How to remove fat from the knees


  • Sport - around the head
  • Wraps and slimming massage

Modern fashion summer gave the girls the opportunity to wear mini skirts, short sundresses air and sexy shorts. And sometimes it's a shame when it all becomes unavailable due to non-ideal shape. In anticipation of the warm and sunny days we are starting to think seriously about elimination of defects. Move to mind all the known diet every Monday and are going to join the fitness club. But, as everyone knows, one desire is not enough to achieve the desired effect. We must also have the strength of will, learn to fight against laziness and set yourself up for something that will have to go to the finish.

Female body is designed so that the extra weight are deposited primarily on the legs. That is why in spring we sadly sighing, find them on the thighs, buttocks and knees. It also happens that the figure looks almost perfect, but in the area of ​​the knee formed body fat, which spoil the whole look. When asked how to remove fat from the knees, can be only one answer - you need to deal with them. This is the only option.

You can, of course, leave it as it is, and give fashion veshchichki younger sister. But this output we somehow does not appeal, right? So, let's get down to the formation of an ideal figure, especially because it is time - no waiting for the summer is approaching and every day.

 How to remove fat from the knees right

Sport - around the head

We all know that no weight loss is complete without exercise. And the knees there are specific exercises that can give a positive result. Of course, subject to regular performance.

  • Slopes

    For this exercise, you must get on your knees, keeping your back straight. Now slowly begin to recede, as far as it will. As the body slowly return to starting position. Initially, you will be hard to cope with the task. So do as many sets as the body will allow. Gradually increase the load;

  • Extension and leg flexion

    Sitting, rest bent hands on the floor behind. Bend your knees. Now begin to straighten and bend them one by one. Exercise is necessary to perform 30 times for each leg. Then rest a few minutes and take another approach;

  • Ups

    Lying on the floor, bend your legs near the knees, calves should be strictly parallel to the floor. Throw your feet up in turn, holding them in this position for 2-3 seconds. Initially, enough 50 times for each leg. Gradually bring emissions to 200;

  • Squats

    Stand with your back straight, straightened his hands behind his back rewound so as to connect the blade. Now slowly squat, without changing the position of the back and arms. Try to get his hands to heels. Make at least 30 of these squats. Later, you can increase their number to 100.Vot a simple set of exercises will help you to come to perfection. Do it every day and in a month you will see a tangible difference.

There are additional ways to deal with excess weight in the legs, especially in the knees. They are familiar to all without exception:

  • More peshkomEsli have the opportunity to go, give up transport. 20-30 minutes walking useful for the whole organism. If I speed up the pace, the process of weight loss will be faster. More often gather with friends, arrange hiking countryside. In winter, the perfect solution would be skiing;
  • Running - a panacea for all bolezneyEto not deny nor doctors nor regular folk. Running strengthens the heart, great acts on the immune system and helps to lose weight. Making a morning or evening jog, you strengthen your body, adding yourself as a minimum of 5 years of life;
  • Bike or rolikiEsche not purchased? In vain! Immediately correct this error. Biking is very useful for the musculoskeletal system, and strengthens all leg muscles. Roller Skating - not just for teenagers. Surely in your town there is a square or a park with a free playground. It is very convenient to develop skating skills. And useful, and fun;
  • Swimming does not matter where you swim: in open water or in a swimming pool. By the way, swimming - the only sport which involves all muscle groups without exception.

 How to remove fat from the knees quickly

Wraps and slimming massage

To be more effective losing weight, connect to physical stress various wraps and massages. The following are ways that great impact on the problem areas and will remove fat from the knees.

  • Take the cabbage, finely cut and mixed with yogurt. Place the mixture on a cotton cloth and attached to the knees minute 20. After this time remove the poultice and wash off all the running water. The procedure is best done after a shower, when the skin is good to steam;
  • Purchase cosmetic blue clay. Dilute it, as stated in the instructions, and apply on problem areas. On top of the food wrap film. Hold for 3-4 hours, wash the skin and treat cellulite cream;
  • Liquid honey, apply a thin layer on the area of ​​the knee, wrap film and wait for half an hour. Rinse under running water.

All these ingredients are available to everyone, and are inexpensive. Therefore, problems with wrapping you should arise. It is very effective in the fight against overweight and massage. Doing it preferably after bathing, using any means against cellulite. When the skin to steam, active substances quickly penetrate into it, thus speeding up the process of the fight against fat.

And of course, do not forget about good nutrition. At the time of exercise excluded from the diet flour, fatty and sugary foods. After introduce the figure in the order, you can afford a bit of goodies, but do not get carried away, otherwise everything will return to normal. And remember, your main asset is the tenacity and desire to please not only themselves but others. Set a goal and go for it to the bitter end. You and only you are responsible for your health and beauty. And so you need to hope only for themselves!

 How to remove fat from the knees? Simple ways to deal with flawed figure

 both in the home increase the breast


  • Can I change the size of the
  • Traditional recipes of beauty
  • Massage for breast augmentation
  • Tablets, ointments, and Supplements
  • Increase or not - that is the question

Girls think that the owners of a fourth or a fifth the size of the much easier life is in this world. Busty beauty are always in the spotlight, they got the best man, which is very easy to seduce - just unbutton the top buttons of his shirt.

What experiments are not only willing to go the ladies, only to find the cherished form. Eating cabbage and raw dough, kneaded with yeast experiments with mustard plasters and iodine, exercises with dumbbells - this is just a small list of all the bullying, who follow with the ladies. In most cases, it all ends with breast cancer, stomach upset, malfunction of the endocrine system, and problems with metabolism.

Can I change the size of the

Today, there are many recipes for how to increase breast at home. This is the strangest thing is that some of them have no scientific basis. But no matter how tried to persuade the fair sex doctors to give up such a dangerous venture, all in vain. Girls continue to torture yourself thinking that beauty is worth the victims, and experts in this quite simply does not understand.

It was originally understood that quickly and dramatically change anything in your body can be only through surgery. The increase in breast volume is no exception. Unfortunately (or fortunately) not all have the ability and desire to go under the scalpel sharp. That's the beauty of trying to take any chances, without considering the consequences.

However, this does not mean that any effect from eating certain fruits and vegetables, as well as the massage will not. Using homemade beauty recipes, which we have inherited from grandmothers and mothers, it is possible to achieve a slight improvement form or slightly adjust the size, but, unfortunately, nothing more. But for some women, whose breasts start to sag with age, this is enough.

 how to increase breast at home

Traditional recipes of beauty

Traditional medicine - it is a double edged sword. On the one hand all the products that can bring you closer to the dream, sold in almost every supermarket. But if everything is so simple and useful, why are still thousands of women are turning to plastic surgeons? While there may be women simply do not know about the magical properties of fruits and vegetables. However, in some cases, the risk is still worth it. And even if you do not increase the bust yourself, but to stock up with vitamins and trace elements useful for the year ahead.

  • Cabbage

Since ancient times, cabbage attributed magical properties. Its leaves and the juice was added to the drug, using treated disorder, constipation, headache, apathy, bad mood, vision problems, and similar diseases. In Russia, this vegetable stewed in a cauldron, brew, boil the soup out of it and made dumplings. It was believed that the healthier and tastier dishes you will not find. Over time, the people say that this was a useful product also affects the size of the breast. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that our girls at that time were particularly beautiful and graceful forms. They ate cabbage since childhood.

Unfortunately, these days, doctors say that all this is - fiction. And how much would you not use this vegetable, anything with your breasts will not happen. Maximum - you clean the intestines and will throw off a couple of kilos in the abdomen. Explain why there was such a belief is very simple. Have you ever noticed that thin waist enlarges breasts? Perhaps because of these beauties metamorphosis begins to seem that this recipe is bearing fruit.

  • Black tea

Usually modern girls every morning, drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, and then complain that they always want to sleep. To energize and recharge your batteries for the day, strong enough Ceylon black tea with milk. At the same time you will not feel inflated and aggressive after the caffeine. But, unfortunately, that's all I was capable of this healthy beverage. The increase in breast volume it has no effect.

  • Legumes

As for peas, beans and pulses, such products will allow you to enlarge your breasts yourself in just half a year. But be prepared for the fact that your waist, hips, legs, arms and cheeks also get better. To quickly not overweight, it is recommended in addition to play sports and watch their own volumes.

It is not necessary to lean on legumes, exclude from the diet the rest of the vegetables, fruits and meat dishes, otherwise you can spoil your stomach. It is enough to use them two or three times a week as a side dish or a main course, to make your breasts grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Nuts with honey

Walnuts with home floral honey - it is not only useful, but also incredibly delicious. Eating every morning, just one teaspoon of this miraculous potion, you completely forget about what a cold, headache, irritation, headache, sore throat, and similar troubles. Your bust while also quickly transformed: the skin becomes more supple, soft and smooth, and his chest tightened and gain more rounded shape.

Of course, expect that you will become the owner of sharply fourth or fifth in size, it is not necessary. But the result will delight you. However, after two to three days you're not terrified rash appeared on his face and body, a means of pre-test. You can drink a couple of spoons of honey with green tea, to see how your body reacts to it. After all, despite its beneficial properties, it is still a pretty potent allergen.

  • Raw dough

In fact, it is not known who suggested such a "wonderful" way, but it is clear at once that this man is very much hated all of the fair sex. But if you still crave to earn bowel volvulus or disorder, you can try to increase breast at home using a conventional raw dough. Flushing the stomach for the next two days you will be provided accurately. Previously recommended to make an appointment to see a doctor, so he spoke about the negative consequences that await those brave girls.

  • Bread crust

If you want to get better in the chest, begin to eat white bread, and even better - bread crust. Unfortunately, the bakery is very bad for the figure as a whole, but it's not necessary to eat the whole loaf at a time. One piece can be eaten for breakfast with sausage and cheese, a couple to leave for lunch soup and porridge for dinner.

If you're more worried about your waistline, will have to choose - either cherished curvy shape or diet. Remember once and for all when a girl loses weight, hateful kilos first leave the bust and cheeks when recovering - fat appears on the abdomen and thighs.

  • Ale

The fact that beer increases the bust can be seen by looking at the curvy shape of German women who were artists in the Middle Ages, captured on canvas. So if you want to slightly increase breast, drink a couple of glasses a week of this life-giving drink. If you drink alcohol in a reasonable range, alcoholism and its effects (headache, nausea, etc.) will not be afraid. But you will improve circulation and normalize appetite.

But remember that not all beverages are created equal. It is best to buy those prepared by fermentation of wort of malt and hops. However, to find a natural product, which would not be different additives influencing the amount of foam, liquid color, taste, impossible nowadays. If you read any part of an inexpensive bottle, you can come to the horror - it is almost the whole periodic table.

For example, manufacturers often add cobalt to dense, tall and beautiful foam in your glass stayed as long as possible. In small amounts it is safe, but the excess of this substance leads to problems with the kidneys. Do not forget about the fusel oils, which are the result of chemical fermentation.

Based on the above pros and cons, the conclusion is that the beer is not so useful, especially if it is manufactured using modern technologies. So lovers of soft drinks should be more careful about how they use liters per day. Especially if they plan to soon become mothers.

  • Rice porrige

Eat rice without salt and additives is recommended for those who wish to purchase a curvy shape, lose weight, and pain in the joints. It has wonderful properties - grains absorb the salt, so that fluid from the body goes much faster. But do not be too serious about the advice that says that the cereal should be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there even without adding butter or milk. With this diet, you can make constipation.

Another way to increase breast at home - rice wraps. After the procedure, be sure to rinse the skin with plenty of water and apply a nourishing cream. Please note that in any case can not be put on the skin hot, freshly cooked grains as the thermal effects on the mammary gland is dangerous for your health. If you regularly resort to this method, a bimonthly visit gynecologist every six months - mammalogy.

  • Fatty food

Bacon, fried potatoes and mayonnaise Sea - all you dream in a nightmare, and the awakening of you again recalculate the calories that you are eating in a day? If you want to quickly recover in the chest, forget for a moment the dietary salad, black bread and water without gas. Long live unhealthy and fatty foods. But this does not mean that you need as quickly as possible to flee to the nearest cafe, which sells fast food and begin to absorb tons of pizzas, pies and hot dogs. Just try to diversify their menus. Add to products containing glucose, nucleic acids and proteins.

 breast enlargement in the home

Massage for breast augmentation

To improve the skin and make it more elastic, the fair sex is recommended once or twice a week, use a light relaxing massage bust. It can be done in the dry after a shower or using special oils and creams.

  • Whirlpool

Basking in the bathroom, turn on the pressure on the average power and direct the spray on his chest. Circular movements outlines the contour of the bust, until the skin turns pink slightly. It can be a little to massage the area around the nipple. Make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold, so as not to pick up the inflammation and not to catch cold.

Whirlpool will result in muscle tone and accelerate cell renewal, while after water treatment you will feel much better and younger. However, pre-consult a doctor visit and mammalogy. Remember to work on the chest can be used only if you do not have abnormalities or serious diseases. Otherwise, if a girl has a small benign tumor, it can only worsen the condition.

  • Corrective massage

After showering, gently wipe the skin soft towel and apply a small amount of cream. It can be like a normal child, or chamomile, and specially bought in a pharmacy for breast augmentation. Rub in a circular motion should be slightly pressing on the bust. Pay special attention to the upper chest, as with the time on this part of the body appear unsightly wrinkles and stretch marks.

After three or four minutes, you can remove the remains of cream and to wear comfortable clothes, to the chest does not sag under the weight of not pulling the skin. By the way, you need to wear a bra all the time, even if you have only the first size. Otherwise, forty or fifty years of your beautiful shapes lose elasticity. Plus, it will help you to visually make the body more.

By choosing enhancing underwear should be treated with extreme care, as the pull-up, nylon or no strapless bras are very harmful to health. Push-up, or rather the model "Angelica" is better to wear no more than twice a month. Silicone that attach the adhesive side to the skin, can be worn only on holidays. After the removal of the body should be washed thoroughly with water to remove residues.

Tablets, ointments, and Supplements

At home, you can quickly increase the bust of a couple of centimeters, if you start to drink special pills or apply creams. The great disadvantage in this case is that once you stop using magic pills, breasts will take the same form that was previously. Should all this is not cheap, so the pre-should think twice about whether you need to resort to such radical methods.

Some experts wary of such an immediate positive effect. No one can guarantee that these drugs act locally, without affecting the other organs. It is also very difficult to predict, as the lead female body, when it receives a significant portion of estrogen.

With regard to dietary supplements (dietary supplements), there is nothing to even talk. In our time, it is difficult to find a good physician, who would normally applied to such products. Phytoestrogen drugs in large quantities can cause side effects: lethargy, nausea, drowsiness, allergic reactions, insomnia, irritation. But quickly get breast augmentation at home, using this wonderful tool, you are unlikely to succeed.

Increase or not - that is the question

Some foreign clinics plastic surgeons recommend to their patients first visit a psychologist to find out the girl really need to resort to their services. In our country, unfortunately, this practice has not, so only a few will discourage beauty with perfect shape. In any case, before venturing out and resort to national methods or surgery, it is recommended nevertheless to consult with a specialist.

Sometimes change anything a girl eager, self-doubt and assume that the fifth breast size will help them get the right position, or to attract more fans. So the fair sex is better to visit a specialist who can help them feel the most charming, attractive and special.

 Both the home and did not increase breast undermine your health?

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