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  • The causes of facial hair in women
  • Removing the antennae house modern cosmetics
  • Removing hair from woman's face traditional methods
  • The efficacy and safety procedures for hair removal face in beauty salons
  • As it is impossible to remove facial hair

For many women, excess facial hair in the form of quite clearly evolved antennae, white, or, even worse, a dark gun at her cheeks, sideburns, and even a hint of a beard - a real problem. She can pursue a woman with a fairly young age. To understand how to get rid of facial hair, you can only understand the reasons for their occurrence.
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The causes of facial hair in women

The cause of excess facial hair in women is quite simple - it is in hormones. All processes in the female body are controlled by hormones, but not always their development takes place properly. It is known that female hormones - estrogen and male hormones - androgens are produced in the male and the female body, but in the male body produce more male hormones in the female body - more women. But in some cases it fails.

When hormonal failure in women occurs overproduction of male hormones, which leads to many negative consequences, and in some cases even require serious treatment. Understand facial hair is a serious deviation or just a cosmetic defect, simple enough - you need to remember where they were and whether these have close relatives.

Genetic predisposition to high levels of male hormones is not fraught with danger to health, but in this case the facial hair in girls appear already in 12-15 years, but then begins a struggle with them. To deal with such a defect can and should be, because the woman does not have to face a beard or sideburns. The sudden appearance of excess facial hair can both testify to small failures in the production of hormones and have a hint of the appearance of cancerous tumors or tumors on the genitals, then treatment is necessary. In any case, one of the negative manifestations of male hormones in the female body are dark hair, or simply abundant vegetation on the face and sometimes on the chest, back, abdomen, which is usually dark hair in women does not happen.

Get rid of interfering hair can be beautiful, the people, or applying cosmetics, both in the salon and at home, although some are not very advanced cases is possible and less radical way - lightening facial hair for the purpose of camouflage. All the methods of getting rid of hair have both clear advantages and disadvantages, so women tend to have to sort through all of them until it finds the best option for themselves.

 removal of antennae sugar paste
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Removing the antennae house modern cosmetics

Hair removal female persons at home can make a number of ways. Not all of them are pleasant, but still the beauty above all else.

If sparse mustache, you can simply pull out existing hairs with tweezers, as well as harvested for food eyebrows. But in this case we need to seriously take care of the hygiene and means for further treatment of the skin.

The area above the lip, where are located most frequently unwanted hair is very sensitive, so it is very important to treat the skin after hair removal, not to start an inflammatory process in the area of ​​torn hair bulb. To hairs escaped less painful to do massage skin lightly and apply ice for about 5-7 minutes to reduce the sensitivity of the treated area. Next, the skin should be degreased with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

You need to pull out the hairs one by one, so as not to traumatize the skin greatly. After the desired result has been achieved and antennae disappeared again necessary to treat the skin with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to prevent infection. The final touch in this version of hair removal - is the application of a soothing cream. If a woman's skin is very sensitive, it is necessary before applying the cream rinse it with warm decoction of chamomile, which will dry and soothe the skin.

This method of hair removal from the face quite rezultativen as a hair removal is enough to carry out once a month. In addition, you can use cosmetics chemical industry, but it is worth to say that they give less long lasting result. The most commonly used methods include hair removal with wax. The choice of wax to remove hair from the face is quite wide, but the removal procedure is not pleasant, but the result is kept for no longer than a week.

Hair removal using wax is justified when there is a thick facial fuzz, whiskers or fast-growing bushy mustache, which simply can not be removed, pulling one hair. Such a process helps greatly when you need to get rid of hair fast. In addition, you can use the cream for hair removal, but in this case a woman needs to be extremely careful, because these creams do not all fit. Use these creams is simple - you need to apply a small amount of the substance in the selected area and wait a few minutes, then rinse the cream to repeat such action is necessary every 2-3 days.

 hair removal wax strips
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Removing hair from woman's face traditional methods

Some women get rid of unwanted vegetation solely folk remedies, and it is worth noting that some popular recipes are really effective and deserve the attention of the fair sex. The main disadvantage of the use of traditional methods of removing hair from a woman's face is the need for long-term use of such means to get the result, but the result is more stable.

In that case, if the owner of excess facial hair filaments are thin and dark color, you can use the composition based on hydrogen peroxide. To prepare the mixture will need 1 teaspoon of 6% hydrogen peroxide, 5 drops of ammonia, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the problem area. This procedure should be performed every three days. Hair brighten considerably and will not be so evident after the first application, and within a few weeks of use of the composition of hairs is almost cease to grow.

After a month since the beginning of use of the composition necessary to waxing or creams to get rid of existing hair in the future composition can be used once a week to slow the formation of new hairs.

In addition, to remove the hair, you can use the solution rivanola. The solution was prepared on the basis of chamomile decoction with the addition of the above product. In order to achieve the result you need to wipe face with cotton wool soaked in a solution, and in two weeks you can forget about this trouble, like the hair on a woman's face.

In addition, you can spend the sugar hair removal. To perform this procedure, melt 2-3 tablespoons of sugar with a small amount of citric acid. Best of all at the first hair removal to add no more than a gram of citric acid, which is the tip of a knife. The prepared mixture should be cool to warm conditions and apply on problem areas. Waiting for complete hardening mass, it is necessary to remove one sharp movement. Such a procedure is, of course, quite painful, but the result lasts for more than 2 weeks. Furthermore, this method of removal is suitable for even the short hair growing on the face.

 removal of antennae
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The efficacy and safety procedures for hair removal face in beauty salons

If you wish, you can use the achievements of modern cosmetology, having quite expensive hair removal treatments in the beauty salon. Many women are concerned with the legitimate question: how such procedures are effective and whether they are safe. Most of the cabin are held epilation and laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is the process of impact of the light beam on the hair follicle. With this method of hair removal effect is qualitative enough only if the woman is enough light skin and dark hair themselves, if not the case, carry out a hair removal is almost always pointless. Nowadays, of course, there are more subtle methods of hair removal to help remove even lighter and thinner hairs, but such devices are present not in every beauty salon, and in the search for a suitable interior can spend a lot of time and money. In addition, this method of hair removal is not for everyone, but its effectiveness is quite high. Treated by this method hair follicles stop growing.

There are a few unpleasant moments of this procedure. Holding hair removal does not guarantee that more facial hair will not grow as those hair follicles which are dormant, and a lot of them, sooner or later activated. As a rule, the effect of hair removal lasts from 1 to 6 months, after which the procedure must be repeated.

Laser hair removal is about the same principle, but as an active device performs laser. Women who have this procedure, note that it has a lasting effect, although it is more expensive. These methods of getting rid of facial hair in women are considered to be completely safe, but only under the condition that the procedure will conduct a professional.

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As it is impossible to remove facial hair

Of course, every woman gets rid of unwanted facial hair in accordance with their preferences, but there are methods that are simply unacceptable.   One of such methods is shaving unwanted hair in women. On the one hand, it is the easiest and also painless way to get rid of so hated facial hair, but on the other hand, a few women like to be the owner of barbed bristles. With shaving, of course, you can quickly remove the hair, that's just a way to remove stimulates their growth. Hair will not only grow faster but also with frequent shaving they become thicker, growing up in record time, at an incredible length. If a woman does not want to become a bearded, shaving should be abandoned.

If antennae hair removal performed using the cream and appeared uncomfortable during use, it does not cost more to use it, even if the initial result was excellent. The fact is that the discomfort and burning may indicate the development of an allergic reaction, so even if no particular trouble does not appear the first time the application, repeated application of the allergen can lead to extensive rashes, and visiting a dermatologist will not be avoided. The pursuit of beauty, and get rid of excess facial hair women do not forget about your health and the consequences of the procedure.

 Removal of unwanted vegetation from a woman's face