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How to increase breast cancer at home, without resorting to surgery? This question probably wondered every second woman. In this article we will try to answer it as much detail. First, a little theory. To begin with, that the breast - it is not a monolith, it has several components, namely: the pectoral muscle, mammary glands in the form of shares, the adipose tissue.

Iron - an endocrine organ, they produced milk. Adipose tissue protects against hypothermia and injuries. Muscles - a connective tissue. It is these "three pillars" and is based breast augmentation. The impact on each segment individually can lead to very impressive results.

Among the methods of breast augmentation are the following: visual, physical exercise and massage, hormone therapy, folk medicine. And of course, you can resort to surgery. However, not many agree on such an important step. Let's look at each of the methods and identify all their advantages and disadvantages.

Breast enlargement using hormones

The gland is composed of lobes and segments, it has a convex structure. Act directly on the physical hardware is not recommended, as microtrauma may contribute to the development of fibrotic formations. In this case it will go not about beauty but about the health and preservation of the body as a whole. Therefore, the most common method of exposure to mammary gland is a hormonal agents. Perhaps the most famous can be considered as oral contraceptives.

What hormones affect the size of the breast? In the first place - is estrogen - the female sex hormones, which are responsible for the shape of the female type, stimulate the development of breast, subcutaneous fat is distributed. At the same time, estrogen - a substance responsible for pregnancy and childbearing. Pathological lack of this hormone makes the female figure in the "teenage boy", sometimes only affect the chest (often it has a zero size), as well as lead to infertility or not nurturing.

The overabundance of estrogen is easy to describe a bright example. Since this hormone is out of the steroids, imagine much overdone pitching - a mountain of muscle at a much reduced sexual function. In the women's version of an overabundance of estrogen - a large amount of uneven distribution of fat, the risk of heart attack, varicose veins. But in this case the chest of the fourth size. So consider whether such an increase?

Prolactin - a hormone produced in the mammary gland during puberty (in small quantities), during pregnancy and immediately after birth. Prolactin secretion continues throughout the breastfeeding period. Probably all noticed that pregnant women and especially nursing moms have the impressive size of the bust. Even those who wore the first pre-pregnancy bra size, postpartum buy second or third. Method bad that excessive stimulation of this hormone can lead to serious problems of the endocrine system, up to the formation of tumors.

Another commonly occurring hormone recommended for larger breast is somatotropin. This peptide hormone is used with some success in sports circles. His task - to growth, both muscle and skeleton as a whole. Less drug is that it gives a total height of it, and not only in the chest area.

 breast enlargement without surgery

Visual breast augmentation

Come to mind school years, when teens in bras wool underlay. A little awkward, but still, this method has a right to exist. Currently, it was modified with the help of latest technology. To come up with a lowered breast invisible silicone cups that allow to keep it always taut. Many varieties of corrective underwear.

Especially popular are the bras with the insertion portion, where the installation in the form of petals increases the volume and raises the breast. What is already talking about the effect of push-up and foam models. The main thing when choosing underwear model, based on their feelings. Bra should not rub, squeeze or exert compression effects.

Exercise for breast augmentation

Remember the famous saying: "Patience and a little effort." This also applies to fitness, where the load is aimed at developing the pectoral muscles. But if time is not a gym, it is possible to do home exercises. If their performance is required to comply with certain conditions. Firstly, regularity. Second, the load must be felt, that is important not the quantity but the quality approaches. So, exercise for breast enlargement.

  • Pushups standing or wall

    Leaning back against the doorjamb, stretch your arms, resting on the opposite side of the door frame. We are making a push or push-ups. In the first case we tried, as if to push the door, and the only straining the muscles of the chest. In the second - bend your elbows at an angle of 90 °. Doing push-ups. Ten times in the two approaches. It is also well to the banal push-ups with straight body, parallel to the palms.

  • Exercise "prayer"

    It is necessary to take a comfortable position, whether standing or sitting, the main focus to give back, that there was no load on it. Putting his hands palm to palm, elbow - at right angles to the floor. On a deep breath to squeeze his hands very much, watching the load, it must be exclusively in the chest. On the exhale, relax the long fight. Number of performances does not matter. Take exercise for 5-7 minutes.

  • Imitation motion of the skier

    It is necessary to carry out this exercise with weights, such as dumbbells or water bottles. This will quickly lead to the form side chest muscles. Perform two sets of 25 swings.

  • Exercises with dumbbells

    Feel the upper pectoral muscle helps exercise with dumbbells. In the supine position pinch blades so that they took the form of the letter «V». Pulling his hands up, absolutely parallel. We lower, bending at the elbows. Two sets of eight times.

Exercise has a beneficial effect on muscle tone, an incredible set. The main thing - it is a system and desire. By performing them, you posposobstvuete slight increase bust. And if your goal - firm and taut chest, you do not need any surgery or taking hormones. Results can be achieved only zeal.

 how to increase breast cancer at home

Massage for breast augmentation

"Magic" cream to increase not effective by themselves, because the skin is not able to pass most of the components from the outside. But they will be ideal helpers in the breast massage. First of all, it is necessary to soften the skin, so as not to injure it in the process. Suitable as usual cream, and one that is advertised. It stipulates that not so it is useless. Just his task is to make the skin supple and smooth as possible, maybe get rid of stretch marks. The structure of the breast he has no influence.

The application of the cream takes place in a circular motion, very carefully and gently. Then we perform massage in the form of strokes, how would stretch the chest by the nipple up and towards the armpits. Zone embrace round. The procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes.

Equally effective is the whirlpool. But it is worth remembering that too much water pressure can injure the delicate skin of the breast. Normal douche - this is a very effective tonic. So that daily use of the soul as the Hydro - it is not only pleasant but also useful procedure. Increase the elasticity of the chest, tighten sagging skin that makes the bust more compact and rounded.

Traditional methods

Breast enlargement traditional methods has been known for a long time. Everyone has heard speculation that sprouts increases the bust. Enough to eat it every day and no augmentation surgery will not be needed. Note that the cabbage does contain phyto-estrogens, but their effect is mild and only observed in adolescence. Therefore, the use of cabbage in this case - just a myth. But there are some products that really help with this problem.

First of all, it hops. The increase is due to the same plant hormones. Some people believe that an overabundance of these substances may affect the overall condition of the body. In fact this is not true. Of course, if only to replenish their numbers intoxicating drink, which are very high in calories, problems may arise. But if you just hop cones brew boiling water, the effect can be expected. Thus, the rate can not exceed 7 days per month.

Receiving high-calorie foods such as bananas, honey, nuts, rice porridge, fatty foods also leads to breast augmentation. But the rest of the body and grow. You've probably noticed that all overweight women have a higher breast. Therefore, this method can be dismissed unless, of course, you do not want to turn into a "bun".

Drinking mineral water to increase breast size - it is nothing more than a myth. In general, it may not affect the bust itself, but a positive effect on metabolism may contribute to normal hormonal processes, and thus, alternatively, an increase in the breast.

Whichever method you chose for yourself is not, remember that taking medications should be done only under medical supervision. In any case, count on lightning and excessive breast growth is not necessary. All methods that do not involve surgery, are only designed to lift and increase the maximum size of one.

 Is it possible to increase breast without surgery?

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