how to clean the face of blackheads at home


  • Causes of blackheads
  • How to get rid of blackheads at home

For some reason, most men imagine themselves handsome. At the same time, each of them can be a dozen kilograms of excess weight, shiny bald head, acne on his nose and a lot of debt to boot. But it is necessary to appear on the horizon of a pretty girl, they immediately begin to assert that it was building his eyes. And do not just say, and truly believe in it! This is where self-esteem rolls. Whether it girl. Even the prettiest certainly have a number of complexes. Someone (in their view) the nose is too big, someone full of feet, some small breasts. And if there were comedones on the face - down the drain! The woman not only become upset and puzzled problem of how to clean the face of blackheads, but can easily cancel the pending appointment. Of course, in this decision the girls also go to extremes. But you must admit that tolerate a charming lady with complexes is much nicer than the narcissistic man.

Speaking of black dots. From their humble presence is not necessary. Needless to say, a date to cancel - is not an option but to conduct cleaning procedures at home is not only possible, but necessary.

 how to clean the face of blackheads

Causes of blackheads

However, before you learn how to get rid of comedones, let's define the cause.

  1. Hormonal failure in the body

    This can be as pregnancy or use of birth control pills. Notice comedones on the face? Do not rush to buy expensive cosmetics. It is better to hand over the analysis on the amount of hormones in the body and try to normalize the hormonal balance in the body.

  2. Malnutrition

    Black dots certain "delight" your appearance after a hearty feast with fatty, sugary and spicy food. In addition, it could be an overabundance of caffeine in the blood or poor-quality wine, drunk the night before.

  3. Bad cosmetics

    They like our girls to save themselves! That will buy a lipstick in the transition, the foundation of dubious origin. And then another and wonder at the sight of comedones in the mirror. What do you want? Miser pays twice.

  4. Inadequate cleansing

    Many women are not thoroughly wash makeup before going to bed, if not lie painted. This produces a blockage of pores and occurrence of black dots. Therefore, no matter how tired you may be in the evening, be sure to wash off makeup. By the way, the usual gel cleanser is not enough. Wipe the face tonic every day to remove the dirt, which could not cope demakiyazhnoe means.

  5. Chronic diseases

    Sometimes comedones inform us not only about the need to make an appointment to the beautician, but the aggravation of a chronic disease. So do not forget to clean the face before the procedure to drop to your doctor.

 how to clean the face of blackheads at home right

How to get rid of blackheads at home

Now that the causes of facial comedones are clear, we will learn to properly get rid of them. We hope that each of you have reviewed your diet, has learned to thoroughly clean the skin and threw poor-quality cosmetics. Now let's talk about some simple cosmetic procedures that can help not only to remove the black spots off the face in the home, but also on the whole healthier skin.

  • Baking soda

    A small amount of baking soda, dilute with water and gently apply on the skin. A few minutes of massage your problem areas and then rinse with warm water. Many cosmetologists during this procedure are advised to replace the water with apple vinegar.

    Allegedly, it disinfects the skin and penetrates into the depths of pores, which could not get soda. Of course, it's a good idea, but embodying it at home, do not forget that vinegar - enough active substances, and eye contact can lead to trouble. So be careful.

  • Masks made of clay

    Dry skin and cleanse the pores like nothing else can white and blue clay. To do this, dilute a little powder to mushy state, and carefully cover with a dense layer of the face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Allow the mask to dry, then rinse with warm water.

  • Peeling

    Before you arrange soda packs or clay masks, facial skin should be thoroughly cleaned. For this ideal numerous scrubs and peels. Just before you apply the cleanser on your face, make sure it suits your skin type. Also, do not abuse the peeling, or replace the black points will flaking and redness on the face. Beauticians are advised skrabirovat skin twice a month in winter and once a week during the warmer months.

  • Cleaning strips of black points

    This tool is good because it helps to quickly achieve the desired result at home. Therefore, if you are in a hurry for a date, and blackheads spoil your whole elaborate makeup, save the situation it is cleansing strips. However, it is not necessary to hope that with their help you completely get rid of the problem. This tool provides a temporary effect, and after a pleasant time in the company of a loved one you still have to return to the issue of cleansing the skin.

  • Microdermabrasion

    It is an effective and long-term remedy. If before such a procedure had to be performed exclusively in the office beautician, today microdermabrasion can be done at home. Suffice it to buy a set of cosmetics and stick to the instructions, especially since such a clean skin can not provide neither a face mask. So try every six months to choose the time for microdermabrasion. Then the black dots on your face does not remain, and will delight the skin freshness.

  • Steam baths with further facial cleansing

    Those who did not find free time to visit a beautician, open the last secret in the fight against comedones. It is a steam bath with cleaning of the face. Enter the water in a deep pan, throw back your favorite herbal tea and until the water begins to boil, go for a bath towel. Next, remove the boiled herbal mixture from heat, tilt your head over a saucepan and cover with a towel. Stay in the steam captivity for 20 minutes in order to sufficiently propotel skin and pores open.

    Then apply a cleansing mask on the face (for example, out of the blue clay), let it soak and rinse with warm water and lemon juice. Do not forget to finally wipe the skin tonic, tightens pores. Of course, such a cleaning person at home can not be considered as effective as similar procedure is performed by a professional beautician. But if time is really running out, and the skin condition leaves much to be desired, then this method would be salutary.

Finally, we wish readers not only clean the face, but also a beautiful spring mood. Smile more often, and if the source does not notice your black point, and a spark in his eyes and an endless stream of optimism that can not fail to please.

 How to clean the face of blackheads at home

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 how to get dark spots on the face


  • Brown spots: the cause of the
  • How to avoid the appearance of age spots?
  • Folk remedies against age spots
  • Hardware peeling in the fight against pigment spots

Beauty is different. Someone who likes tall girls, someone - low. Some people prefer blondes, the heart stops after some red-haired ladies. In other words, how many people, so many opinions. But there is one quality that all unanimously entered into the list of deficiencies. This dark spots. Each girl takes their appearance on the face as a personal tragedy, and making every effort to bring the hated darkening of the skin. Some people do it, and they forget about the issue. Those who are still unsuccessfully displays dark spots from the face, we offer several options for getting rid of the shortage.

Brown spots: the cause of the

So why did appear darkening of the skin? There can be several:

  • Age. In women older than 40 age spots appear due to hormonal changes in the body.
  • Pregnancy. The same hormones are raging during gestation baby, rewarding young mother is not only a bad mood, and spots on the skin.
  • Ultraviolet. Sunbathers too often pay for his passion for skin pigmentation.
  • Disease. Black or white patches on the skin can signal some sort of disease. It may be a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, liver or kidney problems.
  • Beriberi. In the spring of age spots appear more often, and this blame ordinary vitamin deficiencies, coupled with a bright sun, from which the skin out of the habit of winter.
  • Exposure of the skin chemicals. Very often women, fearing that a trip to the sea will bring not only joy, but also spots, all kinds of skin begin to smear sunscreen. They forget that all ointments and gels designed for a particular skin type. Sometimes even very good (but incorrectly chosen) tool can do much harm.

 display dark spots on the face

How to avoid the appearance of age spots?

Agree that it is easier to prevent a problem than to puzzle over how to get age spots? So let's learn how to properly care for the skin to make it every day thanking us healthy appearance and even color? First you need to train yourself to use the tools that suppress the production of melatonin. How to identify them? Very simple. Look for a cream retinol, arbutin and vitamin C will not be superfluous vegetable oils with natural UV (jojoba oil, orange oil, shea butter).

But perhaps the most simple and effective method to prevent the appearance of age spots is to protect from the sun. Suitable all: sunscreen (suitable for your skin type), wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses. The main thing - not to expose a person under the scorching rays, and then the problem can be avoided. Especially careful you have to be older women and women who recently had a cleaning person or peeling. It is believed that their skin is most vulnerable. So if you only yesterday returned from a beauty salon, it is advisable to refrain from walking in the sun and even more so from the deck.

Folk remedies against age spots

What are the most problematic age spots? That's right, the ones that are on the face. That they are trying so hard to bring women. That just do not smear it on your skin to even out its tone! Meanwhile, amateur engaged not only unnecessary but even harmful. Therefore, use only proven traditional methods, and dark spots remain in the past.

  1. The first thing worth noting lemon juice. This is the most popular and effective remedy for age spots, freckles, and other characteristics of the skin, which so desperately struggling girl. Wipe svedevyzhatym lemon juice dark spots, 2 times a day, and they brighten.
  2. Washing tincture Dandelion also gives a good effect. No hand dandelions? Make a cocktail of lemon juice and cucumber.
  3. The mask of sour milk or yogurt, if not removes dark spots, that will make them a little lighter. And if you apply a mask regularly, and the skin condition improves.
  4. And once again come to the aid cucumbers. Rub them on a grater and apply a thick layer on the face. Allow the mask to dry, and rinse with cool water. Incidentally, in order to mask it was more effective rub any vegetable is not on a metal grate, and plastic.
  5. Well lightens dark spots parsley. Chop it and fill it with a small amount of boiling water (to tincture was more dense and concentrated). Wipe received parsley lotion 3 times a day face, and it will become much lighter.
  6. Yeast mask copes with patches on the skin is not worse than all of the above. But to do such a mask should be based on the type of the skin, and only with fresh yeast. Girls with oily skin should dilute the yeast 3% hydrogen peroxide; normal - boiled water; owners of dry skin will need warm milk. Prepared? Now, apply the mask to cleansed face and allow to dry thoroughly, then rinse decoction of herbs.
  7. As we have said previously, spots are afraid of vitamin C. In the meantime, it can be found not only in a jar with a cream or lotion bottle. The real vitamin C is growing in the garden - a sweet pepper. Rub the grated vegetables (preferably plastic) and put fragrant mush face. And get rid of age spots, and skin saturate nutrients.
  8. Mustard mask is also good whiten skin. Plus, it is easy to use - just dilute the mustard powder with warm boiled water to a mushy state, and the mask is ready. However, this method is not suited to girls with dilated pores and owners of facial hair. Otherwise, the pores become wider, and facial hair will grow thicker (not in vain mustard actively used to make masks from alopecia).
  9. This is followed by carrot mask. Rub vegetable grater, add 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply gruel on face, let dry. If dark spots began to brighten, add to your arsenal carrot lotion. To make it, rub a couple of carrots on a grater, squeeze the juice from the resulting mixture, add to it all the same a teaspoon of lemon juice and orange liquid, wipe the skin 2 times a day.
  10. The last in the list of recipes should kefir mask. According to fans of folk cosmetology, it is also good to whiten dark spots and moisturizes the skin. Sift the flour and a tablespoon of yogurt to dilute its mushy state. The mask is ready. Apply a thick layer of it on the affected areas of skin pigmentation and let soak.

 how to get dark spots on the face of the right

Hardware peeling in the fight against pigment spots

You will agree that no matter how good the therapy would be popular, but sometimes dark spots it not be disinfected. And then comes to the aid of modern cosmetology. One of the most effective treatments in the fight against pigmentation is considered to be peeling. During the session removed the upper skin layer, and with it all the defects. The skin heals, updated, and the dark spots on the face are only memories. Moreover, there are several varieties of peeling, which not only removes dark spots, but also perform a number of other recovery procedures.

For example, ultrasonic peeling traditionally removes the top layer of the skin, and besides it enriches face nutrients. What is it? Every beautician selects "vitamin cocktail" individually for each client. Therefore, if your skin is peeling and looks no better, ultrasonic peeling for you.

Very often the procedure refuse holders sensitive skin. And rightly so. Traditional peeling skin usually leads to redness that does not go a few days. As a result, damage to the skin was more than good. But that was before the rise of the laser peeling. Here, the removal of the top layer of skin is held so carefully that fits all women without exception.

Chemical peels are more aggressive, but also more efficient at the same time. It takes longer and better long-standing cells enhances regeneration. However, if not properly conduct the procedure a chemical peel can greatly burn the skin. Therefore we advise to be as careful in choosing a beautician.

If you have tried all the known methods of combating pigment spots, but they have not disappeared from your face, do not despair. It will be summer, and your skin will become lighter. In the meantime, enjoy the first rays of the sun and warm welcome.

 Spring epidemic, or how to get dark spots on the face

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