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  • What are the face masks?
  • The operating principle of the mask film
  • Terms of use of filmic face masks
  • Professional masks - film Face
  • Homemade masks - film Face
  • The results of the application of film face masks
  • The application features a mask film

Preserving beauty and youth - one of the cherished goals of women of all times and peoples. Even in ancient times people started coming up with the funds that would emphasize the dignity of the person and hide flaws, and to prolong youth. In our time, to take care of their appearance must be especially careful. Poor environment, poor quality food, frequent stress - all this affects the condition of the skin, and, of course, for the worse.

Because of these hazards appear premature wrinkles, skin loses moisture. A sebaceous gland is disrupted. However, in the arsenal of modern women have a great many kinds of cosmetics. On the shelves of specialty stores, you can find everything you need for cleansing, nutrition, hydration, bleaching and toning. In addition, many recipes home makeup left us by our ancestors. Any means of skin care, we can cook in your own kitchen of the products that have in the fridge.

Skin Care - is a daily work. If 25 years is enough to regularly clean the skin of impurities, then with age to preserve youth and beauty have to exert more and more effort. Collagen is gradually reduced, the skin loses moisture and becomes less elastic, sometimes there are dark spots. Therefore, older women need to look after your skin carefully. In addition to daily cleansing, must be periodically moisturize and nourish the skin. Good helper in this may be a different face masks.

What are the face masks?

Modern cosmetology offers a wide variety of face masks. Cleans, tightens pores, lightening, toning, nourishing, helps rejuvenate ... Based on their staff, you can choose the product in accordance with the requirements of the age and skin type.

By way of applying the mask are different. Pick the most convenient means for themselves. The most common mask as a homogeneous mass, which applied to the skin for a certain time, and then washed off. Some cosmetics require a three-phase application, that is, after drying the first layer added to the second, then the third.

More popular now becoming mask cloth. They are a cloth moistened with special cosmetics, which is applied to the face. After the required time necessary to remove the tissue mask and rinse face with water. These masks are very easy to use, but rather uneconomical. A good alternative to the cosmetic products are mask - a film having a number of advantages and benefits. It is this kind of face masks should pay special attention.

 Useful facial mask film

The operating principle of the mask film

Mask film for its consistency is similar to the liquid transparent gel. It is a thin layer applied to the skin. As the mask dries on the face forms a thin film that can be easily removed. These cosmetics have different properties. Due to the components included in them, they nourish the skin with nutrients. A method of use allows you to smooth wrinkles and well clean the skin and pores of dirt.

Terms of use of filmic face masks

On how exactly followed rules of mask - a film depends on the final result. Before applying it you must clean the face of dirt, accumulated on the skin. You can use the scrub to improve the effect of the mask or lightly steam the face. Useful substances is much better absorbed by the skin, free from dust and particles keratinized.

The peculiarity of the application of the mask - a film for the face is the fact that, before applying it on the face, the skin should be sure to grease the way - or oil, slightly warmed beforehand. For this purpose, any suitable cosmetic oils: apricot, almond, grape, wheat germ oil and the like. D. This step is necessary in this procedure. Oil not only serve as an additional source of nutrition and hydration of the dermis. Thanks to him, the mask is removed easily, which protects the skin from microdamages. Thus, the mask - film deposited on the oil-based, operates more sparing and efficient.

The next step - directly applying the mask. Squeeze a small amount of gel on the fingertips and light movements thin sloёm apply the mask to the face from the bottom up. Avoid the eye area. There's skin is very thin and sensitive. No need to put a mask and around the lips. In this area, there is a light fuzz, which will be pulled out with the film. Therefore, to remove the mask from this place quite unpleasant.

After applying the mask take a comfortable position. It is better to lie down and relax. Try not to talk and not to strain the muscles of facial expression. The dwell time of such masks, as any other, usually about 20 minutes. But it can vary depending on temperature and humidity. The mask should completely dry out, to her it was easy to remove the solid film.

However, it is and not to overdo cosmetic face. Otherwise, the film is difficult to be removed. In order not to miss the moment when it's time to take off the mask, periodically touch the face with his fingertips. The film must not stick. So you can easily determine the time when you need to release the person from the mask.

Once the mask is dry enough, carefully remove it from the bottom up, prihvatyvaya edge of the film under his chin. Careful washing after using the mask - the film is not required. It is enough to wipe the face with a cotton pad or swab dipped in a little warm water. Upon completion of the procedure, lubricate and face tonic favorite cream, which is constantly in use.

Professional masks - film Face

Professional masks - film for the face, you can buy in any store. They offer a variety of concerns producing means to care for face and body. In accordance with needs and, of course, you may be able to choose an appropriate mask - film. However, do not forget that makeup should be used only quality. Be careful! Check the ingredients that make up the mask. Perhaps some of the components are not suitable to your skin.

A good indicator of high quality masks - film face is how well it is removed from the face. This procedure should not cause discomfort. Also, on the reverse side of the film is removed after a good cosmetic product reviewed all traces of contamination.

After reviewing product label, you'll see that in the majority of masks - films have alcohol, which is known to dry the skin. Without it, it is impossible to make such a mask, as it contributes to the alcohol, the mask hardens into a kind of film. However, high-quality cosmetics its content is not so great as to damage the skin.

Recently appeared on the market of cosmetics and mask - a film whose composition does not include alcohol. This new invention of modern cosmetology. Such masks are made on the basis of latex, which after drying forms a soft, dense film. These cosmetics are more popular as a sparing effect on the skin. However, the mask - a film for the person on the basis of latex will cost you a pretty cheap.

It is worth noting that the stores are presented whole sets of masks for use of film. Such kits consist of three funds: a warming cream, mask and tonic directly to narrow pores. These cosmetic kits are very easy to use and effective. Warming cream well prepares the skin for the application of the mask, and tonic pores gives the face a fresh and attractive look.

 nice facial mask film

Homemade masks - film Face

Many women can not afford to buy a very expensive means to maintain youth and beauty. A good alternative to professional cosmetics are masks made at home. So you can not only save money, but also to pick up as ingredients in the most appropriate components.

Mask - Facial film to prepare yourself is not a problem. The main advantage of the home of cosmetics - is that it does not contain alcohol. As the mask - a film for the face we use gelatin. He must be found in the home of each family. Additional components shall be selected in accordance with what is expected to receive the result.

  • Mask - film for pore cleansing facial for activated carbon.

Surely on the shelves you do not just met strips for pore cleansing with activated carbon. However, few people know that this mask you can prepare yourself a simple set of products. So, we need a half a teaspoon of gelatin, 1 teaspoon of milk or plain water, a half tablet of activated charcoal. If necessary, you can increase the mass of ingredients twice.

Crush activated carbon, mixed with gelatin. Ready powder cover with cold water and mix thoroughly. It is not necessary to achieve a smooth consistency. For complete dissolution of the components send mass-heat in the microwave or over low heat. Cool the finished composition. Apply the mask on the pre-steamed problem areas, which are especially visible pores. Leave until cool. Carefully remove the resulting plyonochku. Rinse your face with cool water.

  • Fruit - vegetable foil mask.

For the manufacture of such masks need the juice of fruits and vegetables, which must be adjusted according to skin type. Cabbage, peaches and carrots are good moisturizers. Juice them suitable for dry skin. Owners of oily skin is recommended to use a citrus fresh juices and tomato juice and currants. Apricot, cranberry and watermelon are recommended as a basis for the manufacture of masks designed for normal and combination skin.

Proceed directly to the preparation of the mask. Take 100 ml of fresh juice. Stir in 1 teaspoon of liquid gelatin and put on a slow fire to warm up. Gelatin must be completely dissolved. Ready to send mass in the refrigerator until the status light thickens. It must be sufficiently fluid to be easily applied to the skin, and thick, so as not to run off the face. Apply a thin layer on the mask 20 minutes. The dry plyonochku gently remove the face from the bottom up.

  • Rejuvenating Mask - Face film based on chamomile and green tea.

Brew green tea and dried chamomile flowers pharmacy. Pour one third cup of broth plants in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Heat the mixture until it dissolves over a slow fire. In the chilled mass pour pre-prepared juice from a cucumber and 2 tablespoons of aloe juice. The finished mask apply to the face and neck. After 15 - 20 minutes, remove the foil, rinse your face with cool water and brush with anti-aging creams - lifting.

The results of the application of film face masks

  1. The skin looks smooth and refreshed.
  2. Decreases or disappears slight inflammation.
  3. The skin is cleansed of keratinized particles.
  4. Cleans and narrows enlarged pores.
  5. There is a lifting effect. The skin is tightened, it becomes elastic.
  6. Normalizes the sebaceous glands, resulting in fading shine.

The application features a mask film

Foil Facial Mask is very economical and easy to use. It can be used twice a week. However, and this seems to be a universal means there are a number of contraindications. Due to the presence of alcohol as part of their masks is not recommended for women with dry skin. I do not advise beauticians foil mask and, if present on the face wrinkles. When taking pictures of film-leather stretched, because of which increases the depth of wrinkles.

Already after the first procedure, the mask film you will see positive results. Applying it regularly, after 2 - 3 weeks your skin will look perfectly smooth and radiant. These versatile masks are not only efficient, but also provide a long-lasting effect. See for yourself!

 Mask for face-film: smooth and beautiful skin glow