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  • A single mother: the legal status
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To properly answer this question, we should first determine who may have the legal status of single mothers. For the ordinary man in the street is not easy to understand all kinds of legal subtleties in his understanding of the term can apply to any woman who is raising a child alone, without a father. But the law holds clear boundaries and give strict definitions of such status.

The category of persons to whom applies the phrase "single mother", establishes the Family Code of the country. And it's a very important point, because it is this set of rules is essential for securing the rights of these women to social benefits and privileges established by the laws of Russia. A clear understanding of their status and help single mothers themselves deal with the question of how many and what is the special benefits they receive from the state in the process of how to raise children on their own.

A single mother: the legal status

A single mother - is a female who gave birth to a child at a time when there was legally married to the alleged father. Also, this term applies if the fact of the birth occurred over three hundred days of the dissolution of the union official, or after that time, but paternity is not recognized, not found, or challenged in the courts with the appropriate decision.

Single mothers and considered to be the woman who won the right to adoption (adoption) of the child and used it, not while being legally married. To put it simply, the status of single mother provides for a child of a woman who does not have an official father.

In a special book, which produces a record of birth registration, in this case, the child's name written on the motherboard. In the column, which contains information about the father is either a dash, or else his data is recorded with the words mothers, and she immediately gets his hands on the information form №25, which confirms the fact of lone motherhood.

Accordingly, such a status is not granted to a female who has a child, but is divorced, the husband died or deprived of his right to be a father. Do not give it and when the paternity is recognized voluntarily or installed in the courts. Rights of women differ significantly from those that are single mothers.

 how many are single mothers

Obligatory state payments

It should be noted that any representative of the fairer sex, is a citizen of Russia and became a mother, regardless of whether there is an official father of the newborn, or such is not entitled to a number of mandatory payments. That is what should receive every modern young mother in our country:

  • lump sum if it got registered in the clinic gestation to twelve weeks;
  • financial assistance for pregnancy and childbirth, the so-called fiat money;
  • payment at birth, which is carried out once only;
  • child support, which are carried out every month until they reach the age polutoragodovalogo.

To obtain a one-time benefit for the baby, the size of which in 2013 will be equal to 13 087 rubles 61 kopecks, a young single mother should file a social security authorities following list of basic documents:

  • own written statement on this form;
  • the original and a copy of your passport;
  • certificate or a certificate from the registry office of the birth of the child;
  • document defining fact of transfer of the mother and the newborn receiving the court's decision on the right of adoption (adoption), if the child is receiving;
  • a certificate from the Civil Registry Office, which will be given details about his father (his absence).

The same documents and provides a single mother for registration of the benefit which is paid each month until the child turns six years old. Also, in some cases, may require additional information and inquiries, which is best to consult with experts from the social security authorities.

Regional Payments

Laws of the Russian Federation provides for a number of special benefits, entitlement is women who have the status of single mothers. Such social benefits, of course, not as much as we would like, but they are still there. Unfortunately, not all women know about the provisions of his payments.

If a single mother wants to get detailed advice about their rights and privileges, it should contact the appropriate place of residence of its authority responsible for the social protection of the population. It was there that a woman must ask all its questions and get detailed information about what the government has provided in her case.

Primarily working single mother is entitled to receive double the tax deduction of expenses provided for the maintenance of a son or daughter, until they reach the age of eighteen. And when the children of these women will continue their studies in higher education as an undergraduate, graduate students or become residents, the double tax deduction for their mothers to continue longer. It can be used up to the moment when the children reach the age of twenty-four years. If a single mother bringing up more than one child, the deduction twice the amount relies on each of them. If a woman to marry legally, the tax deduction in the next calendar month will be reduced by half and is equal to normal, regardless of whether the adopted child or adopted her new spouse.

It is worth noting also that in any region of the Russian single mother should receive an additional amount to the monthly allowance for child care until he was six years old, and may also qualify for an annual state financial aid at a level of about three hundred rubles.

One should not forget that the single mother, having one or more minor children, it is believed that additional benefits if the amount of the total family income does not exceed the existing Today the cost of living provided for by the legislation of Russia. And even if the family income is above average, the child will still put additional payments.

There is a number of cash benefits to mothers living in the regions, for example, it can be one-time payment from the mayor. The question is, how many and what size of benefits - this time it is necessary to clarify, seek clarification from the bodies of social protection at the place of residence.

 as a single mother receives in Russia

Payments single mothers in the metropolitan area

If we consider the central regions of Russia, in Moscow and the region has its own benefits and allowances for women who are raising children alone and have the appropriate status. The Moscow City Government has established an additional allowance for young families, which is paid only once, at the birth of a child. The right to receive it, and is available for single mothers who have not attained the age of thirty who have the capital registration. And how much of this benefit in monetary terms, depending on the number of children.

If a woman has the status of a single mother, is registered in Moscow and she has a child who is less than three years old, she is entitled to receive payments to compensate for the rising cost of food for the baby. Their sum equals 675 rubles.

In Moscow, for single mothers is also a monthly allowance, which should recover the costs associated with the rising cost of living. It is called - compensation payments. It is believed such a benefit to children under the age of sixteen years, as well as those who are trained in institutions with educational programs and whose age has not yet reached the age of eighteen. If you specify the amount, the question of how much can make such a payment for single mothers can be answered, it will be equal to about 300 rubles a month.

If a single mother has a disability certificate as the first and the second group did not work and, therefore, does not earn money for the maintenance of the child, put her monthly payment is 6 000. It is paid until such time as the son or daughter of a woman is not reached eighteen years of age, ie age, which provides an opportunity for them to get a job.

The same applies to situations where a single mother raising a disabled child or a child who has a disability from childhood. She is constantly busy and hardly care if they wanted to be able to earn a living for themselves and the baby. So she, too, rely payments: in the first case up to eighteen years old, and the second - to twenty-three. Payment is 6000 rubles per month.

A single mother can count on compensation benefits if she and the child are living in non-privatized residential premises under a contract of employment. However, the payments do not apply to those women with children who have entered into such an agreement with the relatives, such as grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters and so on. The size of the compensatory allowance depends on how many children are brought up from single mothers.

  • If she is raising three or more children of a minor age, and one of them has reached three years, the compensation is one hundred percent of the fees introduced for housing. However, the amount is limited to 6,400 rubles.
  • If a single mother raising two minor children and one of them has reached three years, the allowance for compensation payments for housing is seventy percent of that amount, but can not exceed 4400 rubles.
  • And when in the care of single mothers is a child who is less than three years, the cash payment for the cost of hiring housing is fifty percent. The amount it can not exceed 3200 rubles.

With regard to the payment of sick leave running the lonely mother, then when her child is treated in a hospital, the calculation of benefits is based on seniority. If a son or daughter are at home, and the healing process is monitored on an outpatient basis, the amount of payment does not depend on length of service. They can be calculated and issued in full for the first ten days, and then charged at a level of fifty per cent of the wage.

If ill child of preschool age, the hospital allowance laid mum for the time of illness. And if the son or daughter is already seven years old, but there is fifteen, the mother paid for a two-week period, including weekends, and, provided that in the doctor's conclusion is not indicated the need for the extension of treatment.

It would seem that our legislation is taken care of single mothers country. Although we all know that on government payouts such women are unlikely to adequately support their children. But existing today provide benefits even if a small, but still the ability to hold out as long as a child can be arranged in kindergartens. Then single mothers a chance to return to the old job or find another that will allow to earn the money to a son or daughter in no need.

Of course, the fate of a single mother has always been difficult. After all, on the fragile female shoulders rests the responsibility for the life of the child. And sometimes it is very difficult to bear this burden alone. And even if a single mother has a stable job and a decent income, in addition to the problems associated with daily bread, there are a number of other equally important aspects of moral character associated with raising a child, his adaptation to the team so that the absence of the father does not It had a negative impact and cause feelings of inferiority. Therefore, women who are single-handedly raising the younger generation young Russians should show respect and attention at all levels of public life.

 What gets a single mother in this country?

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