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  • What is the healing benefits of massage?
  • Classic massage of the neck, which can make himself
  • How do neck massage to another person?
  • Effective back massage from fatigue

Massage - a very important health-building procedure, which has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. It helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow and metabolism, as well as improve overall body tone. Effective massage and in the fight against excess weight, cellulite and salt deposits. It is used to treat many diseases, accelerate recovery processes and improve skin condition.

In addition to the physical effects and important psychological effect. Positive impact on the mood and the human condition, increase efficiency, "the charge" extra energy ... However, massage can provide not only a tonic effect. It perfectly relaxes and soothes the muscles of the body and the mind: relieves stress and fatigue, helps to overcome insomnia, normalizes sleep.

After the massage many feel reborn. This is not surprising, because it almost any kind has multiple effects on different levels. Thus, the effect on the skin is to cleanse it from the keratinized particles and other contaminants, improving tone and elasticity, improve metabolism and blood flow, oxygen saturation. The skin becomes smooth, its normal color.

What is the healing benefits of massage?

The action on the musculoskeletal system is to increase the elasticity of muscles, improving blood flow and oxygen saturation of the tissues of the body, relieve fatigue and return to health. Massage improves blood flow to the joints and relieves pain from injuries.

It is very large and the benefits to the peripheral nervous system. It improves conductivity and increases the sensitivity of nerve endings. This reinforces the link between the brain and the muscles, organs and circulatory system.

There are many types and techniques, which are used both in preventive and curative purposes and for therapeutic in various branches of medicine. Today, massage is also actively used for cosmetic purposes.

 back and neck massage

Classic massage of the neck, which can make himself

First, let's consider a massage such an important area of ​​the body like the neck. This region is experiencing a lot of loads during the working day, so most of the evening you feel uncomfortable. This is especially significant for those of us who lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle and spends most of his time on the computer. The neck is one of the favorite places for osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is not only a massage helps relieve fatigue and stress. It is also effective for headaches, dizziness and migraines. And besides, this means a positive effect on the skin, making it more resilient and prolonging youth.

To perform the procedure often requires an assistant, but if not, then deal with the massage of the neck and you can own. To facilitate the process and help you enhance the effect of special creams or oils, which have a warming effect and soften the skin.

There are five main types of motion in the neck massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration and effleurage.

  1. The most common movement - is stroking. Since it starts and it ends with any massage. It promotes blood flow to the skin and muscles.
  2. Rubbing - a more active movement, the purpose of which is to expand the blood vessels.
  3. Kneading - a compression of the skin with your fingertips to improve the circulation of lymph and blood.
  4. One of the very active methods - effleurage, which is made with your fingertips and promotes heating of tissues. This movement is a beneficial effect on overall muscle tone and nervous system.
  5. The strongest move - a vibration. Fast oscillatory motion with your fingers or palm edge. It is very active against the tissue, so apply at the end of the session.

Before starting the massage of the neck, remove the hair, not to interfere, and sit back. A little lower down the chin, neck, clasp hands and start making stroking from hairline to her shoulders. Once the skin is warmed up, you can move on to the next exercise. Push fingertips to the neck, while performing rotational movements. Alternate with pressing strokes, which can be done more intensively. Then gently pinch the skin along the spine. Navigate to the throat, lift the chin up and do a little stroking. Hold your left hand on the right side of the larynx, and his right hand - the left side.

Grasp the neck at the bottom left and right of the larynx thumbs and forefingers. Move from the collarbone up to his chin, making a circular motion with your fingers. Then lower back. Lightly pat the neck and repeat the procedure. Do such alternations for 5-10 minutes.

Massage the neck and can be carried out using a special brush. Lubricate the neck and décolletage cream brush and begin to make a circular motion with the décolleté, gradually moving up the side of the neck. Gradually move to the front of the neck and then massage the back surface, descending almost to the shoulder blades. The duration of this procedure is about 5-10 minutes.

How do neck massage to another person?

Now let's look at some techniques that you need to perform with a partner. We describe the actions of the person who performs massage.

  1. Turn your head to the right, putting it on her palm. With his left hand massage the back of the neck, including the area of ​​the shoulder and shoulder blade.
  2. Tweaks mash top of the shoulder in front and behind, with particular attention to the base of the neck from behind. This is an important area, as it is here in the ground and accumulate muscle fatigue.
  3. Not much squeeze hands into fists and knuckles massage the upper shoulder muscles, making a circular motion. Move to the shoulder joint in the direction of the neck.
  4. Move his hand under his neck and circular movements of the fingers of her left hand promassiruyte. Repeat the same for the right side.
  5. Attach the shoulder back of his hand and swipe up along the neck. Do 5-10 of strokes on each side.
  6. Take massaged his head in his hands and lift it, then return to starting position. Now again, lift, gently pulling on so that his chin pressed against his chest. This exercise is very well coached back muscles of the neck.

 nice massage the neck and back

Effective back massage from fatigue

Now let's move from the neck to the back, who are tired during the day, no less. In it it accumulates stress from physical activity, which can cause pain. Massage of the back allows you to release tension and restore a sense of lightness. He gives the muscles in tone and form a muscular corset, which is responsible for the correct posture.

Remember that the massage should be carried out specialists. However, if you do not have time or money for a trip to the massage therapist, there are several techniques that can be used at home. To do this, you need the help of someone from relatives or friends. Remember that you need to start with a back massage strokes, gradually moving to more intense movements. You can not make strong pressure on the kidneys. Terminates the session also recommended that light stroking movements. It is advisable to use a cream or massage oil.

  1. Put your hands on the back, one on the lower back and the other between the shoulder blades. Resting base of the palm, gently begin to shake all the body with minimal use of force.
  2. Place both hands on the lower back left and right of the spine. Start doing light strokes in a circular motion, rising along the back. Go around to the back of the blade and the back. Dissolve and bring hands several times. This movement will help distribute the cream or butter all over his back and warm up your muscles.
  3. Proceed to rubbing back wide circular movements. Start from the waist to the neck and rise. Follow this procedure alternately left and right hand, slowly grabbing a larger area. After reaching to the shoulders, the back, stroking the sides of the body.
  4. Place your right hand on the spine at waist level so that a blind eye to the side of the neck. Put your left hand across the right and do stroking movements, slightly pressing his hands. Move along the spine up.
  5. Place the index and middle finger of the right hand on either side of the spine. "Crossing" fingers, as if walking, head down to the waist, and then climb up.
  6. Place the palm of your hand on the side of the waist in the lumbar region. Promassiruyte side pressing movements, moving to the upper back. Massage your shoulder area and in the same way go down. Repeat this procedure on the other side.
  7. Put your hands on your lower back, slightly lifting your fingers. Fast moving motion walk up one side of the back and also will go down on the other. This palm should move in opposite directions towards each other. Repeat several times.
  8. Mash the shoulder blades. Put your hands on the shovel and make a circular motion with your thumbs, gently pressing. Pressing force to be adjusted depending on the sensations. Most often, this is an area for massage pain occur due to accumulated stress and fatigue.
  9. Put serried from wrist to elbow his hands across the back, and gently push your arms to the sides. Repeat the same exercise with his hands on the diagonal.
  10. Press the palms to the waist and make a counter movement. Efforts should be noticeable to appear on the skin folds. Make several of these movements, walk up and down the entire back.
  11. Put your hands on your shoulders and knead with your thumbs shoulder girdle and neck muscles.
  12. Squeeze the fists and lightly tap on all the muscles of the back.
  13. Work out fine edge of his hand across the back of tapping up and down the spine.
  14. Finish the massage strokes. Spend relaxed hands along the back, making it easy to undulate.

Remember that all procedures are carried out in a comfortable position, the muscles should be relaxed and the body - not to feel discomfort. No action or movement should not cause pain. Anyone, even the most gentle massage - is sufficiently strong warming agent. Therefore, after completion of the procedure it is recommended to stay warm.

Izdrevna it is known that massage the neck and back is one of the surest ways to cure osteoarthritis. It helps to improve metabolism and get rid of the pain. At a time when sedentary sedentary organisms injure hundreds of thousands of massage is that magic wand that will help regain strength and health. Try this remedy for yourself. You will notice the effect after the first session. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Massage the neck and back: Useful bliss