castor oil for eyelashes


  • Castor oil: what it is
  • Efficacy castor oil
  • How to use castor oil

Care for lashes is as important as the care of hair or skin. The daily application of mascara with a habit not to remove makeup at night, use a variety of tools for drawing and curling eyelashes - all this makes them brittle, thin and eventually leads to hair loss. Even the girls who advertise mascara, often have quite big problems, and sometimes even loss of eyelashes, because of the constant need to use cosmetics. Seductively curved, thick eyelashes commercials - not that other, as an ordinary deception. There are folk remedies that allow your lashes back health and strength, while not spending a lot of time and money. For the care of problem eyelashes and their growth is sufficient to use conventional castor oil, also called castor oil.
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Castor oil: what it is

Castor oil is obtained from the seeds of castor beans. These seeds are poisonous enough, but in ancient medicine, castor oil is used inside as a laxative. Traditional medicine, the tool gives purifying, regenerating and whitening properties, using it is recommended to remove papillomas, warts, age spots and treat a number of quite serious diseases.

Externally castor oil - a viscous yellowish liquid. As part of its many useful acids.

It should also be noted that castor oil is useful only when it has been obtained by cold pressing.

It is this oil to be used in cosmetic procedures, otherwise it has no moisturizing and nourishing properties. It should be noted that, before using castor oil, it is necessary to test for individual intolerance. It is desirable to do it on the sensitive area of ​​the skin, for example, on the inner side of the elbow. Redness and itching say the high sensitivity of the skin to this method, and from its use in this case it is better to give up and use to grow and strengthen lashes other folk remedies.

 castor oil to accelerate the growth of eyelashes
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Efficacy castor oil

Because of what is castor oil is considered the best for regular care of eyelashes? The reason lies in its chemical composition. This oil each component works to ensure that the lashes have become beautiful and healthy:

  • saturated fatty acids, which return a dark color, restoring the pigment inside. With these acids lashes will become much brighter, and can even dye ink;
  • Linoleic - polyunsaturated fatty acids, which promotes nutrition and rapid growth;
  • monounsaturated fatty acids, which moisturize the structure and restore all the damage, making lashes strong and powerful.

Given such a complex effect, which gives castor oil, it becomes clear why it is considered the best. Action other oils can not be as effective as they can not act on those features which are important for normal growth of eyelashes. Of course, the castor oil to the lash can be combined with other ingredients, but it is still the best.
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How to use castor oil

Buying castor oil, which will be used to grow eyelashes, we must understand that it can not be applied with your fingers, and even without taking off makeup before the procedure. For the application of castor oil is best suited brush from the carcass. Before using this brush should be thoroughly washed to her there was no remnants of the old carcasses. Of course, you can buy castor oil in bottles with a special brush that is designed for this procedure. Brush dipped in a bottle, it is necessary to spend more time along the entire length of eyelashes - just as during the application of mascara.

Inflicting 2-3 layers should be carefully wet eyes with a tissue or cotton pad to remove excess. Best of all this procedure should be followed in the evening before bedtime and in the morning to thoroughly wash eyes with water or remove the remnants of castor oil with the help of some good makeup remover. Castor oil is best to use several times a week, while it can be applied to the skin, and age of the lash line.
The first results of the systematic application of the tools you will notice a couple of weeks - the lashes will be much longer and thicker. A month later it will not have to paint them with ink as they are already going to be very long and beautiful.

After castor oil has been applied to the eyelashes, do not expose them to stress: it is impossible to go out under the scorching sun or the wind, do not smoke, dousing their harmful nicotine, do not prepare food in the kitchen.   If these rules effect of the use of castor oil may be totally lost. It is possible that the neutral and negative feedback on the castor oil, which was used for the growth and strengthening of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, due to these factors.

 The use of castor oil for the strengthening and growth of eyelashes

 Almond Oil for eyelashes


  • The composition of almond oil
  • Application of almond oil in the care of the eyelashes
  • Other uses

Chic eyelashes - one of the hallmarks of an attractive woman. Any representative of the fairer sex dreams that cilia were thick and long. After all, it attracts men's views and is the envy of competitors. Cosmetics, in turn, gives a visible effect and thus causes tremendous harm. Frequent use of cosmetics leads to slower growth of hairs. They fall out and become rare. To lashes acquired its natural beauty, them must be constantly looked after. The naturalness gives a lot of advantages, the main of which - the ability to be beautiful even without makeup.

Different oils are very popular in cosmetology. They penetrate the skin century nourish hair follicles, leading to the activation of the lash. After frequent use ciliary hairs are thick and fluffy. Procedures should be regular, then the result will be noticeable within three weeks. In the care of the eyelashes is very valuable almond oil.

 almond oil for eyelashes

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The composition of almond oil

Almond oil in cosmetics is considered the most valuable product. It is a colorless liquid, sometimes with a yellowish tint. Get his way of pressing and bitter almond. This all-natural product. Means hypoallergenic and has no contraindications. It is used in hair care, skin, growth of eyelashes, and even in the fight against cellulite. It has moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect, but also has smoothing properties. It is composed of organic acids, minerals and proteins. It contains vitamin E, also called "vitamin of youth", as well as vitamin F, contributing to an increase in the rate of growth of eyelashes and hair. Vitamin A - another no less important component of the tool. It gives shine and smoothes the surface of the eyelashes and the hair.
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Application of almond oil in the care of the eyelashes

Almond oil makes the eyelashes strong, thick and beautiful . It is perfectly increases the growth of new hairs by making them thicker and more attractive. Also moisturizes the skin around the eyes. Use this amazing tool can be for removing makeup. Just soak a swab in warm water and add a few drops of this miraculous means. Spend it on the inside edge of the eye to the outside until you remove all the paint. Almond oil is not greasy, and therefore lashes from it do not stick together. Avoid contact with eyes, because not a pleasant feeling.

In order to achieve maximum results, the procedure must be regular. Before applying almond oil a little better podogret.Nanosit it on the eyelashes can be a cotton swab after removing makeup. Dip the wand into the oil and apply on the growth of eyelashes. 15-20 minutes is enough to get the result. At night, it is desirable to wash off. Furthermore, almond oil in a small amount - 1-2 drops can be added in the ink itself.

 use of Almond Oil
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Other uses

Masks on the eyelashes of almond oil is best done in 2-3 days. Besides almond the mask may also include other oils linseed, olive, castor, burdock, grape. You can mix them, proportioning or use almond oil as a main. The mixture can be added Vitamin E and oil-based.

Even if you have the nature of thick eyelashes, the prevention will not be superfluous, because there is no limit to perfection. Every woman loves to take care of themselves. And there is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty. And you can achieve it by using natural ingredients. Forget the false lashes and extensions: these procedures have a negative impact on these cilia, because after the removal of the native eyelashes almost nothing remains.

 Almond oil: ideal for the growth of eyelashes