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  • Features New Year's manicure
  • Velvet nails
  • Use stickers
  • Gradient Manicure
  • Manicure with mesh
  • Gentle and accurate manicure
  • Fashion jewelry manicure

Every woman - is always a bright personality in the world will not find two identical personalities. And each of us chooses his own way of expressing themselves. For some, it - clothes, for others - hair color, for the third - makeup. But many agree that a woman is best to talk hands. Drawing attention to the type of manicure, using various accessories to accentuate its beauty can understand that this woman loves and appreciates what she wanted, what is missing. And it will tell all the usual manicure, which she wears every day.

New nail design also raise the veil of secrecy on the dreams of its owner. Many do collections Nail advance. New themes should not be an exception. For the enchantress, who have not yet had time to make the right choice, we offer several options for New Year's nail design.

Features New Year's manicure

The daily routine of modern women tend to be filled to capacity. Work, children, friends, hobbies, sports, self-care. In this chart is not always possible to carve out for themselves for hours in the beauty salon. It is therefore logical that the implementation of the New Year's nail design should not take a long time. But the basic, everyday he too should not be. There are so many types of manicure, painting techniques and accessories that give originality to your image, the head may begin to spin from such abundance. Let's go through a few interesting options for New Year's nail design.

 Nail Design New Year

Velvet nails

The recently velvet (velor) nail coat literally "blew" the catwalks of the world, then become part of daily life. Many ladies call them "cashmere claws." This new technology matte nail polish, creating an unusual effect plush on your marigolds.

Apply this coating a small device called Flokayder (sometimes called Flogan), and the material is called a flock. Such a manicure can be done to follow that order.

  1. It is necessary to make up nails any color paint.
  2. Apply the upper floc layer using the apparatus.
  3. Dry nails in the UV lamp.

Despite fears of women who first see this novelty, velvet manicure lasts a long time and is resistant to perform household chores as usual. But, as in the case with a standard manicure, to prolong the beauty and grooming cashmere coat better still digging / clean / wash gloves.

A variation of this type of manicure with a fluffy flock is called "fuzzy nail sweaters", roughly translated as "shaggy sweater on the nails." Think about how this will look unusual Christmas nail design! Especially, he combines great ... right! On the evening dresses of velvet and velor. It is desirable that the color of the nails or the match or contrast with the color of the dress. Then you will simply stunning!

Use stickers

An unusual but very practical option manicure to celebrate the New Year is the use of a variety of labels. Bengal lights, flashlights, snowflakes, ... Designers are working tirelessly to invent a new and original Christmas nakleyki.Takoy manicure requires only a few minutes.

Ladies, whose mode of the day painted by the minute, was rated a worthy replacement bored varnish. Being a stylish accessory for nails, however, the label is incredibly easy to use. The standard scheme is to work with them.

  1. On the cleaned surface of the nail, apply a layer of base coat.
  2. Choosing the right size label on each nail, detach it from the sheet.
  3. Fix round sticker firmly to the side of the cuticle, and then flatten it, avoiding bubbles.
  4. Remove the excess part of the sticker nail file.
  5. Apply a final layer of gloss coating.

 New Nail Design

Gradient Manicure

This kind of very exquisite manicure, in which shades of lacquer smoothly flow from one to another. It can be applied with a sharp contrasting movements or smooth transition. You can make interesting transitions from light to dark nail polish, from glossy to matte, combine different shade of color. To accomplish this, you need a manicure maximum half an hour.

  1. Take a few paints of different colors.
  2. Dampen the sponge for make-up water.
  3. Apply a lip paints the desired color in the correct sequence.
  4. Attach a sponge to a sheet of paper. If you are satisfied with the colors, keep patting movements applied to the nail until the transition between tones will not be smooth.
  5. Attach the sponge to the nails, if you come outside the contour of the nail - do not worry.
  6. Remove excess polish with a cotton swab.
  7. Apply a layer of sealant.

Manicure with mesh

Even if you do not have time for a quality manicure, use such sophisticated accessories such as mesh. It makes such a manicure.

  1. Apply a coat of beige, pale pink or clear varnish.
  2. As long as the layer dries, take the mesh and carefully stick it on the nail plate. (Spider veins on your taste can be purchased at any sewing store).
  3. With nail scissors, trim the excess.
  4. For decoration you can use crystals.

 New design nails

Gentle and accurate manicure

To perform this manicure required minimum design elements. Nail sketch created by using warm palette. But it is very important to stick to one key between the original paint and decorative pattern.

  1. Apply the first coat as a colorless substrate.
  2. Apply white paint and glitter. Prior to complete drying lacquer layer to create a pattern can be a wonderful flower with petals.

Fashion jewelry manicure

New nail design differs brightness and brilliance. You can use the foil and rhinestones and bulonki and glitter, and stickers. From the entire list probably little known only bulonki - a new decoration, decorative beads of different colors and up to 4 mm. They are designed to give manicure shine and radiance. Bulonki easy to lay out a relief pattern or create a deposit. Apply, of course, in the uncured layer of lacquer.

Dear girls and women! Remember that Christmas nail design - part of your image. Here you can show all their imagination and originality of nature. Festive manicure - one of the main elements of your beautiful appearance on the evening of the New Year.

 New nail design: fast and beautiful

 Paraffin Hand


  • What you need to paraffin
  • Paraffin bath for hands at home

Many women love to pamper yourself new clothes, new makeup, fashionable hairstyle and hiking with a friend in a restaurant. Nothing wrong with that. After this treatment the girls eyes begin to shine is not worse than the stars warm spring night. You can not say about women's hands. Often in the pursuit of a good mood, we forget to lubricate your pen cream, whereby they become rough and covered with red spots. And then what? After that, the girls leave the fantastic sums in beauty salons for a chance not only to hide the big hands in gloves or coat pockets. Start "operation" on the bailout position: manicure, massage, paraffin baths for hands.

Of course, after such a list of procedures fingers really become smooth and tender. But few know that the whole complex can be performed at home without spending time on a trip to the salon and the impressive funds for specialist services. Do you want to learn? Then we tell you how to do your own paraffin baths (after all, they help to achieve the desired result).

What you need to paraffin

Before you start making a new procedure must be properly armed. Thus, the struggle for the beauty of the hands go:

  • any cleanser (soap, shower gel);
  • body scrub;
  • hand cream;
  • Paraffin (2 kilograms);
  • favorite essential oil (few drops);
  • utensils to melt the wax in a water bath;
  • plastic bags;
  • mittens or warm wool scarf;
  • towel.

As you can see, a set of paraffin at home is quite simple. Not difficult and the procedure itself. How to do it? Now the prompt.

 Paraffin hand at home

Paraffin bath for hands at home

First you need to stock up on free time and excellent mood. And if the first point of the plan can be done quietly, then with good humor, many women have problems (and something to rejoice, if hands are like sandpaper). How to make yourself smile? And what is most remarkable mood, if we're going to do paraffin bath for hands? The fact that a person in good spirits deep regular breathing, blood circulates in the optimal range and, consequently, all the procedures will be perceived by the body better. So, before you put the wax in a water bath, turn on your favorite music. You'll see in a couple of minutes, your mood will be better, and thus become better and hands after paraffin.

  1. After a pleasant melody flooded the apartment, start immediate preparations for the upcoming procedure. To do this, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, rub them scrub gently rub your palms together and rinse with warm water exfoliating.
  2. But the main role in the process is played by paraffin. Place it in a water bath, melt and heat to a temperature of 55 degrees. If trying temperature at home no possibility drip melted paraffin on the rear side of the brush. If the skin feels comfortable, you can remove the bowl from the water bath. Just be careful - hot wax can severely burn the skin.
  3. The next step - moisture hands. Generously lubricate them with cream. The skin must be formed thin film, which is exposed to the hot wax will become a source of vitamins for the skin.
  4. Now drip into a bowl with melted paraffin couple of drops of essential oil and gently dip your hands for a few seconds in the fragrant mixture. Allow the wax to harden on the hands, then plunged back into the bowl palm 5-6 times as long as the skin does not form dense "glove".
  5. Next, you will need to wrap the hands in cellophane, and then - in a woolen scarf - to propotel with both hands. For this you will need about 15-20 minutes, after which you can remove wax from hands and enjoy the view of a beautiful healthy skin.

What helps make paraffin bath for hands? Firstly, it prevents skin aging. Second, the great struggles with diseases of the joints. Third, this procedure makes hands soft and smooth. But it is not so simple. It remains for us to tell who is contraindicated to do paraffin baths and at home, and under the supervision of a professional cosmetologist. Unfortunately, this list is quite wide. Restore the beauty of the hand will have a different way to those who suffer:

  • Diabetes;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Hypertension;
  • Allergies;
  • Dermatitis
  • Infectious diseases.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to dip the hands in paraffin, if the skin has cuts and abrasions. The rest of the procedure is not only safe, but also very useful. Of course care for themselves at home - it is difficult, but possible. Be beautiful and remember that the hands - is the calling card of every woman.

 Paraffin hand - a lifeline when dry skin

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