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Absolutely every girl's dream, regardless of her age, lifestyle or profession - an ideal, smooth and radiant skin. Even those who are not too concerned about their appearance and who does not think about the make-up and style, sooner or later begin to worry about how their face looks. That is why it is very important to know how to ensure your skin competent care. Today we'll talk about how to make a good facial scrub at home, taking into account the particular characteristics and skin type.
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Features Facial Scrub

What is peeling, and what it is usually used? Scrub - a tool whose purpose - a mild exfoliation, removal of dead, old cells, preventing the skin renewal. Of course, in the process of washing we also cleanses the skin by small scales, but such care is not enough. In addition to the rhythm of modern life, when the environment is not very clean, skin care is even more important.

Many girls use the scrub to comprehensive care, but do not know how to properly use them, and eventually cause even greater harm to the skin. Of particular importance is the first type of skin. For example, if you dry it, then such purification it needs less than fat, which requires purification means such two-three times a week. Many of the same, in spite of this feature, "tormented" scrub your face every day.

The composition of any scrub includes abrasive particles in combination with mild base. This complex mixture has a mild exfoliating effects. Abrasive scrub composed may be both natural and synthetic. In the first case, use all kinds of fruit stones, such as olives and peaches, as well as sugar, and even coconut.

What is the difference from the scrub peeling? Using scrub, you can get rid of even the most old cells, while peeling - means softer, which can be used daily. Generally speaking, a peeling effect on the skin due to its chemical composition, but the scrub - due to mechanical effect. Pay attention to the label of the product, buying it in the store if funds are available in the stone fruit scrub it, if citric acid - peeling.

Please note that any scrub - is a powerful means of influence on the skin, and therefore resort to using it on a daily basis cosmetologists do not recommend. Otherwise, you may end up over-dried and damaged skin that will age faster than it could be. But if the blood vessels close to the surface, or you are suffering from skin diseases, then, before you apply the scrub, first consult your doctor cosmetologist.

He washed with scrub, you remove the remnants of make-up and excess sebum, and dirt, while softening the basis of protecting your skin from inflammation and damage. This achieves an integrated effect. After you clean the skin scrub, metabolic processes are restored normal blood flow, resulting in the epidermis is better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, it becomes soft and gets a fresh new look.

Of course, the cosmetic industry today allows you to choose among a huge variety of scrubs and peels, but it is better to opt for natural - Prepare a cosmetic house. This method is useful not only for those of you who want to save money, but also those who suffer from allergies and fear reactions to the unknown cosmetic ingredients. However, before you consider recipes scrubs, let's reveal the features of this home cosmetics.

 facial scrubs at home

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Homemade Facial Scrub

Not always homemade facial scrubs can replace professional cosmetics, but, despite this, the home scrubs can be safely used as an excellent supplement. The easiest way to prepare such assets used food. Firstly, they will not cause harm to the skin, and secondly, it will provide the power and deep hydration.

The base may be honey, cream, fruit paste, cream or cosmetic clay. If the skin is dry, give preference based on more fat (cream or sour cream), but in the case of oily, problem skin is better to choose a fruit pulp. However, if there is inflammation in the skin and they are too visible and vibrant, long run, the use of a scrub is better to postpone and to consult a doctor, dermatologist or beautician for professional help in getting rid of acne, and only then use the creams for skin care.

In the summer when it is hot outside, use a scrub more often than in the fall or winter. If you have dry skin - once a week, with a fat - three times. It is recommended to apply the scrubs in the evening, better at all before bedtime. Why tonight? After peeling the skin it seems a little inflamed, red - it is unlikely you will want to go in this way on the street. And the effect of makeup applied before going to bed, above, as the epidermis the most oxygenated.

Through the cleansing of sensitive, dry skin, exercise extreme caution. No need to be pressed into the skin peeling, movements should be soft and smooth, to avoid damaging it. In principle, this rule applies to any cosmetic application. Before you use a scrub, wash your face with cool clean water, using a cleanser for your skin. Not bad, if you will wash decoction of herbs. Hair hoop, remove or assemble in the tail - the temples skin should be slightly stretched. To further open the pores before applying a scrub soak soft towel in hot water and gently press down to face rasparivaya skin.

Rub the scrub into the skin better with two fingers but not the whole hand. Especially gently massage in the area of ​​the lips and around the eyes, because it is very easy to stretch and damage. You can make a little extra movement on the cheeks and forehead, and chin - is accumulated twice as much dead skin cells. Then, when a person is cleared, the tool must be left still for ten minutes.

During this time, all of the components that make up, absorbed into the skin and moisturizing it. Now wash your face, using the infusion of herbs or cool water, gently dry it with a towel. Lightly wipe the skin lotion or a small ice cube. And at the end of the procedure Treat the skin soft nourishing cream.

 how to make a facial scrub at home

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Recipes scrubs: preparing cosmetics house

Now the most interesting thing: it's time to discuss recipes scrubs, which can be easily done at home, using conventional foods. The first option - it is a mask scrub of honey. It is necessary to warm up two big spoon of any honey, using a water bath. No need to bring to a high temperature. Now remove the honey from the heat, and a little cool, add the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of wheat bran. This cleansing mask is useful to do for those who suffer from pimples and blackheads. After a few treatments you will notice that the skin is now more soft and fresh.

Scrub with milk and oatmeal for dry skin. Prepare scrub, you can: Take three tablespoons of cereal and chop them. Now add milk or cream and stir until creamy. Apply scrub on the need to clean skin. Wash off after ten minutes.

Continuing with the recipes for homemade cleansers, is said about the cucumber, which is ideal for normal or oily skin types. Grate one cucumber and mix the resulting mass with a large spoon of oatmeal. The mixture should insist twenty minutes. In face leave for five to seven minutes, rinse with warm, then cool water.

You can also cook Carrot-oatmeal peeling, squeezing carrot juice and mixing it with oatmeal. The resulting mass should swell slightly. Such scrub left on the skin for fifteen minutes. This tool will be useful for delicate, sensitive, a little dryish skin.

For all skin types scrub is perfect with cheese. You will need a bit of milled rice (a small spoon), two large spoons of yogurt and half teaspoon of olive oil. All components of the mix, a little warm up. Scrub ready, and you can safely use it!

Special attention should scrub with coffee, which has a special value because of the excellent effects on the skin. Prepare him is simple - just collect the thick remaining after brewed coffee. Please note that the grounds should not be too dry: let the top protrudes slightly liquid. These add a little cedar oil (two or three drops), all mixed.

Apply scrub on your skin light, accurate movements - the coffee can easily damage it. After applying means let another ten minutes to provide all of its effects. Not a bad variation of the coffee scrub - scrub with coffee and cheese. Just add in the thick of the same amount of high fat cheese. This option is shown for those whose skin is dry.

And the last, sweet scrub to prepare which need five spoons of sugar, combined with a package of whipped cream. Mix the ingredients together and apply on the face. Just massage the skin, rinse agent, using warm water. Then rinse skin with cool water to bring it to the tone.

The above recipes makes it very easy to cook homemade cleansers for the skin - it does not require special cosmetology skills. But, despite the cheapness and ease of such cosmetics, the effect of its use is noticeable at once - skin is radiant health and cleanliness! Facial scrub at home - it is an alternative to expensive cosmetics; so why pay more, buying funds at expensive stores? Combine competent skin care with proper nutrition, then your appearance will be irresistible!

 Facial scrub: skin care at home