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  • Facial scrub. What it is?
  • Purifies oily skin
  • Cleanse dry skin
  • Clear the combined skin
  • Clear the normal skin

The beauty of a woman's skin often depends on the care of her. Of course, there are lucky to begin to care for themselves after only thirty are found in the corners of his eyes a couple of wrinkles, but, alas, the average woman should think about taking care of your skin much earlier. Creams and masks solve problems with moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles potential, but without particle effect exfoliation of dead skin will be incomplete. After all, youth - it is updated.

Anyone, even the most effective cream (which, by the way, should not be abused) improves the tone of the skin, whitens and moisturizes it, but does not remove unwanted dead skin particles. What is the way out of the situation there? Peeling! It is of several types - mechanical, hardware, chemical. Which of them prefer to you, but in this article we take a closer look most home peels, because a good facial scrub the easiest way to cook itself, thus avoiding worries about its composition.

Of course, now ready means any specified component, but usually include several types of vegetable hides a dozen long Latin names, each of which would be worth to drive a string of search engine, and carefully study what effect these components have on the unprepared body. But such a perspective few people might like!
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Facial scrub. What it is?

Scrub - a cosmetic product consisting of a soft, caring framework and abrasive component. In the role of the latter may be a ground coffee, salt, crushed bone or carefully fragmented shells of nuts, and much more. As a base can be used for cosmetics or neutral clay gel.

What's the point of use scrubs, you ask? The fact that this tool removes dead skin particles from the skin and starts the metabolism, thereby your skin look young and healthy.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that the facial scrubs have to be much softer than the body, or, say, five. Otherwise, the effect may be unpredictable. As mentioned above, a good scrub - is the one that you have prepared yourself. In this case, you can adjust the degree of grinding of abrasive particles, focusing on the state of their skin - so you will minimize the likelihood of damage to the skin.

Before you can use at least one of the following recipes, make sure you are not allergic to the estimated components. To test raises questions ingredient to the inner side of the elbow, apply a small amount and leave it for a while. If there is the slightest sign of irritation or redness, choose another recipe, free of allergenic substances for you. Do not risk your health and beauty in vain, no matter how attractive it may seem wrong to you the recipe!

As with any cosmetic procedure, peeling very rarely versatile: choose the part you need with an eye on your skin type. It should also be understood that the slightest skin disorders (sores, irritation, etc.) are contraindications for the procedure. You should not get involved too and scrubs in the pursuit of eternal youth: excessive peeling, alas, traumatize the skin.

It is best to use them in the evening, because after this procedure, the skin needs to rest and recover, it is easier to do at night. In addition, after peeling is not recommended at least some time out in the sun to keep clean skin damage and burns.

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Purifies oily skin

Unfortunately, oily skin is considered the most problematic cosmetologists. In the summer of trouble are the most obvious: there are black spots, enlarged pores, unpleasant shine ... A legitimate scrub helps to solve some of these problems. We share with you the most effective recipes compositions for the treatment of oily skin:

  • Yoghurt and yeast

Ingredients: a tablespoon of plain yogurt, lemon juice and carrot juice, dried yeast, vegetable oil. The last ingredient is not necessary to add, if the facial skin is very oily. Mix all the ingredients, apply and massage for twelve minutes. This vitamin facial scrub helps to remove the shine and, best of all, gives the skin a matte finish.

  • From strawberries and salt

Ingredients: Three teaspoons fine salt, softened three medium strawberries, fresh is better, but in extreme cases will go and frozen, two spoons anyone what you like, vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, sesame). Mix the ingredients, then soft circular motions apply the mixture on your face. Massage a few minutes and leave the mixture to a light drying. Rinse with lukewarm water.

  • Yogurt, rice and cereal Herculean

Ingredients: rice, oat flakes (a tablespoon), a little plain yogurt. Grind in a coffee grinder, dry ingredients, yogurt diluted to a state of sour cream. Apply on the face and massage for several minutes. How should I wash and apply a care cream.

  • Kiwi or vegetable oil

Composition: small kiwi, some vegetable oils. Soften the fruit, add the butter, gently apply on face and massage. Be careful with this recipe: Kiwi - very pungent fruit, as long as it too far, you can injure the skin. On the other hand, facial scrub from it very effective.

  • From lemon juice, honey and bran

Composition: two large spoons of liquid honey, the same amount of lemon juice, a half teaspoon of wheat bran. Warm honey in a water bath, add the remaining ingredients. Apply on the face, massage for five minutes, then rinse with enough hot water.

  • Yogurt and coffee grounds

Ingredients: a large spoon of coffee grounds, the same amount of yogurt with no additives. Mix and apply on your face, massage with little pressure for two minutes. Wash.

Regular exfoliation is the case with oily skin will effect, which is difficult to imagine. Such attention and care your skin will accept a bang. First, reducing the amount of inflammation and rash, secondly, the shine will be significantly reduced. The main thing in this case - not to relax and continue to perform the procedure without stopping as soon as the first results.

 a good facial scrub
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Cleanse dry skin

Dry skin of the face is not less of a hassle than a combination or oily. It's just a completely different problem. Unfortunately, the ones who have this type of skin aging before others, if you do not start to take care of themselves in a fairly young age. The basic principle of care for dry skin - to give her as much moisture. For this purpose, a variety of means, which retain water in the cells of the epidermis.

Owners of dry skin is not necessary to wash more than twice a day, and it is desirable to use a special cleansing milk. Do not ignore scrubs, they are very important for dry skin, but do not need to resort to this procedure more often one or two (this is the maximum!) Once a week. Here are the best recipes for scrubs for you:

  • From banana, honey and sugar

Composition: three large spoons of fine sugar, ripe banana, a small spoon of honey, a quarter of a small spoon of vanilla extract. Mash the banana, add the remaining ingredients, put on your skin and massage a few minutes. The main difficulty with this recipe is to resist the temptation not to eat the mass is peeling. In any case, make a double batch!

  • Milk, cottage cheese and orange and lemon peels

Ingredients: a teaspoon of dried crusts of orange and lemon, pre-shredded, twice cream, a few drops of milk. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, rubbing movements to put on damp skin, how to massage. Rinse with lukewarm water.

  • Honey, eggs and chopped almonds

Ingredients: carefully crushed almonds in the amount of one tablespoon of the same amount of liquid honey and egg. Mix in a circular motion and slowly apply the mixture to your face, which leave it for five to eight minutes, and then how to wash.

  • Mint, brown sugar and ginger powder

Ingredients: brown sugar (two tablespoons large), a tablespoon of olive oil quality and fairly liquid honey, a little chopped mint and powdered ginger. Mix, then massaging the face, apply the mixture, briefly leave and wash it with copious amounts of water is not too hot.

  • From grapes and Herculean flakes

Ingredients: six or seven mashed grapes, a teaspoon of crushed Hercules flakes. Stir and leave to swell. Apply on the face of the finished part - you can massage the skin, but very gently and not more than five minutes. After the procedure, a mixture of wash.

  • Sour cream and sea salt

Ingredients: a teaspoon of sour cream and sea salt. Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture to massage. This simple facial scrub is very good against peeling. If you do not have cream, it is permissible to use a vegetable oil or cream - the way you like.

Home to care for dry skin - do not overdo it. This is especially true scrubs: as practice shows, is easy enough to damage the surface of dry skin peeling superfluous. However, if done in moderation, the result will make you happy.

 Best facial scrubs
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Clear the combined skin

Another problematic skin type. It is, as can be inferred from the name, a combination of dry skin on the temples and cheeks and oily in the so-called T-zone. The main problem in this case - the need to combine the two types of funds for the care of a skin. The good news is that with age, the combined skin type can change normal. Scrub this type must be sensitive and should not contain an alkali. They can be used not more than three times a week. You can do such formulations:

  • From breadcrumbs, milk and baking soda

Ingredients: black or gray crumb of bread, two tablespoons of sour milk, two teaspoons of baking soda. Pour milk crumb, add soda and stir. Having prepared a scrub, apply it to the water-wet face and gently massage the skin really. This is the most effective facial scrub with combination skin. It moisturizes dry areas and deep cleans fat. It should be used twice a week. This composition is enough for deep cleansing, combined with proper care and creams this scrub gives amazing results.

  • Strawberry, honey and almond oil

Composition: large spoon softened strawberry, half a tablespoon of honey and the same amount of almond oil. As can be mixed, applied to the face, and gently massaged for a few minutes. Then gently and rinse abundantly.

  • From orange peels and yogurt or kefir

Composition: large spoon milled orange peels, the same amount of unsweetened yogurt or kefir. Mix, apply makeup to the skin. Massaging two or three minutes, paying special attention to the T-zone. Wash.

  • From cottage cheese, rice flour and sugar

Ingredients: a tablespoon of cottage cheese and finely ground rice flour, half a tablespoon of oil (vegetable), sugar in the same amount. Mix and spread the mixture on the face and massage for two or three minutes. It is best suited for this composition winter mixed skin care since fatty components create a protective film on the skin.

  • From butter, walnuts and quail eggs

Composition: two spoons (more) ground walnuts, two small spoons of butter, two egg yolks of boiled quail eggs. Melt the butter and mix with the other components, apply slurry on the face, gently massage the very and leave for ten to twelve minutes. Liberally wash.

  • From Hercules flakes, milk powder and mint

Ingredients: half or two tablespoons of Hercules flakes on a large spoon of milk powder and mint. Grind with mint flakes in a coffee grinder, add the powdered milk, diluted with a little water, put on the surface of the skin, massage a few minutes, rinse. This invigorating facial scrub can be used in the morning, he was very mild, and also improves the complexion.

Proper care of mixed skin eliminates potential problems and make your life easier. No matter how complex the task may seem, I get a little bit of patience, and your face will thank you even color and elasticity.

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Clear the normal skin

This is a rare and virtually trouble-free skin type, which is most common in young adults (although it happens that the combined skin, as we already mentioned, to adulthood turns to normal). If you are lucky and you have this type of skin, remember to cherish it. The best news: their skin first serious wrinkles appear only after thirty-five.

The most serious error made by many owners of normal skin - is an overabundance of care. This is unacceptable, because it spoils a healthy normal skin, making it more capricious. In fact, this type of skin requires thorough cleaning and easy to care funds. And, of course, a periodic peeling. But do not use even the best (as you might think) scrubs more often than once a week. But the compositions of scrubs, which are suitable for you:

  • From orange peels, Hercules flakes and cream

Composition: two large chopped orange peel, the same milled Hercules flakes and chilled cream. Mix ingredients so as to obtain a slurry, which is massaged to be imposed on the face and leave to dry. Rinse the cleaning composition of cool, but pleasant to the skin with water, then apply a light moisturizer.

  • From Hercules flakes and almond oil

Ingredients: a large spoon of ground Herculean flakes, a small spoon of almond oil. Mix, put on for twenty minutes, a little massage. How should I wash.

  • Milk, ground barley and lemon juice

Ingredients: a teaspoon of milk and ground barley, two teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix until smooth and put on weight over the face and leave for ten to fifteen minutes. As the massage, wash abundantly.

  • Brown sugar and vegetable oil

Ingredients: a teaspoon of brown sugar, and any vegetable oil. Mix, massage two to four minutes, wash your face with cold water.

When used properly, these scrubs normal skin will become soft matte, cleansed properly and for a long time will please you with its freshness and beauty.

Which of the recipes to choose, of course, is up to you. But above all, do not forget to specify the correct type of their skin, or the best and most effective facial scrubs will not bring the expected result.

 Scrubs: how to ensure that young skin