mask for dry skin at home


  • How to prevent dry skin?
  • Traditional treatments for dry skin
  • Some general tips

Dry skin of the face - a common problem that occurs independently of age and lifestyle. And the first to suffer the appearance of women: skin peeling, itching and redness. Naturally, nothing pleasant in it, so you need to look for ways of treatment.

If dry skin is permanent, it is advisable to turn to the beautician. It is not only external stimuli (wind, hard water or low-quality household chemicals) can be a cause of problems. It may occur due to metabolic or beriberi. In this case, the doctor will make a comprehensive examination of the body and prescribe treatment.

How to prevent dry skin?

If the dry skin of the face - this is a temporary phenomenon, try to observe some simple rules of care:

  • Wash should be only children's soap. Do not use aromatic means, avoid gels and shampoos. By the way, in the home can be used for washing the thawed or purified water;
  • If you use makeup remover decorative cosmetics, you should refrain from its use. It is better to give preference to almond oil, which can be purchased in the pharmacy;
  • Be sure to use moisturizer. Choose children's facilities or those which are composed of aloe and tea tree oil;
  • When applying make-up is a must, do not forget to apply foundation on your face. Let this be a moisturizing day cream. And try to do the minimum amount of powder shadows and tonal resources. From the dry powder should be abandoned altogether.

 mask for dry skin at home

Traditional treatments for dry skin

Houses can take care of dry skin is not worse than in beauty salons. But the cost is much cheaper, and will take a little time. The following mask will give your face a velvety texture and freshness. Of course, subject to regular use.

  • Mask of honey and aloe juice

These components are perfectly nourish the skin with essential vitamins, trace elements, and even accelerate the outflow of toxins. For best results, it is necessary to add oil. Take the three components in equal proportions - e.g., a teaspoon. Mix and apply on your face, hold 20 minutes. Then rinse, using baby soap;

  • Mask based on the extract of cornflower

This is not only a beautiful flower, but also a remedy. Sale extract in the pharmacy, it must be diluted in accordance with the instructions supplied. Add a few drops of vegetable oil - the mask is ready. Coat the face resulting solution, soak for 30 minutes and rinse. This mixture is an excellent moisturizing and healing agent for dry skin;

  • Mask of honey and sour cream

At home, you can cook and the following mask: Take honey (tablespoon), fat sour cream (a teaspoon) and one egg yolk. All the ingredients are well mixed, apply the mixture on the face, avoiding the eye area. Hold for about half an hour and rinse;

  • Mask based on burdock

The mask for dry skin of tea tree oil and milled burdock root perfectly helps cope with the problem. Within a few days of regular use, you will notice a positive and lasting results;

  • Ointment for dry skin

To make this money at home, you will need: butter and aloe juice (a teaspoon), 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of honey. All the mix (melted butter) and apply on face. This ointment can be prepared for the future and keep it in a dark cool place.

Remember to acquire the means for making masks at home need only in pharmacies.

 facial mask at home for dry skin

Some general tips

Of course, using a mask, you'll get results. But we must stick to and other rules that will help prevent dry skin, or reduce it to a minimum.

  • Wash with warm water only! The temperature should be about 25-28 degrees;
  • It is advisable to use herbal decoction for washing. For example, chamomile healing. Brew a tablespoon of dried chamomile in a cup of boiling water, strain and use. For dry skin it will be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent;
  • Be sure to use moisturizer. It is advisable to have in place and day and night. So action will be extended to more complete;
  • At home, you can cook and vitamin "salad" for dry skin. Mix the grated cucumber, a little vegetable oil and a teaspoon of honey. Cover the face of this mixture and soak for 15-20 minutes;
  • Wipe face with ice cubes with dry skin is not recommended;
  • Copes with dry skin, and dairy products. Just lubricate the face fat yogurt, sour cream or cream. At home, it is very easy to do because every housewife in the fridge, these products are not uncommon;
  • If you do not have allergies, use fresh strawberries. Just wipe the face;
  • You can be applied to the face peeled potatoes and peach halves.

Be sure to observe the regularity of procedures carried out! No effect, you do not wait, if you resort to masks from time to time. It should be applied daily moisturizers and use means cooked at home. Also for dry skin, it is important to eat right. Let your diet will include nuts, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.

At home, it can be carried out and a gentle massage skin. What gives? It increases blood circulation, lymph flow is accelerated, and thus the toxins more quickly excreted. During the massage the skin is saturated with oxygen, it becomes susceptible to nourishing mask. For massage you can use various creams and oils, and the usual medical approach.

Be sure to allow time for the daily care of the face. After all, at home it's so easy! Turn on soft music, light oil burner and relax. A mask at this time will have a beneficial effect on the skin. Coming to the problem seriously, you pretty quickly achieve the desired effect.

 Masks for dry skin at home - complete care

 how to fight ingrown hairs


  • Why there are ingrown hairs
  • Prevent ingrown hairs
  • Ingrown hairs: methods of struggle

The long cold evenings behind, the sun shines brighter, the birds return from wintering and calendar promises warmth and good cheer. In this regard, women are beginning to get off the shelves fishnet tights and more carefully epilate skin. And that's fine, because short skirt and smooth skin feet - the shortest way to a man's heart for any pretty girl. You can not say about the ingrown hair, which now and then "please" their appearance the entire female population of the planet. And you have to worry about anything. Not only that, it looks like the problem is not the best way (inflamed skin with pustules), so also have to endure the pain. It is not surprising that from time to time, girls begin puzzled how to deal with ingrown hairs, more than the subtleties of the conquest of men's hearts.

Why there are ingrown hairs?

You can not solve a problem if you do not know the reasons for its occurrence. Ingrown hairs - is no exception. You can as much as necessary to treat your skin, but if you do not understand why your hair grow, the whole process can be considered meaningless. So what could cause such a sensitive issue?

  1. Improper hair removal

    Very often women, trying to save time and money, epilation is performed independently. Someone uses a razor, some hot wax, but also those in other hair occasionally grow into the skin. And it's not that the remedy for hair removal was chosen incorrectly (although it happens). Just before removing the hair need to carefully prepare the skin to the procedure took place without consequences.

  2. Lack of body care after hair removal

    You know what the problem with many marriages? Partners after the marriage no longer take care of each other, suggesting that the stamp in the passport has already proved the seriousness of intentions. As a result, relations deteriorate. The same thing happens with the skin. Once you proepilirovat feet and hold a series of complex procedures, then, as the body begins to take revenge on you. Of course, the statement is attributed to the registrar not be able to, but reward you ingrown hairs - completely. So, to keep your feet extremely pleased with smooth skin, even after hair removal to care for them - namely skrabirovat, removes dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

  3. Exposure of the skin close linen and clothes

    Yes, you heard right. The cause of ingrown hairs can become a habit to wear synthetic underwear, tights and substandard too tight jeans. So rethink your wardrobe, or will look "is not comme il faut" at the beach.

 how to deal with ingrown hairs

Prevent ingrown hairs

Those lucky who managed to avoid combat ingrown hairs, we advise not to relax and learn a few rules that continue to help avoid problems.

Step one: hot shower

If epiliruete body in the home, especially take a hot bath. Water will help to steam the skin, to open the pores and prepare your hair for further disposal. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to make the process more enjoyable.

Step two: peeling

Now you need to spend a full body exfoliation, removing the skin from keratinized particles. Apply steamed out body scrub, massage and rinse with a little warm water. So you not only make your skin smooth, but also raise the hairs on the surface, which will facilitate subsequent epilation.

Step Three: hair removal

Further advice will depend on which method of hair removal you choose for yourself. If it is - the usual razor, then use only the new blade. Better if it will be a one-time machine. However, modern girls do not always realize that the word "disposable" refers to a single use without any "if", "and I was here a little bit" and "yes, nothing will happen."

They often use razor for a second time, or shave a machine body that is also wrong, since, firstly, it is too much work for a machine tool, and, secondly, the density and the thickness of hair in various parts of the body are different, banal and blunt razor can in the process. Those who use a reusable tool, often advised to wash the blades and change the head. The purer and sharper than a razor, the less likely that you will spend the next week in a desperate struggle with ingrown hairs.

Changed the machine? Excellent. Now to direct shaving. To begin, select a convenient location (to bend in a pose "sic" in the tiny bathroom is not counted). Then apply a special cream on the skin for shaving. You can, of course, borrow foam from her husband, but note that the smell of men's cologne (which manufacturers add as flavoring agents) will then have to pursue at least until the end of the day. Therefore it is better to buy your own shaving gel, the more that you probably spend no small epilation in their lives.

By the way, let me draw attention to the most common mistake women during shaving. All they are trying to shave the hair against their growth, motivating his decision by saying that it is better rises hair, and skin in the end is smoother. Certainly not! Instead of perfect silky skin you risk earn a scratch on the body and a lot of ingrown hairs after epilation. It is necessary to you? We are sure that there is. So do not try to invent the wheel and shave old-fashioned way - on the growth of hair. And do not press machine greatly to the body to avoid injury.

 fight ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs: methods of struggle

Let's say you have completed your hair removal instead of the long-awaited and smooth your skin is "pleased" ingrown hairs. What to do? How to deal with its own vegetation, which appeared out of control?

  1. Remove the shelf and gently scrub them to treat the affected area

    Exfoliation helps remove the top layer of the skin, after which usually hides a naughty hair. By the way, a similar procedure should be performed, and as prophylaxis after epilation.

  2. If you do not scrub helped treat the affected area with a cream against acne

    Just check out that part of the drug was part of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. That is the effect of these two components will help relieve irritation and skin healing.

  3. Another participant in the fight against hair growing into the skin becomes hot compress

    To do this, wet a small towel in hot water, wring out and put on the problem areas. A few minutes later the skin under compress steam and ingrown hair is ready to be removed. By the way, it should be removed as carefully as possible. Disinfect hands and tweezers (or needle), gently pry the ingrown hair and pull it out. If the first attempt to remove it was not possible, it is advisable to postpone the procedure. So you are not enough to steam the skin, and the hair itself rooted so deeply that it will be able to remove only a qualified technician.

By the way, is struggling with hair growing into the skin, try less to sunbathe, do not wear tight clothing and dimensionless tights (as they are made of synthetics) and fully abandon epilation. Do not forget that you are dealing with a small abscess, so do not be frivolous. Once the problem has passed, change the method of hair removal. If previously shaved legs with a razor, wax, or try to go to the ultrasonic hair removal.

Cosmetologists say that it was after the last procedure is never ingrown hairs. Like it or not, everyone check for himself. We advise you to never give up in the struggle for the appeal. And let no minor problems (like ingrown hair) does not stand in your way!

 Down with ingrown hair: how to deal with the effects of epilation

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