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  • "Botox" and "Dysport" - looking for a difference!
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Botox injections are becoming increasingly popular, but the subtleties of this process are familiar, unfortunately, a few. Let's take a closer look at the main features of the procedure, as well as some pros and cons of Botox is.

The phrase "botulinum toxin" is familiar to most, but hidden under that name neurotoxin type A, which is called Botox. The basis of the toxin is a protein produced by the microorganism Clostridium botulinum.

Our face is the set of muscles that are utilized in facial expressions. Skin reflects every movement, forming wrinkles in the eyes, nose and forehead. Action Botox by blocking the facial muscles, so that the skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic. Getting into the muscle relaxing effect toxin without causing atrophy and without affecting the blood supply. Over time, people applying such procedures, it becomes easy to control expression. In addition, prolonged exposure to the neurotoxin smoothes even very deep wrinkles, restoring the skin a healthy appearance and elasticity.

"Botox" and "Dysport" - looking for a difference!

Many people are confused when he heard about Dysport injections instead of the usual Botox injections. Doubts to anything - the active ingredient in the formulations of exactly the same. The manufacturer of Dysport acts the French company Beafour- Ipsen- Speywood. It has different storage conditions and the amount of active units per package. Botox produces the US company Allergan. Despite the fact that both drugs have the same efficacy and side effects of a picture in Russia has taken root over the term "Botox", which is now called all the injections that prevent transmission of motor impulses.

Case history

Scientists have discovered Botox in the nineteenth century, when looking for the cause of botulism. After cleaning, the drug began to be used in medicine, and the history of its use in cosmetics got the start in 1980. Currently, Botox is widely used in the United States, where his injections at least once resorted almost all American. For some of them, this procedure becomes a normal and regular.

In Russia, the injection of the neurotoxin has not yet acquired a mass character. Perhaps the reason for it was the considerable price of the drug. Currently, however, Russian scientists have come to grips with the development of domestic alternative to Botox, which should lead to a decrease in the cost of injections and make the procedure more accessible.

Ambiguous attitude to such a struggle with age and in other countries. For example, in the Muslim world, the main religious authority of Malaysia, it was decided to terminate these proceedings. This is due to the fact that the production of some components of Botox is produced from pork, the consumption of which is forbidden to Muslims. An important role is also played by the fact fakes flooding the Asian market Botox, the use of which is hazardous to health.

 Botox pluses and minuses

Technical details

A special preparation before the procedure is not required. It is enough to follow the simple rules that will help move the injection better and without consequences, as well as to enhance the effect of the drug:

  • not to drink alcohol the day before manipulation to avoid the appearance of hematomas;
  • stop taking antibiotics and drugs that prevent rapid blood clotting;
  • on the day of the procedure is better to postpone the massage, general cleaning, and the purchase of shoes, because All of the above requires a long head tilt. With frequent and prolonged tilt your head the blood rushes to the face, that may hinder the proper distribution of Botox;
  • strictly forbidden to massage and even touch the injection site;
  • after the procedure should postpone taking analgesics and antibiotics;
  • within a few hours after the injection can not lie or engage in sports;
  • from one week to ten days after the injection of Botox are advised not to drink alcohol, and to abandon the warming procedures (bath, sauna);
  • Four hours after the procedure, doctors recommend constantly working facial muscles and keep upright.

Thus, implementation of these simple rules will not be disappointed in the effect of the procedure to get rid of possible negative consequences and will be a welcome step towards beauty. "Lunchtime procedure" as often called neurotoxin injections allows the patient within a few minutes drive or get to work.

On a chair without fear

Botox injection procedure usually requires no anesthesia and troublesome comparable to a mosquito bite. The patient sits in a chair and the doctor, after disinfecting the injection site, a thin needle enters solution. Then the cooled portion of the drug ice compress. The total process takes 15-20 minutes.

If you're still afraid of pain, your doctor may recommend the use of a special cream with analgesic effect. Light weight in the muscles immediately after administration of the drug should not be cause for concern, as soon discomfort pass.

The issue of efficiency

If you want to make the skin of the neck, the area around the mouth (nasolabial folds and vertical wrinkles in this area) is more smooth, then, unfortunately, Botox you in this not an assistant. These sensitive areas requires an individual approach and selection procedures. Moreover, the use of Botox lower face may cause deformation and sagging tissues.

But the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the horizontal forehead wrinkles on the wings and the back of the nose, "rays" in the corners of the eyes are treatable Botox is excellent. The result of the drug did not take long, and will be marked on the fifth or seventh day. After two weeks of administration of Botox, its effect usually peaks. However, there are exceptions to all rules, and some changes have already noticed on the second day after the procedure, and some have to wait for the desired effect three to four weeks.

Forewarned is forearmed

As with any medical procedure, manipulation Botox injection is a not for everyone. The procedure is abandoned if you have: muscle weakness, bleeding disorders, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are taking antibiotics at the moment, or anticoagulants, and if your skin is, inflammatory foci of infection.

Also, the procedure is contraindicated for people with acute exacerbation of any chronic disease, lung disease, kidney or liver failure. Women are encouraged to nominate a procedure in the middle or the end of the menstrual cycle. People after sixty injection with significant sagging soft tissues are not held.

The risk of any adverse reactions during administration of the drug is relatively small, and there is in most cases due to improper method of administration, dose selection errors, improper storage and handling of Botox injection site. Here are the main adverse reactions observed in the application of this neurotoxin

  • At 1, 3% of the cases may have soreness at the injection site;
  • In 2% of patients complain of headache;
  • Hematoma at the injection site are observed in 6% of cases;
  • Numbness at the site of administration, and the allergic reaction to the drug, as well as the omission of the eyebrows are fixed in less than 1%;
  • Reversible drooping of the upper eyelid, and swelling of the eyelids is observed at 0, 14% of patients;
  • 2% of complaints related to the double vision.

Positively characterizes the drug, and a kind of "addiction" is characteristic of these procedures. It manifests itself in the extension of a positive effect after the procedure, and after several manipulations may increase with duration of four to six months to ten months or a year. Stop using the procedures at any time. Muscle movement gradually come back to normal, but the habit of squinting or frowning eyebrows will disappear by itself, which will stop the appearance of new wrinkles.

 pros and cons of Botox

The age requirement

If you belong to the vast majority of people, in which the neurotoxin acts (such as according to research from 98 to 99, 9%), and do not suffer from chronic diseases listed above, the only obstacle to the carrying out of procedures of rejuvenation with botox may be age. Age restrictions rather mild: 18 to 65 years.

But after sixty to accept manipulations should be with great caution, because of the danger of omission tissues. If you are over sixty, it is recommended a surgical facelift, and after, in the complex, you can use Botox injections. The best for the beginning of the procedure is considered the age of 30 -33 years. During this period, it activates the appearance of fine lines. Although your personal characteristic facial expression may be, for example, the habit permanently wrinkle your nose or forehead frown. In this case, in order to prevent possible recourse to Botox before.

Price issue

In the Russian practice of using the palm of popularity have injections in the area between the eyebrows and around the corners of the eyes. In the salons of Moscow, such a procedure will cost 6000 rubles. Get smooth forehead will cost a bit more expensive - about 7000 rubles.

In recent years actively advertised cosmetic creams with the effect of Botox as an alternative to the procedure. They develop and offer both the medical company and many cosmetic companies. It is worth noting that many of them are actually able to reduce the number of wrinkles, but penetrate deep folds are only capable of injection.

Injections Health

Now you know what kind of pros and cons of Botox is in cosmetics. But apart from the fact that Botox is actively used in cosmetics, do not forget about its original purpose and use in medicine. Relaxing effect of the drug helps to get rid of muscle spasm of the back, shoulder and neck. The injections also help in the treatment of migraines, cerebral palsy, different types of dystonia.

Also, using Botox treat strabismus, multiple sclerosis, the effects of stroke, traumatic brain injury. Resorted to the use of the drug and the patients who suffer from stuttering, tics, constipation, urinary problems. According to recent studies proved that Botox helps the healing process and prevents the appearance of scars.

Especially effective drug in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The toxin can not transfer pulses not only muscles but also the sweat glands. Thus, excessive sweating takes place, and sweat disappears on the second or third day after treatment. There is no risk of violating the thermoregulation of the body, and the skin becomes more hydrated. The positive effect of the drug is quite long and can last from six to twelve months.

Most sufferers of hyperhidrosis people suffer from sweating palms and armpits. Since these areas are very sensitive to the injections, the treatment is carried out using an anesthetic cream. Will manage to get rid of the negative symptoms of the disease in the amount of about 30,000 rubles.

 The whole truth about the drug Botox: the pros and cons of its use

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