The three "whales" of female beauty

Every woman, who is over "...", wants to keep its youth as long as possible. She embarks on all sorts of tricks to stay longer attractive, fresh and young. Basic manipulations are carried out with the person. There are several ways to rejuvenate it cosmetics (using serum and cream); photos, Elos, laser rejuvenation; Facelifting.

Each of the methods has some advantages and some disadvantages. For example, the most painless - beauty - has a dignity naturalness. All good cosmetics aimed at the rejuvenation of the face, is made only from natural ingredients. But the drawback of this method is its duration and ineffectiveness. To efficiency was higher, you need to start taking care of facial skin as soon as possible as to preserve and prevent aging of the previously much easier than stretch, correct and fill the already formed wrinkles. All other methods can be attributed to the fast and efficient, but relatively painful, in addition, there are contraindications to remember when choosing them.

Next, what is struggling woman - is cellulite. Modern medicine offers several methods of getting rid of "orange peel":

  • using electric current (electrophoresis, lymphatic drainage, myostimulation, elektrolipoliz, microcurrent therapy);
  • by mechanical, vacuum and temperature effects (ultrasound, vibration therapy, the impact of vacuum, pressure, thermal);
  • mixed methods (Endermologie, mud therapy, mesotherapy).

This is an incomplete list of existing methods of getting rid of cellulite, when you select any one should not forget that treatment should be integrated. Along with the designated procedures must adhere to a certain diet in combination with sports exercises.

With the onset of a certain age, some women begin to appear rude, coarse hair in various places, sometimes on the chin, above the upper lip, on the toes and so on. Simply pulling as shaving and do not bring a long effect, and even, on the contrary, it seemed to stimulate the emergence of more and more coarse hairs. At one point, has not one, but three to five hairs sticking out obscenely at some prominent place. There are several methods for removing unwanted vegetation, but the most effective is laser hair removal. It is to transform the exposure to the laser hair into thermal energy, which is destructive to the hair follicle, thereby removing unwanted hair virtually forever.

 The three "whales" of female beauty

 Botox - a great tool to prevent aging

Probably everyone who turned in a certain age limit, wants to look younger. It achieves this effect in different ways - someone starts to eat beforehand, follows certain procedures based on the experience of generations, while others, more trust modern medicine, goes to the hospital and makes injections of Botox. What is Botox ? Read more.

Botox - an organic product that inhibits muscle activity, and thereby preventing the emergence of new and deepening of existing wrinkles. It is widely used in aesthetic medicine, but before you go to the clinic, you should consult a qualified doctor who can say for sure - you will not hurt you to this procedure.

Yes, indeed, it is better to think several times before inject Botox (Moscow No doubt a very large city, but not every clinic can carry out the procedure properly). There are some contraindications, where better to refuse injections (this is not an exhaustive list - it is necessary to consult with your doctor obligatory): for example, if you are under 35 years old. This threshold, of course, may vary, but on average it is at this age significantly reduced the resistance of your skin external negative influences. Also it is impossible to carry out this procedure for people suffering from myasthenia gravis, hemophilia, inflammation or rash at the site, which is expected to inject. And also people with very high myopia. In favorable circumstances and under the supervision of doctors, Botox It can be replaced by other injection.

Injections Botox   take effect immediately, but that does not mean that immediately after the procedure in the mirror you will see a completely different person - will have to wait a week min, then it will be quite noticeable results. Wrinkles on the treated areas of the face are smoothed, but the facial expression did not suffer.

The effect lasts about six months, after which you will again have to take a course of injections Botox in Moscow . Decision on repetition of the procedure you take yourself, but in the event of the wrinkles will appear again. In most cases, after the second course of injections, the validity of the drug is increased to 8 (in some cases up to 10) months, and vice versa - the more the interval between treatments, the greater the likelihood that the muscles become normal again in due time. And estetsvenno before each course of injections should show your doctor that he appreciated your health and said: whether to do anything. Better to be a healthy person with wrinkles than beautiful, but it is constantly afraid of complications, in principle, unnecessary procedures.

 Botox - a great tool to prevent aging

 Breast reduction surgery


  • Preliminary consultation
  • Stages of preparation before mammoplasty
  • Progress in breast reduction surgery

Despite the fact that many women are seeking to increase the bust, resorting to the services of plastic surgeons, a lot of ladies suffering from large breasts that nature has given them, and many of them think that they will be able to help only a breast reduction operation. Too large bust may be causing a lot of inconvenience.

Women often complain about a doctor about pain in the muscles of the neck discomfort and tension in the shoulders, fatigue, occurring in the back. To this can be added severe skin chafing under the breasts in the summer, stoop and even respiratory failure. That all these negative phenomena and lead to the fact that women with this problem are beginning to think about breast reduction.

Opportunities to reduce bust, actually not so much. Women with dense body, can help special exercises for breast reduction. These include the nature of the exercise of power with the use of dumbbells. Muscle tissue breast receives the load, and the fat cells are dissolved - so bust size changes downward.

The main indications for mammoplasty - plastic breast surgery - are distorting skeletal changes that occur due to the heavy load. For cosmetic indications such plastic surgery to reduce bust carried out much less frequently. After her mammary glands become much smaller in size, they appear to be more proportionate and attractive. During this type of mammoplasty simultaneously correct another defect - stretching of the areola.

Preliminary consultation

Before preparing for the female breast augmentation surgery should be well informed about the art of such interference, of all the possible complications during and after surgery. The patient must understand that some "magic" changes after mammoplasty it can not get. On the advice of Dr. Assistant produces measurement of mammary glands and developing a plan to remove a certain amount of tissue. The patient together with the doctor specifies the location of the incisions during surgery to view the breast was subsequently more aesthetic. The plastic surgeon should explain in detail the woman, which scars may appear after the intervention, and what to do to make the postoperative period was uneventful.

The consultation prior to the reduction of the bust should be an analysis of possible risks, because they present with any surgical procedure. The patient has to provide all the necessary tests and surveys. Such action is necessary to eliminate all contraindications, which can have plastic surgery.

 breast reduction surgery

Stages of preparation before mammoplasty

Overweight women should be sure to lose weight before the operation, otherwise the results could be unpredictable plastic with a possible subsequent weight loss are women. In this case the bust can simply droop.

A prerequisite preparation for breast augmentation surgery is a conversation with the doctor who will do the anesthesia during the operation - with anesteziologom.Eto necessary so that the doctor can correctly choose the appropriate drug for you and the dose.

Before the operation, the woman should have a good rest. Eating a few days before the appointed day to be full and contain the required amount of vitamins. If the patient smokes, you should leave this habit because smoking hinders healing process that will inevitably appear after breast reduction. You can not take the medication before surgery to thin the blood, such as aspirin. Such drugs should be stopped to take at least fourteen days prior to surgery, to prevent the risk of bleeding ..

Women who had breast reduction plastic, in the postoperative period, the doctor recommended to wear a special compression garment. This bra is made of natural fabrics with wide straps, which supports the weakened after surgery of the breast. After surgery, the breast slightly swollen, so you just pick the right bra size is just for this period. Subsequently, the swelling is reduced, and the size of the bra will need to take less. Often underwear for compression is sold directly in the clinic, in special pharmacies that relieves women from having to look for it, and simplifies the task of selecting the right size.

 plastic surgery breast reduction

Progress in breast reduction surgery

Such interference provides a general anesthetic, so the day of surgery in the stomach of the patient should be food or liquid. Therefore, you can not eat or drink on the eve of the day appointed for plastics. On the day when the operation will be carried out, bust measure and a photo of his condition "to" (so you can compare this state with the result that give plastic surgery). The surgeon makes a marker on the breast of the patient required markup, and then a woman is transferred to the operating room.

With breast reduction surgery, as we have said, it is general anesthesia, suggesting intravenous or inhaled anesthesia, which is fed into the airway. Surgery breast reduction usually lasts two to three hours. The time spent on the operation depends on the surgeon's experience and the amount of work required to produce a specific patient. After surgery, doctors recommend to spend the first night in hospital.

For the first time after surgery may feel pain in the breast. This pain usually goes away in a few days. To the period of recovery is faster and the risk of complications was lower, you must strictly comply with all recommendations of the physician. To start its substantive work, you can after about a week or two after surgery.

After mammoplasty should avoid heavy physical labor, and exposure to the sun or in a hot room. Exercise can only be a month or two after surgical manipulation of the breast glands.

The effect of the operation breast reduction you will appreciate not earlier than six months after the intervention.

 When nature overdone: Breast reduction surgery

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