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Face mask of eggs is an indispensable tool in the care of the skin of any type, regardless of age. It is very popular in the home of cosmetology, because it has very useful for skin structure and can be combined with many different ingredients (vegetables, flour, fruits, oils, juices, clay, gelatin, honey, etc.).

Eggs are rich in a variety of macro-and micronutrients (this iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium), necessary to maintain the beauty of the skin vitamins B, D, vitamin A. Egg yolk contains a great tonic, moisturizer and emollient - lecithin - which makes it an indispensable tool in a separate skin care.

Recipes masks on the basis of egg yolk

Due to the saturation of yolk-rich moisturizing and nourishing substances it is very effective in skin care, dry type. Yolk mask help restore the protective function of the skin, tone it eliminates the flaking and irritation. But at least they will be useful for the skin oily, normal or combination, because each of these types also needs periodic moisture.

To properly prepare a mask on the basis of the yolk, it is important to carefully separated from the protein and remove the membrane (thin film covering the yolk). Soaking the face mask is recommended for at least the third hour. We have prepared for you a simple composition and availability of ingredients, recipes egg masks that are sure to delight you with its magnificent action.

Masks based yolk

Mask with the addition of olive oil and green tea

Preparation: beat the yolks, pour Art. spoon of olive oil and a tsp. of freshly brewed green tea (chamomile broth can be replaced). Massage gently in a circular motion, apply to the skin for a minute massage with your fingertips, as if driving a mask into the skin - it will strengthen its moisturizing and softening effect.

Yolk mask with natural honey

Preparation: Mix the egg yolk with the liquid honey (one yolk require only half tsp. Of honey), apply the mixture to the pre-cleaned skin and lie down to rest until it works its magic. The composition of the mask is very simple, but it is highly effective in the care of the person. Due to included honey it not only moisturizes our skin but also rejuvenates it, "removing" fine wrinkles.

To gently cleanse the skin and enhance nutrient mask may add in the oatmeal (cooking can be both water and milk, but without seasoning) or flakes. In the above stated number of ingredients, only one item. spoon. In this case, it is recommended to apply a mask form of heat.

Mask with the addition of lemon juice and vegetable oil

Preparation: yolk mixed with a tsp. Vegetable oil and half tsp. Lemon juice squeezed. Oil provides the skin with extra food and the lemon is useful to its softening, bleaching and disinfecting. In addition, due to the contained vitamin C, it helps to rejuvenate the skin and giving it a healthy glow.

Mask with the addition of rye flour and green tea

Preparation: rye flour in the amount of one item. spoon, spread pre-brewed green tea (preferably leaf), pour in the egg yolk and mix all ingredients. It should get a thick mass, much like sour cream. Green tea will soothe the skin, give it freshness and restore tone and rye flour soften and give the skin a natural matte finish.

Yolk mask with vegetables

Preparation: Mix the yolks with mashed any fresh vegetables (enough 1 tbsp. Spoon). For dry skin type is ideal for carrots, zucchini, fresh cabbage, and for normal skin, combination and oily type - carrots, radishes, bell pepper, cucumber. Vegetables contribute more hydration and nutrition of the skin, saturate it with vitamins and tone.

Yolk mask with fruit

Preparation: Mix the egg yolk (only one or two eggs) with a puree of fresh fruit in any quantity of one item. spoon. For dry skin type, you can use persimmon, melon, avocado, apricot, banana. For other types of skin suitable watermelon, apples, peaches, grapes, tangerines, kiwi, oranges and cherries. Carefully grind any of the available fruit - not necessarily in a blender, you can just rub on a small grater. Acid contained in fruits, soft scrub acts by promoting skin cell renewal.

Yolk mask with the addition of cheese

Preparation: rub the yolk with a single item. a spoonful of cottage cheese (preferably oily). The mask is suitable for all skin types - it prevents it from fading and aging, softens and deeply moisturizes. If the cheese in the refrigerator was not there, we can find a replacement in the form of fat sour cream, cream, soft butter or homemade mayonnaise. The proportions remain the same in this case.

Yolk mask with the addition of pink clay

Preparation: for one half of the required application of Art. spoon cosmetic pink clay and one egg yolk (clay diluted with water is not necessary). This mask will be relevant for all skin types. Pink clay is obtained by mixing red and white clay. It helps to improve the contour of the face, softening the skin and smoothes superficial wrinkles. Moreover, it perfectly cleanses the skin, nourishes and gives elasticity and dullness. You can use any other clay (green, yellow, blue, black, etc.) that suits your skin type.

 Egg face mask

Recipes masks on the basis of egg white

Protein mask different dried and astringent effect, so it is very effective in skin care oily or combination type. They allow you to achieve a narrowing of pores and dullness of the skin, and they form the film perfectly removes impurities and fighting with so-called black spots. Overlay mask based on the recommended protein fatty skin, usually the T-zone, where the sebaceous glands are most active work. Before adding additional ingredients to whip recommended protein that will give it a lighter texture and make the process of applying the mask is much easier and more enjoyable.

Simple protein mask

Preparation: Separate the protein it thoroughly whisk to foam there, and in its pure form, apply to the skin. To narrow pores and fight against fat shine enough already this. Just wait until the protein is dry, and wash with cool running water. To increase the useful properties of the mask can optionally be diluted with a protein pair of hours. Tablespoons of juice squeezed from the fruit / berries. The most common combination - white + squeezed lemon juice. Fresh juice enrich the skin with vitamins and give it shine.

Protein mask with the addition of grated raw potatoes

Preparation: a medium-sized potato crush using a grater and pour whipped to a foam protein (this would require only one egg). Such a composition is most useful for the skin type of fat. Raw potatoes soften, give tone and makes the skin smoother, radiant and supple. Using this recipe only once in 7 days, you have three weeks notice visible effect.

Protein mask with the addition of flour

Preparation: pre-whipped in a protein, add a little flour, to get the best of a thick mixture. The flour may be any (wheat, corn, rye, etc.). Instead of flour can add Art. a spoonful of chopped nuts or oatmeal. After applying a mixture of massage the skin for a couple of minutes, when the mask is dry, just wash it off with lukewarm boiled water.

Protein mask with the addition of cosmetic clay

Preparation: dilute a couple hours. Spoonfuls any clay suitable to your skin type in the beaten egg whites. Bringing until smooth mixture on the face, leave to dry, and rinse with cool (can be mineral) water. This mask helps to deep cleanse the skin copes with the problem of blackheads and enlarged pores.

Protein mask with the addition of gelatin

Preparation: pre-fill tsp. Of conventional powdered gelatin without additives with a little water and give a little swell, heat over medium heat until dissolved (you can also add a little milk) and connect with the beaten egg whites. It is very effective cleaning action. When the composition dries on the face of a thin elastic film, which will clear the pores from dirt.

 Egg mask film for face

Recipes masks based on a combination of protein and egg yolk

In skin care mixed and normal type most effective masks, combining and protein and egg yolk at a time. They nourish and moisturize the skin cells, but at the same time contribute to its clarification and raise the tone. The yolk and albumen, despite the fact that they are used together to start to separate from each other. Protein pour into a separate bowl and whisk, and then pour in the egg yolk, previously removing the membrane.

Egg mask with the addition of orange juice and sour cream

Preparation: combine the egg and half art. spoon squeezed orange juice and a tsp. of thick cream. Orange juice promotes the renewal of skin cells, it gives a pleasant tone and radiance. It can be used even separately, instead of finished cosmetic tonic. Sour cream perfectly calm the skin, even out the color and makes the skin smoother and softer.

Egg mask with the addition of fruit pulp and honey

Preparation: add to the egg h. Spoon the pulp of fresh fruit (berries may be) and the same amount of liquid honey. Such a composition perfectly moisturize the skin and give it elasticity. Fruit differ in their supply and tonic action, moreover, promotes natural skin cell renewal by acting gentle scrub.

Simple egg mask

Preparation: you can restrict the mask with a single egg, and this has to be enough to power the normal skin type. In order to achieve a single application more noticeable results, you can add a couple of hours. Tablespoons butter or any fat cream.

Egg face mask - means universal. Depending on what part of it is taken as a basis (protein, yolk or both of these components) and additional ingredients, the mask may have different functions: to clean, nourish, improve color, toning, moisturizing, pores, flatten and rejuvenate the skin. This product is easy to replace the expensive cosmetics, and even surpass them in scoring.

 An effective facial mask from an egg