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  • What are the ways of deep bikini?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Caring for the bikini area after depilation

Excess hair on the body is not in vogue. Modern women by all means get rid of them to look attractive and neat. With this hair is often removed not only the pubic and hips, but also in the labia. This procedure is called deep bikini. According to opinion polls, more than 20% of men attracted to such depilation. Perhaps it is not so much. But if there are such followers, this procedure is in demand and it enjoys a certain number of women.

However, deep hair removal at home - not an easy job, it is much more complicated than just get rid of excess hair in the pubic area. Of course, it is best to go for it in a beauty salon and seek professional masters, who will offer a range of treatments to remove unwanted hair. But those who have no opportunity to go to beauty salons, this procedure can be carried out independently.

First of all, it should be noted that there are two options for removing unwanted hair: hair removal and waxing. They are often confused. Therefore, you should focus on what is different from hair removal waxing.

Hair removal - is the complete removal of the hair follicle with. In the field of procedure, the hair stops growing at all. However, it can only hold in the cabin. Here, experienced craftsmen with special equipment to carry out procedures of electric, photographic and laser hair removal.

Hair Removal - the removal of hair above the skin surface. After this procedure, the hair grow back over time. But the interval between its conduct depends on which method of hair removal is selected. To get rid of the hair so that it is possible and in a zone of deep bikini. Moreover, it can be done at home. After all, not every one of us is ready to handle on such intimate about a stranger.

 waxing deep bikini at home

What are the ways of deep bikini?

  1. Shaving

    It is the most affordable and painless method of hair removal. You only have to buy a quality razor to prevent irritation. However, such depilation few people want. After bikini - quite inaccessible places. Remove the hair in this area with the help of razor very uncomfortable. In addition, such a procedure will be repeated every 2 - 3 days. And if the hair is growing too fast, and each den.Krome addition, because use of the razor, many are faced with the problem of ingrown hairs. So choose the more modern methods of hair removal. However, there are cases that have neither the time nor the means to use them. At such moments the razor always come to the rescue. Yes, and a lot of time the procedure will not take.

  2. Pincers

    It is also quite old way of removing unwanted hair. No wonder that it is used very rarely. Of course, a pair of tweezers to pluck her eyebrows convenient, but with the bikini area, the situation is much more complicated. Tweezers can be used only to support the accuracy after sex - haircuts, and only in extreme cases. Hair removal with tweezers - it is painful, long and ineffective.

  3. Chemical depilation

    This procedure is carried out with the help of various creams, aerosols, gels and lotions that are sold in stores. Houses prepare them is almost impossible. Not to mention that cosmetic products must be of high quality, especially when it comes to areas of deep bikini. The required amount of depilatory cream, apply to the area of ​​hair removal, wait a certain amount of time, and then remove the remnants of the cream special spatula and rinse with water.

    Choose only high quality hypo-allergenic agents. However, remember that almost all funds for depilation bikini and other body parts have a high acid - alkaline balance. Not every skin will take it normally. And with deep bikini waxing area certainly happen contact with mucous. So discomfort and burning sensation during the procedure you are unlikely to be avoided.

  4. Waxing

    In this way, it has been using for several centuries, and it still remains popular. We differentiate between the use of wax different temperatures: cold, warm and hot. So, how is the procedure wax depilation? Purchase at the pharmacy kits, which include cartridge and wax strips for removing volos.Uchtite that deep bikini hair removal should be used as much as possible narrow size cartridges, which will remove the hair, even in the most remote places. Hair removal cold wax is carried out using the finished strip is coated with them depilatories. They warmed up in his hands, and then stick to the skin and come off with the unwanted hairs. It's pretty painful procedure.

    Therefore, bikini waxing is recommended to use warm or hot wax. However, the second option involves heating the wax to a very high temperature and improper use can result in burns. In order to avoid the negative effects of depilation with hot wax can be done only in the cabin using professionalov.A here for home use is fine warm waxing. The procedure is as follows. Wax is heated to the desired temperature (no more than 40 degrees) is applied to the necessary parts. After it has cooled and solidified, it is glued thereto special strips which abruptly removed, whereby unwanted hair is removed.

    From what temperature the wax used depends on how often you need to perform the procedure. As a rule, this interval is between two weeks to one month. A particular advantage of waxing can be considered the fact that it can be removed not only the excess hair, and horny skin. Thus, after this procedure, you will not only get rid of unwanted vegetation, but the result will be smooth, velvety skin.

  5. Using a depilatory - a special device, which can be purchased at any store of household appliances

    Because - because in the bikini area is very thin and delicate skin, not all the girls decided on such a procedure. However, there is a lot of bold, decisive and at her. The main thing is to do everything correctly and applied before and after the special mitigating cosmetics.

  6. Shugaring

    This is a relatively new method of hair removal, which recently gaining more and more popularity among the fair sex. It is also called "Persian" and "sugar" depilation. For the procedure, you can buy a ready-made set shugaring in store cosmetics or try to cook it yourself. This is a fairly simple process.

    So, for the preparation of pasta, you will need 3 tablespoons of ordinary sugar, 1 tablespoon water and 1 teaspoon citric acid. All components send in a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on a very low fire. Make sure that the mixture is bubbling. It must be as if slightly languish and melt. Over time, light - yellow liquid begins to acquire a uniform texture and dark. As soon as you notice a change in color, the pan with pasta should be removed from the heat and pour its contents into another container. So part shugaring cool down much faster. Please note that the finished mixture should not stick to hands. In this case, you cook it properly.

    So, prepare another dish, which neleyte a little cold water. Moisten hands dial paste shugaring and lubricate it an area that requires waxing. Then Pull back sharply. The procedure is done in small areas. The result - perfectly smooth bikini line. Remember that too long regrown hair, she does not act. It is better to shave, and then, after a couple of days, try using shugaring. With this method you will get rid of hair for three weeks.

  7. Laser homemade depilatory

    This device has appeared recently, but already loved by many women. A couple of years ago, the procedure of laser hair removal was only possible in an elephant. Now only need to buy a special device. Laser hair removal is most suitable for deep bikini. It is absolutely painless. But it stands out among other depilatory treatments that, after her hair grow very long and eventually disappear altogether. Using laser depilatory will forget about such a problem as irritation and ingrown hairs.

 deep bikini hair removal at home

Indications and contraindications

So, waxing this area shows:

  1. If you have unwanted hair.
  2. Due to the professional requirements, for example, models and athletes.

Contraindications deep bikini:

  1. Cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. The presence of inflammatory elements in the skin, especially pustular.
  4. Infectious diseases of viral nature.
  5. Herpes.
  6. Hypersensitivity to the components used during the procedure.

Whatever kind of deep bikini waxing at home you choose, remember that this procedure should be carried out carefully prepare the skin. The hair should not be too long. Therefore, it is not necessary to run itself. If the length of the hair more than 2 cm, they need to be cut with scissors, and only then proceed directly to the procedure. On the other hand, too short hairs removed is also quite uncomfortable.

Before the procedure, wash your bikini area. It is best to use a gentle cleansing scrub containing glycolic and salicylic acid. He not only cleanse the skin from external contamination, but also soften the follicles. This will make the process a lot less painful hair removal. Finally, dry the bikini area and sprinkle talcum powder. This will help get rid of excess moisture.

Caring for the bikini area after depilation

After depilation also try to adhere to certain guidelines. The hair in the genital area have a special function in women. They serve as a kind of barrier to the ingress of contamination and infection of the mucous, thereby contributing to the preservation of a healthy microflora. If you regularly use deep bikini, then for this area require special hygiene and thorough cleaning.

You also need to take care of moisture. You can use special cosmetics. Moisturizers should be treated with the skin and immediately after the procedure. This eliminates the unpleasant effects such as irritation. The first few hours of deep bikini expose depilated area of ​​contact with water. Especially, do not visit the bath, sauna, pool. Do not swim in the sea! To the effects of depilation not have ingrown hairs, each week make a light exfoliation using special cosmetics for sensitive skin.

The rate of hair regrowth depends on the physiological characteristics of women and on what type of hair removal has been selected. But every time the hair will become thinner and grow less and less. And to improve the effect of the procedure immediately after use depilatory cream that slows down hair growth.

As you can see, the procedure of deep bikini can easily hold their own at home. You only have to choose the right method for hair removal and adhere to the necessary rules. After this procedure, you will definitely feel like a queen, even in the most frank bathing suit. However, before deciding on it, weigh the pros and cons and think about what you can expect and the negative consequences.

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