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 How to quickly and easily find the money

 how many pay single mothers


  • Government payments for mothers, including single
  • Payments for single mothers, provided by the city and regional budgets

To properly answer this question, it is necessary to begin to understand what it means to this status from the legal point of view. In other words, which of the fairer sex, raising their own child (ren) has all legal grounds to call a single mother. After all, so often talk about themselves widows and divorced women, those who do not receive any of the official fathers volunteering to raise their children or put under the law of alimony.

So lonely mother is considered to be:

  • the woman who gave birth to a child out of the official marital relationship and paternity is not established whether voluntarily or in court;
  • the woman who gave birth to a baby after 10 months (or longer) after it was canceled an official marriage;
  • the woman who gave birth to a baby in a marriage or within 10 months after his termination, but the fact of paternity was challenged on that there is a corresponding decision of the court;
  • a woman has no legal marital relationship, but adopt or adopt a child.

Here is how the status of a single mother treated all legal documents. In other words, are women whose children have no official father. Their birth certificate in this column is a dash, or with the data recorded from the words of the mother. Therefore, neither divorced women or widows can not call themselves the same way. The same applies to those moments when the father of the child is deprived of legal rights to raise children. In each of these cases has its own mechanisms of state aid, for example, the enforcement of alimony benefits upon loss of the breadwinner, and so on. But to claim the payments required single mothers, these women can not.

Now a closer look at the question of how much of the Russian Federation receives a representative of this category of citizens. The first thing to emphasize that a single mother has the same rights as a woman who is legally married, so she put all of the required allowances associated with pregnancy and the birth of the baby. However, their amounts may be slightly different in a big way. This relates primarily to additional payments from local budgets, which are often different depending on the region.

 many single mothers are paid per child

Government payments for mothers, including single

For a start it should be noted that all federal benefits related to pregnancy and childbirth in 2013 was used a factor of 1, 055. Therefore, their amount increased by 5, 5%. However, these payouts can count only those women who became mothers this year or are going to become them. Restatement of prior period is not carried out. So, let's turn to the actual federal payments and how much they now account.

Lump sum

On it are entitled to work or dismissed in connection with the liquidation of the company of women, students, or employees who advance go to the hospital to get registered for pregnancy for up to 3 months (12 weeks). This type of benefit is paid at the same time, which is necessary in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, if the expectant mother is a certificate from the women's clinic, along with other documents giving the right to maternity leave. Or ten days, if it is done later. Such women receive payment at the place of work, study or performance of duty. As for how much it is in terms of money, then in January of this year, the amount of the allowance is equal to 490 rubles 79 kopecks.

The benefit associated with pregnancy and childbirth

This type of benefit also relies only working, employees or students, and women paid the sum total for the entire period of maternity leave, is as follows:

  • 140 calendar days for uncomplicated childbirth;
  • 156 calendar days for delivery by caesarean section or other nuances;
  • 194 calendar days in the case of twins or more children.

Driving it is accrued in 2013 has changed. For the calculation shall be the final salary of the two calendar years before, which fell due decree. This amount is divided by the total number of years for these days. But now, one should exclude periods of temporary disability and additional output for the care of a disabled child. Thus, the maximum allowable amount of payments related to pregnancy and childbirth, if they were not complicated and resulted in the birth of a child, will be 186 986 rubles 80 kopecks. Student of this type of aid is granted on the basis of the size of their scholarships. Women who lost their jobs due to the liquidation of enterprises and registered at the Employment Center, can also count on the maternity payment in the amount of 2 290 rubles 35 kopecks.

Benefit for child care, which is under fifteen years

With regard to payments for child care, the maximum monthly amount of it for women who are pregnant to an employment relationship, is 16,241 rubles and 14 kopecks. Housewives can count on 2 453 rubles 93 kopecks, if it is a first baby, and for the second and subsequent children account for 4907 rubles and 85 kopecks. Women, including single mothers, lost their jobs in connection with the liquidation of the company, paid about 9,815 rubles 71 kopecks.

Lump sum associated with childbirth

This type of benefit can count all the women who are mothers, regardless of whether they worked or not. Its size from January 2013 is 13 087 rubles. If a single mother is employed, she receives a payment in the workplace. Otherwise, it should apply to the body for social protection and to submit all the necessary documents.

Maternal capital

This type of benefit is provided only once and only in the case of a birth in women, including single, the second and subsequent children. Maternal capital not issued the sum of money in his hands. They can be disposed of only when the child turns three years. These tools can be sent to:

  • improvement of living conditions, for example, to repay the loan for an apartment or a house;
  • children receive education;
  • accumulation of pension for mothers;
  • payment of kindergarten and school.

If a single mother, like any other married woman wants to receive maternity capital, it should apply to the local authority of the Pension Fund for the appropriate state certificate and provide all the necessary documents. The size of the parent capital in the current year will amount to 408 960 rubles 51 kopecks.

Tax Deduction

A working single mother is entitled to double tax deduction until such time until the child is eighteen years old, and if they continue their education this benefit will continue until twenty-four years. Its size is 2800 rubles. For a disabled child who is dependent on a single mother, a deduction is necessary in the amount of 6 000 rubles.

Benefits in Sick Pay

If a sick child working single mother needs her care in a hospital, the benefit depends on the length of continuous employment of a woman. With regard to outpatient treatment, it is paid in the first ten days, depending on seniority, but on the eleventh day is charged at a rate of 50% of its earnings from part-time and independent. If the child of a single mother is under the age of seven, the allowance paid to her for the entire treatment period, and later to fourteen years inclusive, it shall be entitled to compensation for the hospital fifteen days (in the absence of a medical opinion on the need to extend care).

 many single mothers are paid for two children

Payments for single mothers, provided by the city and regional budgets

Each entity that is part of an integral part of the Russian Federation determines additional payments for mothers, including those for singles. Tell all these benefits in each region there is no possibility. Therefore, a closer look at the central part of the country, namely in its capital. The Moscow City Government has provided the following benefits for this category of citizens.

  1. Lump-sum compensation payment

    If the complete family or a single mother's first child is born, the amount of the allowance is equal to 5 500 rubles. On the second child and each subsequent pay 14,500 rubles. But in order to confirm its right to receive the money, it is important not later than six months with the necessary documents to apply to the local authority for the social protection of the population.

  2. Additional lump sum related to the birth of a child of young parents

    This type of benefit are able to receive the parents, which at the time of visiting the family the baby is under thirty years. Among them are single mothers. The size of the payment is calculated on the basis of the Moscow city government received a living wage. For the first child of the benefit is five times the size of the minimum for a second - a seven-time and in the future - a tenfold. Make a payment, please contact the local authority on social protection.

  3. Benefit for families with minor children for income

    Single mothers monthly pay extra money for the kids (ages birth to a half and three to eighteen years of age) in the amount of 1 600 rubles, provided that the household income is below the subsistence minimum. If a small child is one and a half years, but not yet three, the payment is 3 200 rubles.

  4. Compensation due to the rising cost of living

    This manual is about 750 rubles for families with income below the established norms. If the dependent is a child of a single mother, whose age does not exceed sixteen years, or a child studying in institutions of general education program, it is entitled to rely on this kind of aid in the above amount. If the level of income above the amount of compensation will be 300 rubles.

  5. The benefit due to the increase in food prices

    Cash payments made under this item in respect of the rising cost of food. They rely lone mothers when their children reached the age of three and did not depend on what is the level of income single-parent families. The amount of payments in monetary terms is 675 rubles.

  6. Payments on the basis of disability

    This type of aid is necessary, if a child who has not attained the age of eighteen years, living with a lone parent unemployed with disabilities first and second groups. He is 6 000. The same is entitled to receive a single mother, and if she is caring for a disabled person under eighteen years of age or a child having this status from birth until he is 23 years old.

  7. Payment for the accommodation of a contract of employment

    This type of benefit applies if a single mother living with a child who does not have three years in the non-privatized apartment. If the three children, the size of the payment is 100% of the mandatory fees for housing, but not more than 6400 rubles. If two children, then offset by 70% of the amount, but the limit is 4400 rubles. Having one child gives the right to 50% of such benefits, but within 3 200 rubles.

In our country there are a number of benefits provided for women who do raise their children and have the status of single mothers. For example, a newborn child from a parent families must provide free clothing sets, if the kid has no one and a half years, his mother does not pay for the cleaning and removal of food waste in the community. She is also entitled to preferential service to the dairy kitchen pediatrician prescription, it must provide a discount of up to 50% on certain medicines. Children of single mothers are free to eat in the school cafeteria.

And that's not the whole list. In most regions, as is the case with the capital, has its own benefits, for example, at the level of local councils and mayors. In order to clearly understand how much and what exactly benefits to single mothers obliged to pay under the law, they must apply to the local authority on social protection of the population. It was there that authorized personnel to acquaint them with the rights and give exhaustive answers to all their questions.

 How to pay for single mothers: allowances in 2013

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