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  • Initiation into the secrets eyelash
  • Materials needed for the beauty salon at home
  • Getting Eyelash
  • Everything has two sides

For women visit beauty - an exciting event, especially when it comes to eyelash. No one can guarantee quality results, as it depends on many factors: the skills and experience of the master, the quality of the materials used (adhesive lashes). It is quite another - eyelash in a warm home. A woman can relax and mentally prepare for the procedure and the patient, as the process itself will take a lot of time and effort. Besides, deciding on eyelashes at home, you can save considerably.
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Initiation into the secrets eyelash

Before you undertake such a responsible procedure as eyelash extensions, you need to understand some of the subtleties. Depending on the thickness of a hair, and material build-up, the following types:

  • Mink;
  • Sable;
  • Columns;
  • Silk;
  • Silicone.

This list can include lashes from natural human hair. They are manufactured in a special treatment. These cilia are very elastic and light, they will not burden the eyelids will not create puppet effect. They can, without any harm to increase even at a very stubby and chipped cilia. They are recommended for very frail and thin lashes, which the procedure is contraindicated capacity.

"Mink", "sable", "columns" - it's just the name of synthetic analogues. The fact is that each type has a certain thickness, which coincides with the thickness of the pile of a fur-bearing animal. The most light and thin eyelashes are considered "mink". They are great to build on the fine hairs and help to create the effect of natural, not made up, but the fluffy eyelashes. "Silk" and "columns" a little thicker "mink", yet they are the most popular because they allow to achieve a result of her painted eyes, which exempts from applying makeup everyday.

"Sable" - on the contrary, have a thick hair and are quite heavy. Suitable for owners of healthy, but rare in nature cilia. Increasing "sable", you can visually adjust the shape of the eye, and give the look of depth and expressiveness. Thus, sorting out the varieties of eyelashes and determine the state of your own, you can proceed directly to the nail home.

 application process
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Materials needed for the beauty salon at home

To become eye "center", eye-catching enough about 50 cilia. In this case, the amount will be incomplete, but naturally.

To heighten the effect, you can use about 80 hairs. Focusing on the value of your own lashes, you need to pick up three lengths of hair. Short cilia (to the inner corner of the eye), medium (for the main part) and long (to the outside corner).

You will also need glue, made from natural resins. It can be black, which is used for dark eyelashes and transparent - to the light. It is important to purchase a quality product, it is advisable to buy only in specialized shops or salons. In the market of such "things" do not look, as it is likely to spoil their eyelashes and get a strong irritation. In addition to a core set, you will need:

  • Curved forceps or tweezers;
  • A needle or toothpick to separate the eyelashes;
  • Adhesive tape (paper);
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Cotton pads.

For added convenience, you can prepare a piece of glass or a dish in which you can "squeeze out" the glue.
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Getting Eyelash

Sleight of hand and a sense of proportion - usually the main building. Before you begin the process, you need to thoroughly clean the face and eye makeup on. It is advisable to wash with soap and water, of course, to degrease ever. The next step - "neutralize" the lower lashes. In order that they do not stick together with the top hairs and do not interfere with the growth, they need to stick with adhesive tape to the lower eyelid.

Pasting lashes is necessary in the direction from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. It is important to alternate the length of the cilia.   First, the long, medium and short then. To do this, using tweezers to take a single hair or a beam and a dunk in the adhesive base. If a lot of glue, you must get rid of the surplus - to hold cilium glass or saucer. Then the needle to separate the desired eyelash and glue it on the top or side (between the lashes) artificial at a distance of 1-2 mm from the beginning. Increase should carefully cilia are constantly dividing, preventing them from bonding together.

In the case of unsuccessful gluing enough to moisten the hair with oil and wait a while. Then he comes off easily, but we can not use it, we must take a new one. So cilium of cilium, minute by minute, and the result will not be long in coming. The main thing - is to keep the symmetry. Eyelash home - a very painstaking work that requires attention and concentration, as well as a sense of proportion and sleight of hand.

 right eyelash
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Everything has two sides

His eyelashes - good and accrued - beautiful. Eyelash home has both pluses and minuses, based on which, the woman will be able to make the only right choice for themselves. Benefits:

  • The expressive eyes, lush and long eyelashes, which will hold more than one week with the correct capacity;
  • The opportunity to attend bath, sauna, swimming pool and do not worry about that ink will flow or fall off the cilia. It is only important not to overdo it;
  • Eliminates the need to do eye makeup;
  • No need for twisting, as eyelashes and without bending. In addition, it is possible to choose the power of the navel;
  • It is safe for the eyes, except for individual intolerance of some of the elements that make up the glue.


  • Do not use cosmetics, which include various oils;
  • Do not rub the eye when washing frequently touch the eyelids and eyelashes, as they quickly osyplyutsya;
  • Should sleep on your side or back, otherwise the hair is broken or severely deformed;
  • After building the "native" lashes are less expressive and require additional care.

Thus, to be irresistible and fascinate his view of others, quite a bit of patience and time. Knowing all the nuances of this fascinating procedure can achieve gorgeous results at home. But do not forget that every coin has two sides.

 As the eyelashes yourself at home?

 strengthening oil eyelashes


  • Why do we need oil for eyelashes?
  • Effective recipes: the advantages
  • As an effective means to prepare yourself?

Beautiful Eyelashes also require care, as well as skin, hair and nails. The expressive eyes depends on the condition of the eyes. Many people want to have beautiful, long, thick lashes, but often after the use of cosmetics, they begin to thin, become thin and brittle. Here can help cosmetic oil for eyelash growth, their restoration and strengthening, which can be easily done by hand at home.

But for long, beautiful eyelashes need to properly care to permanently preserve their natural condition. At all times, women have used a variety of means, ranging from crushed coal to dangerous lead compounds to view gained expressiveness and mystery. Modern beauty of this is used for ink, but the result is the same: the cilia become thin and very weak. Therefore, beauticians recommend daily care with natural, natural remedies.

 Oil for eyelashes
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Why do we need oil for eyelashes?

So why do we need oil? The fact that the composition of cosmetic oils for the care of lashes with vitamins A and E. These include castor oil, almond oil, rose oil, promote the growth and restoration of the natural state, anti-aging eyelashes. Mixtures of essential oils in well-chosen ratios allow you to effectively neutralize the negative consequences of the use of cosmetics, relieve irritation on their chemical composition.

Even the best and most expensive mascara can not provide adequate protection, so every day is necessary not only to use creams for the skin, but also the means to care for her eyelashes, eyelid skin.

Cilia - are living hairs, which also need proper nutrition to be beautiful and shiny. Vitamins as part of care oils help to provide them with everything necessary. Without proper care of your lashes will be dull, sparse, lifeless, but look - expressionless.

Types of oil for eyelashes

For eyelashes today used a variety of oil, but more often a mixture of care, which should contain:

  • castor oil, which strengthens and improves growth, contributes to the fact that the eyelashes stopped quickly and in large numbers to fall. This is the best tool in this list;
  • peach kernel oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn, burdock - they all contain the necessary vitamins and nutrients that are needed so your eyelashes to be shiny, elastic, long;
  • Dog rose, flax and coconut oil are used for hydration and nutrition;
  • wheat germ oil, cod liver oil, almond oil usually contains a mixture of elements, which is used for daily care;
  • Rose oil is added to remove the swelling around the eyes, skin rejuvenation century.

Most of the funds for the care and added extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe, parsley, sage, cornflower, carrot juice and other ingredients.
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Effective recipes: the advantages

At home, you can use a variety of means, including cosmetic oils, vitamins, capsules, rose hips, decoctions of chamomile, sage, black tea. At the same time to select which is best remedy is difficult, since each of them has different effects, the recovery of growth, the strengthening of eyelashes, making them longer or more fluffy.

Here are some mixtures which can be very effectively used at home:

  • oil balms eyelid skin and eyelashes. Such mixtures can not only strengthen the cilia, but also remove the swelling around the eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, their unhealthy color. To do this, mixed in equal proportions infusion of chamomile, calendula, conventional castor oil. Apply the mixture on the eyelashes and eyelid skin at night before going to sleep all the excess removed;
  • compress eyelash consists of equal parts of aloe juice, castor oil and heavily chopped parsley. Within a month, the mixture should be applied to the eyelid skin and cilia light, patting motion. This compress helps to relieve swelling, restores the fabric;
  • herbal lotions to moisturize lashes and nutrition concoctions made from chamomile, sage, cornflower or a simple tea leaves;
  • for the growth of the eyelashes using a stimulant: take in equal parts almond, castor, olive, burdock oil, fish oil and a few drops of vitamin A and E. The mixture is poured into a small bottle, it must be used every day for a month;
  • growth of eyelashes, you can use a mixture of oil teaspoon burdock and castor oil, vitamin E, three drops of aloe juice (fresh). Apply makeup every day before going to bed two hours. Before going to bed should be removed by the oil;
  • Castor and sea buckthorn oil in equal parts is used to soften lashes, applied it to two or three hours, enhances cilia, making them very fluffy;
  • at loss of eyelashes applied rosehip oil. The mixture is prepared in such a way: rose hips crushed, add a tablespoon of the mix, mixed with burdock and buckthorn oil (about two tablespoons). The resulting mixture is placed on ten days in a dark place. The resulting oil is necessary to lubricate the cilia before bedtime, the excess removed.

Using oil for eyelash growth, we must remember that the means applied in any case shall not be exposed to the mucous eyes!   Rinse with such oily film is very difficult, it causes irritation, swelling around the eyes. Therefore, be careful, use cotton buds and special brushes for the application of funds prepared.

 application of oil on lashes
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As an effective means to prepare yourself?

Many faced with the fact that after the use of poor quality cosmetics mascara or eyelashes are beginning to look very bad, they can easily break off, begin to fall, and the skin looks inflamed eyelids. But do not panic right away, even at home with such a problem can be easily and quickly deal!

You can make an effective and simple mix-based products that can be bought at any drugstore. It will require:

  • vitamins gelatin shell;
  • conventional jar of castor oil;
  • cosmetic almond oil;
  • cosmetic avocado oil or jojoba oil;
  • a small syringe and needle sharp;
  • bottle from the old carcasses (thoroughly washed);
  • a small plastic container (you can even use the cover of shaving foam).

We start doing our mix with the preparation of an empty container from the carcass. The thing is messy and prolonged, but our prepared vehicle can take with them, even just throwing in her purse! After that, take the pack with vitamins, took one capsule, carefully pierce it with a needle and merge oil in a prepared plastic container. Then add to the vitamins a little castor oil (just a couple of drops!), Almond and avocado. Thoroughly mix the mixture and type it into syringe. As a result, we should have 2 mg healing oil for eyelashes, which need to carefully pour into a jar of ink.

Apply the product to the eyelashes at night, you should do it this way: twenty to thirty minutes a brush to apply oil, then remove all of its excess with a cotton swab. The recipe is very simple, but its effectiveness will simply amaze you!

Get thick, beautiful, long eyelashes strives every girl, but how to achieve this? Quite simply, now in a variety of commercially available oil for the growth and repair of cilia, they can even make their own hands available, available in every pharmacy tools! This can be used for a variety of cosmetic oils, vitamins A and E. After a few days of use you will make sure that your cilia become fluffy, long and very beautiful!

 The effective oil for eyelashes?