how to burn belly fat


  • Proper nutrition
  • Physical exercise
  • What not to do with weight loss

Millions of men scratching their heads over the problem of "what women want", but the question still remains open. Poor Knights! They have been in the jewelry shop, and in the flower, it's not that. No, the girls, of course, happy gifts, but this joy is short-lived, and a real pleasure, as it turns out, can not bring any rings or bouquets. And men go from store to store in a vain attempt to please his beloved. But we all know that can make every woman happy! Only the belief that she can eat cakes without restrictions, is not recovering at the same time.

Of course, this desire - of science fiction, so it still remains unvoiced. Well, what she recognized the gentleman that focus on her face while eating - it is not the result of an exciting story of the interlocutor, but an attempt to calculate the calories in a piece of cake lying on a plate. And in fact try not counted!

Slightly let down their guard, as the extra weight immediately fill once a slender waist, and then have to wrestle with how to burn belly fat and die with the hunger and fatigue. By the way, the girls in this matter, too, has no equal. They are so desperately fighting for every centimeter of his waist, they are willing to go hungry for days. But this dedication is not always justified, because the need to burn calories wisely, not to earn gastritis in young gody.Ob We now talk to once and for all to rid our readers of the hungry fainting in the name of a slim figure.

 Burning belly fat

Proper nutrition

To begin to distress all the sweet tooth. To burn belly fat, you need to completely abandon sweet. No pastries, sweets and sugar. Even a refined cube thrown into a cup of coffee, a way to make every effort to lose weight is not. Incidentally, add milk (and especially cream) coffee is also not recommended. Nutritionists believe cappuccino drink is very nutritious and have long erased it from the diet all their patients.

The second rule slender figure - a hearty breakfast. Of course, it is not necessary to impose on the plate hill pork cutlets and fried potatoes, everything has a measure. The more that eat lighter foods can be quite. The main thing - to observe the rule of "breakfast - full lunch - an average dinner - light" and do not eat after 6 pm. Those who are not accustomed to such a power supply system, we recommend to stock up on yogurt and apples. These two products can be consumed in between meals.

If fat loss has become a torture for yourself, try another method of weight loss. There nutritionists advise to allocate all of the daily diet for 5-6 servings. On the one hand - you eat the whole day, on the other hand - do not overeat. But do not hurry to rejoice. The food will need to be divided not only by the number of receptions, but also on the composition, each time reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

Physical exercise

Now that you're refreshed, it's time to move on to exercise. They can be used not only to accelerate the burning of fat on the abdomen, but also make the body more flexible.

  1. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart arrange, put his hands on her waist. Pull a stomach fix legs (to the whole body was like a stretched spring) and start to step on his feet so that your body weight is felt in the area of ​​the press.
  2. Swing media also works wonders. Only it should be done on an empty stomach. Those who do not exercise and are unlikely to endure heavy loads, you can start with 10 push-press at a time. Try every day to increase the number, or the burning of fat will be too slow. In short - do not feel sorry for yourself.
  3. Followed by squats. Also not less than 10 times in a single pass with the right to increase the load. By the way, you can squat as a conventional manner, and try to do it on one leg. Fitness trainers say that in this way to burn twice as many calories than if you had squatted on two legs. Try it.
  4. Do not like to exercise? Start rollerblading. Such pressures will also help to lose weight, but still bring a lot of fun.
  5. Those who do not know how to roller skate, can offer cycling (stationary bike, or who loves both), or just run around the house in the morning. Bring a player with your favorite music and burn fat with pleasure.
  6. Add to all the above swimming in the pool, and your waistline will surely become the object of envy for friends. Just do not throw a class halfway.

 burn belly fat

What not to do with weight loss

Many girls want to lose weight so that clutching at every opportunity, forgetting that not always modern methods of weight loss are safe for health. We are talking about many tablets Badakhshan and teas for weight loss. We do not argue, such methods are sometimes very effective, but there are many examples where the girl instead of to lose weight, on the contrary, gained kilos or paying for their own health weight loss.

What is the reason? Firstly, the fact that this area in medicine is not fully understood, and it means that a patient is ideal, can hurt the other. Secondly, most slimming tea is a diuretic. I mean, you lose weight only because the withdrawal of fluid from the body, and the fat remains intact. But that's not all. "Reward" for reclaimed division on the scale becomes dehydrated. And this is much more serious than the extra couple of centimeters at the waist!

In conclusion, I want to add: nobody is perfect. Each of us would like to change something in their appearance. Who is not satisfied belly fat, somebody interfere with chubby cheeks, and some even want to get better. So you love yourself for who you are, but do not stop trying to do better in the mirror.

 Women's secrets: how to burn belly fat

 How to remove fat from the arms


  • Proper nutrition - half the battle
  • Sport - around the head!
  • Doing massage
  • Surgical intervention

Scientists are sounding the alarm - all of the world's population begins to recover. Thanks to technological advances, women no longer have to haul very heavy bags, wash dishes, wash, wear a baby in her arms, as was customary two or three centuries ago. Now the ladies have cars (in extreme cases - buses, taxis), washing machines, dishwashers, handbags, kangaroos, baby carriages. And many other devices that seemed to have been to help mankind, freed from the responsibilities at home.

But in this case there is one problem - the beauty stopped giving the load on the upper body. And as a result, instead of the muscles start to appear wrinkles that are not so easy to get rid of. Fasting and massages, if a girl has recovered strongly, do not help. So how to remove fat from the arms, do not harm your health? That's right, you need to perform a specially designed exercise instructors, go to the gym and eat healthy food!

Proper nutrition - half the battle

Eliminate from your diet all fatty, high-calorie foods, and foods containing too many additives. Try to reduce the amount of used condiments, spices and salt. Morning necessarily start with carbohydrates to get energy for the whole day. In the evening, the same kind of food there is strictly prohibited. Try to go for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as boiled dishes (chicken, fish, etc.).

About sugary drinks and sodas also have to forget. On the training take only purified water in which there will be no impurities and salts. In everyday life, drink green tea without sugar. If you strongly want sweet, eat a little honey or dried fruit.

 How to remove fat from the right hand

Sport - around the head!

Study at home

  • Dumbbells

There is no better way how to remove fat from the arms, than exercise with dumbbells. Well, if you manage to get the whole set to further increase the load. It should be started with low weight - about 500 other the next day after a workout you can even plug will not be able to take off the table so hard the muscles will ache. If you still can not buy a dumbbell, use the usual half-liter bottles of water.

First, we perform mahi. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms apart. At the expense of time - omit the body to the left at the expense of two - align on the count of three - falls to the right. Repeat two or three minutes. Pay attention to your elbows bend, and wrists relaxed.

The next exercise - ups. The situation is the same as in the previous case. Only this time, the hands on the exhale Keep your shoulders on a breath - rises. The fair sex is recommended to fifty times for three sets.

  • Pushups

Push-ups from the wall or floor - another good way to remove fat from the hands. However, they must perform correctly, otherwise the effect of exercise will not be any. Care should be taken staging palms, housing, etc. Well, if the first few times you will have to monitor from the outside. And most importantly - it does not give too much load, even if you do everything perfectly mastered. Otherwise, instead of fat appear huge muscles that do not lend elegance and grace sweet and gentle girl.

  • Elastic tapes

Tape-absorber will allow you to bring your hands in shape will help get rid of back pain and neck. The main advantage of this device is that it is almost as good as a conventional home trainer. Plus, with its help you stretch the muscle group that is not involved at the time of pull-ups and push-ups.

Stand in the middle of the expander, hold the ends of the arms (great if the elastic band is equipped with comfortable handles). Overcoming the resistance, pull the rubber band as high as possible, and then slowly lower down. After completing two approaches 50 times, immediately go to the second exercise. Do not make long breaks, even if you are very tired.

Now, let down your gum behind his back, arms pull horizontally. Try to keep palms together, as if you want to clap. "Applaud" need two minutes. First, if the belt is too tight, you can not even bring the brush on 10 cm. Do not despair, after a couple of training, you can easily overcome this resistance.

We go to group sessions

  • Sailing

The load, which is given to the hands while swimming in the pool or the sea, is not comparable to anything else. Oil from the upper body away during the first two to three months. At the same time you do not obzavedetes huge muscle mass, what exactly can you earn at the gym. The only negative - is the risk of increase in the shoulders. To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to engage with an experienced instructor.

  • Aerobics

Going to a fitness club, be sure to ask what you need to get rid of fat on his hands. In this case, the coach will develop for you a set of exercises, in which the emphasis will be placed on a problematic part of the body. If you wish, you can get the video lessons to engage in sports on their own. However, group classes will still be more efficient.

How to play sports without harm to health

It does not matter whether you train at home or go to group classes, you are risking your health. Agree, not all fitness centers are taught by experienced professionals. Also keep track of each student and the instructor is not always succeeds. As for self-study, it is very difficult for inexperienced newcomers soon find their way into the environment. As a result - stretching muscles, joint pain, weakness. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must adhere to the following rules.

  • Give the load gradually. Do not attempt to carry out the first month of the norm, if before you hand never took dumbbells.
  • Reduce the amount of exercise, after exercise if you have very sore body.
  • Stop exercising if feeling discomfort or tingling in the joints and muscles.
  • After training to be a vacation. You do not need to sit every day in the gym, otherwise you will just drain your body. Best option - to attend classes two or three times a week, preferably - in the evening.

 How to remove fat from the hands quickly

Doing massage

Of course, hand massage is not as effective as exercises with dumbbells. However, if it is combined with exercise and proper nutrition, the positive results can be achieved much faster. And not necessarily to go to expensive treatments at beauty salons. Massaging the body may and your home.

Instead of oil, you can ask to use the melted honey or tightening cream. Before you begin, take a warm shower to relax the muscles. Do not forget to peeling, which will help remove the keratinized cells. Through cleansed skin active elements will be much easier to work on body fat.

Be careful! After honey massage on the hands can remain small bruises. They pass quite quickly - on the second day of the third. But you may not want to go at first with burgundy spots on the body. Therefore, after the procedure, apply special means of preventing their appearance. Also do not forget to take a douche, to put himself in tone.

Surgical intervention

By agreeing to liposuction, you should realize that after a while the fat can return. You will in any case have to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, for such drastic measures should be resorted to only when no other way to bring myself up there. Previously recommended to visit the doctor's usual (nutritionist). It will determine whether you have excess body fat, and confirmed that no surgery will not do.

However, in most cases, the fair sex just too lazy to deal with this problem on their own. After all, to give up your favorite fast food and start to prepare their own food for a couple - very difficult. And that's not to mention sports. But if you pull yourself together, and not to relax, the positive results will not keep you waiting.

 How to remove fat from the hands without the help of a surgeon