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  • What alginates?
  • Benefits alginate masks
  • As used miracle mask?
  • How does the skin after the mask?

Keeping youth and beauty for years to come - one of the goals of women at all times. In pursuit of the appeal, we will use all possible ways: cosmetics, exercise, healthy lifestyle. Moreover, in our time there is a huge amount of money on skin care products. Now no one is surprised to meet a woman who looks 10 - 15 years younger than his years. And not necessarily for this to have a fat wallet. Many women have learned to apply the procedures for the preservation of a youth home. After all, on the shelves you can buy everything you need. And sometimes the necessary components for the manufacture of cosmetic products can be found right in your own refrigerator.

Use of face masks - one of the most common and effective means of skin care products. The procedure can be carried out both in the cabin and on their own at home. Masks are very varied according to the method of exposure. They contribute to the nutrition, hydration, rejuvenation, whitening, toning and cleansing. By entering into their composition, these cosmetics are also distinguished by a large variety. In the salons of beauty and cosmetics markets offer a gel, cream, clay and mud masks.

Every woman can easily choose the most appropriate cosmetic. Particularly effective are the masks of animal origin, namely collagen. They are made from substances extracted from the skin and cartilage of cattle. In connection with the cases of mad cow disease in the world the safety of these types of cosmetic products in question. Collagen masks become less in demand.

All the increasingly popular cosmetics which contain no animal substances and plant origin. By the force of the impact they are no less effective. Thus, many women prefer collagen mask alginate.

What alginates?

Alginates are unique substances which are contained in large amounts in brown and red algae. Their maximum content in plants occurs from August to September. Therefore, during this period there is the collection of algae for the production of cosmetics. Brown algae in their composition are unmatched among any animal or plant among the world precisely because they contain alginate acid and its salts (ammonium, sodium, calcium and potassium).

About miracle properties of kelp know more of the ancient India and ancient China. Science alginates became known only recently, just over 30 years ago. In 1981, English chemist Stanford opened them, studying the beneficial properties of iodine. Later they come to grips with another scientist - Krefting.

Now alginates are widely used not only in cosmetics but also in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Therefore, their production is common in many countries of the world - in France, Japan, USA, Norway, India and the UK. Increasingly popular is production of kelp in Russia. In particular, it is engaged in manufacturing of alginates Archangel development - seaweed plant.

 algae facial mask

Benefits alginate masks

What caused such popularity of alginates in cosmetology? Alginate acid and its salts are unique in that in contact with water to form a gel-like mass has a huge amount of useful minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the metabolic processes in the human skin. Once applied to the skin gel dries quickly to form an air-tight film, having the ability to retain moisture in the skin cells. This feature is of great importance for the processes of regeneration and metabolism of the dermis.

Alginate face masks completely fills even the smallest wrinkles and act on the deep layers of the skin. Due to its texture and mode of action, they tighten and adjust the shape of the face. Furthermore, these masks do not only smooths wrinkles but also purified and narrow pores, remove spider veins, increase skin elasticity.

It is especially necessary to note a unique antioxidant and detoxification property of alginates. It is the ability to neutralize the effects of radiation and heavy metal salts display a negative effect on the skin.

Obviously, alginate face masks are able to cope with almost any skin problem. Therefore, they can be used in pure form. Most manufacturers use alginate acid and its salts as the basis plasticizing masks, in which, depending on needs, other ingredients are added. To improve the effect of lifting using alginate mask with chitosan. Chlorophyll in the composition of cosmetic products will help saturate the skin with oxygen and prevent wrinkles. Ginger deeply cleanses the skin and treat minor inflammation. Algae facial mask with vitamin C is recommended for mature skin that has such a problem as pigmentation. Collagen improve moisturizing effect and give elasticity to the skin.

There are also algae mask with eucalyptus, chamomile, wheat germ oil or rosewood, menthol, a high content of vitamins and many others. Selecting them in the cosmetic market is huge. Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity can choose the most suitable kind of alginate mask. However, you should know that women who have a tendency to allergic reactions, better use of alginate mask without additives.

As used miracle mask?

Earlier on algae mask was known not for everyone. They could only afford a celebrity. Now, these cosmetics can be purchased in any store cosmetics. Therefore, carrying out such a procedure is available to every woman. This does not necessarily go to a beauty salon and use the services of a cosmetologist. But you must clearly know the rules of skin preparation for the procedure, and especially the use of alginate mask.

First, thoroughly clean the skin from makeup and dirt. If you wish, you can use a light scrub or peeling. This will enhance the effect of the subsequent procedure. Dry your face with a towel, put on eyebrows and eyelashes little of any fat cream. This is to ensure that the hair does not stick to a frozen mask. Then, depending on the problem that you want to handle, brush face additional cosmetics. It may be an emulsion, whey, a mixture of essential oils. Alginate mask complement and reinforce the favorable effect of their action. Wait until the base is absorbed.

Meanwhile, proceed directly to the preparation of alginate mask. Some cosmetic concerns make ready for use gel mass in special tubes. But more Alginate mask sold in powder form, which sometimes included a special solution for its breeding. It contains sea salt, and has in its composition additional trace elements that enhance the effect of the mask.

Women often do not know in what form it is better to buy a cosmetic. It should be noted that the mask alginate powder is significantly more effective and useful. They do not have in their composition preservatives. Therefore, possible refuse gel masks in the box. And make a mask on their own is not difficult.

Thus, divorce powder solvent, following the instructions on the package. Usually recommended 3 parts solids per 1 part liquid. If the bundle does not include the presence of the solvent, the powder is diluted with plain water in a ratio of 1: 1. After the interaction with the liquid should get a mass similar to the consistency of thick cream. Make sure that the composition was homogeneous without lumps.

Immediately after mixing, apply the mask on the face of special cosmetic spatula. This should be done quickly, since the mass cools rapidly. Apply the mask, carefully observing the massage lines. This is a very important moment in the use of alginate mask. When applying the composition is not necessary to avoid the lips and skin around the eyes. These sections also will not harm the useful properties of alginates.

As the mask dries slowly begins to shrink and shrink in size. The consistency, it will resemble the rubber. Effect of contraction should not be afraid. It is natural for such masks. Due to this property, they form an airtight protective skin layer contributing to the better absorption into the skin of nutrients.

If you are using alginate mask at home, it is best to ask someone for help from relatives. The fact that the composition is best applied to the face in the supine position. And then, at the time of the mask it is recommended to stay at rest (do not move and do not talk).

Keep the mask on your face for half an hour. After the required time, it will resemble the cast of repeating all the contours of the face. It does not require rinsing. Frozen mask is easily removed in one motion in the direction of the chin to the forehead. Improper application of the composition is not enough thick layer mask can stick to the face. These places are recommended before removing a slightly moistened with water.

At the final stage of the procedure lubricate the face of the best tonic for your skin type. Sometimes it is recommended to use a barrier cream. It is necessary in very hot or windy weather, when adverse conditions may negatively affect the skin condition.

It should be noted that the remnants of the mask can not wash in the sink. When solidification they can clog water pipes. Filmed layer dispose in the trash.

Already after the first treatment you will notice positive changes. However, once the full effect is insufficient. Beauticians recommend rate of 5 - 15 sessions (depending on skin condition). Alginate masks can be applied 3 - 4 times a week.

The main advantage of alginate masks - this is their versatility. They can be used to owners of all ages with different types of skin. They are effective and helpful even for sensitive and problematic skin and have virtually no contraindications. The only exceptions are women who have been allergic to seaweed. However, such people worldwide unity.

 Useful alginate facials

How does the skin after the mask?

The results of the application of alginate masks amaze and motivate many people to try this miracle itself. The list, which is below, is far from complete. But it reflects the main reasons for deciding to undergo such masks.

  1. Better complexion and removal of signs of fatigue.
  2. Purification and narrowing excessively enlarged pores.
  3. Improved circulation in the different layers of the skin.
  4. Providing an anti-inflammatory action and the removal of small skin imperfections.
  5. Strengthening of collagen fibers, thereby increasing the elasticity of the skin.
  6. Correction of facial contours.
  7. Light lifting effect.
  8. The saturation of the skin with moisture and preserve it in the deep layers of the skin.
  9. Elimination dryness and flaking of the skin.
  10. Getting drain effect. Improving outflow of lymph and blood.
  11. Prevention of aging and the aging of skin.
  12. Improving the metabolic processes in the epidermis.
  13. The cooling effect. Thanks to him, the skin looks refreshed and smooth. Cooling the skin tissue leads to their relaxation.

Every woman at least once tried to imagine alginate mask, does not want to exchange it to any other. The effect of their application can not not like it. The smooth, refreshed, toned face - is not this what what every woman dreams of? Alginate mask is especially effective in combination with such salon treatment is mesotherapy, myostimulation, exfoliation and rejuvenation. After a course of treatments using alginate mask you will look attractive and youthful to the envy of others.

 Alginate mask for the face: the best way to preserve youth and beauty