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  • Why the need for a neck massage?
  • Classic massage with osteochondrosis
  • Cosmetic neck massage

Massage the neck - is a great way to relax and relieve stress from tired muscles. Any sedentary work will eventually lead you to the problems of the spine. And most of all suffering neck, because it is inactive during the day. As a result, we can not properly turn his head from time to time feel a shooting pain, the crunch of vertebrae.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae brings people a few professions, office workers, drivers and some representatives of the workers specialties. This disease brings a lot of pain and discomfort in the lives of these people. Very often, low back pain disguised as non-existent disease - the heart aches, the throat and the head. And in fact, should be treated the neck!

Signs of cervical degenerative disc disease is a frequent headache (osteochondrosis provokes migraine attacks), dizziness, stiffness in the neck. Also, often there are chest pain, numbness of fingers, nausea, ringing in the ears.

Such attacks happen in the morning, if the person uncomfortable sleeping, and in the evening - after working day is usually spent at the computer. The result is fatigue, constant headaches, insomnia, irritation and worsening overall health of your body. With the problems of the spine is better not to joke - consult your doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment and massage. It is about how to massage your neck, you'll learn today.

 how to massage the neck

Why the need for a neck massage?

Very well, if you will do a massage specialist. But if for any reason you can not afford it, do not despair. After all, you can always learn how to do massage at home. And you can do yourself a massage, or else ask your loved ones.

Properly done massage has a positive effect on overall health: it improves blood circulation and metabolism, removes the feeling of tiredness and irritability, relax the muscles of the cervical and normalize your sleep.

Massage accelerate the flow of blood and lymph circulation, helps reduce blood pressure and help improve the nutrition of the brain with oxygen. And note - massage is not only sick people. Doctors recommend periodically massage and absolutely healthy. Prevention is always better than cure the disease.

Prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease is better to start as early as possible after the first symptoms may appear in the 20 years of age. The course for massage doctor always assigns individually. But if you decide to massage their own, guided by the course of 10 sessions, which must be repeated every six months.

And do not repeat widespread errors. The task of massage - relax the muscles of the neck. And in any case it is impossible "to reduce a" something by force - can ultimately remain disabled. You - no chiropractor and do not have the slightest idea about the technique of massage. Why limit yourself just improving blood supply.

Do not be amiss to remind about regularity. If you remember about massage several times a week, and even then only when it begins to hurt the neck - the good of it will not. Kohl decided to massage - then do it daily, throughout the course. Only in this way you will notice a positive effect.

Note that there are people who are absolutely contraindicated massage in the neck, especially at home. So, to contraindications include the following diseases:

  • hypertensive crisis
  • acute inflammatory processes in the body
  • vascular diseases (thrombosis, atherosclerosis, aneurysm)
  • bleeding
  • the problem areas of the skin (warts, moles, open sores, boils)

Risk in this case should not be - is a massage once, and the consequences can be very sad.

Classic massage with osteochondrosis

So, what do you need to know to make the right massage at home? We accept a comfortable position: sitting on a chair with your back straight, legs to bend at the knees and the feet shoulder-width apart to put on. Please do yourself a massage of the back of the neck.

By the way, when you feel tired and discomfort in the neck, it helps a relaxing massage of the area. First warm up the skin of the back surface of the cervical spine, making the friction and massage. Do this for 3 minutes, making movement from the neck to the shoulder blades. This technique of massage is very simple, but very efficient.

After warm up your skin, you can begin to implement the main elements of massage. They are not so much, and if desired, very soon you will learn all of them and can do neck massage at home properly.

  • Stroking

Stroking - is exactly where we should start massage. They should carry out one or two hands, making a movement from top to bottom, moving from the hairline to her shoulders.

  • Squeezing

The technique of this element is as follows: for the same massage lines as strokes, perform edge of his hand movement, and the hill of the thumb. Simply put, it is necessary to simulate squeezing wash socks.

  • Rubbing

Use your fingertips to rub both hands neck area, then massaging in a circular motion from ear to ear. Then we do by rubbing the hair line along the back and the neck vertebrae. There are various options for the movement of hands, when you rubbing neck: 4 pads of fingers in a circle, dotted movement from the spine to the side (right hand rubbing the left side of the neck and the left - right).

  • Fulling

Technique is this: perform pinching, grabbing the arm thumb and the rest, as if crushing it at that. Then you need to shift in the direction of 4 fingers. Kneads his right hand the left side of the cervical, and left - right side. You can still flexes phalanges of both hands on each side of the neck.

At the end of the massage strokes are making with both hands and slowly moving down in the zone of the upper blade.

Self-massage the front of the neck begin to perform chin and falling to the clavicle. Technology is again stroking, rubbing and kneading muscles of the neck with one or two hands. We must act gently, in no case can not apply pressure on the carotid artery and a vein.

  • Stroking

We perform palm of the hand, moving from the chin to the chest. The touch of your hands should be gentle and smooth movement.

  • Fulling

Gently mash the side of the ear to the jugular depression. Then mash separate part of sternocleidomastoid muscle. Head tilted to the opposite side to the neck was relaxed. The chin is directed toward the muscle, which is massaging. Apply schiptseobraznoe circular kneading with one hand - it is necessary to capture and how-to "crush" the muscle.

 how to massage your neck

Cosmetic neck massage

Let us talk about how, in their own home, you can learn how to perform facial massage for the neck. It improves blood circulation, and is updated cell nutrition, excess body fat is removed and as a result you'll get a healthy and attractive appearance. Moreover, even facial massage relaxes, helps relieve stress condition and in many cases eliminates the headache.

To begin, create a cozy and relaxed environment - for example, you can light a candle to the aromatic odor and include quiet music. Prepare to massage the neck skin - for this it must be thoroughly cleaned and can moisten lightly with oil. Due to the oil your movements are smooth and hands will glide over the skin without stretching it.

For massage will use a special oil, which must be pre-warmed hands. You can use lavender oil (her scent calms and relaxes), or pink and apricot kernel oil - someone like that anymore.

  • Eliminating fat

This type of massage helps remove fat deposits and improve blood circulation of the neck. Pour a few drops of oil and rub into the skin massaging movements forward and upward. We must begin from the collarbone, making hands massaging motion, at the same time the neck is inclined to the right and to the left.

Put your hands, palms down, and start to hold the back of the fingers on the skin under the chin in the direction of the neck, the hands should follow one after the other very quickly.

specific massage for the neck massage brush and a positive cosmetic result will be seen in the performance of 2 times a week. The chin and neck should be lubricated cream. Then massage brush making circular motions from the chest to the ear, moving smoothly from the shoulder to the ear lobe from chest to perform movements over the shoulder to the back, and from the back back back to the chest. Duration manipulations is 5 minutes.

Quite effectively operates a mechanical device for neck massage with natural wood or even plastic - can be purchased in almost any drugstore. Massage movements should be smooth without pressure and only for the rear and side of the neck.

With great success used to massage the neck track - tape, consisting of a large number of rollers which are arranged in pairs. The device takes the handles and enter behind. The back of the neck zone massage just across. Massage movements directed downwards in the direction of the hair to the back. Tilt your head forward or to the side.

And do not be afraid to start - very soon you'll know exactly how to make a neck massage correctly. Whichever you choose massage, the benefits will not take long!

 Massage the neck - an excellent remedy to relieve tension and pain

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