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Yeasts are nutritious and vitamin product with a softening and cleansing effect. Using yeast mask tones the skin, increases blood circulation, reducing its laxity. Facial masks from yeast incredibly helpful. They are inexpensive, very easy to use while providing high quality results.

In pure form, face mask from yeast is more suitable fatty skin type, providing astringent and constricting effect. However, it is possible to add other nutrients that it can be successfully used for treatment of normal skin and of dry.

How useful yeast

Yeast is divided into confectionery, bakery, beer and others. In the preparation of masks you can use any of them. The most important thing - that they were alive and active. Mainly taking Compacted "raw" bakery yeast in the form of briquettes. In rare instances, the dry baker.

Brewer's yeast is suitable not only for use inside, but also for the preparation of medical masks at home. There are a number of recipes in which it is recommended make masks using it brewer's yeast. However, finding just such a yeast is sometimes difficult. Therefore, if this was not possible, they can be replaced by baking or confectionery. In any case, the effect will be quite noticeable.

It is not superfluous to mention also about the mechanism of action of facial masks from yeast. Apart from the fact that the yeast absorbed through the skin, nourishing it wonderful, they are more active life, just eating and digesting fat deposits that are in the beginning, and while stressing the enzymes, stimulates the metabolic processes in cells.

The mixture prepared on the basis of the yeast is equally useful for each type of skin. Due contained therein unique properties greatly improves the color and texture of the skin. A moisturizing and nourishing properties have a delightful effect on the skin. Face need to be addressed, and then his youth and beauty will remain for years to come.

This explains the numerous positive reviews about the excellent results, such as the treatment of acne yeast. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that yeast Mask allows you to keep the natural beauty of the skin.

The basic rules of production and the use of masks yeast

To begin with, we learn how to make the mixture to prepare a face mask and a cosmetic procedure:

  1. Prepare a mask just before its application. The exception is when the final mixing need some time to ferment. Masks based on the yeast should not be stored for a long time even in a refrigerator. They are alive, so their properties and composition are changing rapidly.
  2. Be prepared yeast. Dilute them as long as the container a homogeneous consistency, similar to the pulp;
  3. Use masks extremely "wet" yeast enriched with micro-organisms;
  4. Apply the mask only on the skin, which before it was cleared, without using other cosmetics.
  5. Before you begin to apply prepared mask on your face, it is recommended to steam. The effect of the mask would be better if the pores are open.
  6. Yeast mask should be kept on your face no more than fifteen minutes. All this time, the microorganisms contained in yeast are quite active, purifying and nourishing your skin. After fifteen minutes the mask is washed off.
  7. When flushing is necessary to mask the use of alternating warm, then cold water;
  8. Owners of dry skin after washing off the mask to lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

 Yeast mask for the face

Recipes for face masks from yeast

Vitamin yeast mask for all skin types

Grind to powder one tablespoon of yeast, and then mix the resulting composition with the fresh fruit or fruit juice. To enhance the effect, you must first clean the skin of fruit juice, which is added to the mask.

  • For oily or combination skin beauticians are advised to use the juice of cherries, raspberries, cranberries, sour apples or sauerkraut.
  • To prepare masks for normal skin is perfect melon juice, peach or apricot.
  • Dry skin type is ideal pulp of ripe banana.

The finished version of the yeast preparation fruit mask should look creamy consistency. Then, it is immersed in warm water and applied to the skin after it begins to roam.

Strengthen the "vitamins" can mask the effect by adding its structure fifteen drops of oil solution necessary for skin health vitamins A and E.

Yeast mask for oily skin

Grind to powder one table. of yeast and dilute to obtain a creamy consistency with warm water, it is better to take boiled. Add the resulting mixture teaspoon fresh lemon juice, pour and carefully Mix one egg protein. Now the mixture is ready, and it can be applied to the face - but only to clean skin.

If you have at hand was not lemon juice, it can easily be replaced by a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Such composition of the mixture not only clean, but also spoiled oily skin by removing from the surface of lumps of accumulated sebum.

The mask of yeast for combination skin

Prepare one egg (chicken), honey - one teaspoon, a tablespoon of powdered yeast, flour - wheat and rice - and one tablespoon spoonful (also tablespoon) olive oil. Mix the yeast with butter and honey, add the mixture of egg and finally add the flour to the same. Apply a thick layer of the resulting mass. This procedure allows you to align the complexion and remove pigment spots.

Yeast mask for normal skin

Grind to a powder yeast - tablespoon topless - and pour a spoonful of warm milk. Stir to obtain a homogeneous mass of rather thin, and add to it a little (no more than a teaspoon) of honey and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. The oil can be replaced with fish oil. At the end of cooking, add the mask a little lemon or orange zest. Got a lot of drops in warm or hot water, and then wait patiently until bubbles appear - the first signs of fermentation. Now the mask can be applied to the face. Due to its content of vegetable oils and honey it has on the skin toning and nourishing effect.

Yeast mask for dry skin

To prepare the yeast mask for dry skin type, you need to mix 1 table. of olive oil 1 table. spoon yeast. Before applying the mask, dry skin should be wiped. You can use a cotton swab. Moisten it with olive oil and gently rub the skin. Vegetable oil can be replaced by 1-2 table. tablespoons fat sour cream or cream. Before you mix the powder with sour cream yeast, dilute it in 1 table. spoonful of warm milk.

These masks are suitable for dry skin type, providing it nourishing and moisturizing effect, leaving the skin takes on a fresh new look and a vitamin charge.

 Yeast Mask

Getting rid of acne

How effective are brewer's yeast in the fight against acne, you ask? This question bothers those who have already tried all possible ways to deal with these nasty rashes, but has not achieved the desired result. Brewer's yeast is a natural product, rich in valuable nutrients needed for healthy and beautiful skin. Thanks to the beauty of vitamins (vitamins B, C, PP) can significantly improve the complexion, to quickly deal with acne and make your skin soft and velvety. With the help of brewer's yeast you forget that once you are shy of its kind because of the hated pimples!

Yeast mask for acne

Connect one spoonful of yogurt (the dining room, just take a low-fat yogurt) with two teaspoons brewer's yeast (you can take the dry) and two teaspoons of olive oil. Add a teaspoonful of lemon, carrot and orange juice and mix all that you have added to the cup, until the mixture is smooth. Clean your face, apply a mixture and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Themselves at this time, try to relax - relax in a comfortable chair and listen to music. When the elapsed time required for the mask, wash it off with warm water and blot the face with a soft towel.

This mask is suitable for all skin types - and normal, and dry and oily. Thanks to the rich composition of the mask is recovering protective barrier of the skin, as it contains ingredients nourish and moisturize the skin, helping to get rid of traces of fatigue and stress, revitalizing the skin and filling it with essential nutrients.

Vitamins valuable amino acids, trace elements (sodium, selenium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, zinc), anti-oxidants contained in yeast. It is a unique product that strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, helping to cope with acne and pimples that are caused due to an overabundance of toxins and metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalances.

For facial skin care is nothing better masks from yeast, cooked at home. The main thing is to do them regularly.

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