How to remove fat from lyashek


  • Why is there fat
  • Active slimming: the movement - this is life
  • Passive Weight Loss: Lose Weight on the couch

Elegant waist beautiful slender arms, long legs - you are close to the ideal, if not for one thing - thick thighs? Unfortunately, this type of figure, popularly referred to as the "pear", today most often found among the fair sex. For men, this type of obesity is not typical.

To determine whether you are in this category, it is quite simple. It is enough to be exactly in the mirror and see the lower torso. If between the legs, just above the cup, there is no clearance, then you have a problem with obesity. And it needs to be urgently addressed.

Why is there fat

Remember once and for all, the single cause of the hated kilograms does not exist. Also, there is no universal method of weight loss that would help all at once. So before you start a war against fat, you need to find out why the problem arose from you.

  • Wrong way of life

Excessive consumption of junk food, lack of exercise, sedentary work. If at least two of these three points are relevant to you, it means that the cause of obesity - just pure laziness. So the fair sex should review your diet, start attending sports clubs and move more.

  • Metabolic disease

Often, the girls completely refuse to eat for hours do not get out of the gyms, and the cock did not want to show a lower number. In such a case, you should take a full medical examination to detect hidden diseases. Perhaps women complete problems with the hypothalamus, pancreas, thyroid and adrenal glands.

  • Lack of sleep

When a person sleeps, his body is completely at rest. The longer you are awake, the more energy you expend. As a result, an increased appetite, bad mood, fatigue. Eaten at the time the food is not processed, and immediately converted into calories.

  • Stress and depression

When you're in a bad mood, worried over nothing or break on others, your body produces special hubbub. It affects obesity. Besides, girls love sweets jam trouble or, worse, drink alcohol.

  • Medications

Many drugs that are recommended to use for insomnia, depression, migraine, pressure, etc., cause an increased appetite. You should also be careful with drugs for thyroid cancer. If after eating you always want to eat, see a doctor. Ask replace tablets at similar, but without such side effects.

  • Menopause

At the fair sex after 50 (sometimes earlier) in the body begin the aging process, slowing down the metabolism, and also there is a hormonal boom. At the same amount of estrogen (female hormone pure) begins to decrease. As a result, the fat begins to be deposited on the hips.

  • Genetic predisposition

If someone from your close relatives is obese (parent grandparent), the probability of occurrence of this problem you have is 40%. If the pathology observed in 2 people (and dad and mom), the risk increases to 70%.

 How to remove fat from fast lyashek

Active slimming: the movement - this is life

Claim yourself that you have decided to get rid of fat on the thighs, knees and buttocks - it's half the battle. The main thing that your decision did not stop at the preparatory stage. Also, there are cases when a girl does not get a positive result for the first two or three months, throw up their hands and return to the old rhythm of life. To avoid this, you need to lose weight properly.

Step one: make a mistake in measuring the volume

To measure only the weight - so avoid a serious mistake. First, a person can be both heavy enough and very light bones. Secondly, under intense stress and diet, will leave hips, while the body weight can hardly change. Thus, having lost only 2 kg, you can get modern.

Step two: the intended target

Think about how much you want to throw. Objectively look at things! If you have always curvaceous, acquire parameters of the model you are unlikely without harm to health. It is not necessary to be equal to that which you have been in his youth, as well as the success of friends. Best of all, of course, to visit a specialist who would have conducted research and determined what your volume of excess fat.

We should not despair if you do not get the desired even in six months. After all, in fact, excess weight you have not appeared in one month. The miracle did not happen, if you do not start to control myself. Sports and proper nutrition should be constant. Do not sit on a diet, hoping to get rid of the wrinkles on the body. The lost weight back to double volume, and you can make stretch marks and cellulite.

Step Three: shall describe your diet

What is good nutrition? This diet, in which she uses fewer calories than spends. In this case, an important role is played not only the amount of food, but also its quality. Less fat, more protein. Replace vegetable oil with olive, mayonnaise - low-fat yogurt. The first time, to make it easier, weigh each portion and in notepad specify how much and what you eat. In the evening, to sum up and burn, you have exceeded the norm or not.

Step Four: Choose your sport

The thought of exercising you goose bumps appear on the skin? Your opinion about the sport could change, if you find a suitable occupation for the soul. Swimming pool, gym, belly dancing, Pole-Dance, Aerobics - group exercise will bring the desired result, improve mood and health. At the same time scientists have long shown that people who are engaged together, lose weight much faster than loners.

Step Five: move more

Taking a walk in the park with your child, do not be lazy with him to run around the court, cycling or rollerblading. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous! Active Mom always thinner constantly sitting on benches girls. Get a dog and ran with it during the evening and morning walks.

Household chores can also lose weight. Try to wash the floors are not crouching and bending. During cooking in the kitchen rises and falls on your toes. When you view your favorite TV series running in place, doing stretching exercises. Before going to sleep walk around with your partner to dinner, not a tight turn into fat on the thighs and buttocks, and burned.

 How to remove fat from the right lyashek

Passive Weight Loss: Lose Weight on the couch

Many women are interested in the question, how to remove fat from lyashek without visiting gyms and without giving up good food. In this case, you will need a combination of massages, scrubs with baths, saunas. Of course, previously recommended to consult a specialist. The thermal load on the heart and the effects of aggressive substances on the skin can be dangerous to health.

Pressure therapy

In order to drive away the fat from the body, the girl in the beauty put on a special suit. Compressed air presses on the skin, fat deposits and cellulite, removing all defects and deficiencies in the body. Usually enough 10-15 procedures to get rid of wrinkles. The only negative - a sufficiently high value that not everyone will be affordable.

Vacuum massage

Nozzle, exciting skin folds, in a special way affects the problematic zones, breaking and removing fat. You can either get a special device, or visit every two weeks a beauty salon. Home - systematic.


If you wish to get rid of fat on the thighs, buttocks and knees, in the home, you can resort to wrap. Initially, the problem areas to apply a special blend, then the skin turns cling film (an average of 3 hours). After the specified time it should take a warm shower and dry off a dense, preferably with a towel. Note should be made a pre-trial procedure. This will help make sure you are not allergic to a particular ingredient.

  • Coffee

Pre-peeling should be done to remove the horny cells. Due to cleaning, the active substances can penetrate the pores. It is not necessary to buy expensive products for this purpose, scrub, you can do it yourself. The easiest and fastest way - to use the tea leaves just-brewed coffee in Turku. Well, if you are able to add a little pepper (black or red), clay (available at pharmacies), and essential oils. But in that case the procedure is best reduced to 40 minutes, maximum - up to an hour. Otherwise, you can earn burns.

  • Herbs

Not only to overcome the fat, but healthier, rejuvenate your skin and bring into order is possible using herbal wraps. In addition, it is - a pretty good alternative to algae, which, unfortunately, are not cheap. For this you need green tea (big leaf, without additives and flavorings) and chamomile, oak bark, yarrow, sage. In order to achieve greater effect, add spices: ginger, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon. This explosive mix will help speed up the metabolism, antioxidants will leave.

In almost cooled decoction of herbs put on a couple of seconds linen or cotton towel, then wrap up their problem area (hips, knees, buttocks, etc.). When the fabric has cooled slightly, re-wet it. We recommend that you wrap for an hour.

  • Chocolate

From cocoa or chocolate bar cook a thick viscous drink. During cooking, add the ginger and paprika. Once the mixture has cooled to the desired temperature (38 degrees), begin to apply it to cleansed skin peeling. Shook his thigh film, then put on warm pants or wrapped in a blanket. Take an interesting book, because the next one and a half to two hours, you have to lie to the chocolate drip. After you wash away the drink, be sure to lubricate the treated area with a nourishing cream or aloe vera oil.

  • Seaweed

Seaweed wraps, perhaps, the best method to combat obesity, the vast amounts of body fat and subcutaneous deposits. The prepared mixture pulls extra fluid that builds up in the tissues, accelerates metabolism, relieves swelling. With the right approach, after the first procedure, you can lose about 1-2 cm. To ensure the effectiveness of the prescription of beauty previously obmeryayte thigh. In most cases, after the first three treatments on body weight is not reflected.

There are two types of wraps: cold and hot. In the first case, you need to fill a plate of kelp water (20 degrees) and leave for 30-40 minutes, so that they had time to thoroughly melted. Please note, one hundred grams of the product is used per liter of liquid. Once the algae swell gently place them on the thighs and wrap film. An hour later, you need to remove the wrap and you can take a warm shower.

When wrapping hot plates filled with warm water (38 ° C) and left for 15 minutes. As in the previous case, the algae problem areas overlap, then the fixed film. Dwell time - from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the condition of the skin and your internal sensations.

Of course, it is foolish to hope that lying on the couch, you can get rid of fat in a matter of days. If the problem is clear, and you at the same time ashamed of his body, it is recommended to combine passive and active methods of weight loss. Combining sport and massage, you get a double dose of fun.

 How to remove fat from lyashek: active and passive slimming