damned wretch


  • First step: change clothes
  • We gain confidence
  • This bitch will never

Meaning of the word "bitch" in recent years has acquired a new meaning. If earlier it sounded like an insult, it is now perceived as a compliment.

Bitch - a confident woman, gathering the views of men, but strong and independent enough to not need them.

If you are thinking how to become a bitch, this information is for you.

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First step: change clothes

If you are not destined to be born a bitch, then it can become. Prepare to be that you need to make a lot of effort, because you need to change not only the look but also the views, thoughts and lifestyle.

But let's start with appearance. The most important rule - hide flaws, emphasize the advantages. You have a great ass? In your wardrobe must be things, it underlined. Not perfectly straight legs? You just need to choose the right skirt length and style, and this flaw nobody paid attention. Things should not be like a gray mouse, and beautiful, stylish, properly combined with each other.

If the selection of a wardrobe there is a problem, then you need to seek help. But not to her friends, they are well advised to - why do they need a friend, outshining their beauty. Seek professional help. Of course, they have to pay, but you'll look good! In the wardrobe of bitches have to be skirts, dresses, heels, beautiful lingerie.

But the same clothes for a chic appearance a little. Looking for the right hairstyle and makeup. If you are not able to be painted at all, complete a special course, there will teach you not just beautiful, but to make up as you go. Haircuts, hair coloring should be done at the hairdresser. It is not necessary to go to an expensive salon, well-cut and simple can hairdressers, most importantly, to find his master. And remember, bitch never goes outside with unwashed head nevyschipannymi eyebrows, with peeling paint on the nails. In all bitches always perfect. Initially, it will be difficult, will have to get up earlier, but it's worth it.

 to change the image of the beginning
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We gain confidence

The hardest thing in reincarnation in the bitch - have confidence in yourself, especially if it never existed. Your new wardrobe will help you with this. you begin to catch views and receive compliments. Suppose that at the beginning of the familiar. But this is only the first step! Then there will be more.

But only a new image of the work can not do, it would be too easy. you do need to make truly that you are very beautiful. Then the devils in the little eyes sparkle. Come to the mirror every morning, treat yourself, put the task every morning to find a something new, something beautiful. But we must at the same time to be honest with you. Bitch will never say, "Wow, what a beautiful cellulite! ". Bitch will do everything to be able to say: "What a beautiful hip, a single gram of cellulite! "

Sport helps gain confidence. After all, he tightens figure, eliminates flaws, stresses dignity. Well, and gives vigor, freshness and good mood.

A good way - a photo shoot with a professional photographer. Find a good photographer and a good studio. Let your hair done, make-up, create different images. Hang pictures on the wall and admire its beauty!

 Acquire self-confidence
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This bitch will never

  • not wear ripped tights, even under jeans;
  • It does not run in heels, even if in a hurry;
  • It does not turn on whistles and hooting men;
  • do not wear underwear, pants resembling his grandmother;
  • It does not lose self-esteem.

Bitch it is difficult, but possible. Little effort, patience, money - and the whole world will be at your feet!

 How to become a real stinker

 causes of gambling addiction


  • Compulsive gambling and its formation
  • Compulsive gambling: the methods of treatment

Gamblers and gambling - a pathological addiction to gambling people in the casino, bookmakers, gaming and computer clubs, lotteries. This is often the pursuit of game, accompanied by a nervous breakdown and leads to mental disorders. Dissemination of advertising for quick and easy win, pleasant pastime in gambling establishments has done its job.

 Treatment of gambling addiction

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Compulsive gambling and its formation

People began to visit the casinos and bookmakers. Some play for the sake of a quick and easy win, the other - to relax and get away from the daily routine, and others - from the boredom of family life, the fourth - for self-affirmation. The reasons may be many, and they do not always lead to the desired result. Compulsive gambling, like alcoholism and drug addiction, destroys man.

During the game there is a relaxation, a sense of emotional comfort, and as a result, people tend to over and over again in the casino and gaming clubs to distract from the real life, not realizing that they are gradually removed from reality. Compulsive gambling - it is a serious social problem, which represents a threat to the part of the population, which are located near gambling establishments, as well as have access via the Internet to virtual gambling. The man did not immediately become addicted to gambling, and they may not be. Depending contribute to the development of certain factors, both psychological and social.

Getting used to the game is very fast, sometimes for several weeks.

Man bets, wins or loses, and then bets, but does not think that they could lose not only money, but also mental health. Compulsive gambling is developed in 4 phases: win, loss, madness and hopelessness. The win - when they think it will last forever and luck favors. The loss - which can fight back and get even losing money.

The madness and hopelessness - when all is lost, there is no money and nowhere to take them, the loss of not only material resources, but also of work, family, friends. This not only leads to serious mental disorders, but also to suicide. Compulsive gambling is becoming a major component of human life, and this leads to the risk of losing all social contacts.

 treatment of gambling addiction knigoterapiey
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Compulsive gambling: the methods of treatment

Treatment of gambling - a process long and difficult, but achievable. A man obsessed with gambling, need support and support not just relatives, but also skilled professionals - therapists and psychologists, in conjunction with medication. A good tool in the treatment are the different variations of individual and group therapy. The most effective methods of treatment: behavioral, psychoanalytical, knigoterapiya, rational psychotherapy.

Also effective treatment for gambling players are anonymous societies where people share with each other their own experiences out of a state of dependence. Compulsive gambling - is the bane of modern society. Gamblers Way cure is not related to dissuasion.

 How is the game dependence and treated

 Design of curtains

Many believe that the phrase "design curtains" - is properly chosen materials, fully in harmony with the rest of the interior space, and the best use of fabric yardage. But behind these words lies a huge amount of nuances, which the customer is not required to know and understand when accessing services for curtain designer, his wallet was empty, and textile design premises feast for the eyes.

If you do not want yourself to study the market of fabrics, you look for a suitable texture and ornaments, to calculate footage, coming up with the design and lay out the pattern, then without a qualified professional assistance is indispensable. Specialist easily pick up high-quality fabrics that are resistant to fading and abrasion. The specialist will be able to take into account the type of space and feature curtains.

Interior Designer cause the least, after all finishing work and preferably with existing furnishings, so that he could pick up as accurately as possible the texture and color of the fabric. Therefore, the "miracle designers' ready to start work on a single design project from the architect, you definitely do not fit. Haste in this case to anything.

The designer should not only present the project, but to take into account all the details to calculate that during the execution of the order to the customer does not come to new or revised estimates. After agreeing on a draft agreement is signed, which clearly state the amount of finished products. If the designer missed something, for example, I do not have to catch it, it will be entirely on his conscience, and at his expense. About any additional payments on your part can be no question.

After signing the contract and the prepayment your order goes to work. This is a behind the scenes curtain`s any salon or textile design studio, because you will never see and never know who will lay out and sew your fabric. Many fabrics can be very difficult to sew, and then a handyman, who will repair clothing and footwear will return to the former view is not exactly suitable. Therefore, respecting the company have their own sewing shop or seamstresses, or working at home, at work as they believe, and can vouch to the client.

Also, the designer always tell you how to look for a new piece of furniture: to shoot, hang, wash or clean.

So, ready for production, the designer arrives at a sample of curtains, if the service was provided. When new curtains have taken their place, you need to take the work done. What should pay attention:

  1. The length of the curtains. If you select a design to the floor, the bottom edge should be smooth and lifted off the floor to a height of 1, 5, 2, 5 cm.
  2. The upper edge. Pay attention to the way the curtains are attached to the eaves, if there curves seams.
  3. Inspect all the tissues, because if not ironing or steaming - the fabric is very easy to mess up.

If you are satisfied, and shortcomings in the technical part, no, we congratulate you with the fact that the order was made by a professional designer Interior.

Vyacheslav Akulov, interior designer «StoreHof»

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