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  • How to lifting mask
  • Express mask with immediate effect
  • Supplement to the lifting mask massage for better effect

Eternal youth - that is the deepest desire of any of us. Not in vain for her famous Egyptian queen bathed in milk, and that certain representatives of the feminine did in the bloody Middle Ages, and remember scary! It just so happened that our age is mainly changing the face: you can save up to sixty or even seventy years of a great figure, but if you do not pay attention to the face, the effect will be one-sided. Who wants to back and look in the shadows of a young nymph, and in daylight to lose a large part of the charm?

Fortunately, we had to help lift home. The main thing - remember that such procedures require regular and comprehensive approach. You have to understand that after the initial rapid effect may occur visible pause; do not get discouraged and keep regular procedures, and in two to four months, you will see great results.

 lifting mask at home

How to lifting mask

First, consider the simplest version of the egg-based lifting. For oily skin proteins are excellent chicken or quail eggs, dry - yolks, which not only tighten the skin, and soften it.

  • The mask of egg

Making such masks is simple. First you need to clean the surface of the face. Then, breaking the egg yolk to be divided and the protein and put on the face with a cotton swab as possible over the desired portion of a thin layer (depending on the skin type). After waiting for ten minutes, apply a second coat, wait a full point and apply a third coat.

The skin should be carefully pulled away. Then wash off the mask with warm water, wet your face and apply nourishing cream. The same procedure should be repeated regularly over a month and a half, the effect of it will surprise you pleasantly. In such a mask is not necessary to mix additional ingredients, as they may interfere with the mechanics of the process.

  • The mask of aloe

Another recipe for effective and versatile lifting mask at home. Almost every house on the windowsill is a wonderful plant, whose medicinal properties can not be overstated. To make a mask, should be cut into small pieces of leaves, yarrow, wrapped in two layers of foil, put into the fridge for fifteen days.

Get Jelly shift into a sterilized glass jar. Apply the gel to a pre-moistened skin need a day, leaving the composition on the skin for about fifteen, twenty-five or thirty minutes. Rinse residues jelly Aloe need cold water. The duration of this course must be at least one and a half months. You can combine with egg masks, alternating procedure. All you can start to hear compliments from friends, feeling twenty years younger.

  • Mask of honey

Popular masks for facial rejuvenation based on honey. Honey in general is beautiful in a variety of influences. Especially good mask of honey and yellow and red fruits or vegetables that contain vitamin A, is responsible for skin elasticity. Try to mix equal parts honey and flesh of peaches or apricots, apply the resulting mixture to your face and leave a dense layer to soak for twenty minutes. Instead of the fruit can be used grated carrot or a tomato without skin. Use these compounds should be several times a week, alternating, for example, with masks of gooseberry. Gooseberries are best suited for dry skin, but there are recipes that are suitable and owners of oily skin.

Here is the recipe lifting mask, which is suitable for normal to dry skin: take two large spoon of gooseberry berries, mash them with a spoon or pestle, pour half a glass of slightly warmed milk. Strain and add a thick mixture of vegetable oil, not more than a tablespoon. This composition for ten to twenty minutes, apply on the face, remove using strained milk. For oily skin fit the same recipe, only milk should be replaced with dry wine or low-fat yogurt in the amount of a quarter cup.

  • Mask of olive oil

Of course, each of us remembers about the healing properties of olive oil. His Estheticians often used when you need to pull up, and even rejuvenate the skin, it helps smoothly. For example, you can finely chop a small bunch of dill, take a tablespoon of the resulting green mass, add to it a teaspoon of olive oil. Then you need to grind one or two tablespoons of Hercules flakes and gradually add to butter oatmeal and fennel. The result should be a thick paste, which must be applied to the skin of a dense layer for twenty minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Or take the tomatoes, clean it from the skin, chop and add to the weight of half a teaspoon of olive oil, then apply the mask on your face and wash off after half an hour barely warm water.

  • The mask of cosmetic white clay

It is a good way to maintain the beauty and youth face at the proper level is a cosmetic white clay. Masks with her very popular with professional beauticians, because its impact is invaluable, and the application of it is very simple. It can be purchased at any specialty store or a pharmacy.

Take two large tablespoons of clay, add a large spoonful of freshly squeezed grape juice and drip seven to eight full-length drops of wheat germ oil. Apply on the face of a dense layer of the resulting mixture, leaving twenty minutes or twenty-five. Very gently rinse composition and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Or take the juice of one small lemon, mix it with a teaspoon of honey sparse, white clay, add a big spoon. Apply the product on clean face, leave before drying; when the mask is completely dry, wash it off with lukewarm water. Finally, wipe the skin a refreshing tonic.

  • Herbal Compress

Instead of the usual masks, you can use herbal compresses. Pour a tablespoon of dried chamomile, sage, dill or parsley cup of boiling water and immediately close the container with a green lid. Do not touch the mixture for fifteen minutes, let it brew good. Then strain and divide the substance into two parts - one cool and the second, on the contrary, heat. With gauze alternately applying them to the problem areas on the face - usually it forever, "bags" under the eyes and chin line. Perform this procedure with the compresses every other day for two and a half months; do not stop half-way, real results will appear in fifteen to twenty sessions.

 lifting at home

Express mask with immediate effect

There are, of course, a mask with immediate effect. For example, the mask of flax seed, which is prepared as follows:

  • Linen Mask

Grind flaxseeds in a coffee grinder, a teaspoon of the resulting powder not fill with water and boil for five minutes. Cool. Put a thin layer on face and leave on for ten to twenty minutes. Remains remove the mask with a cotton pad. Look in the mirror and smile!

It is the universal mask for a face lift. There is a "quick" recipe for oily skin:

  • The mask of green cosmetic clay

Take a spoonful of green cosmetic clay, a sheet of plain cabbage, half a cup of cream, egg, half a teaspoon of honey sparsely. Bring the cream to a boil and immediately pour the cabbage leaf; after waiting some time, grind it into pulp, add to it the remaining ingredients, mix properly and apply on face. After ten to twenty minutes, wash your face with cool clean water.

Both of the above are good recipe for rapid effect - they should be used before important events. The effect of these wonderful, but, alas, quickly. For a good, stable action is better to use regular courses masks, possibly alternating between them. Please note that before making a particular mask need to check whether you have allergies to any of the components. For this small amount of the disputed matter put on the crook of the elbow and wait a few minutes. If at this point there was redness, irritation or discomfort simply choose the best of any other structure for future mask. To risk in such cases is not worth it!

 lifting mask at home

Supplement to the lifting mask massage for better effect

Of course, for a perfect mask effect is best to complement the usual self-massage and peeling. The latter can be done by using special means finished, but you can make yourself at home natural remedies for skin cleansing. As exfoliating agents can be used crushed oatmeal, coffee, sea salt, sugar and many other substances that help to remove dead cells from the skin surface.

Self-massage improves blood circulation, supplies the skin with nutrients and enhances the facial muscles. It is necessary to massage several times a week, just five to ten minutes. There are a few basic movements:

  1. Massage the forehead - traffic coming from the eyebrows to the hairline, run your fingertips.
  2. Massage the cheekbones: at the top - from the nose to the temples at the bottom - from the chin to the bottom of the ear, in the middle of the traffic coming from the center of the upper lip to the ears.

Each movement should be repeated eight to ten times. In combination with lifting mask facial massage is very effective. Repeat this procedure regularly, take the time for yourself, and your skin will be young and beautiful very long time!

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