting to the qualifications. It is better not to trust your back to the person who passed the week courses, and now considers himself a master of his craft.

Watch a specialist

In any case, before you remove the fat from the back, be sure to consult with a specialist. Perhaps the problem of excess weight - is the result of hormonal failure, the consequences of kidney failure, etc. And the faster you go to the clinic and will hand over all the necessary tests, the easier it is to find and eliminate the cause.

 How to remove fat from the back: the secrets of the perfect figure

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