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With the current state of ecology and frantic pace of life we ​​often feel tired and uncomfortable. Just like the body, facial skin requires special care and maintenance. Various cosmetic companies offer us a huge range of tools that will help improve the complexion and make the skin more supple, smooth wrinkles and remove pigment spots boring.

Spa, beauticians, news from well-known and publicized brands, of course, significantly hit on the wallet, that very few people will like. In addition, not always, these new products and tools are effective, sometimes the money just fly into the wind. In some cases, an additive in cosmetic products can cause allergic reactions or not act at all.

Selection of a particular line of cosmetics and skin care products made individually, based on the properties, characteristics and problems that are inherent to your skin. But it is no secret that the mask made from natural products - the most effective and useful method for skin care, it is confirmed by many generations of women. Why spend money on constantly different tubes of creams and masks, if you can remember the old and proven method, and it is to resort to them? I think each of you to reflect right now on this issue.

Help us may face mask with aloe vera, many people know about it firsthand. If you are not faced with this plant, then this article will help you learn a lot. Aloe - unpretentious house plants grown mainly as a healing; but not everyone who it is, it is used for this purpose. In a life of aloe has another name - agave. Medicinal properties of juice of this plant was known in ancient Egypt. Aloe extracts have long been used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

 Useful facial mask with aloe

Useful properties of aloe

Aloe is useful for skin and hair. It is also great to help with inflammation of the mouth and even the common cold, but that's another story. Specifically for the face of aloe can do a lot: the juice of this plant has tonic properties, gives the skin a smooth and healthy appearance, can prevent skin aging. It has antiseptic properties, and if you have appeared on the skin of the wound, then it is possible to make pulp of aloe leaves. And, for example, in admixture with eucalyptus aloe helps sunburn.

Aloe is essential for owners of oily skin: it removes inflammation, eliminates acne pustules and cleans. For aging skin is also very useful to do MASK and lotions from the juice of aloe. In addition to the mask of aloe nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals. Total aloe juice contains more than two hundred and biological elements.

Due to the large number of medicinal properties of aloe Estheticians are often advised to use the masks, creams and tonics containing an extract. There are many recipes of masks and aloe leaf juice for face. You can cook these masks at home.

It is best to use extracts from the leaves of aloe, which is necessary to sustain before it in a dark room at a temperature of 4 to 8 °. In this processing are produced substances that enhance the life processes in tissues. These extracts can be obtained as follows: cut off sheet of an aloe (preferably choose the one that is closest to the root of the plant), how to wash with boiled water, wrapped in cloth or linen napkin and send on a shelf in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

These conditions are considered unfavorable for the plant, it begins to fade, his life processes are slowed down, and soon begins to produce a special substance - biogenic stimulant. It is exactly what we need! After 2 weeks, we obtain aloe from the refrigerator, remove the leaves that had turn black, and squeeze the juice in any capacity. An important detail: before applying aloe leaves is advisable not to water the plant for a week.

Speaking of masks of aloe, we will not always mention what they need to rinse. It is not necessary to resort to such means as soap, foam or some tonic. The simple solution - water. After washing is better to put a moisturizer with a light texture that you use every day and that is right for your skin.

 nice facial mask with aloe

Face masks of aloe

There are many recipes for masks of aloe. You can use one of the most appropriate recipes, or simply wrapped in gauze, finely chopped aloe leaf and apply them to the skin. Which mask will suit you the most? Of course, pick up a prescription should be, considering the type of your skin.

For dry skin

  • With honey and glycerin

Mix in equal proportions aloe juice and liquid honey, glycerine and boiled water. To this add one spoon (tea) from oat flour, mix everything very carefully, then gently and slowly put on the skin. Keep the mask on your face for twenty minutes, then lightly rinse with lukewarm water.

  • With sour cream and eggs

Mix equal parts of aloe, sour cream (a teaspoon), whipped egg yolk. Apply gruel on a useful person to hold it for about fifteen minutes and then wash off very easily touching the skin.

  • With butter and peach vodka

Mix the pulp of aloe and peach kernel oil, it is necessary to add a little vodka and three tablespoons of fat cream for the face. Apply 5 minutes.

Aloe is very well moisturizes excessively dry skin and reduces inflammation, and we are confident that such a mask like you!

For oily skin

For oily skin, too, there is a recipe, because aloe gently and carefully removes the excess fat layer. You can make a mask of aloe and cosmetic clay. Take aloe juice, green clay, rose water and rose essential oil - such structure will refresh and disinfect your skin.

  • From greasy

An excellent remedy for oily sheen is this mask: whisk egg whites to a froth, add to it two spoons (tea), aloe and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Take the hands of a cosmetic brush and gently put on the face of the resulting mixture. After drying the mask lasts about twenty minutes, and after this time gently wash off the skin with a mixture of cold water.

  • From irritation

For irritated and inflamed, reddened skin can make a mask of aloe leaf extract mixed with a decoction of chamomile. By the way, in addition to the masks, chamomile and aloe can make their own excellent lotions and tonics for oily skin. Chamomile, like aloe, perfectly removes inflammation.

Masks for aging skin

For aging skin, which you would like to have a tonic effect, be sure to find the right recipe. Aloe Vera will help your skin to prevent aging, smooth out the fabric and eliminate the laxity, which sooner or later begins to appear on the face of every woman. Also aloe improves skin color.

  • Toning Mask

Take aloe, squeeze, should get two full soup spoons of juice. Now rub the cottage cheese, spoon about a tablespoon (if you choose to replace the cottage cheese with sour cream or heavy cream, who like more), add a few tablespoons of liquid honey, mix thoroughly the resulting mass with aloe juice. Then apply evenly to the face and neck, wait for a quarter of an hour or a little more. After the agreed time we wash with water, which should be at room temperature.

  • With egg yolk

It has tonic properties of the mask of aloe juice mixed with egg yolk. This mask must be applied for 15 minutes, then wipe the face of fresh juice of aloe. You can squeeze the juice from the leaves of the plants, add mayonnaise (yes, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it is mayonnaise) and mix with honey - the resulting mixture was put on the face, wait thirty minutes, then wash, washing away part of the cool water. You can apply another option - to mix in a container aloe juice, honey, milk and egg yolk. This recipe is perfect for those who want to get a tightening effect; sure you will notice a change.

  • Nourishing mask with vegetable oil

I would like to nourishing mask brought the expected results? Then make it a particularly good mood. Mix in a glass container and fresh aloe any vegetable oil (it may be a peach or apricot, almond, olive, sesame oil or pumpkin). Remember that proportion - one-to-two, that is, we must take one spoonful of oil and two tablespoons of aloe juice. Mix thoroughly and lubricate the skin. Thirty to forty minutes rinse the surface of the skin with cool or lukewarm water. Such a procedure is well nourishes and softens and rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles and increases the tone of the whole.

Using Aloe for cosmetic purposes has virtually no contraindications. But those still there: aloe not want to use during pregnancy, during an exacerbation of diseases, exhaustion, with the defeat of the kidneys and the liver, during menstruation or if you are hypersensitive. If you have any doubt about the use of aloe is necessary to consult with your doctor, because the beauty - is primarily health!

You always want to look beautiful, you want to attract glances; but not everyone has the opportunity to go to beauty salons and leave there a monthly salary of her husband. You can easily find a way out of this situation: use what you have at hand. You can make yourself a mask for the face and, in particular, a mask with aloe vera. It does not take a lot of time and not burden your regular expenses. Let everyone think what you've just attended the most prestigious spa, the rest will be your secret. Love yourself, and you will admire!

 The best natural remedies for skin care: facial mask with aloe