Mask from peeling

Many are looking forward to when it's summer days. But, unfortunately, the wind, water and sun, the skin peels off, it becomes rough. Is not it easier in the winter, when the air in heated rooms gets too dry and the skin on the street "attack" cold and icy wind. We should not forget that the fatty lubricant may be lost due to diseases of the internal organs and the poor state of the nervous system that regulates the production of sebum.

Convinced that causes painful dryness and flaking of the skin are not diseases, and external factors, you can safely proceed to its recovery. Perhaps the desire to be beautiful, have a soft, delicate skin seems unenforceable. But you're wrong. Dedicating yourself a few times a week for thirty minutes, you will forget about the problem of peeling of the skin, relieve fatigue. Subject to the simple rules the mask you will enjoy:

  • Use only fresh ingredients.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be juicy and ripe, washed with boiled water.
  • You can not use the fruits for which you have at least once had an allergy.
  • Do not store cooked mask over an hour.
  • Do not apply a mask to the area of ​​the thyroid gland, lips and eyes.
  • The liquid mass is conveniently apply through sterile gauze.

Masks against peeling of the skin

In summer, you can vary the "menu of beauty", using any kind of fruit, berries and vegetables. A valuable raw material for the masks are berries. For flaky skin fit fruit, which contain a minimal amount of acid: apricots, peaches, bananas, avocados, grapes, pears, sweet apples, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, gooseberries, ripe currants, red and yellow raspberries, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, watermelon melons. The simplest method of preparation: grind to a thick slurry, which must be imposed on the person, hold it there from fifteen minutes to half an hour; after the procedure rinse with water or slurry infusion of herbs and soften the skin cream.

It is best to refresh the skin mask is made with sour cream, cream, butter or honey. And, you can make a mask of the simplest products. For example, a bit of white bread (loaves, rolls) fill it with milk. Let's wait until the bread razmoknet turned into mush. This is the mask that you want to put on your skin. Then - as usual, the procedure itself, we have described in some detail. See how simple? We will tell you about other masks that you can do very well on their own.

Gifts for the skin of the woods and the garden-garden

You especially fortunate if in your possession has its own private plot. If you have no garden or your own home, then you should not lose heart, too - all of the following masks can be made of products you easily gain the market or in the shop.

  • Energy wheat germ and olive oil from peeling

Take a spoonful of wheat germ, crushed in a blender, and mix with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply to face, do not forget about the skin of the neck. Hold the mixture for about twenty minutes, and after the procedure, rinse with clean water. Of course, this will require you to mask a little patience, because first you have to get out of wheat sprouts. How to do it? Wheat must be washed, soaked overnight and in the morning to put an even layer on a clean, damp cloth. Top wheat also need to cover with a damp cloth. One day there will be shoots. This is your raw material. By the way, it is very helpful to add the sprouts and salads!

  • Good currants, and is useful for the skin

Mash with a fork a few berries of black currant, This also stir for one spoon (tea) cream and honey, apply gently on the skin, do not forget about the neck. Twenty (approximately) minutes wash the face moistened swab and apply a nourishing cream favorite. After such masks skin will thank you for your attention to a healthy color and elasticity.

  • Miraculous parsley

Freshen your skin and protect it from peeling helps mask of parsley. Chopped herbs to pour a conventional cold water, then bring it all to a boil and drain the water. The resulting liquid slurry, so apply it correctly through cheesecloth. About fifteen minutes, wash with clean water and apply emollient cream favorite.

  • Potatoes

Not cosmetic product that can compare to the simplicity of use with potatoes. The mask of raw potato is simple and effective. It will take 1 tsp. Of potatoes and a little sunflower or olive oil. It is necessary to grind the ingredients and apply gently to your face. Fifteen minutes later, rinse with water and soften the cream.

  • Flax seed

Flax seed has a pronounced softening effect, it is therefore used by peeling. From seed to cook the usual porridge (two glasses seeds into two cups of water). On the skin applied to the cooled broth is strained. Twenty minutes can be washed off with water.

 Useful facial mask by peeling

Masks of carrots

Carrot, so unpretentious. Well, nothing special! It turns out that it can help to cope with the problem of peeling of the skin:

  • Carrot, oatmeal and egg yolk

Carrots grate or chop in a food processor. The smaller, the better - will have more juice. By 1 tsp. Of carrot, add egg yolk and 1 tsp. Oatmeal cereal. Will mask pleasant colors and very useful. Apply it with a thick layer on the skin and hold for fifteen minutes.

  • Carrots and milk

There is a recipe, saving the skin from peeling. Grated carrots need to take more: 1 tbsp. spoon. Mix it with oatmeal and adding two Art. spoons of boiled milk, you get the mask, similar to the previous. It is also applied to the skin, and in fifteen minutes is easily washed off with water.

Overseas miracle healer and avocado mask out of it

Avocado gives the face beauty and freshness. It is used for prevention and treatment of psoriasis, diathesis, and from peeling.

  • Avocado and olive oil

Rub the flesh of an avocado with olive oil (5 - 6 drops) and apply evenly on the skin. After 30 minutes, rinse with water.

  • Avocado and apricot

The mask of avocado and apricot is different only in that takes two different fruit. In this regard, the amount of oil is increased twice.

  • Avocado and egg yolk

Avocado, pounded until smooth with an egg yolk, it is necessary to keep on the face for at least twenty minutes. After a wash with water.

  • Avocado and sour cream

Instead of eggs and olive oil can be added to the avocado cream (1 teaspoon).

Masks with sour cream or cottage cheese

Country cream and cottage cheese are ideal for flaky skin. These products, combined with vegetables and berries from your garden in one season will make your skin young, smooth and elastic.

  • From cottage cheese and sour cream

Just a spoonful of sour cream and three cheese blend in a ceramic or glass container. The resulting mass is applied uniformly on the skin and after 20 minutes the skin refreshed wipe with a soft cloth or cotton wool after moistening with milk.

  • Sour cream and cucumber

Good from peeling fresh cucumber straight from the garden, grated or shredded combine with sour cream. Hold to get drugs on the face and rinse with water.

  • Strawberry with sour cream

Who does not love strawberries! Select the most juicy berries, mash them with a fork and combine with a spoon of sour cream and a spoon of fragrant fresh honey. This bouquet of taste and smell, apply to the skin. Boil chamomile, calendula or mint. Twenty minutes later rinse face with water first, and then the fragrant broth.

  • Sour cream and melon with honey

Eastern wisdom dictates that the melon - a source of beauty. Mask with melon suited more to those who still showed signs of flaking. It is necessary to soften the four pieces of melon, to connect two parts of sour cream and one part honey. Get anti-aging cream that slowly put on the skin and relax for 20 minutes then rinse with water.

  • Sour cream, carrots and cabbage

Cabbage - one of the most accessible and useful garden plants. She feeds, and heals, and the beauty of our care. Flaky skin needs moisturizing. Cabbage cope with this task. Even a simple application-to-face leaves, moisturize and soothe the skin. And if you apply it shredded cabbage in a food processor (2 tablespoons) mixed with carrots (one tablespoon) and sour cream or yogurt, then the effect will certainly be better. After 10 to 15 minutes rinse with water.

 nice facial mask by peeling

Masks from honey peeling

Honey - with nothing comparable cosmetic. It is compatible with all products suitable for masks.

  • Simple and effective

The yolk of one egg mix thoroughly with a spoon (the dining room), glycerin or honey (the product is taken is also one soup spoon). This wonderful mask is different in that it can be applied every day to wash for fifteen or twenty minutes. Only then do not forget to apply your usual emollient cream.

  • Honey, butter and eggs

Mask of honey, butter and eggs is more complicated, but the work is to get rid of peeling. It should be well grind and heat in a water bath of sunflower oil (2 tbsp. Spoons), two egg yolks and honey (1 tsp.). Apply the mask to the layers at an interval of 5 minutes. Hold it on the face for 20 minutes and wash gently with a soft swab dipped in water or broth linden, you will understand that you agree to repeat this procedure 15 - 20 times.

  • Honey and fruit

Take the butter (1 tsp.), One teaspoon of honey and a spoonful of soup puree any fruit that has a soft texture: ripe bananas, kiwi or exotic persimmon. Suit soft apple or pear. Components shall pound and this yummy smazhem face. We need to hold 20 minutes -and can only wash.

Oil mask by peeling

Any oil in the flaky skin will have a positive effect:

  • Olive oil

Wipe the face with olive oil and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse with water.

  • Vegetable oil and honey

One large spoon of any vegetable oil mixed with one teaspoon of honey and apply on after cooking the skin with signs of flaking. After 10 minutes, remove the weight from the skin with a cotton swab.

From peeling all means that are suitable for your skin. Choose, try. Something will definitely help. There are women who make the masks from all that eating, in addition to irritating the skin of sharp, salty and acidic foods. Is it reasonable, there is no data. But if it's good for the whole body, why not enjoy your skin? Any mask causes the skin to a healthy state, and thus makes us more beautiful and irresistible.

 The most effective face mask by peeling