pull-up facial masks at home


  • Masks pull-up: according to folk recipes
  • Mask based on gelatin powder
  • Mask based on the pulp of persimmon
  • Super-mask with starch
  • Mask quick action based on egg white
  • Firming mask with potatoes and olive oil
  • Firming mask of zucchini
  • Citrus-Honey lifting mask
  • Paraffin mask with honey

Beauty - a temporary phenomenon, and the period of "life" depends not only on genetics but also largely on us, on how correctly and consistently, we take care of her. Loss of elasticity and laxity - the inevitable signs of aging skin changes. Wrap them backwards, we unfortunately can not, but the slow development and make it less obvious to us quite a force. And to help in this pull-facials.

Finished cosmetic products today are astonishingly great diversity, but, despite this, to find a really effective means is difficult, while they are not cheap. That is why many women are beginning to enjoy the popular beauty recipes - and the result is they are really impressive. We have prepared for you some of the most effective pull-up masks of conventional products, you can easily replicate at home.

Masks pull-up: according to folk recipes

There are two factors reducing the elasticity of the skin: a slowdown in cell metabolism as a result of circulatory disorders or because of natural aging, lack of moisture and nutrition. All these problems can be solved, not only in the office beautician, but also at home. To stimulate blood circulation to do contrast wash and facial massage, and for nutrition, hydration and slowing the aging process - special hydrating mask with a lifting effect.

 firming facial mask

Mask based on gelatin powder

Preparation: cool boiled water pour 10 g of gelatin without additives, leave for about an hour to swell, and then add the mixture of 10 g of glycerol and 10 g honey. The resulting "mush" should be heated in a water bath - a mask for the face-lift is to obtain a homogeneous, without lumps. Before use, let it cool a little - in the fridge to thicken to a gel consistency.

To apply the mask, you will need 3 strips wide bandage: the first is superimposed on the chin, the ends are directed to the temples, the second - on the forehead, and the third - in the middle, from one ear to the other. Leave gelatin compress for half an hour. To increase the useful properties of the mask, you can dilute the gelatin not only boiled water, but warm milk or even fresh juice of berries, fruits or vegetables (ratio 1: 2).

The mask is easy to replicate at home, and the effect of it will be no worse than after the expensive cosmetic treatments in the salon. The fact that the gelatin contains collagen molecules responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, they are in the form of gelatine in the cleavage, therefore very well into the skin cells. Honey (necessarily natural) is known for its rejuvenating effects, and glycerine smoothes and moisturizes.

Mask based on the pulp of persimmon

Ingredients: Persimmon (1st pulp ripe fruit), h. Spoon of potato starch. Clean the fruit from the skin, mash the pulp with a wooden spoon (to avoid oxidation). Mix the pulp with the starch, put ¼ of an hour. If no starch, it is possible to replace the crushed oat.

Persimmon fruit are rich in antioxidants, organic acids, proteins, tannins, minerals and vitamins. They moisturize and refresh the skin, struggling with redness and rash. Potato starch, in turn, restores skin elasticity, and feeds it softens.

Super-mask with starch

Preparation: combine 100 grams of boiled water, and Art. spoon (required) potato starch, add 1/2 liter of boiled water, boil the resulting mixture on low heat and when it becomes viscous and thick, pour 5 tablespoons. spoons squeezed carrot juice and the same amount of fresh cream. The exposure time - 1/3 hours. On the effectiveness of the mask can be compared to Botox - it will significantly tighten aging skin. Plus lighten it a little. To quickly achieve noticeable results, do this mask (strictly following the given recipe) for 3 days in a row.

Mask quick action based on egg white

Ingredients: h. Spoon squeezed lemon juice, chopped it as much crust, a chicken protein or two or three quail eggs, tsp. Dried almonds (chopped). You can substitute almond oil. Egg whites should carefully beat until foaming. The mask is enough to leave on the face for ten minutes. It can be used as a rapid means of home when you need to quickly achieve a noticeable effect.

Firming mask with potatoes and olive oil

Preparation: chop using a fine grater potato (raw), dilute the resulting puree 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil. If you have dry flaky skin will be nice to add warm milk. The mask should always be thick and viscous. Leave it on your face, it is desirable no longer than half an hour.

Potato fruit juice is useful for toning aging skin, softening it and purification. Starch, which is also present in raw potatoes, thanks to tightening effect significantly reduces pores, whereby the skin looks smoother and more radiant. And all this can be achieved in the home!


Firming mask of zucchini

Preparation: one item. a spoonful of finely ground using a fine grater zucchini mix with the same amount of low-fat sour cream. The mask is useful not only apply to the face but also on the skin of the neck. Rinse recommended by 1/3 hour broth parsley. After ¼ hour after a pull-up procedure can be applied to a nourishing cream.

Pulp zucchini has a rejuvenating and whitening properties - it helps cleanse and tone the skin, fights inflammation. The beneficial effect on the skin cells and provide vitamin C, which is contained in the pub. Thus, using this common vegetable in our country, you can prepare a home rich in vitamins and lifting means.

Citrus-Honey lifting mask

Ingredients: a couple of teaspoons of desirable liquid honey, citrus juice (it may be tangerines, grapefruit, lemon, orange), 1 tsp. Of flour or clay pharmacy. To mask can be used and thick candied honey, but it will need to pre-melt.

This mask for a face-lift is preparing very simple. Dilute a small amount of water h. Spoon clay powder. Red or pink clay is used in dry skin. Green, yellow, blue, black or white clay is suitable for normal skin type, or prone to fat. Instead of clay and flour can be used - it must also be diluted with water. For dry skin, take rice or oatmeal, for normal or oily skin - wheat.

And more useful pour one item. spoon squeezed tangerine juice or an orange for dry skin, grapefruit, orange or lemon juice - with normal or oily skin shiny. Get the juice at home, even without the juicer. To achieve the effect of tightening the mask is recommended to keep 1/3 hours. Its composition can cause allergies, because it contains honey and citrus juice, so before applying the test mixture to the inner bend of the elbow.

Paraffin mask with honey

Ingredients: Special cosmetic wax, which can be purchased at pharmacies and cosmetic stores, natural liquid honey. Paraffin is melted in a water bath, put on the face of several layers using a cosmetic brush or blade. The first layer is with the addition of honey. In one container, melt 1 tbsp. spoon cosmetic paraffin wax, add a tsp. of liquid honey desirable. In another container melts wax in larger quantity to be enough for four or five layers (in this wax is not necessary to add anything).

Before applying this mask from the face of the wax should be lubricated a little moisturizer. Apply the first coat with honey, put pre-cut piece of gauze fabric. Then, on top of other layers, apply liquid wax without additives. To paraffin was easier to carry out at home, it is advisable to have an assistant (can ask a friend or daughter). In his eyes, apply cotton pads (you can moisten them in a herbal infusion or oil), paraffin in this area can not be cast.

Within 1/3 hour until the mask, you can not make facial movements and talk. Remove the mask must be very careful - Grasp the bottom edge of the gauze and remove it, moving from chin to forehead. Rinse your face with warm boiled water, removing the remnants of wax, and finally, apply a moisturizer.

This mask has an excellent smoothing and firming effect. Make it desirable, as we have said, if someone's help (eg, a friend), but you can cope with it, and the application of its own. Contraindications: mask should not be done if the face marked by increased hair growth, there is rosacea, a lot of moles, if you have warts or skin diseases, with poor blood clotting.

Skin changes with age - a natural phenomenon. Therefore, take this and continue to love yourself and take care of his beloved. Mask, tightens the skin of persons may not rejuvenate you for ten years, but will extend the beauty of your skin and give it a healthy glow. A woman who loves himself and regularly cares for the skin, at any age is admiring glances!

 How to keep youth: pull-up facial masks at home