the largest in the world lip


  • The biggest mouth in the world of a girl from Northern capital of Russia
  • Several stellar examples of lip augmentation

Not everyone can boast of famous women as beautiful and puffy on the nature of his lips as his wife pet all the girls Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie. Today we bring you the information on stellar girls from Russia and other countries of the world, who have decided on surgery using the "beauty shots". And also tell you about a girl, which is often called "Miss the biggest mouth in the world", and her name is Kristina Rei.

The biggest mouth in the world of a girl from Northern capital of Russia

The young girl from Russia hugest lip around the world! Of course, it all started with the desire to carry out this procedure due to the fact that it seemed to her old lips too thin. But even now, when Christine has done a more than one hundred injection (in fact need a periodic correction), it plans to continue to increase them.

Wish there was a change in her as a child, later turned into a relentless pursuit to fix his appearance. The school girl is constantly called names and made fun of her lips form, so that Christina has decided to be like his ideal - Jessica Rabbit, a character from the cartoon; and it puhlogubaya busty red-haired beauty with a languid, insolent stare. So far, the absolute similarity is not observed, but the girl from Russia stubbornly committed to it.

On the biggest lips Christina Ray spent more than six thousand dollars (the cost of each injection of about two thousand rubles). The experiment with the appearance of paid parents. She comments: "They put up with it because I'm their only and favorite daughter."

Christina from Russia considers that looks fantastic, and it makes her happy. Many people, even casual encounters on the street, say nasty things in her direction, but she does not pay attention to it.

"I want more out of life extreme, for example, look like my favorite character from the cartoon, and therefore want to have the biggest mouth in the world. I will most likely dependent on the idea, but I'm just happy. It gives me confidence and takes a variety of different systems. Friends say they do not need them increases, because they do not know a single person with such huge lips, not only in Russia but also in the world, but I'm still unhappy with the result, "- says Christina Rey.

 largest lip

Several stellar examples of lip augmentation

The current commitment to continuous improvement of the psychologists call a form of psychological abnormalities that are associated with low self-esteem since childhood. In addition, US scientists have proved that it is the girls who resort to plastic surgery, most often end their life by suicide absurd.

  • Lindsay Lohan - known young actress and singer

The constant hype and scandals charming Lindsay does not care about her, but her appearance she tries to follow. She changes her hair color was not enough, and now she's got a new shape of the lips. The fact that Lindsey had never ashamed to tweak their appearance surgeons, it is no secret. Previously, it has increased the chest, but this time the girl is clearly overdone, because, like her lips look awful, and she added a few extra years.

  • Oxana Fedorova - known fashion model and TV presenter from Russia

Apparently, Oksana was not enough titles of "Miss Russia" in 2001 and "Miss Universe" in 2002. There is no limit to perfection, she thought, and signed up to the plastic hirurgu.Odna known cosmetic companies offered her cooperation. It is possible that this was the cause for a little fix his appearance.

  • Nicole Kidman, actress

Crossing the threshold of forty, winner of the prize "Golden Globe" has decided to little to improve their already excellent appearance with "beauty shots" .Ranee she had resorted to plastic surgery, but the result turned out horrible. Then the upper lip Nicole became much more lower. Apparently so she decided to rectify the situation before complaining to friends on their appearance. Most recently, she has made "a beauty prick" that was visible, but the actress in any case does not admit it, saying to all the journalists that her remarkable appearance is the result of proper care.

  • Yulia Volkova, a singer from Russia

Deciding to make a tattoo eyebrows, member of the band "Tatu" went to her beautician, but left the room already with new lips. "Beauty Stab" was a bonus? Julia herself says that her appearance is always enough, she just loves to various experiments. "I'm not going to look for what suits me, for one reason or another; I just tired of hair - I will go and do another. So, always and everywhere, I have a temper. Today, I like one thing, tomorrow I love another, "- commented his lip augmentation Yulia Volkova.

  • Masha Malinovskaya, a famous Russian model, TV presenter and actress

Maria herself has repeatedly confessed to the audience that adjust the shape of the nose and chest. But why did she still claims that her lips did not do anything? Most recently, she has an ideal form the mouth of publishing personal photos on social networks. She has not commented on its transformation, but many have learned that it is only adjusted the lips with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid. For such a procedure does not require any plastic surgeon, much less surgery. In just a few minutes beautician makes a shot, and the shape is adjusted independently.

  • Megan Fox, actress and model

To become a rival Angelina Jolie, Megan was not enough to get a tattoo on the body, increase hair and rhinoplasty. Several years ago, the actress visited a plastic surgery clinic, where she did the same mouthwatering lips like Dzholi.Pomimo, she corrected the shape of the nose, making it more refined and noble, as well as increased breast. Perhaps that is why now it is so in demand?

  • Victoria Lopyreva, model, TV presenter

Victoria in any does not want to admit that these are her full lips are not from nature, but from the plastic surgeon. But we can see the difference with you in the photo with a gap of a few years! The well-known socialite in the present and the "Miss Russia 2003" in the past, not many want only to receive compliments and admire its appearance.

  • Jessica Simpson, singer, actress

After her divorce from her husband Nick Lasha, Jessica became depressed and gained extra weight and to somehow pampered, decided to augment the lips. But Jessica did not like the result, because it made her a laughingstock. That is why it is not yet time to adjust them shape.

  • Elizabeth Hurley, actress, model, producer, fashion designer

In his youth, the star "Austin Powers" had thin lips, which recently acquired a sensual form. But as many stars Elizabeth Hurley denies ever enjoyed "injections of beauty". When Liz smiles, then she has a fold above the upper lip, which is another proof of the surgery. At the same time the actress all and continues to oppose the dangerous plastics.

The main thing you remember - if you dare for example, favorite stars, make yourself "a beauty prick", do not skimp on this. Select a beauty salon or clinic on a "go to where the cheaper" - is impossible in any case. But it is not always "expensive" means "quality". Only you can help an experienced surgeon, the positive reviews about it, but not advertising.

 The biggest mouth in the world: beauty and ugliness?

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 causes of facial hair


  • The reasons for the growth of facial hair in women
  • Methods for removing facial hair forever
  • Removal of facial hair forever folk remedies

Women spend hours near the mirror, resulting in the order of their skin, hair, nails every possible means and methods. All this is done in order to be the most beautiful and attractive. But how to minimize the time for all of these procedures? After all, in addition to looking after themselves in life is full of other worries. Many girls familiar with the problem of abundant hair growth on the face, which can spoil even the pretty face. Everyday shaving - it does not solve this problem, because with each subsequent time the hair will become tougher, and what she wants to get a beard like a man. Waxing - quite painful and part of the process.

Involuntarily every woman Faced with facial hair, wondered whether it is possible to get rid of them forever?

First, let's see what is the cause of facial hair.

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The reasons for the growth of facial hair in women:

  1. Puberty - in this period in the human body occur various changes, also changes the structure of hair on the face. The most common cause of facial hair in this period is the excess of the hormone androgen.
  2. Gistrutsizm - excessive hair growth in women by male pattern. In this disease, the vegetation is observed not only in the face, but in the chest, back, abdomen, thighs. This disease occurs in 2-10%, most often in the Caucasus and the Mediterranean, is less common in northern European and Asian women. In 90% the cause is gistrutsizma polycystic ovary syndrome or idiopathic syndrome, a disease that is caused by unknown reasons. In this case, the disease is less pronounced.
  3. Taking certain medications violates the hormonal balance in the body. For example, the use of androgenic-anabolic steroids can result in a woman's body to irreversible consequences, including side effects that are experiencing unwanted hair on the face and body.
  4. Menopause - one of the common causes of facial hair. At a time when the ovaries stop its work, the creation of the body starts increased hormone androgen excess is the cause of excess hair.

 laser hair removal

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Methods for removing facial hair forever

Electrolysis - an effective procedure of removing hair permanently. With a needle inserted into the skin to a depth of a hole of 2-7 mm, a small electrical impulse leads to the dysfunction of the hair follicle. Electrolysis is preferably carried out in a beauty salon. For the complete destruction of facial hair will need about 5 sessions. The procedure is fairly painful, especially for people with sensitive skin, disadvantage is that the location of the hair may remain barely visible small scars.

Photoepilation - a popular method of removing unwanted hair on the face. The main advantages of this method is the almost complete absence of contraindications and painless. Method of hair removal photoepilation is based on the fact that the pigment - melanin concentrating in hair follicle stem can absorb light radiation. Using light waves of blood in the capillaries, which is necessary for normal growth of hair is minimized, resulting in the hair follicle is deprived of nutrients and die, and then falls out of unwanted hair. Since this procedure is highly directional, it has minimal adverse effects on the skin around the hairline. The main disadvantage of -dorogovizna hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal - a radical way of getting rid of unwanted hair on the face. By using the laser irradiated hair pigment contained in the hair follicle absorbs the resulting energy heats and destroys the germination zone of the hair. However broken vessels that feed the hair follicle. After a couple weeks of the deceased root hair falls out. For maximum effect require several treatments with intervals of 20-40 days, depending on the rate of hair growth. The main advantages of laser hair removal is that it is painless, compared to many other methods of hair removal, this procedure will not cause you discomfort, as it leaves no scars and skin irritation. Laser hair removal is very effective in removing hair from the face once and for all.

Pharmaceutical drugs are an effective way to stop the growth of unwanted hair. To get rid of facial hair growth forever is possible with the help of some contraceptives. For example, drugs such as spironolactone and ketoconazole, reduce the production of the female body of male hormones that stimulate the growth of facial hair. Before using these medications should consult a doctor, as they affect the body's hormonal balance. The uncontrolled and injudicious use of these drugs can cause a number of new problems with the endocrine system.

 different methods of hair removal
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Removal of facial hair forever folk remedies

Effective means of getting rid of facial hair - the use of products / rich in iodine. Walnut is one of these products. We cut it at night, in the morning at the site of the cut will make the juice, which should be applied to the problem area. The procedure should be repeated 8 times.

There is also the option of hair removal using walnut shell. To do this, you will need to burn it, the resulting ash is dissolved in a little water and apply on the spot with the hair. Rinse the mixture should be 15 minutes. Quick effect should be expected. The procedure to be performed 2-3 times a day until the hair is completely gone.

Get rid of unwanted hair on the face, you can use dope. To prepare the solution should be in a liter of water to boil 150 grams of plant. After receiving good broth to moisten a cotton swab in the consistency and rub the problem areas. Be careful, the plant is poisonous.

You can remove hair permanently using seeds of Datura. For this grind seeds in a coffee grinder to produce a powder. In the resulting mass add vodka and mix thoroughly until a consistency similar to mayonnaise. The resulting mixture is applied with a thin layer on problem areas.

The mixture was milled using nettle seeds bipartite affects the cessation of hair growth. For the preparation we need 40 grams of seeds of plants that need to grind or grate, pour 100 g of vegetable oil. The resulting mixture should insist 2 months. After all this, we filter the resulting texture and applied to the surface of the skin with unwanted hair.

Removal of hair folk remedies can cause irritation or an allergic skin reaction. Before you apply any of the above mixture on your face, check its effect on other small area of ​​skin.

Before you begin to remove the hair, you should see a specialist, may cause excessive hair disorders in the hormonal system.

 How to get rid of facial hair?