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The healing properties of honey have been known since ancient times. In Egypt, Cleopatra's times it was used for the extension of youth, the legendary queen herself does not disdain baths of milk and honey, and perhaps use a mask for the face of this wonderful product. In Rome, it was used as a universal medicine. If we say "onions from seven disease", in Rome, to be talked about as honey. In the East, the honey was regarded as a means for gentle and effective skin care, returns were bygone youth, so that the mask of honey for a face - really versatile and time-tested cosmetic miracle.

Masks from honey

The use of masks of honey is widely - and here the treatment of acne, and effective care for different skin types, and sometimes taking care of her hair. Trace elements present in honey is very easy to penetrate through the pores of the skin and absorbed by cells, besides honey can trap moisture, preventing evaporation. Accordingly, the honey mask nourishes and moisturizes well skin, and thus slows down aging.

Unfortunately, before the use of masks of honey you must check whether you have an allergy to it. For this small amount is to be applied to the inside of the elbow and wait some time. If irritation does not appear, you can, without fear of allergy, start Application honey mask. If you have doubts about a possible allergic reaction to the additional components of the recipe, perform a similar test for them. Keep in mind, if you have diabetes, facial blood vessels are dilated or increased body hair, then honey, alas, as a raw material for the mask will not fit.

Mild care for dry skin

  1. Composition: two tablespoons of warmed milk and honey, a large spoon tvoroga.Rasteret honey with cream cheese, add milk. All properly mix and apply on face. After ten or twelve minutes, remove the mask with a cotton diskom.Eta small changes works well for normal and / or combination skin, but in this case it is necessary to use yogurt instead of milk and add lemon juice.
  2. Composition: two large spoons of warm milk infused oatmeal, large spoon meda.Smeshat abundantly impose weight on the face. After ten minutes, rinse.
  3. Ingredients: a glass of milk, a large spoon meda.Razvesti honey in milk and wipe this solution face instead of washing.
  4. Ingredients: a small spoon of honey and glycerin, a raw zheltok.Zheltok carefully rub with the remaining components. Apply to face, massaging the skin with your fingertips, then rinse with water about room temperatury.Predstavlennuyu egg-honey mask can be made with milk or any vegetable oil instead of glycerol.
  5. Composition: two small spoons of honey, large spoon of mustard or olive oil, half a large spoon of warm milk, breadcrumbs (white bread).

Mix the liquid ingredients, adding crumb so as to obtain a thick porridge. Liberally apply on face and neck for ten to twenty minutes. Carefully wash with lukewarm water.

 Honey Facial Mask

Masks for oily skin

  1. Composition: two large spoons of lemon juice and chilled green tea, one small spoon of honey. Mix, apply for about fifteen minutes, gently rinse with cold water.
  2. Ingredients: half a teaspoon filter, liquid honey, two large spoons of cheese, one egg. Mix the ingredients and whip. Weight is applied for fifteen to twenty minutes, removed only lukewarm water. Then you must rinse your face with cold water is acceptable. This egg-honey mask is extremely effective moisturizing the skin and tightens pores.
  3. Ingredients: half a large spoon of honey, two large spoons of liquid black tea leaves, one small teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix. Apply a lot of very thoroughly cleansed face. Ten minutes later, remove the warm cotton pad and wash with cold water. You can add half a large spoon of oatmeal cereal.
  4. Ingredients: half a tablespoon of rolled oats and honey, two tablespoons of yogurt. Well all grind until smooth, put on the face, do not shoot within fifteen minutes. Rinse with cold water too.
  5. Ingredients: a large spoon of wheat bran and honey, half a large spoon of yogurt. Mix until mushy state, applied liberally to the face for ten to twenty minutes or, if necessary, for a longer time. Rinse with cool water.
  6. Ingredients: half a tablespoon of filtered honey, large spoon of oatmeal, two little spoons of lemon juice, a small amount of filtered water. Mix all ingredients, put the mixture on the face and neck. After ten minutes carefully remove the mask moist cotton pad soaked black tea, then wash with cold water enough.
  7. Ingredients: a tablespoon of grated potato, half a tablespoon of honey, a small amount of cold water.
    Mix well to obtain a liquid porridge. Apply it on your face for ten minutes or more. Then rinse with enough cool water

Masks from acne:

  1. Composition: three tablespoons of grated cucumber cup of boiling water, two teaspoons of filtered honey.
    Boil cucumber weight of boiling water, leave to cool. Strain the liquid and add the honey. Stir. Liberally grease the resulting solution problem skin. Fifteen to twenty minutes to wash with cold water.
  2. Composition: two tablespoons of honey and milk, the juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of fresh natural yogurt, a little warm water.
    Good mixing all ingredients, preferably in a glass bowl. Apply the first coat weight on the neck and face, wait it dries, apply another layer; repeat until all the mixture is used. Then wait for ten minutes and washed off, preferably with warm water. Such a mask should be used once a week, for a better impact of the mixture is best prepared immediately prior to use.
  3. Ingredients: four to five large spoons of ground cinnamon, the amount of honey, sufficient dilution of cinnamon to paste sostoyaniya.Smeshat both ingredients until smooth. Either on the most problematic areas of the face or the entire face. Leave overnight. Wash off with warm water in the morning. For best effect should regularly apply a mask for some time. No guarantee is too quick results.
  4. Ingredients: a large spoonful of aloe juice and honey. Mix both ingredients. Let it brew for ten to twenty minutes. Apply the mixture on your skin, wash off with warm water. Aloe soothes and tones the skin, so that an additional nice effect guaranteed.
  5. Ingredients: a few drops of tea tree oil, a large spoonful of honey. Thoroughly mix the two components. Apply on your face a lot, wait for fifteen minutes and rinse with barely warm water. Apply regularly. This mask is not recommended for use during pregnancy. In any case, before using the mask with essential oils is better to consult a doctor.

 egg honey face mask

Soothing mask for all skin types

  1. Ingredients: a tablespoon of dried flowers of elderberry, linden, chamomile, cup of boiling water, half a teaspoon of honey and flour herculean. Boil water grass, to insist for forty minutes. Carefully drain the broth, add honey and flour to obtain a slurry. Liberally apply the mixture on the skin for twenty mine, wash with warm, then cold water is enough. This mask is incredibly effectively tightens pores and normalizes blood circulation.
  2. Ingredients: egg white teaspoon of honey, a little flour. Beat the protein, add honey, stir in the flour to get pap. Apply on your face for ten minutes. Carefully rinse with cool water. This egg-honey mask has dried and the cleaning effect, in addition to soothing.
  3. Composition: two teaspoons soft butter and honey, a large spoonful of banana pulp. Rub the liquid ingredients with fruit pulp, put a mask on the face, after waiting ten minutes, gently wash with warm water. The pulp can be replaced by banana pulp kiwi or any other sweet fruits.
  4. Ingredients: small onion, a teaspoon of honey, a little milk. Bake in the oven or microwave oven onion, peel it and mash. Add remaining ingredients, stir until smooth. Apply weight on your face for five to seven minutes, rinse with warm water is enough. This recipe is best for combination skin, but also works with other types.
  5. Ingredients: a large spoon of liquid honey, egg yolk, one teaspoon of mustard, olive oil or any other vegetable oil, five to six drops of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients, grind until smooth, apply on face for half an hour, rinse with water, not too hot, carefully rub an ice cube, remove excess moisture, nourishing cream treat.

This egg-honey mask not only narrows the pores and soothe the skin, but when used regularly rejuvenate the skin.

Before you implement any of the above recipes, make sure you protect clothes from possible contamination of honey, as it is satisfied with this content to work. Do not forget to test yourself on the possible reaction - honey, cinnamon, chamomile, aloe, used in some formulations, can cause quite severe allergies. If possible, use filtered honey. Otherwise it may be dust, pollen, the remains of dead insects, which are also potential allergens. Before applying the mask clean your face a special tool. When removing the masks do not use soap, it dries the skin and eliminates the useful effect of the procedure.

 Miracle Mask Honey Face