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All little girls dream of a prince, a white dress and a magnificent wedding. After a certain number of years and grown women all want to get married, but in addition to the choice of wedding attire perplexing questions as to increase a breast. After Prince - fastidious people, they will certainly Bring busty diva. And the wedding - it's the last they plan to newly beloved princesses. But the girls persists in seeking to conquer the hearts of men, performing Night long queues to the hairdresser, a beautician or even a plastic surgeon. And how! The chest should be lush, not otherwise. Otherwise, and marriage does not take, and life does not work out.

Of course such a philosophy is nothing more than a boyish or the result of psychological complexes. Well, if you manage to dissuade the girl from the rash step to the fifth increase breast size. Then, health will not suffer, and the woman will look much better than with silicone implants. Especially since there are so many ways to tighten and increase the small woman's breast without the intervention of a plastic surgeon. Suffice it a little time and patience in achieving this goal. Do you want to learn?

Incorrect methods of breast augmentation

First, let's dispel the myths about breast augmentation, which share with each other a girl.

  1. Cabbage

    Do not argue, a vegetable taste and useful, but that the increase in breast dish of cabbage is not exactly capable of. So no need to clutter up your intestines to wake up in the morning in the hope of Pamela Anderson.

  2. Boiled egg under the pillow

    Who came up with this method is unknown. But it seems to us that the girls put hard-boiled egg under the pillow could only persuade a man with a great sense of humor. The only pity is that the women did not appreciate the joke, and taken seriously. Do not dwell on the assessment of mental development of the fair sex, who sleep in chicken eggs, just to warn all the girls of the country: no item on your bed is not able to enlarge breasts. A joker special thank you for something that does not come up with a method to sleep on the sunny side.

  3. Ale

    Many people think that hops are not only pomutnyaet mind, but also able to increase the breast. Quite possible. Only in this case should not drink beer woman, and man. And after three glasses of beer you show the gentleman not only buxom diva, but also a rare beauty. Remember the adage about the fact that there are no ugly women? That's just from that opera. Of course, this method is the simplest (and the girl do not need to do anything else), and the issue here is not so much how to enlarge breasts, and "how to drink like crazy man." But if you agree to tolerate next to him smelling of beer an alcoholic? Or better to increase a breast by other methods, and find yourself a decent pair?

 how to increase the breast

Increase breast visually

What to do when meeting a few days later, and you have not had time to tighten and enlarge breasts? The situation will save wear and underwear. What is it? Now consider.

Underwear. When choosing a bra, stop your choice on the model of "push-up" and a thick layer of foam will produce immediate and painless breast augmentation. Of course, after you undress, your bust will again be modest, but we hope that by this time you will have time to charm a partner wisely and economically. By the way, this is not all tips for choosing underwear. In addition, doctors recommend that all means try before you buy a bra. If the laundry presses on the chest or on the body of the bra forms folds, then picked up the size is wrong, and it threatens the deteriorating health.

V-shaped neckline. Surprisingly, a small trick in a cut of clothes is really able to visually enlarge the breasts. Add to the chosen wardrobe bra "push-up" and your bust is sure to impress others. By the way, try to avoid the square neckline. This style is guaranteed to make the bust smaller. Here even the foam will not help.

Flounces and ruffles. If women knew that breast augmentation is capable of not only the surgeon, but also a favorite blouse with ruffles, many plastic surgeries could have been avoided. All the more so with the help of clothes can be as much as necessary to change the size of the bust itself without damage to health. Like the gentleman to your small breasts? She wore tight-fitting blouse, and a small bait ready. You want to stay buxom seductress? Dress up in a blouse with frills and ruffles, and let the man wondering: what size bust hidden under numerous folds.

Ways to increase breast at home

Those who do not fit the visual breast augmentation, and who are serious about correcting mistakes of nature, will help more practical advice. Just keep in mind that in order to achieve optimal results the exercises should be done regularly and with precision.

Cold and hot shower

Have you noticed how after a contrast shower all muscles of the body come in tone? This property will help the girl if you do not increase breast size by two, then tighten it by making firm and seductive. To do this, every day for 10 minutes, douches arrange your bust. Just do not overdo it with cold water, or cold.

Breast Massage

Here it is - the answer to all men at once on two issues: how to increase the breast of the beloved and often have to access this very bust. The answer is simple. It's enough to offer his services to the masseur. Only need to massage your breasts as carefully as possible. After all, is not pear boxing crumples. Otherwise, you can damage the delicate tissues, and she will remain at least distracting, and, as a maximum - with bruises.

A hot bath with aromatic oils

Those who prudently refused to massage the chest by a man in a hurry to advise a hot bath, improves skin elasticity (including the bust). To do this, type the desired water temperature and add the handful of sea salt and 10 drops of rosemary oil. You can supplement the composition of the three drops of your favorite essential oil for mood. Soak in the bath for half an hour. And enlarged breasts, and raise yourself mood.

Body lotion

By the way, after a contrast shower or bath can be supplemented with an aromatic complex care bust applying lotion. To do it, as you know, will be on their own. To do this, mix 2 drops of oil of ylang-ylang, geranium, fennel and almonds. All of this dilute a glass of mineral water without gas, shake thoroughly. This lotion should be applied on the skin after a shower. In addition, you can sponge oneself aromatic mixture before going to bed to breast enlargement took place at night.


Ice cubes also work wonders. Wipe them chest twice a day, and will be able to pull a small chest, making her more, not only visually, but also to the touch. Cosmetologists also give advice on the matter. They believe that it is possible to wipe bust not only the usual ice and frozen broth of herbs. So you can not only increase the breast, but also make the skin more pleasant and velvety.

Physical exercise

Perhaps this is the most effective breast enlargement. But the most time-consuming. So beautiful bust will get only the most patient and persistent. Want to be among them? So, tune in to a long and varied exercise. By the way, they can be done at home, so do not rush to deny that you have absolutely no time or money to school to buy a gym membership.

  1. Fold hands together. Pull elbows as high as possible. Hand position should resemble a horizontal line. After that, with the strength of his hands, squeeze together. Hold this position for 15 seconds. You feel how tense the chest? So, you're doing the exercises correctly. Repeat 10 times the power load.
  2. Remember in school we were forced to do push-ups on the wall? Today you have to do this exercise again. Stand in the same position, move your body weight on your hands, stand still for 10 seconds. Then bend your elbows, increase the burden (if you shake the press). Freeze again for 10 seconds. The first day to do push-ups as slow as the body will allow. But note that high-grade breast augmentation requires increased loads on the arm. So do not feel sorry for yourself and continue to do push-ups each time more and more.
  3. Again push-ups. But this time, not from the wall and the floor. Here, we hope, you do not need to learn. The more that this exercise we have successfully taught in physical education classes.
  4. Tired? Then lie on your back. We will teach you the last exercise, after which you can relax with a good conscience. Pick up a dumbbell press them to his chest. Elbows, spread as widely as possible. Slowly lift the dumbbells palms up, pausing at the highest point for 10 seconds. Now slowly lower your arms. In order to increase the chest, you need to do at least 10 of these movements a day. And if you do the whole cycle of the exercises, then your bust is guaranteed to increase in volume, and even more importantly - be resilient.

 Breast Enlargement

Questionable methods of breast augmentation

From cabbage and beer, we hope we have dissuaded. Now tell you about how to enlarge breasts, losing health. Yes, you heard right. Very often, women in the pursuit of beauty and exciting volumes are paying for it the most important in their lives - their health. To you it does not happen, we outlined a number of questionable methods of breast enlargement.

Ointment for breast augmentation

What will not only modern manufacturers in order to interest the female half of customers (as is known, girls are big spenders)! Today, more companies are offering to increase your breast size by the usual cream. But whether it is a normal, and what components are part of it? Where manufacturers are ambiguous, and each company develops its membership means not tired of repeating that he is the most effective. Well, the chest after using the cream and in fact increased, but once you stop to rub the cream into the skin of a miracle how everything returns to normal. So is it worth spending money on a temporary effect, or better to do exercise?

Vacuum massage

Even more criticism is vacuum breast enlargement. With it, you not only increase the volume of the breast, but also to stretch them. Bust swells, taking the form of a seductive, but after a while droops, reducing breast enlargement to "no". Just the opposite effect on this woman certainly is not reported. Nor is it known then what to do with extended feeding. Do not increase the vacuum?


Another lifesaver for silly girls. Drink Me pills and become buxom nymphs. What? Conveniently. You can take a pill for a minute, while doing physical exercise should be much longer. So why strain if breast augmentation can be quickly and easily identified energy costs? Moreover, the composition of dietary supplements on the label pleases. According to the manufacturer, tablets and solid herbal teas. Here are just oncologists different opinion. They claim that the prolonged use of these dietary supplements is neither more nor less than breast cancer.

Plastic surgery

Unfortunately, many women fall under the surgeon's knife to increase the bust. And not all of the operated happy with the result. Furthermore - 50% silicone implants live look quite different, as shown by the doctor on computer modeling. We're not talking about cases of blood poisoning during plastic surgery or outright bust asymmetry after the intervention of the surgeon. Add to that the terrible pain after the silicone implants will settle in your body, and think twice before making such a folly.

Of course the increase in the size of the breast - a private affair of each girl. And each person decides for himself what to do with the problem of a small bust. But we would advise any woman not change his own body and attitude. After all, small breasts have lots of advantages: you can safely go to the T-shirt without a bra, your breasts are not sagging after feeding. And the men, contrary to public opinion, is more like the chest, fits in the palm. So instead of listening to the advice of a friend, learn to love yourself!

 Tale of how to enlarge breasts

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