how to increase the nails herself


  • Artificial nails - as the simplest option
  • Building up using acrylic nails
  • Building up the nails with gel
  • How to remove artificial nails at home?

Imagine that you see in front of him a woman with beautiful features, stacked hair, good, expensive clothes. And then you pay attention to her hands and notice that the nails are not well maintained. Immediately smazhetsya all positive impression. Indeed, the way it really is - a modern woman should be perfect in everything - from the hair on the head to the tip of the nails on your feet. But often the cause of the lack of proper nail care is not laziness, or even lack of a sense of taste, and the usual catastrophic shortage of free time.

Today, to help women to a new generation of hand care at home, in particular nails, which helps to simplify the process, but also save time for carrying out follow-up procedures manicure.

For example, the most popular in recent years acquired a nail treatment at home, which allows women to simplify the care of their own nails. In addition, holders of the weak nature of the nails can now easily realize their dreams and build elegant manicure. Also, with the help of real capacity to achieve well-groomed appearance of hands, which adds a certain flavor to the image of a successful modern woman.

But, just as beauty requires sacrifice, and treatments require a significant material cost and a lot of free time. In practice, it turns out quite differently. Money is not enough, and the time to hike to the master to maintain nails perfect condition at all. Therefore, many girls and women have gone to drastic measures - they want to learn how to build your nails at home.

Naturally, for many nail itself, it seems insane idea. But such a view is only for those who simply do not know how to learn to do it. But persistence and perseverance always led only to win. Therefore, spending time and effort, "peresherstiv" a lot of women's magazines and illustrations by visiting workshops on nail, you become the master of itself and be able to put things in their hands indescribable beauty. Not superfluous in your endeavors and become our recommendations.

 as the increase of the nails

Artificial nails - as the simplest option

The most rapid and cost-effective option to learn to do beautiful hands are false nails. It's enough to buy art tips, complete with a special adhesive that is. Understand how to glue the nails themselves help guide to learn elementary recommendations. Keep in mind that not accurately glued nails will look quite aesthetically pleasing and natural. In addition, the tips have a standard form that can not be changed. Most often they do not have the figure, but even if one is present, it is no different imagination and individuality.

Set of false nails is composed of ten plates. The procedure of bonding requires a certain skill. So you have to try the first time to glue tips exactly as glue tends to dry almost instantly, deforming the native nail. Such experiments often lead to the fact that the nails have to be treated. But if you do the right thing, such troubles can be avoided.

The first step to become tipsy overhead farewell to their own long nails. Remember that on the long home nail TIPS bill will not last long. The second step - the removal from your old nail polish, cuticles and hangnails. Nails should be sawed, and wash your hands thoroughly and dry. This is followed by the selection of artificial nails for each finger. Each plate should apply a little glue and spread it over the entire surface. Adjusts to the native nail plate should be gently but firmly, holding for about 10 seconds. Once you feel that the nail is well kept in place urgently remove the excess glue that is sure to deliver from the plate. After all the nails are glued, you can cover them with lacquer liked.

Remove artificial nails yourself, you can use acetone or nail polish remover, a drop that is applied under the plate. Raise the plate is necessary with a stick for manicure.

Building up using acrylic nails

Acrylic - the result of the compound powder and liquid. History acrylic began in dental offices. In the world of cosmetology he came recently. Acrylic nails can be created using special shapes and based on TIPS. Nails naraschёnnye on forms directly formed from the polymeric material. Plus, this technique - is the protection of their own nails from the harmful influence of external factors, and long-term strength of the material. Acrylic nails can last you about 4 months.

By cons include minimal toxicity and rather unpleasant smell during the formation of the nail is not yet solidified mass. After drying, the smell disappears. Acrylic nails can quite easily build their own even at home. Our recommendations will help you in this.

In advance, prepare all necessary materials. These include: dry powder acrylic solvent liquid for degreasing surfaces and coupling of native and artificial nails, brushes and nail files. The whole set of these materials can find and buy in the nearest specialty store. This will facilitate the purchase of your wallet for about $ 100, but these materials will be enough for a lot of subsequent corrections carried home. If you calculate how much you would have managed such procedures are performed using the wizard, the amount would be increased twice.

Before you build nails, carry out a thorough disinfection of the surface of the hand. Manicured nails and their relatives shorten their length. The surface of the nail polish should be of special nail file, and then remove the resulting dust both from the surface of the nail, and with recesses around him. Then the nail is necessary to put the drug, which is responsible for his cleansing, and give a little dry.

Next comes the turn of the form itself - it needs to be carefully set and glue the ends to create the future of the nail. Select a small glass container, pour a little to liquidation and dip the brush in it and press, but so that it has become almost dry. With this type wet brush a small amount of camouflage powder, which as a result has to transform itself into a spiny ball. If the mass is wet, then work with it will be almost impossible.

After the ball soaked Liquid, apply it to the pre-established form. By rolling it over the surface of molds and a short distance from the cuticle (1 mm), is trying to create the desired shape the future of the nail. In this way, continue with the build up until you get the expected result.

With acrylic nails can be extended a la naturel (French manicure), but you will need to use the white and pink acrylic powder. In addition, when using colored powders can create all sorts of imaginative drawings of any complexity, as well as to supplement them with the acrylic paints and various accessories.

When the procedure is complete, using tweezers, carefully remove the mold, treat nail file, grind and polish all artificial nails.

If the increase in the acrylic nail tips, nail art will be given a very neat appearance. Furthermore, this procedure will prevent them from peeling and breakage. To do this, very briefly cut their own nails, washed down their surfaces treated with a primer, choose a suitable and paste tipsy. In order to shorten to the desired length Tipsy should buy special clippers. Cropped Tipsy need to give the desired shape and polish its surface. This is followed directly by acrylic capacity above technology.

After the nail otrastёt (approximately 2 weeks), you will need to make a correction. To do this, washed down the area between the artificial and natural nails, as well as a little nail file to process the remaining surface. If necessary, you can cut down the excessive length of the artificial nail. With degreaser and fluid coupling process the work surface, avoiding contact with the mucous membrane and the cuticle. Further, under the above scheme lay acrylic on the nail surface, simulating the exact copy of the native nail plate. Wait until the material dries out, and then washed down the surface. After that, nail polish until smooth and shiny result. Perform the same procedure with all the other nails.

 both the increase nails

Building up the nails with gel

Method nail with gel is very popular. All this thanks to a semi-synthetic and natural ingredients that are used directly to build the nail plate. The most used material was the pine tar.

In this method, there are positive aspects - namely, the health of the person does not cause any harm, in addition, the gel components have antibacterial qualities. Also as a result of increasing gel nails have a very natural look. More recently, this technique made innovations in a place under their tips silk fabric. Such know-how helps to further strengthen and accelerate nail build procedure itself. Using the gel allows the use to decorate all kinds of manicure materials such as - the beads, crystals, colored foil, etc .. The main thing - your desire, perseverance and imagination. The result - beautiful nails naraschёnnye own hands.

Nail gel method has several negative aspects. The first - the high price of materials. II - destruction of the nail requires complete replacement. In spite of everything, we should remember that there is no interference with the natural processes of the human body does not pass without a trace. At best, you'll get a small nail microtrauma. In the worst - and infectious fungal formation at the injury site of the nail, which are quite difficult to treat and can lead to the destruction and deformation of the nail plate. Furthermore, if the nails increase over a long period of time, which may result in nail dystrophy.

To ramp up the nails with gel at home should first buy saws, tips, liquid-disinfector, primer, bonder, gel brush, an ultraviolet lamp, acrylic paints and brushes for painting.

Before you build your nails at home, make yourself a manicure and shorten the nail plate, leaving only 2-3 mm of the free edge. Then, using saws grind the surface and fix the form in the right place to build. Next, a small amount of gel applied on the surface, since half of its nail and extending to form a selected length.

The resulting layer should be a little dry at Lama and begin to spray the next, departing from the cuticle line about 1-2 mm. Again comes the turn of drying under the lamp, and then you need to carefully remove the stencil and to shape the nail. Next, type in the brush a bit more and spread the gel on the nail, starting from the middle to both sides, but that turned out in the center of the nail mound.

Then you need to turn the hands palms up, and after a few seconds to return to its normal position and dry nails under the lamp. The final shape is given to nails with nail file. The final step will be the opening of the extension of the nail surface of a very thin layer of gel and drying it under a lamp. It is forbidden to wet your hands for half an hour after the final drying.

Correction gel nails at home is a little different from a similar procedure with acrylic.

Thus, after removal of the cuticle, it is necessary, since its area is almost half to remove old gel. The visible surface of the claw his regrown need gash through brute saw blade for better grip with the new gel. Each plate in turn nogotevaya treating liquid for disinfection, primer and bonder then "relaxing" under the UV lamp. The following is the procedure of applying the gel to the area regrown in 2-3 layers, each prosushivaya under the lamp. After the required thickness is reached nail plate, the upper tacky gel layer must be removed with acetone. The shape of the claws to be corrected by a rough and then fine saws.

How to remove artificial nails at home?

Artificial nails pretty easy to remove yourself. Importantly do not rip them with their families. To remove acrylic claws need to have on hand clippers, acetone, foil and cotton pads. Using wire cutters, shorten the length of the nail plate, and the remaining part put cotton pads, generously soaked in acetone. To avoid intoxication acetone vapor, finger wrap with foil and wait 10 minutes. After this time, remove the foil and acrylic residues with a soft nail file. Removal of gel nails application require some effort, so they need to file away with a stiff sawing.

 How to increase the nails herself?