how to increase the nails


  • Types of nails: gel and acrylic
  • We select the desired shape of the nails
  • Varieties gel systems capacity
  • Features gel capacity
  • Materials for nail
  • Nail Design naroshchennyh
  • Correction of nails
  • Removing nails Naroscheny
  • Hand care after treatment capacity

Procedure nail becomes more and more popular among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Materials on how to increase the nails properly enough. This is no accident. Of course, much easier to go to a beauty salon and nails build desired length, rather than wait until they are fully grown yourself. In addition, there are many ways to build. Every woman can choose the most appropriate one. You can not just build up the desired nail length and shape, but also beautifully decorate them a variety of patterns.

Types of nails: gel and acrylic

First of all, try to figure out how to differ gel and acrylic extensions.

Gel - a photo-polymer having a special composition, which hardens only under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Acrylic - a compound of acrylic powder and oxygen, resulting in the formation thick viscous mass from which you can lay out the nails of different lengths and shapes. Acrylic acid is solidified due to evaporation. This process is accompanied by a rather unpleasant odor.

The choice of method depends on the building structure of the nail plate, which depends on the type of skin of the hands. The gel is recommended for women whose nails have dry or normal structure of the nail plate. The gel has protective properties against adverse factors. Acrylic - a universal agent suitable for the fair sex, having both dry and oily nail plate.

However, the disadvantage of acrylic is that, because of its composition contained in the acid, it desiccate the structure of the nail, thereby exerting an adverse effect. The gel on the contrary has a protective and restorative properties to the nail plate.

As for strength, the gel capacity inferior to the durability of acrylic. When mechanical stress the gel breaks like glass. However, modern cosmetology is not in place. Methods have been devised to facilitate strengthening the nail plate through the gel. But acrylic nails still remain stronger. If you break them, only with their own nails.

In appearance acrylic nails quite easy to distinguish from the gel thickness. Due to the fact that the gel capacity produced through special technology S-bend arch, a nail is a little thicker. The procedure allows to build acrylic lay out a thin layer. Due to this, acrylic nails look more natural.

Another advantage is the increasing rate of the acrylic. This material does not require a long drying under UV lamp. Even with the design, build acrylic carried out much faster.

With nail varnish, of extension on the basis of the gel can be removed completely any nail polish remover. Accrued acrylic nails require special care. Never use cosmetics containing acetone. He will destroy the structure of the nail.

A very important difference acrylic and gel capacity is the extent of their safety. This question is probably of interest to many women. From the gel capacity is much easier to get rid of. These nails are cut down by special instruments. Acrylic capacity will have to take potent liquid that ruin the structure of the nail. After that, it will take quite a long process of recovery of the nail plate.

If you are concerned about the cost of the procedure, it must be said that the acrylic material is less expensive. As a rule, gel extensions made for a higher price. However, it all depends on the details of the procedure and how manicurist appreciate his work. It may be such that the acrylic extensions will cost you the same price as the gel, or even a bit more expensive. This is not surprising.

 how to build nails

We select the desired shape of the nails

There are several types of nail shapes that can be achieved through capacity. You can optionally choose the desired shape and length of the free edge. The square shape is created through visual parallels to the sides and smooth tip. Particular attention should be given to the master marginalia. There should not be empty. In addition to the square, there is a possibility to order a round, sharp, kinzhaloobraznuyu form or stilettos. It all depends on your desires and fantasies.

Varieties gel systems capacity

More focus on how to increase the gel nails. After all, this species is more popular among the modern fashionistas than acrylic nails. There are three-phase, single-phase and two-phase gel system capacity.

  1. Three-phase system consists of three stages. The first - the foundation of which is created from the base gel. He is a very liquid consistency and is easily spread. Base Gel some manufacturers has a pungent odor. It serves as a basis for increasing the gel and allows firmly connect with your fingernail. The second phase is called modeling. It consists in overlaying thick sticky gel which is connected to the base. The final stage - the imposition of securing layer. The gel compound for the first and second liquid phase consistency without sharp odor.
  2. Single-phase system capacity. Such a system nail more economical compared with the first. For her, it is necessary to buy only one active ingredient. This procedure consists in applying universal gel containing a substance, which replace the three phases capacity. Due to this, you have to spend on the process much less time and money.

Features gel capacity

You need to know that the non-compliance of the gel capacity may entail dire results. Nail plate exfoliate quickly. Either break the protruding portion of the nail. It often happens that during the procedure under the nail plate gets air, which completely spoil the effect increase.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, stick to clear rules and guidance on how to build up your nails. Quality procedures largely depends on what surface is incremented nail plate. It must be rough and degreased. On the smooth surface of the artificial nail will not last long.

Before we proceed to build, careful manicure. From the cuticle and pterygium need to completely get rid of, otherwise the skin over the overgrown nail plate will prevent the imposition of qualitative and smooth gel. Pterygium - a thin layer of the cuticle, the nail grows. It is virtually invisible to the naked eye. However, it does interfere with neat manicure and capacity.

The effectiveness and quality of the building affects the overall physical condition of the woman. Detachment of the nail plate can occur during pregnancy or hormonal disturbances, against reception of antibiotics and other drugs. Premature flaking may occur in the case of rejection by the body of a certain type of gel. In this case, it is recommended to use a different material for the building. It's easy to pick up an experienced specialist.

Materials for nail

Artificial nails - a rather complicated procedure, we can say jewelry work. After all, even the smallest portion of the untreated nail can lead to detachment of the nail plate. Spend nails at home is very difficult. In any case, the necessary specific knowledge and skills that will teach you experienced. Independently master this science is almost impossible. If you still decided to undergo the procedure to build the home, you must buy all the necessary materials.

  1. The flat brush. It is necessary to build up gel nails.
  2. Brush with a sharp tip for nail using the gel.
  3. Forms for nails. They come in two types, templates and tips. Templates, in turn, can be disposable and reusable. Tips are similar in appearance and functions to the templates. But they are made of plastic and are glued to the nail plate using a special adhesive.
  4. Guillotine - scissors for correction of artificial nails.
  5. Cleaning brush polish from contamination. You can buy special equipment to build or use an ordinary men's shaving brush.
  6. Cleaning wipes for removing the dispersion film and fat from the nail.
  7. The liquid, which degreasing nails.
  8. Several abrasive nail files of different sizes.
  9. Basic modeling and fixing gel (for three-phase gel system capacity).
  10. UV lamp.
  11. Single-phase gel (for single phase system capacity).

It is recalled that should be performed regularly disinfect nail instruments. A cabin must be provided for the sterilization of materials after each procedure.

 how to build up gel nails

Nail Design naroshchennyh

Along with the length and shape of the nails, and it is possible to select the most attractive design. The stylish and elegant looks capacity "french" with the use of combinations of different colors. An interesting variant of nail design - it is the aquarium. Due to this effect is obtained volumetric pattern of different parts: dried flowers, pieces of foil or fabric, sequins, pёryshek, seashells, sand, and even a mini - pictures. It seems that the figure is as if under glass. Due to this, such a design called the aquarium. In the course of a three-phase capacity voluminous material laid before the modeling layer.

You can choose the easiest option, and design - ready to make up your own nail varnish in any color. There are also special acrylic paint, with which you can draw on nails everything your heart desires. Even easier to use self-prepared drawings - templates that can be purchased at the store. Beautifully decorated and serve all kinds of sequins glitory. Remember, however, that the figure should not be too bright and nalyapistym. Try not to overdo it with color, glitter and volume.

Correction of nails

Correction of nails - a procedure that is an integral part of the building. As a rule, the need for it arises after 2 - 3 weeks. However, it all depends on the specific organism. After all, the speed of nail growth is not the same at all. To determine whether you want to make a correction, consider their nails. If the gel from the cuticle otros 3 mm, it is time to do the restoration. To correct use the same set of tools to build that.

The procedure for correction procedures.

  1. First of all, remove the nail and move if necessary regrown cuticle.
  2. We adjust the length of the nail file and nail attach the form to suit your preferences. It may be square, round, or acute kinzhaloobraznoy.
  3. We handle at the base of the nail. So, we are not to file extensions, and your own nails.
  4. Carefully rasp and degrease the surface. We make sure that under the nail plate to not hit the air.
  5. Once the nails are carefully processed, gels can be applied to build - three-phase or single-phase. The choice is yours.
  6. Adjust the shape nail file, eliminating minor flaws.
  7. Manicure and nail decoration.

Removing nails Naroscheny

Sooner or later there will be a situation where you have to get rid of nail naroshchennyh .  You can do it yourself and .  Acrylic capacity can be easily removed special acid, cleaving the artificial nail plate .  Remove nails, Naroscheny using the gel, it will be much harder .  To do this, get a nail file with different abrasiveness .  Guillotine or Tipsorezy carefully cut the free edge .  Make sure the pieces do not hit the nail in the eye .  It is safer to carry out this procedure with glasses .  Once the edge of the cut, begin to remove the very surface of extension of the nail, beginning with the thicker layer .  This is done using the nail file with an abrasive 100 .  When he reached the thin layer, change the nail file on a thinner and treat everything else .  Experts recommend not to remove the gel completely but leave a thin layer, which will serve as a kind of protection for your natural nails .  If all layers are removed completely, strengthen nails special Biogel .

Hand care after treatment capacity

There are many opponents nails. However, in the case of the correct procedures and hand care, no adverse effects are not afraid of you. And speaking of the gel capacity, it even has beneficial effects on the condition of nails. The gel layer is of a kind nail plate protection from external influences.

Make sure to build and correction carried out carefully and thoroughly. In no case do not let air under the gel layer. Such an environment - a haven for harmful bacteria.

Pay attention to high-quality disinfection and degreasing of filing the nail surface. If you saw a gel portion of greenish color, immediately remove the nail and graft Disinfect.

Harm does not bring the procedure of building up and getting rid of artificial nails. Use it only for special materials and cosmetics and follow the instructions.

After getting rid of graft nails regularly use products that promote the regeneration of the nail plate. How would you perform a careful build-up, your nails in any way affected.

Artificial nails - it is very convenient procedure. To it you can resort to if urgently needed beautiful manicure. It can be carried out at home. But this process must be carefully prepared and read at least a couple of articles about how to build nails. Although, frankly, it is better to turn to experienced professionals. For this process it is necessary to use only high-quality materials. In this case, not worth saving. After abnormal buildup can lead to disastrous results. Choose a professional manicure wisely. In this case, as a result of the procedure, you get a beautiful and stylish manicure.

 How to increase the nails: the types and rules