scar removal


  • Removal of scars in modern medicine
  • Using laser
  • Mechanical removal of scars
  • The use of steroids and cryotherapy
  • Application of grinding and peeling
  • Folk remedies to combat scars

There is a famous expression that the scars adorn men. For any woman scar - a cause of reduced self-esteem. It does not matter, where it is located. Scar becomes the main purpose of the women suffered.

Scars or scarring (this is the same) occur after burns, injuries, diseases and various surgical operations. When healing the wound edges are beginning to shrink, change the shape of the tissue. If the scar is compacted over time, it fades and becomes invisible, you are dealing with normotroficheskie scar. If the scar is below all of the surrounding tissue - it is an atrophic scar. When scar protrudes above the surface of the skin - a hypertrophic scar. The most difficult scars occur after burns. In medicine, they are classified as keloid scars.
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Removal of scars in modern medicine

There are different ways of dealing with the scars, but before you start the fight, you need to realize that to save people from the scar is completely impossible, you can make the scar imperceptible.

In order to understand what method of scar removal is more effective, determine its type.

Atrophic scars normotroficheskie and does not operate. To delete them using other methods.

Hypertrophic scars are successfully removed by surgical intervention.

Keloids can not operate as it provokes growth.

If atrophic scars need to start working as soon as possible, then with keloid and hypertrophic you can start when they come to rest.

Remove atrophic scars can with chemical peels and in filling the lack of tissue spetspreparatami using hyaluronic acid.

To remove hypertrophic scars applied laser resurfacing.

The most complex - keloids - require a gradual application of different ways. Widely used electrophoresis Lydasum, hydrocortisone. In the area of ​​the scar to inject hormones, exposure to cold, and radiation therapy is used.

 Laser scar removal
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Using laser

Today it is the most effective way to remove any scars. Laser nanoperforatsiya consists of multiple sessions. If you decide on this method, you will be surprised that the sessions are virtually painless and after they have a long recovery period.

Treatment starts with exposure to scar tissue. It must be removed. This procedure uses the erbium laser, which vaporizes the scar gently layer by layer. Erbium laser is also used for rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles. With it removed the effects of acne and various benign.

Following comes the technology of contactless laser coagulation of blood vessels that feed the rumen. It stops the growth of scar tissue and healthy tissue surrounding the scar grows and, thus, the scar begins to contract.

To stop the growth of scar is often used mesotherapy. It is often called "targeted delivery of youth." Since the drug is administered by injection into the problematic zone and gradually over 7 days, provides all the necessary tissue regeneration agents. Mesotherapy face often use cosmetologists for anti-aging treatments. To the patient did not arise pain, special anesthetic cream and the injection takes place in a comfortable environment. Such cocktails contribute to a more rapid resorption of scars. Age restrictions for the use of mesotherapy is not.

To work with atrophic scars apply contour plastic scar. Recall, atrophic scar is below the skin, and to him you can work, you must "remove" him. To do this, made a special injection-fillers, which are based on hyaluronic acid is included. Filler, filling the cavity, "pushes" a scar on the level of healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid increases the density of the tissue and is opposed to the re-ceasing. Also, these injections beneficial effect on the overall condition of the skin, making it toned and hydrated. Very often they are used for age-related changes of the skin.

When using laser chemical and mechanical peelings does not apply. Under certain circumstances, peels can cause growth of scar and have unpleasant consequences such as hyperpigmentation around the scar tissue.

The use of laser removal of scars is extremely effective .

You will notice an improvement after the first session and passed the entire course, you will forget about this problem forever. This method has no contraindications for age and is completely safe.

 peeling to remove scars
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Mechanical removal of scars

Dermabrasion mechanically - microdermabrasion - is to ensure that the scars become less noticeable. Thus removed the upper layer of the skin with abrasive particles having a microscopic size. The most commonly used alumina. Use this method to remove the scars formed after surgery.

This method is popular because in addition to combat scars, it is used in violation of pigmentation or age-related changes of the skin.

If we consider this method as a means of removing the scars, it is not efficient enough. Not all scars, for medical reasons, can be handled in this way. Recovering from such sessions takes a long time.

The skin actually becomes more flat and smooth, but it takes 4-6 weeks for the skin to return to its natural state.
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The use of steroids and cryotherapy

Remove scars with injections of steroids is considered very effective as steroids strongly inhibit the growth and activity of the structural component of scar tissue. Scars decline over time and become less noticeable. But the effect of this method can only occur if these injections occur regularly.

The frequency of injection is 30-40 days. It's a long way to deal with scars. In this method, the side effects of this bit. The most common - the site of injection may change the pigmentation of the skin.

The impact of cold on the skin with the help of liquid nitrogen, or cryotherapy - an independent trend in cosmetics and medicine. Liquid nitrogen freezing scars, softens them.

The combination of the two methods simultaneously, namely steroid injections using liquid nitrogen gives anticipated effect.

After a session of cryotherapy skin can peel off scratch, but these symptoms pass quickly.

 removal of small scars
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Application of grinding and peeling

Laser resurfacing - a traumatic way of dealing with the scars. Tripe layer by layer is destroyed by laser, but the patient within 14 days subsides swelling and pain is felt in the area of ​​the scar.

When these procedures are prescribed antibiotics and medications that improve blood circulation. This is due to the fact that there is a risk of getting an infection.

Usually after grinding appoint peeling. First the superficial peeling, when the skin is treated with fruit acids. The skin becomes more elastic, its relief is leveled. The scar becomes less noticeable.

Only after this is assigned to a chemical peel. It is directed against the proliferation of scar tissue and improve the metabolic processes in the skin.

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Folk remedies to combat scars

Folk remedies can help if the scar is not deep and fresh. But the popular recipes beneficial effect on the skin, nourish it and help make the scars softer and more pliable.

  1. Very good helps infusion of marshmallow root and mint. Acquire grass preferably in a pharmacy, it guarantees quality. The required amount of root (follow the instructions) must be filled with cold boiled water and leave for 7-8 hours. Scars should handle this infusion 5-6 times a day for 2 months. Instead, you can use mint marshmallow.
  2. Good help ointment made from any vegetable oil with beeswax. Heat the water bath and any vegetable oil in a ratio of 1: 1 add wax. After keeping the fire 8-10 minutes, remove, cool and smear scars on the morning and evening for 2 months.
 How to get rid of scars

 facial hair


  • Reasons for an intensive hair growth
  • Facial Hair Removal

Women have always paid their appearance some time. Look beautiful, attract the attention of men to feel the glances from outside - this dream, perhaps, each girl. And everything seems to be fine: facial skin is clean, beautiful makeup, hair done, but something still is haunted. What is it? This hair growing on the face. Facial considered absolutely normal phenomenon of nature.

But for the fairer sex, they are a huge problem that prevents to take pleasure in their appearance and capable of generating facilities. Removal of hair on the face - this is a problem, many women are very exciting. Someone had better luck, facial hair, or almost do not grow, or they can not be seen by the light color.

Why do I get the hair and how to get rid of them? The first thing to do - is to determine the exact cause of hair growth on the face.

 causes of hair growth on the face
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Reasons for an intensive hair growth

One of the most common causes of abundant growth of hair on a woman's face is menopause. This is due to the fact that ovarian function freezes, starts the active formation of androgen (male hormone). This production of this hormone causes hair growth.

During puberty the body girls also occur hormonal changes that directly affect the growth of unwanted hair. Here, the reason is the same. Girls who have exceeded the production of male hormones tend to suffer from a similar problem.

The cause of hair growth can be a disease that is known as hirsutism. The disease is characterized by a high content in the female body of male hormones. And over time, the hair appears more and more. Of course, the right will initially diagnose this disease by a doctor, and after to ask for help to cosmeticians.

Very often the growth of facial hair is transmitted by inheritance. For example, if your mother or grandmother grew intense hair, a high probability that you will have exactly the same.

Any hormonal failure or dysfunction of the ovaries can cause this problem. It just happens elevated levels of the male hormone, resulting in growth of unwanted hair from which so anxious to get rid of.

There is also a likelihood that the hair on the face are the result of the use of various folk and cosmetics for hair growth. Wanting to make the hair more attractive and thick, you yourself can trigger the growth of hair and in other places.

Before the removal of hair on the face, it is important to determine the reason for their growth. Just fix it, you can get rid of this problem. Only then will a rational visit a beautician.

 correct facial hair removal
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Facial Hair Removal

Now there is a huge variety of the most different techniques to remove unwanted hair. Before resorting to any of the methods of disposal, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. You may need treatment. So, which method of hair removal to choose?

Electrolysis Hair

This technology involves the destruction of the hair from the inside. Absolutely each hair follicle is treated individually using special needles that penetrate to the very roots of the hair, and transmits it to the weak current. Thus, the hair is destroyed and not able to grow again.

This method of hair removal is considered one of the most reliable. It is said that such a hair removal can take a long time (a few months of regular sessions to procedures).

By cons of electrolysis can be attributed to its high cost, as well as pain during the procedure. Thus, for example, for removing tendrils growing above the upper lip, it may take up to ten hours, with the removal of hair from the chin may take about fifteen hours. The removal may increase. It depends on the stiffness of the hair, the intensity of its growth. Be prepared for the fact that you can pay per hour procedure to 4 thousand rubles. Your hormones that affect the growth of hair, can also affect the cost of the procedure.

Photo- or laser hair removal

This method is not only the fastest way to remove hair for a long time, but also one of the most reliable. The principle of operation is exposed to intense light beams to the hair follicles. Thus, new hair growth stops.

One such session affects thousands of hairs. To fully resolve this problem you need at least three to six sessions of laser therapy. When compared with the previous method of photoepilation, we can see that there is pain there is much less, and the time spent not so much. For example, one procedure for hair removal upper lip takes a minute, and removing the hair from the chin - no more than five minutes. Through this method, you save yourself from the problem of unwanted hair growth and regular visits to a beautician.

However, it can not be called photoepilation most convenient and universal method of hair removal. After all, he is the most expensive procedures for dealing with this problem. The cost of a single session can be up to 15 thousand rubles, and in fact the number of sessions can reach up to six.

This procedure is not for everyone, before making a decision you should consult with a specialist.

Depilation using wax or sugar

The great advantage of this procedure is its accessibility. It is not only cheap enough but also very convenient because it can be done, and without leaving home. Now this method has become increasingly popular to use. In any store you can easily buy kits for depilation a variety of manufacturers. The prices of these sets are completely different. Regularly performing this procedure at home, you can achieve the best results, no worse than in the cabin.

Facial hair removal using wax is a fairly simple procedure. A thin layer of wax is applied to the skin of the face, and then on top of it superimposed a thin strip of paper, and then a sharp movement of the hand is removed from the face of the paper. All the hair remains on the paper strip.

A similar procedure can be carried out using sugar. Unlike wax, sugar considered more natural product because it does not add various chemicals, which so much wax in the composition. Sugar adheres only to the hair, but not to skin. Due to this, this method is considered less painful and non-irritating to the skin.

The disadvantages of this method is the fact that short hair is unlikely to succeed to remove. Length should reach at least 5 mm and that the wax or sugar could grab them. But, nevertheless, after the wax and the skin remains smooth sugar from three to six weeks. It all depends on how quickly grow new hair.

Plucking with tweezers and chemical depilatory

This method is the most common among women. It is very convenient, but only if the unwanted hair is not much. All you need - this is a good and high-quality tweezers, more light and a magnifying mirror.

The hair must be removed in the direction of its growth. It is best to carry out this procedure after visiting or taking a bath shower treatments. The skin will steam, the pores open, and the removal will be easier and faster. To relieve pain during removal, you can use a special balm, which will help to remove from the skin and irritation.

This method is similar to the removal of wax and sugar, and the result is stored at about the same time.

Very popular for hair removal chemical depilatory agents. Their selection is diverse, price reasonable, but the result may not meet your expectations. It should be carefully applied the funds to your face, you should read the instructions carefully and to conduct a little test for allergic reaction. If done correctly, you will have the opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair for up to two weeks.

Make facial hair less noticeable and help them discoloration. At first glance, it seems bleaching procedure is very simple and cheap. But in reality, only a properly fitted for this facility can help get rid of the problem. Means bleaching can cause allergic reactions on the skin, irritation and redness.

Hair Removal thread

It is an old method of solving the problem is to remove the hair by means of an ordinary thread. This method was popular in ancient times, but in the modern world, it has not lost its relevance. Now, in many beauty salons use this method. To remove the hair need only thread length of about 20 centimeters. The ends of the thread you want to associate with each other to produce a circle. After that you need to take the thread and twist it four times (make a loop). After that you need to take the edge of the resulting yarn, leaning against it to the face and then one, then the other side to push the fingers so that the loop was moving left and right while grasping hairs.

Such removal is very convenient, because, unlike the tweezers, it removes the hair much faster, and in contrast to the cream for depilation and shaver can not cut hair, and removes it entirely.

The easiest way is considered to hair removal using a razor (the machine). Using this method, it is necessary to be careful. Do not forget about that hair can grow fast enough in the case of the male hormone you have in abundance. In the worst case, you will have to shave them every day. Be careful not to press down hard on the skin, so as not to hurt her. Be sure to use special creams and gels for shaving to avoid irritation to the skin.

Moderating growth and traditional medicines

It should be noted that these funds do not relieve you of existing hairs. They are only able to affect the hair follicle to slow down its growth from within. Resulting filaments become thinner and lighter, making it easier to follow depilation and make it more effective.

Such preparations are produced in the form of creams, to be rubbed into the skin at least twice per day. It will take about a month or two before you see the result. In choosing such a tool, consult with a specialist who will help you choose exactly what is right for you.

It is enough to be effective in solving the problem are considered traditional medicines. They save not only your time but also money. Any funds you can easily prepare their own, without the help of professionals and cosmetologists.

Potassium permanganate and iodine are considered the best and most popular means for hair removal.

For the first method need potassium permanganate. The procedure is preferably carried out before bedtime. Crystals of potassium permanganate must be filled with hot water. The solution must be sufficiently weak and light, otherwise you can get burns on the skin. Using a cotton swab moistened necessary space hair removal, after which they disappear. The disadvantages of this method is the fact that it is possible to obtain a burn on the skin and coat.

No less effective folk remedy is considered an iodine solution. You will need a small amount of iodine mixed with castor oil, ammonia and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. After all, thoroughly mix and leave for a while. Ready solution is applied to the face twice a day, and then rinse thoroughly.

There are many other ways to remove unwanted hair. This problem can handle both traditional medicine and modern cosmetology. The right choice is always yours. Be sure to consult with an expert before making any decision, and use one of the following methods to solve problems.   Beauty, luck and success!

 Ways and methods of removing unwanted hair