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  • Why do we have pores?
  • Why do I get enlarged pores?
  • How to deal with this problem?
  • How to make a mask for the face, tightens pores?
  • What pores facials better?
  • The recipes for masks to fix this problem

Every woman dreams of a smooth velvety skin. It is not only an indicator of beauty. Looking at a person's face, you can judge the state of his health. Many women are concerned about dry skin, loss of elasticity, appearance of premature wrinkles. It is believed that one of the most common problems inherent in most of the fairer sex of any age are enlarged pores.

Why do we have pores?

If you do not go into the anatomy and structural features of the human skin and to speak a simple popular language, the pores - this output channels for oil and sweat on the surface of the dermis. Everyone knows that they are there for each person. However, some people pores can be seen only at very close and careful consideration, and others, these tubules are so wide that are visible even on a fairly long distances. Because of this, the face loses its appeal.

Pore ​​width depends on the extent of sebum. When inflated the sebaceous glands are increased and the channels under the influence of external factors such as dust and cosmetics are contaminated. Hence, there are unpleasant black dots, which are often inflamed. In place of the polluted pores pimples.

Do not forget that breathing through the pores of the skin and gets rid of toxins, as well moistened. Through these small tubules occurs and thermoregulation in the dermis. Therefore, healthy pores are very important for the health and beauty of every woman.

It is believed that the owner of fatty skin type rarely face problems of dryness of the face and the appearance of early wrinkles. To some extent this is true. However, it is these women are often seen enlarged pores. Therefore, they face needs special care. Many people think that the problem extended far greater inherent teenage girls. It is in adolescence due to hormonal changes the body's sebaceous glands are working in emergency mode. But this view is mistaken. From expanded pores for various reasons affects women of any age with both a fat and a dry type of skin.

 face mask to narrow pores

Why do I get enlarged pores?

  1. Hereditary predisposition

    Look to those of its close relatives. If the pores they are wide enough and visible, it is possible that a tendency to this problem will be transferred by inheritance.

  2. Effect of ultraviolet

    Avoid excessively long stay under the open sun in the solarium. Even minor burns violate the upper layer of the skin. On it are formed horny particles that linger on the surface of the epidermis and contribute to the violation of the sebaceous glands. Under the action of ultraviolet radiation deteriorates and the production of collagen, a substance that plays a role in controlling healthy state today.

  3. Wrong way of life

    As is known, the consequences of improper functioning of internal organs immediately visible in the human face. Particularly negative impact on the health of smoking and drinking. Eliminate from your diet spicy and fatty food, rasstantes bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle. After a couple of weeks, the skin will look more fresh and attractive.

  4. Hormonal disorders

    The problem extended far familiar to young girls at maturity and menopausal women. At this time, the sebaceous glands is broken. However, hormonal imbalance can occur in women of any age. From this no one is safe.

  5. The weakening of the immune system

    As a result of stress, taking certain medications, as well as for other reasons, often suffer from our immune system. And with its normal activities are also linked the main functions of the skin. The weakening of the immune system is often a problem of over-production of sebum.

  6. Using poor-quality cosmetics

    Buy cosmetics tested only in stores. But note that the value of the goods is not always an indication of quality. Some types of cosmetic products preventing the skin to breathe, clogging pores. This is especially true foundation. Nor should we too often use cosmetics. As it often consists of synthetic components that are not conducive to the normal functioning of the skin and sebaceous glands.

  7. Improper cleansing

    Do not neglect a daily cleansing procedure. During the day, it accumulates in the dust that enters the pores and contaminate them. Do not forget to wash before going to bed foundation and all cosmetics. At night, the skin should relax and get enough oxygen. Regularly use scrubs and masks.

Knowing the main causes of enlarged pores, much easier to deal with this problem. Speaking frankly, may achieve the ideal smoothness of the skin will not turn out. However, to make pores less visible and normalize the sebaceous glands under the power of any woman.

How to deal with this problem?

Many women prefer to conceal such problems as enlarged pores. First, it gives certain results. Expensive creams and powders to successfully hide minor imperfections. However, as mentioned above, the excessive use of cosmetics is not conducive to the health of the dermis, and gives its oxygen supply. Therefore, enlarged pores must be no mask and treat. Improve skin contribute to various procedures that can be carried in the cabin, using the services of a cosmetologist and at home on their own.

  1. Cabin treatments to narrow pores

    Experienced specialists will offer you different ways to improve the appearance of the skin. In the struggle with dilated pores have proven themselves particularly procedures such as cryotherapy and laser facial treatment. However, the most popular method is the salon microdermabrasion. Such a procedure is deeply cleanses the skin and pores of dirt, and also stimulates the production of collagen, which contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

  2. Peels and scrubs

    These cosmetic products can be used in the cabin, and in the home. To solve the problem of excessive skin and fat restriction has been successfully used by cosmetic products for deep cleaning on the basis of glycolic and ANA - acids and enzyme peeling, accelerates metabolism in the upper layers of the skin. Cosmetics for peeling procedures can be purchased at shops in the city, and also seek the assistance of specialized Internet resources.

  3. Masks to narrow pores

    Masks are universal remedy for skin care for any problems. Enlarged pores - is no exception. The advantage of masks to narrow pores is that they can be easily done at home, without resorting to the services of specialists. In addition, such procedures, in contrast to the deep cleaning can be carried out once a week. They have almost no contraindications, except allergic reactions to certain components of the mask.

How to make a mask for the face, tightens pores?

Learn how to make a mask to narrow pores can each. Before the procedure is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of impurities. It is better to use some light scrub, acquired in the store or made yourself. Select it must be in accordance with the type of skin. Due to scrub components of the mask will penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and, consequently, produce a more effective action.

Upon completion of cleaning pat face with a towel and apply a mask to narrow pores. Keep it on the face, in accordance with the recommendations on the package or in the recipe (in this case, if the mask is made by yourself). Rinse cosmetic certainly cool water. Warm water expands pores. After the procedure, wipe the face with a special tonic to narrow pores, suitable for your skin type. You can lubricate the face with a piece of ice from the broth oak bark. This doubles the positive effect of the mask.

What pores facials better?

Pores facials, as well as any other cosmetics, can be easily purchased at any point of sale. You do not need to bother finding suitable components of the composition and preparation. You just go to the store and buy the appropriate requirements of the face mask. However, not everyone can afford expensive cosmetics from world famous manufacturers. A cheap means, often not of good quality. Therefore, we recommend using the pores facial masks made at home. The only way you can be sure of natural and qualitative cosmetic.

 facial mask tightens pores

The recipes for masks to fix this problem

  1. Orange mask for any skin type

    Fruit acids that make up the citrus are quite effective substances that contribute to narrowing the pores. But for making better use of masks is not a lemon, and orange. It acts on the skin and less aggressively while fine pores. So, peeled orange segments chop and mash to a state slurry. If you have oily skin, add the weight of the egg white. Orange mixture was put on face for 20 minutes. The mask is getting enough fluid. Therefore, cover your face with a napkin to citrus juice did not get into the eyes. After you wash away makeup, brush face tonic and nourishing cream.

  2. Honey - oatmeal mask with apple cider vinegar

    The composition of the mask is perfect for combination skin. The main components effectively tightens pores. Honey works as an excellent moisturizer and prevents dryness and flaking of the skin. In the 4 tablespoons of oatmeal, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a little honey. Stir until smooth. She must get quite thick. Mask put on face for fifteen minutes. Then rinse with cold water and apply to the skin nourishing cream.

  3. Tomato mask for oily skin

    Tomatoes are well proven as a means of struggle with enlarged pores. These vegetables contain substances that have astringent properties. Not by chance, based on tomatoes produced professional mask tightens pores, many world famous manufacturers. We can prepare an effective cosmetic product right in your own kitchen. The recipe is simple. Cut the necessary amount of tomatoes into thin slices and place on the face. Wait 20 minutes, then remove the vegetables and rinse with cool water. Do not forget to use tonic after a mask to narrow pores.

  4. The mask of quince for mature skin

    This mask not only helps to narrow pores, and smoothes fine lines. Pre-peeled quince rub on a small grater. Mix the fruit pulp with the protein. Apply the product to face. After 20 minutes, rinse.

As you can see, recipes, face masks, which helps narrow pores, very simple and accessible. They can prepare any woman. But remember that you must look after your skin regularly. After all, to maintain the beauty of age is becoming more and more difficult. Give yourself a little time, and your beauty will shine in new ways!

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