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Youth and beauty are immutable values, which wants to keep every woman. For the sake of the "eternal" youth and admiring glances of men of the fair sex are prepared for a variety of tricks. But do not rush to use drastic measures! In this article, we will share with you the secrets of the beauty of a woman who is already in his 78 years still looks attractive, cheerful and admirable.

Of course, we are talking about the famous Italian actress and recognized beauty Sophia Loren. The value of its secrets to youth preservation lies in the fact that they are very simple, accessible and, as we have seen, really help. With his experience, travel and, of course, the work she has gathered a collection of such secrets, and always happy to share them with other women. According to the Italian beauty - is not only the ideal proportions, facial features, skin and hair, and more.

Rules beauty Sophia Loren

The actress believes that being irresistible is not too difficult, and the power of any woman. To achieve expressive, bright appearance, it is necessary to stick to just two principles: first, the beauty is definitely worth it to fight for it, and secondly, it's all in your hands.

  • Do not be swayed by fashion

No need to buy new cosmetics, change clothes, hair color or hairstyle just because it is fashionable. If innovation is not fashionable suits you, does not make you beautiful, then discard it. Remember, legislators fashion trends care primarily about their financial gain, not your appearance.

  • Be confident

Nothing decorates a woman, according to Sophia Loren, as the confidence and knowledge of its advantages. Try to always be yourself, behave naturally, but stay on top. Even a perfect appearance does not attract the desired attention to you if you do not have confidence in the irresistibility.

  • Develop self-discipline

That it is the key to success in all areas of life and beauty in particular. The difference between ordinary and glamorous woman lies precisely in the absence or presence of self-discipline. Take time for yourself. This does not mean that you should spend a few hours a day of beauty treatments, hair styling and wardrobe choices. Just pick the most suitable treatment program and follow it regularly. Sophia Loren knows a lot of simple techniques that are not time-consuming.

 Sophia Loren beauty secrets

Beauty Secrets of the beautiful Italian

Because of its popularity, she hesitates to go to beauty salons - too much attention to other attendees can not relax and have fun. Therefore, the actress used to all the treatments are carried out on their own - in the bathroom, which has created its own home "beauty salon". It was there that she cares for hair, skin, making the procedure to preserve the beauty of their feet and hands.

Tips for hair care

The secret to beautiful hair of the actress is in the regular care to choose the right tools and olive oil. She was used to pay much attention to your hair, that's why her hair is still admirable. Try it and you take advantage of its advice.

  • To preserve the beauty of your hair, it is important to wash them. Regardless of the hairstyles they must always be perfectly clean. Determine the type and characteristics, and in accordance with the already choose a shampoo and frequency of shampooing. Sophie Loren hair is normal type, so it enjoys a mild shampoo for normal hair. Head washes through the day. Actress advises test different shampoos until you find one, after which your hair will be shiny and easy to style.
  • Wash your hair carefully, because wet hair is very easy to damage. In no case do not scrape the scalp with nails and gently for a few minutes to massage it with your fingertips. That is wash the head in beauty salons. Once sure to use a balm to the hair can be easily combed.
  • Every morning, the actress carefully and neatly combed hair brush with broad smooth, rounded at the ends of the teeth. Wet your hands with water, moistens the ends of the strands, and then sprinkle their favorite toilet water and wind on rollers. Because of the alcohol contained in perfumes are dried hair faster. After this procedure, they will be available during the day to lay the natural waves and smell nice.
  • Once a week, use a penetrating balm. The famous Italian Council for this purpose use olive oil - that it is the secret of the beauty of her hair. Rub it into the scalp and spread with a comb over the entire length, a few hours later rinse shampoo. Olive oil gives shine, nourishes and protects them from the sun.
  • Owners dark hair Sophia Loren advises using dyes and light reddish-brown hue. They are slightly lighten your hair, and thus revive the person. The actress believes blunder transform the brunette to blonde (and vice versa), what could make on their own experience. Also actress advises not to take the time to find a good master. The effort certainly paid off.

Tips for skin care

The skin of the luxurious Italian can only envy. Despite his young age is not, it looks pretty decent. Of course, an important role is played by genetics, but, nevertheless, her advice on skincare should adopt.

According to the actress, even if the skin is far from ideal, it is easy to fix. The fact that the skin reacts quickly enough to care, so that all your efforts will not go unnoticed. Caring for her today, you are making a great contribution to its future state. Sophia Loren was lucky - her skin is normal type. However, she cares about her regularly.

  • To ensure your skin a magnificent view, it is necessary to regularly moisturize and nourish. Over time, the skin is changing, so it is important to track these changes and adjust them in accordance with the program of care. Supplies the skin with water Italian advises both externally and from within. It is recommended to drink enough water during the day and keep the humidity in the room. Too dry air adversely affects the skin, so it is always your home, if necessary, rehydrate it.
  • The actress loves to sunbathe, but not abusing sunbathing. She advises to take into account the individual response of the skin to ultraviolet light, and in accordance with the count length of stay in the sun. She also recommends not to neglect the sunscreen.
  • Another secret to beautiful skin Italians - friendliness and positive attitude to life. She believes, and this can not but agree that skin reflects emitted by human emotions. Irritation, anger, boredom in time disfigure any person - and not a care will not help.
  • To refresh the face, actress fills the sink with water, add a few ice cubes and briefly down to her face. From the cold water pores shrink, the skin takes on the tone and sight becomes clearer. With a gentle sensitive skin very cold water is not recommended, as it promotes the appearance of spider veins.
  • The secret to beautiful skin around the eyes - cream containing vitamin A. From morning relieve swelling compresses simple - soak in cold milk, two cotton pads and attach to eyes in the 10-15 minutes. Wear sunglasses. Make sure that they are always in your purse or car. Squinting in the sun, you are provoking the formation of fine lines ("Ray") around the eyes. Get rid of them will not be easy, so it is better to prevent their occurrence by means of sunglasses.
  • To cleanse the skin Sophia Loren uses wheat bran - bran mix it with the cream, apply the mixture on the exposed skin, and massaging them for a few minutes. Such a formulation not only cleans the skin, but also removes dead skin cells. Later, to avoid irritation, puts a nutritious mask. She enjoys both masks ready and prepared at home, for example, mix oatmeal with water and apply the mixture with a thin layer on the skin. For dry skin, the actress recommends mixing powdered milk and water.
  • The secret of beauty and radiance of the skin of the body - rubbing with a soft brush. Bristles must necessarily be soft to the skin does not become irritated. This massage not only removes dead skin cells, but also improves blood circulation, preventing the development of cellulite.
  • To remove unwanted hair on the body of Sophia Loren used a razor. After the procedure is required to soften the skin cream. She recommends shave in the evening, because in the morning the skin, usually swells, and this can cause cuts. Hair bleaches Italian hands. Preparing a mixture of white powder and 10% hydrogen peroxide solution and soak for hands for 10 minutes.
  • Revealing the secrets of her beauty, he can not say about taking a bath, because she is the principal means of body care. Bath allows you to get rid of tension, soften the skin and prepare it for further treatments. In winter, the beautiful Italian-recommends adding to the bath a cup of dry instant milk, and in the summer - mint leaves. When sunburns in water should add a small amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • Get enough sleep. Sophia Loren sleeps 9-10 hours, which allows it to not only look good, but also feel relaxed. It is recommend that you go to bed and get up at the same time. It is desirable to have a ritual of going to sleep and waking up. The famous Italian, for example, before going to bed a little love to read, and in the morning walking in the garden.

Tips for the care of hands and feet

The actress did not have the patience to sit long in a nail salon, so for hands and feet, she again looks after its own. To your skin always looks well-groomed, Italian regularly lubricate them with cream - it uses it immediately after contact with water while still wet hands. Tubes of hand cream are at her home near each sink, and she always carries it with her purse.

Sophia Loren does manicure. This file nails before taking a bath, and then, when the skin around the hole becomes soft on contact with warm water, it moves with a soft cloth and lubricates the cream. Nail polish actress used infrequently. In cold weather, she always wears gloves. But before you put them on, be sure to lubricate hand cream.

Watch TV or read a famous beauty prefers to combine with foot massage - it rolls feet ordinary rolling pin. This procedure is perfectly relieves stress. In addition, she regularly treats soles of the feet with pumice and lubricate them with cream. The finishing touch is a pedicure.

 secret beauty Sophia Loren

Secrets of slim figure of Sophia Loren

Beauty Secrets - is not only an external care, but also a balanced diet and regular exercise. The actress is not a supporter of any diets and resort to them are extremely rare. She recommends eating small meals 3 times a day. The main rule - to exclude canned, fried, salty and sugary foods, reduce the consumption of red meat, eat more fish and chicken meat.

Sophia Loren, as a true Italian, can not live without pasta. But at the same time it manages to have tightened figure? The fact that the pasta is very well suppress hunger and quickly "burn out" in the body. Of course, to the pasta to be useful, but not damage, they must be made from wheat wholemeal. Fatty sauces and gravies should also be deleted. For example, the actress is preparing a sauce of fresh tomatoes, add olive oil and unrefined chopped carrots. Such spaghetti obtained doubly useful.

The key to beauty and harmony are the Italians and regular exercise. Her training program consists of three points: stretching, develops flexibility and grace, walking to improve blood circulation and work on problem areas to improve muscle tone.

Every woman, if desired, can "turn" in the beauty. Use the beauty secrets of this amazing actress and a beautiful, worthy of respect for women, and in a short time you will see a marked improvement in their appearance. Remember, beauty is definitely worth it to fight for it!

 Beauty Secrets of Sophia Loren: Beauty-Italian shares his experience