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Probably, every second person in the world faces such a problem like acne on the skin. And most importantly, that the age of this scourge is not an obstacle - pimples appear as teenagers and old people. But are the representatives of different age groups is also not the same. Teenagers know that awkward age often surprises in the form of acne, so just try to ride out this period. The senior category is trying to use more radical methods to eliminate rashes. But there are times when, in his quest to get rid of the problems on their own way of extrusion or by a variety of unproven cosmetic products, many only exacerbate it.

In order not to repeat such mistakes, you first need to understand the causes of acne. Our paper is just dedicated to this, and even to get rid of acne marks. So, imagine that our skin is a sponge, through the pores of which it is not only breathes, but also removes from the body of harmful substances. If this system is not working properly, the pores are clogged, they accumulate all the "garbage", not having the possibility of entering a natural way and start an inflammatory process.

Any inflammation requires appropriate treatment. In addition, not a balanced diet, not enough or the wrong skin care, various malfunctions of the endocrine, digestive and hormonal systems, as well as systematic nervous stress can also lead to acne eruptions.

One way or another, but the treatment and removal of acne does not always lead to a successful end to this problem. Scars, scars and dark spots on the skin can be an unpleasant reminder of the acne. The reason for this can be called a delayed treatment of pustules, independent of squeezing or getting infections and fungus under your skin.

Since acne is formed on the site of inflammation and redness occurs, the body produces a lot of melanin, which focuses precisely in the patient area. The more serious inflammation, the longer it will stay dark spots on the skin and upset its owner. Therefore, try not to squeeze pimples alone and do not run acne. If this could not be avoided, use our recommendations about how to get rid of traces after acne.

 traces how to get rid of pimples


To begin, consider ways of getting rid of age spots in the home - a bright reminder of acne, once the ruling on the problem areas. The market is full of cosmetics various promising proposals for the rapid removal of traces of acne after. But, as experience has shown, more promises is not going. A positive result - an extremely rare occurrence.

More effectively and quickly to deal with traces of acne you can use vegetables and fruit (lemon, tomato, cucumber) and natural products (essential oils and aromatic), which can always be found in stores or pharmacies. To acquire the ingredients should only include time, patience, patience and attention.

The elimination of red spots from acne is very well established product based on green clay and essential oil of rosemary. For its preparation, mix 1 teaspoon of fine clay and a few drops of oil with a small amount of clean, cold water. Receipt of funds put on the problem areas of the skin and soak 12 minutes. After a rinse with warm water. For a stronger effect, grease spots and acne scars after rosemary oil throughout the day.
Get rid of the dark pigment spots from acne will help clarifying mask recipes for a few of which are listed below.

  1. It is necessary to mix 1 egg white and lemon (2 tablespoons juice). The resulting mixture is spread spots, avoiding healthy skin, as it is likely to whiten them too. After 15 minutes, warm water wash follows. Lemon is very good at helping to counter the problem of acne spots.
  2. 1 teaspoon fine white clay mixed with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and a little water until a thick mass. This mask is applied to dot locations stains of acne and aged 15 minutes. After all you need to rinse with warm water.
  3. 2 teaspoons tomato pulp must be carefully rub with half a tablespoon of starch. The mass should be applied only on dark spots and withstand about 15 minutes. At the end of all rinse with warm water.
  4. Good help lighten dark spots from acne rubbing their usual cucumber juice or use a mask of grated cucumber, which is held about half an hour and wash off with warm water.

Besides masks quickly to deal with spots from acne and help to wipe various lubrication. For this you can use tea tree oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, lemon juice come clean garlic cloves. Also worth a try to use a decoction of parsley, which is prepared on this recipe: chopped bunch of fresh parsley pour 250 ml of boiling water and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. Broth to use in a frozen or refrigerated liquid (cubes) form.

Also recommended to wipe the scars and blemishes from acne formulations of various essential oils, some recipes are given below.

  1. In half a tablespoon of olive oil you need to add 2 drops of rosemary oil and a drop of oil of cloves, mint and lavender. Received means further stir and use multiple times throughout the day by rubbing in problem areas.
  2. We need 5 drops of incense mixed with the same amount of oil of lavender and neroli. That means every day spread on patches of acne.
  3. 1 tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar should be diluted at a ratio of 1 to 3 with pure water, and the staff every morning to wipe the spots on the skin.
  4. Every day you need to use a tincture of St. John's wort. For its preparation, pour 2 tablespoons of the herb to 250 ml of alcohol and store in a dark place. The term infusion - about 10 days. The finished tincture simply wipe the stained leather seats.

To remove stains on the face after acne, dermatologists recommend the use of the ointment on the basis of salicylic acid. You can use other means: Ointment zinc-based ointment and ihtiolka sintomitsinovaja also very effective. The ointment is applied to the face for an hour, then wash off with warm water. This cream is sold in any drugstore and is cheap.

Cosmetic paraffin, which is commercially available at any pharmacy - a very effective tool in the fight against signs of acne. Before use, it must be melted and applied to the spot on the face of a point by means of a cotton swab. These points should be fully harden. Only then cooled wax is removed from the face and stored until the next time. Before and after this procedure, it is desirable to use a nutritious, fortified cosmetic cream. Such a method is not suitable for the skin with a distinct Spider veins.

Get rid of acne blemishes on the face mask makes regular use of cinnamon and honey. To cook it, you need to take half a tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. These components mix and apply on problem areas for about half an hour. Rinse this mask to warm water. Incidentally, honey can be replaced by clay green or white, but in this case it is necessary to include in the mask and clean water. Dry cinnamon also has a deputy in the face of the essential oil of cinnamon, but not more than 3-4 drops. People who are not healthy vessels of the skin, should renounce the use of a mask.

Also popular ways you can use the services of a beautician who can offer you several methods to eliminate acne blemishes. One of them is microcurrent therapy. This method is based on the effects of electrical pulses to the affected areas of the skin, blood and lymph vessels. In addition, microcurrent therapy in addition to eliminating unwanted pigmentation of the skin, helps to involve the small muscles of the face and eliminate the signs of aging.

Also, cosmetologists in the fight with traces of acne is recommended fractional thermolysis face, which is based on the impact of the laser beam on the microscopic areas of skin. This healthy skin untouched. This method allows you to get rid of, even from very deep traces of pigmentation.

 how to get rid of traces of acne after


Scars formed after acne, distinguished by shape, color, depth, and the total area of ​​defeat, but the methods of treatment and correction in many respects similar. The goal of treatment of acne scarring is the alignment of the relief skin, eliminating inflammation, normalization of metabolism, smoothing the skin and restore the blood flow in her vessels. Therefore, these procedures are not possible at home, and the application of various folk remedies to deal with this problem does not lead to the desired result. In this case it is necessary to resort to the services of medicine.

If you have decided once and for all get rid of acne scars, you know that at the same time you need to consider your age, skin type, the severity of scarring, and the immune system. That is, the method of treatment in each case be an individual.

To date, the most effective treatment for acne scars is laser therapy. It consists in burning the damaged layer of the skin with a laser. Such damage to the upper layers of the skin causes the body at an accelerated pace to produce collagen, so there is a rapid build-up of new skin. In that case, if the skin is badly hit by the deep scars and acne scars, this method can only improve the skin and smooth out her top layer. But there is no guarantee that the scars will completely disappear.

Also, in some cases, combat scars on the skin can achieve success through the use of the median and deep chemical peel, which takes place in specially equipped rooms and beauty in its basis includes the use of a weakly concentrated fruit, glycolic, lactic and other acids. Their action is directed to a dissolution of the surface layers of the epidermis.

When the above methods do not lead to the expected results, beauticians use mesotherapy. This method of treatment of serious damage to the skin after acne is administered under the skin surface in the area of ​​scar biological substrates, which is filled via intradermal microstructure. In rare cases it is necessary to apply the surgical technique, the essence of which is individually excision of large scars

Practice shows that only through an integrated approach to solving the problem, we can easily get rid of the traces of acne, you can achieve excellent results and bring your skin to perfection.


Any treatment requires preventive action. This also applies to the traces of pimples. Therefore, in order to avoid the emergence of new tracks, should maintain a healthy diet that contains a lot of vitamin E, to use special clothing to protect your skin from the possible re-inflammation, abandon self-squeezing pimples. All of these tips will help you to make your skin smooth, beautiful, blooming, smooth and well-groomed.

 How to get rid of traces of acne at home?