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  • Bedtime Stories or waving myths
  • Get rid of fat, but what's next

Prior to the beginning of the nineteenth century, women rarely thought about, if they have overweight or not. Previously it was thought that the Fat Lady and her wider hips, so it is healthier and more beautiful. It is unlikely that in those years slender and elegant ladies could cope with hard work in the field or to give birth to five children.

But time passes, the canons of beauty changes. Now in vogue fragile lady with parameters 90-60-90. At the same time, God forbid have thick legs, large buttocks, or folds at the waist, not to mention the fact that being overweight. What tricks just do not go the fair sex to throw a couple of kilos and get rid of fat on the body. But, more often, all their efforts are fruitless.

The fact is that beauty blindly believe advertising, stick to a diet developed by an ordinary person, not a professional. To the opinion of nutritionists ladies very rarely heard. As a result, health deteriorates: the problem starts with the stomach and intestines, impaired metabolism. Therefore, before once again she decides to give up the food, she should understand that - a fiction, and that - reality.

Bedtime Stories or waving myths

Myth One: do not eat after six

Today it is - one of the biggest mistakes made by modern representatives of the fair sex. It is believed that during the night a person slows down all processes and the food that gets into the stomach, not processed. Calories accumulate, turning into the subcutaneous fat that is deposited in the waist and hips.

This theory would be true if it were not for one thing. From six in the evening until seven or eight in the morning takes twelve or thirteen hours. The body is not received at the right time, the food begins to stock up fat. Therefore, a hearty breakfast after such a long fast, the long-awaited addition to saturation, and bring a couple of extra folds.

But do not rush to extremes and attack on the fridge two in the morning. The most optimal solution - light dinner, consisting of a low-calorie foods. You can eat a salad dressed with olive oil, low-fat yogurt or kefir. Another point which should pay attention - this time. Tightly there can be three hours before bedtime, and later you can only eat fruit, berries and vegetables.

  • Citrus fruit

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits are categorized as low-calorie foods. Moreover, vitamin C and cellulose contained in them, a positive effect on the whole organism. With these fruits, you can quickly satisfy your appetite without harming yourself and your figure. Of course, if you respect the rules and do not eat a kilo at a time.

However, there are a number of contraindications, which you should know. They can not be used for gastritis, ulcers and other diseases. It not recommended to eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach, because the acid can irritate the stomach lining. And, of course, from this venture will have to give if you are allergic to such products.

  • Apples

Choose this fruit should be people who have no problems with the stomach. Otherwise, it may begin indigestion. Besides apples cause appetite. So even if you eat two or three pieces, after half an hour you want to eat again. The main thing - to have time to fall asleep by this time.

  • Celery

Unfortunately, almost none of the girls do not like this plant. And in vain, because in the spine it contains so few calories that its constant use will not affect the figure. Your main task - to learn how to prepare meals and combine them with other products. By the way, very tasty and healthy eat celery with grated carrots.

Note nursing mom, the girls in the state, as well as special, having stomach problems, can not drink cocktails and drinks containing a juice of this plant. If the fair sex varicose veins, then it can not be roots even add to the salad. But even completely healthy people should not use celery in large quantities, as it affects the rapid withdrawal of fluid from the body. It is unlikely that you will want to wake up every half hour at night.

  • Kefir

After drinking a cup of yogurt, you, first, fall asleep faster, and, secondly, a long quench hunger light. At the same time you will not need to worry about excess weight, because the product is absorbed very quickly. But abuse yogurt drink is not worth it, otherwise you will find frustration and sleepless night.

  • Salad of boiled beets

If you want a snack before going to bed? A better option than dietetically beet salad with olive oil, you can imagine. It should be consumed at least once a week in order to be cleansed of toxins. Among other things, this vegetable rich in betaine which affects the burning of body fat. The only thing to be careful if you have kidney problems and stomach.

 burning fat properly

The second myth: the diet should exclude fatty foods

In fact, it all depends on how much you eat fatty foods a day, which is what will be dishes that you plan to eat them. If you completely give up such delicacies, then, for example, you can deprive your body with omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish. Remember, in moderation you can eat any food. But unfortunately, not everyone can deprive yourself the pleasure to eat one additional serving.

If you need to lose weight quickly, you should slightly reduce the number of dishes, which contain unsaturated fats. Replace vegetable oil and butter with olive, eat less fried for a time excluded from the diet of sunflower seeds, pistachios, walnuts.

Myth Three: Diet solve any problems

The less we eat, the faster the weight of the leaves - it also has a grain of truth. Unfortunately, after the girl's diet is much faster and more get better. Firstly, a survivor of the stress the body begins to make reserves just in case. Second, fat burning occurs at the last moment, when the body goes all the water. But until then the girls usually do not reach.

But the fair sex, who sit on a strict diet, you should drink plenty of fluids, eat protein foods and sports. Physical activity is necessary to result in weight loss have not lost muscle, did not appear stretch marks (striae), skin does not sag.

Myth Four: The products are divided into harmful and useful

Chicken legs fried in a huge amount of oil, baked in foil in the oven and cooked for a couple, are not only the taste, but also utility. In the first case, high-calorie meal, fat and contains many carcinogens. The second and the third option - the best for the girl who is on a diet.

As you can see, on the harmful affects not the product itself, and the specific method of preparation. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, Get a good oven and steamer. By the way, fish, meat, vegetables, steamed, contain all the vitamins and minerals that are killed as a result of cooking.

Myth Five: carbohydrates - is evil

Carbohydrates cause the appearance of fat in the human body - it's hard to argue. But you can not completely give up such food. As a last resort, the use of certain products may be slightly reduced. Otherwise, if you start to play sports or if your work involves physical exertion, you'll just feel faint or swoon. In addition, without carbohydrates your brain can not function properly because they are the only source of energy.

Myth Six: the more often you eat, the better

If she starts to eat six times a day, but the portion size does not change, it will only worsen their situation. Also plays an important role that you use. Snacking buns or pizza at work is worse than hunger until the evening.

Breakfast should always be tight, the best porridge with a chop. At lunch, you can take a low-fat cottage cheese or a light salad. Lunch should not do without soup or borsch. Snack should be easy for you to satisfy your hunger a little. In any case, must take fruits and vegetables. And, of course, do not forget about a full dinner.

Myth Seven: once a week to do the fasting day

As the twenty-four hours can take all the fat, none of the advisers can not really explain. Actually lost weight due to the fact that the stomach and intestine is completely emptied, and thus it is nothing but water, misses. Fasting days can lead to gastritis, ulcers, disorders and the like problems. Therefore hope that after a week of eating hot dogs in a single day will be able to throw all his weight, it is not necessary.

Myth Eight: starvation - the most effective way

Many girls who have driven themselves to anorexia, choose this way to lose weight. Nothing is, of course, difficult. But after five to seven days, the body gets used and begins to metabolize fat. However, this is the only effective way, but quite significant side effects - even if you then want to eat, you can not eat even a small spoonful of porridge.

We are constantly hungry girls stomach can not accept food. As a result - complete exhaustion and death. Therefore, do not you want to lose weight, do not rush to extremes. Undermine health - this is the least, than to pay for the desired result.

Myth Nine: Once we know how to lose weight

You are asked to send an SMS, to credit card or money to buy the book, how to lose weight in three days? Do not get fooled by these messages as magic, unfortunately, does not happen. To get rid of fat, you need to work on yourself, eat healthy food and sports. Lying is not the couch, you are unlikely to get what you want, even if you read an article in a series of "shock star dropped forty kilos, eating a bow! ".

 fat burning yourself

Myth Ten: losing weight, you will have a flat stomach

Get rid of fat, the fair sex will not get perfectly smooth stomach without a single crease. Therefore, if you want to walk on the beach in a bikini, start to swing the press during weight loss. Otherwise, the skin will simply hang.

Myth Eleven: the more you train, the better

On average exercise at the fitness club or gym is recommended twice a week. The duration of training should not exceed two hours. If you make a daily exercise, eating a low-calorie meal at the same time, you're really drain your body. Note that if you are after a workout will lean on all that you have is in the refrigerator, there will be no result.

Myth twelfth: dietitian only need very fat people

No matter how much you want to throw ten or five kilograms, should visit a specialist beforehand. Dietitian must examine the patient and determine what percentage of fat in the body of the patient. Then, on the basis of studies, appointed an individual course of treatment.

Also do not forget about the visit to a gastroenterologist. Before you go on a diet, you need to find out if you have any problems with the stomach and intestines. Of course, it is advisable to undergo a full inspection before you sign the gym to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Get rid of fat, but what's next

So, you have found a perfect weight loss and took off for five, ten or even twenty kilograms in six months. What to do next, the fat reappears? The answer to the banal simple - to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, diet and sports - is not a panacea. As soon as you stop going to the gym and start indiscriminately absorb the flour, sweet, fatty, spicy, etc., you will return to the previous form.

 Burning fat: Myths and Reality