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Since ancient times, every woman tries to reach the ideal of beauty. And she does this not only for men but also for himself. The ancient Greeks said that appearance - a reflection of the inner world. They were right, because the state of appearance depends on our way of life. Lack of sleep and fatigue, the constant rush, and an unhealthy diet worsen health. Bad habits, coupled with constant stress is the first step on the path to disease. It is important to monitor their health and appearance. Well-groomed woman, even if she is not the first woman in the world, has always enjoyed the attention of men. But no manicure will help you become more attractive if the skin on the hands is rough and calloused.

In the struggle for the beauty of women use all sorts of means, often resort to folk remedies to improve the health and appearance. For many girls, the problem is dry skin of hands and brittle nails, because your skin is exposed to many adverse environmental factors, and manicures damaged during household chores. Negative factors include ultraviolet radiation, the effect of changes in temperature and humidity, detergents, chemicals. Your hands should always be not only to protect, but also to care for her manicure with gentle means.

Quite popular in recent times has become a paraffin, which in combination with various oils, moisturizers, serums and creams can give a well-groomed appearance of your pens. After paraffin hand masks transformed, and a pleasant warmth soothes, heals small cracks. This achieves the effect of rejuvenation.

Every woman has to take a lot of work. This washing dishes and laundry, and cleaning floors. The skin of hands from a long stay in the water shelled appear edema, spoiled manicure, nail condition worsens, they become brittle and exfoliate. Paraffin is easy to remove all of these manifestations, and your skin will stay silky smooth for several more days.

"Magic" paraffin

Paraffin hand holds a leading position in the salon treatment, and is widely used in the home. It is very simple and easy to use, works wonders since the first procedure: rejuvenates the skin noticeably firmer, fine lines disappear. Paraffin dense layer covers the skin and creates a sauna effect, the skin heats up and the pores begin to open. In this procedure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue out toxins and harmful substances. Useful trace elements and substances penetrate into the tissues of nails, strengthening them.

In addition, paraffin promotes proper redistribution of liquid at all areas of the skin, it reduces the swelling of the hands and moisturizes-dried uchastki.Sovershenno does not matter whether you do paraffin in the cabin or in the home - the result will be obvious. Using wax helps to prevent congestion in the subcutaneous tissue, to increase local blood circulation, relieve pain, improve the condition of the nails and make them stronger so that your manicure has always been the envy of friends or colleagues.

 paraffin hand at home

Essential oils and paraffin wax

Paraffin is conducted in several methods. Often in paraffin and added essential oils, combining aromatherapy and paraffin. Add to wax and oil can be in the home, the main thing - to observe the correct concentration, so as not to cause irritation and did not get the reverse effect. In the choice of essential oils also need to be extremely cautious, especially if you decide to carry out the procedure at home on their own. If you skin is prone to allergies or very sensitive, it is best to give up on oil, and to use only pure medical paraffin.

If you are well tolerated effects of essential oils and herbal extracts to the skin, the paraffin with their addition would be very useful for the skin of the hands and nails, as well as for general health. It is known that such a "hint of pleasure" excellent improves mood, relieves irritation, eliminates fatigue or insomnia. And it does not matter whether you go to the master in a salon or do the procedure at home - you'll be happy with the result.

For example, wheat germ oil is added, if the skin is in need of rejuvenation, butter peach seed and jojoba - to moisturize the skin in a "sauna", grape seed oil - with irritable and prone to the appearance of cracks the skin, and oil of lemon or orange are not only lighten the skin, but also will give a good mood for the whole day. To strengthen nails paraffin added Dog rose and olive oil.

Paraffin in cosmetology

Paraffin is often used in cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as it has healing properties, which have long been studied and put into practice. But for paraffin at home or in the cabin can be used only cleaned and dewatered wax which does not contain any impurities. The properties of the wax to keep heat and moisture in the tissues have long been known. When the wax is warmed up, it is applied a thick layer on the skin, and after cooling, it solidifies, but the skin is not burned. When the wax hardens, its volume decreases, mechanically acting on the tissue.

Preparing for the paraffin

Before you (or specialist) immediately initiate a procedure of paraffin on the skin of the hands should be applied gels, serums, moisturizers and ampoule concentrates. Select these tools depending on the problem to be solved. It can be dry skin of hands, cracks, irritation and so on. So the effect of paraffin hand skyrocket. To improve the condition of the nails used mineral supplements and vitamin A, which leads to the nail plate strong and healthy, and get a great manicure.

For example, if your skin is too thin you, then the paraffin mask necessarily nourishing moisturizer is applied to the fat-soluble vitamins A and E, as well as a water-soluble vitamin C and certain trace elements. If the skin is fading, then the mask is applied to lifting concentrate, it significantly reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant appearance. Firming properties are collagen, vitamins, antioxidants, and also certain extracts of herbs and hyaluronic acid. The latter, incidentally, is considered the strongest wetting agent which, when properly treated can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Sometimes it is used and extracts from plants or animal tissues.

If the skin looks tired, the paraffin for hands and nails in conjunction with the means to return to her life-giving fresh well-groomed appearance and make your manicure beautiful. If the skin of hands, there are numerous spots, freckles, and her tone is uneven, use a paraffin mask lightening creams and gels. Essential oils added does not always, but they also have a good effect.

Plus paraffin that may be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home, since all components are readily available in the pharmacy or cosmetic product.

 paraffin hand

Paraffin for hands: the essence of the procedure

First, the wax is melted to a viscous state, it becomes viscous and hot. Then it is applied to the skin, like a mask or applique. When the hot paraffin into contact with the skin, it increases its temperature by 2 degrees and causes activation processes as amplification circulatory disclosure long operation and improve lymph glands. Skin that is in a dense layer of wax starts to sweat out therefrom toxins.

Before the start of the session your hands should be washed well and handle sanitizers, then apply special caring complex substances, creams or lotions.

Paraffin hand contraindicated in infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, varicose disease, dermatitis, allergies, skin lesions.

Paraffin Hand

Skin prepare as follows: with the help of a scrub is cleared and then apply moisturizer. In the store you need to buy 2 kilograms of refined paraffin wax, which will be used for baths.

Hand follows the preparation of the skin dipped in warm paraffin wax softened and hold a few seconds and then pulled for 15 seconds and then drop. Since repeated several times until the layer is sufficiently thick; keep a paraffin mask to 30 minutes, then carefully remove the direction from the wrist to the fingers. Then rinse your hands in cold water, apply a moisturizer.

Let your arms and manicure will always be beautiful. After all, whatever the outfit, make-up, hairstyle, if hands are not well maintained, it is hopeless ruin your image of a lady.

 Paraffin for hands in the salon and at home