peeling of the skin on the hands


  • Causes of skin peeling
  • How to prevent the occurrence of the problem?
  • How to soften the skin of your hands?
  • Effective mask and compresses against the peeling skin of hands
  • Scrubs for hand care
  • Therapeutic baths against peeling of the skin
  • Massage for beauty skin of your hands
  • Use paraffin to restore the skin hand

Most women with awe and care about their appearance, carefully taking care of face and neck. But many people forget about the hands that require no less care and love. But they suffer from the sun, the water, the temperature drop, household chemicals, ... If you let things take their course, there is peeling of the skin on the hands. What to do? And only need to carry out simple daily rules of care. Then hands will delight you with beauty and tenderness for many years.

Causes of skin peeling

Cosmetic industry produces a variety of products for the care of the hands. And many women with dry and flaky skin, having read the advertising promises cosmetic brands, cherish the hope to solve this problem once and for all. But your skin requires care every day. This is due to its vulnerability, tenderness and vulnerability to external factors. Cells were surface-hand contain minimal amounts of moisture. A sebaceous gland cells are facial fat supplying on hand available.

The main reasons for the lack of hydration.

  1. The impact of weather. Because of the strong sun skin is dehydrated, faster aging. Under the influence of frost and cold wind surface becomes rough, begins to redden and peel.
  2. Interaction of hands with household cleaners and detergents, destroying the protective cells of the skin - the epidermis. They are in many cases contributed to the development of allergy, as well as dermatitis and eczema.
  3. Improper or careless attitude towards the care of hands: frequent washing with cold or hot chlorinated water, the use of cheap soap containing lanolin, badly wiped his hands with a towel - all of it quickly dries out the skin.
  4. The presence of wounds, scratches, cuts on hands.
  5. Immunosuppression in winter and spring, a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as unhealthy diet and insufficient intake of water.
  6. Fungal diseases and infections, hormonal failure and stress in the body.
  7. Genetic heredity predisposition to dry skin from birth.

How to prevent the occurrence of the problem?

In fact it is not so difficult. Please follow the simple rules of hygiene and care of the hands. First of all - it's clean. For hand washing is necessary to pick up the soap or gel with a high content of fats and oils. The water temperature should be warm and pleasant, without sudden changes. Clean hands can wipes impregnated with the composition of natural oils and herbs. Wipe them with a soft towel, preferably made of natural cotton, gently touching the delicate areas of the skin between the toes.

To protect hands from exposure to household chemicals during the washing or cleaning the house, use gloves, if possible, vinyl. To hands sweating inside the gloves and not dehydrated, pre-apply a talc or lubricate any fat cream. Under the rubber gloves can first put on thin cotton, it helps the skin to "breathe".

It is very important after any work is to use a cream. Of course, it should be wetting with a high content of vegetable oils, glycerin, mineral substances and no alcohol. If you are planning to go to the street, then use a special cream with silicone. It will help to prevent negative effects on the skin of your hands with cold temperatures and wind. A barrier to ultraviolet rays would be cream, enriched with protective elements, protects the skin from drying and flaking. In the cold season you can not give up the gloves or mittens.

It is strictly prohibited to use for cleaning hands of chemical solvents and substances, such as acetone or gasoline. Strong peeling of the skin will be provided. It is better to prevent pollution by using gloves. But if you still got your hands on glue or paint, try to remove them more delicate means. For example, a vegetable oil. Fungal disease and infection can be overcome with the help of drugs. To do this would be correct to refer to the doctors - specialists.

 peeling of hands

How to soften the skin of your hands?

To soften the skin experts often advise to apply bandages and wraps. In this procedure, it is desirable to use olive oil, but can be any other vegetable oil, such as almond or linseed. The bandage soaked with oil and wrapped around the arm.

Efficiency will affect impregnation with a mixture of honey and butter (in the ratio 1: 3). Before use, the composition is heated in a water bath applied with warm (40-45 ° C) to bandage, which is then superimposed on the hands. To the impact of oil and honey was more effective bandage should be covered with oiled paper and lock. A positive result of such treatment can appear almost immediately, but sometimes you need to use bandages up to two times a week.

The composition of the water, glycerin and ammonia remarkably softens. It is enough to mix 3 tablespoons of water at room temperature, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, add 5 drops of ammonia and mix. You must wash your hands and rub the pulp into the wet skin. Then a soft towel or cloth should be removed as a part of the mixture is absorbed from the surface of the hands.

Traditional healers are advised to cook the cream of equal parts melted in a water bath pork and mutton fat. It is also rubbed into the skin, preferably overnight.

Glycerol and water are often used for moisturizing skin. Reduce dryness and peeling of hands will help a mixture of 100 ml of warm water, 20 milliliters of glycerin and the juice of half a lemon. You just need a good pre-clean the skin of hands and gently rub the resulting cream. Do this preferably in the evening before bedtime.

You can try to grease the hands bedtime oil solution of vitamins A and E. Then put on the first cellophane and on top of cotton gloves. This method is also good softens and eliminates peeling.

It is very useful to rub linseed oil into your hands for half an hour gentle strokes from top to bottom. A few drops will be enough to remove dry skin between the toes, where it is particularly tender.

To soften the skin can be cleaned with the hand lotion prepared yourself. From herbs that can be grown on his garden plot or buy at the pharmacy prepares the broth. For it is necessary to take 20 grams of thyme, chamomile, marigold and plantain, and 1 tablespoon of the hips. 1 cup of broth is recommended to mix with olive oil, honey and glycerin (1 tablespoon of each component).

Effective mask and compresses against the peeling skin of hands

Beauticians recommend to eliminate peeling of hands through a variety of masks and packs, and it can be done not only in stores but also at home.

Honey and Egg Mask

1 egg yolk triturated with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. The resulting paste is evenly applied to the hands. After drying, it is removed with a damp warm cloth.

Oatmeal Mask

From oatmeal porridge boil, remove the excess water. Add a little vegetable oil and mix. Mask imposed on the hand stand 15 minutes. After warm water to remove.

Mask of oatmeal

In 20 ml of very hot water to pour 40 grams of oatmeal. Dilute with lemon juice, glycerin and vegetable oils (these components are taken over 10 milliliters). Apply the mask, hold her 10 minutes, then wash with warm water. The skin will give you the softness and elasticity.

Protein mask

A homogeneous mixture of 2 egg whites, 40 ml of vegetable oil, 60 ml of lemon juice is rubbed into skin 2 times per day.

The mask of fresh shoots of the mother and stepmother

200 milliliters of natural fresh milk mixed with 2 tablespoons of the pulp is well peeled and pounded leaves of grass. Lower in the mixture hands and stand 20-25 minutes. After rinse with water at room temperature and dry with a towel. Then apply a nourishing cream. This mask is very good to eliminate peeling and dryness of the skin.

Such masks made from natural ingredients can do often within a day or two as soon as possible.

Packs of hand cream and honey

These natural products are remarkably clean redness and peeling of the skin. A cream has long been known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. So, a few packs of recipes.

  1. 1 cup sour cream thick and greasy to mix with 1 egg yolk and the juice of 1 lemon. To compress used gauze, folded in several layers. The mixture was applied to a thick layer of gauze and applied to the skin surface. Top cover wrap cellophane film and thick material for 20 minutes. Then hands should be cleaned with a damp cloth and warm to wear cotton gloves.
  2. A mixture of honey compress prepared as follows. Take half a cup of honey and olive oil, which are a little heated, then mixed with 1 teaspoon of salicylic acid and applied to the gauze. Then also sealed with cellophane and towel and left to stand for 15 minutes. The remaining mixture was removed at the hands of cloth soaked in lemon juice.
  3. Fans of parsley and raspberry with pleasure not only to use them for food, but also to "feed" your favorite pens nutrients as a compress. To do this, parsley brew in half a cup of boiling water. While she insisted 20-25 minutes, raspberries wooden spoon ground in an enamel bowl. The infusion mixed with raspberries and applied with a gauze on his hands. Compress kept not more than 20 minutes. After - warm water and drying of the skin.
  4. Burdock is very often grows in the territories of houses and suburban areas. This weed - a wonderful tool in the fight against peeling. Here we need a half cup raspberries, 1 chopped burdock leaf and 1 cup of boiling water. The plant is brewed in boiling water, leave for half an hour, filter. The same is done with raspberries. Cloth moistened in mixed infusions and put your hands on. Compress hold no more than 20 minutes.
  5. The same procedure of infusion of chamomile and raspberry is considered very effective for helping severely chapped skin. 100 grams of dried chamomile flowers are ground and brewed with boiling water, as well as 200 grams of mashed raspberries. To do this, take 200 milliliters of water. After straining infusions mixed, and every 7-10 minutes, gauze pads dipped in Romashkovo crimson composition, and then applying on the affected skin. The procedure is repeated 4-5 times.

 peeling skin of hands

Scrubs for hand care

The skin on the hands of flakes, for various reasons which have been described previously. But more often it occurs because of the lack of moisture and fat. Improper care of the hands, the impact of weather and the natural death of cells of the skin day after day lead her to abnormal dryness. If the skin is very dry and flaky, the cracks begin to appear. Before applying compresses or masks you want to remove horny skin cells using a scrub for the face and hands. Also help to exfoliate special masks and creams, peels. They are allowed to use up to two times a week.

An excellent tool for peeling may be coffee grounds. 1 tablespoon of fat sour cream to mix with 3 tablespoons of grounds and massage hand rub. Then rinse with warm water, cream and dry cloth to wipe his hands.

Today the cosmetic industry offers a huge number of tools for hand care. Among them are thin cotton gloves. Women who take care of their hands, know that bedtime is useful to clean and dry your hands with a nourishing cream or grease with vegetable oil. And then put on gloves for the night.

Therapeutic baths against peeling of the skin

In cold weather-beaten hands strongly. The skin reddens, becomes rough, covered with a crust begins to peel off. In such cases it does not help and nourishing cream. As a very effective tool trays can be used for hands. They are only half an hour will truly relax the skin and relax your hands. To soften and remove dirt in warm water you need to add a small amount of tea soda or lemon juice. Using bath salts for at least useful. After the procedure, the skin will certainly dried and dipped in warm vegetable oil.

Recipes medicinal baths.

  1. 15-minute bath of broth celery is useful for frequent use. For this small celeriac boiled for an hour in 1 liter of water.
  2. Infusion of plantain (for 1 liter of boiling water - 1 tablespoon leaves) helps to soften the fine skin of hands by a 15-minute bath. When you need to apply the cream with nutrients.
  3. Potato broth, traditionally used to treat colds, perfectly heals chapped skin, removes flaking and redness. The broth is necessary to hold the hands of about 15 minutes.
  4. Oil bath - a first aid for very dry and inflamed skin. The warm water is poured little oil (olive, linseed, sesame, or other), hand held 20 minutes. Then rub the cream.
  5. Whey or buttermilk for baths are not very often used, but such procedures are less useful. Before using 1 liter of serum slightly heated, for greater efficiency stir potato starch. And further, all performed as in the conventional bath.
  6. Without oatmeal can not do here. Hands hold for 10-15 minutes in a warm decoction of this wonderful product.
  7. Trays of sauerkraut juice is very popular. It is applied before going to bed 2 times a week, especially if your skin is very rough and coarsened. Then put a fat cream. When you want to use cotton gloves.

Massage for beauty skin of your hands

Massage quickly and efficiently can help in solving the problems of dryness and flaking of the skin of hands. It is not only enjoyable, but also very useful procedure. Massage is carried out after all the above steps. Nourishing cream applied on the hands, helping to carry out the procedure smoothly and gently.

First massaged her fingertips, gradually moving to the base of the hand. Careful leisurely motion capture every part of the palm. Awaken the energy points, restores skin cells and filled with oxygen. Increases blood flow, the skin becomes more supple and healthy. Hand massage helps to improve the condition of the entire human body, acting on it as a sedative. Therefore, it is often used at bedtime.

Use paraffin to restore the skin hand

Paraffin treatments are very beneficial to the recovery of the water balance of the skin of hands, eliminates peeling and successfully treat very dry and rough skin. They are successfully used in beauty salons or at home.

Purified your skin is covered with a nourishing cream. Then there are 4 times hands dipped into a bath of hot paraffin. Thereafter, in the hands of a frozen paraffin put on plastic bags and wrap a towel. Paraffin retains heat for a long time, the skin pores open, go through these toxins. After cooling, the wax all the unnecessary substances remain in it, condense actively absorbed by the skin inside. Paraffin mask contribute to the elasticity of the skin and its deep cleansing, improve nutrition and appearance.

Beautiful and well-groomed hands for any woman - an indicator of health. Caring for your hands, avoiding her peeling and dryness, you are renewing your youth. Patient and meticulous care will help rid the skin of many problems. Be healthy and beautiful!

 Peeling of the skin on the hands: how to quickly and effectively get rid of the problem?

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