nose piercing

Piercing translated means "puncture". Today has become fashionable to pierce various parts of the body, the fantasy went far beyond earrings in his ears. In the course went lips, eyebrows and noses. One of the most common is the nose piercing. Especially this type of piercing is popular among women because it allows you to draw additional attention to the face, but at the same time not too conspicuous. The peculiar zest.

Nose piercing procedure itself is simple and it does not require much effort and devices. Body piercing is performed with a special needle, which will form the "track" for earrings. Soreness puncture depends on the individual human pain threshold.

Piercing at home

Make a piercing in the nose, and can be at home, of course, if you love extreme sports. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, there is a risk the sad consequences. Of course, on the wings of the nose is a little bit of blood vessels, but there is no guarantee that you will not get it in a bottle. Therefore, you should stock up on cotton, alcohol or other antiseptic and gloves. Needle puncture and earrings must first be disinfected. It is best to buy from a pharmacy sterile system (it does not need to be disinfected), the main thing to consider its size - it has to match the diameter of earrings.

The process itself is simple puncture:

  • Treat the place next puncture antiseptic;
  • Wrap nostril as high as possible to buckle earrings later was not outside;
  • Quickly make a puncture from the inside;
  • Insert the earring hole catheter, and gently pull the needle;
  • Rinse well with a puncture and check that the earring is well kept and does not fall out.

Features care piercings

Special difficulties in treatment and care of the piercings there. While puncture heals completely, it is necessary to process antiseptic twice daily. As a suitable antiseptic chlorhexidine. Teasing or remove the earring is not necessary.


Contraindications and consequences

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, it has contraindications, and adverse effects. Nose piercing is contraindicated if:

  • There is a risk of keloid formation in places of healing;
  • There are allergies to metals;
  • Disturbed blood clotting, or some other related blood diseases (hepatitis, leukemia, diabetes);
  • There are congenital heart disease, kidney disease, and the presence of asthma, sinusitis, and skin diseases;
  • There are nearing pregnancy or menstruation.

Even if you make a puncture in the cabin, there is a risk of complications such as swelling, infection, and even blood poisoning. In the case of an abscess is an urgent need to consult a doctor who will help you find the root cause of infection and suggest appropriate treatment.

Sometimes puncture stands clear liquid - lymph. This is perfectly normal, it can be removed with care. Cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

It is not necessary to remove the pier until the wound is completely healed, so you only increase your risk of getting an infection. You should not abuse the cream and powder until the piercing is not accustomed. In any case, the main thing - competent care. Only then nose piercing, the consequences of which may be severe, do not cause trouble.

Nontraditional forms of the nose piercing:

  • Austin Bar - this unusual puncture is on the tip of the nose horizontally with it while not touched cartilage piercing septum.
  • Septra - a puncture the underside of the tip of the nose. It is centered towards the bottom ledge of the nose through a wider puncture.
  • Bridge - a puncture near the bridge. There are vertical and horizontal bridges. As the decorations used Earring-Rod.

Also, there are all kinds of combinations of types of piercing, it's up to your imagination and courage!

 Piercing nose. Fad or stupidity?

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 Rhinoplasty - a common plastic surgery

Today plastic surgery is used a variety of techniques that allow us to solve even the most complex problems. As a result, patients have the opportunity to turn to professionals to help them return to the attractiveness, confidence and peace of mind. Some common operations are rhinoplasty. It allows to reduce the size, adjust the shape, as well as to solve breathing problems.

Thus, these procedures are carried out not only aesthetic, but also for medical reasons. These activities are considered to be among the most complex and demanding. Therefore, when choosing a specialist you need to be very careful. Trusting the process can be a competent and experienced doctor who has at his shoulders for many years of successful practice. These specialists are able to carry out as a full rhinoplasty and correct some of the details: change the shape of the nostrils, or the width of the nose, adjust the back, wings, tip of the nose, etc.

With regard to age, rhinoplasty is performed to people whose age ranges from 20 to 35-40 years. This age period is the best, because the person has completed the formation of the facial skeleton and the skin remains supple and elastic enough, has the properties to recover quickly. In cases where the patient is elderly, a specialist is necessary to approach the process more thoroughly and carefully, since in such a situation, longer stages of scarring, skin is less elastic, and the facial features become larger.

The complexity of the plastic nose lies in the fact that a change in this part, there is a change and facial features in general. To the end result fully satisfied the person skilled in the art should perform actions on the most professional manner. Today, doctors use two basic methods of performing such procedures. This can be a closed process (the cut made on the mucous membrane of the nose, it is not visible externally) and open (incision is made from the outside, under the nose). Of course, the first option is more aesthetic and less traumatic to the same recovery period in this case is much faster. Nevertheless, the choice of a particular type is determined by a professional surgeon, which takes into account all the features and nuances in each specific situation.

 Rhinoplasty - a common plastic surgery

 injections of hyaluronic acid

It is sad, but the pill by age have not yet invented. Our body is exposed to time: skin loses its tone and elasticity, wrinkles, changing the contour of the face. We are increasingly wonder - is it really can not be changed? Fortunately, the science does not stand still. Suffice it to recall some peaks reached modern cosmetology. One such remarkable achievements - the injection of hyaluronic acid, which paomogut us win an unequal battle with old age.

Biorevitalization - what is it?

The literal translation of the term "bio-revitalization" means bioozhivlenie. In fact - it's "restoration" of the skin. This modern injection technique designed to fight age-related changes of the skin, to hide the impact of unfavorable environment, achieve its moisturizing and rejuvenating. Typically, as an active substance introduced into the body, the hyaluronic acid is used - a drug that is based on skin-related component. The advantage of this technique is that it helps to restore the youthful skin without surgical intervention.

Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid in the same course as a rule consists of 4 treatments. The results of hyaluronic acid injections are striking: the skin is saturated with moisture and restores its structure, at the same time stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, providing the skin's firmness and correct oval face. Smoothes the skin, improves its color, fine lines and sagging skin disappear. Thus, skin related drugs effectively prevent the further prevention of wrinkles, the skin becomes smooth and fresh.

Hyaluronic acid - beauty and health of your skin

With the invention of hyaluronic acid in the contouring was a real coup. Hyaluronic acid (or hyaluronate) - is a polysaccharide that is a complex sugar molecule. Hyaluronic acid is a part of many tissues and organs of the human body, and is contained in the joints, skin, cartilage, cornea, connective tissue, bones. Function hyaluronate is that it binds and retains water and is involved in its transport within the tissue, thereby giving the skin elasticity. One molecule of hyaluronate is able to bind and keep near him to 500 water molecules. In the joints, hyaluronic acid acts as a lubricant in the eyes normalizes intraocular pressure. In medicine gialorunat used to regenerate and restore the skin, joints, cornea. A cosmetic injection hyaluronic acid is used to restore hydration level of the dermis.

With age, the percentage of hyaluronic acid is gradually decreasing, which is associated with stress, poor quality of food, environmental conditions, addictions and many other factors. As a result, the skin is dehydrated, it becomes flabby, pale, wrinkles appear.

 injections of hyaluronic acid

How to recover lost

To maintain youth and beauty skin Modern aesthetic medicine offers the use of hyaluronic acid, which is used to correct age-related changes. The person becomes more moist, wrinkles leaving skin smoother. Hyaluronate is also used to smooth nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and wrinkles on the upper lip, to correct lip shape.

Get artificial hyaluronic acid in two ways:

  1. Removing giluronata from tissues of animal origin
  2. The synthesis of this acid specific microorganisms

The second method is more environmentally friendly in all respects. Hyaluronic acid produced by artificial means, are absolutely safe and practically do not give allergic reactions, with rare exception cases of individual intolerance.

Injections of hyaluronic acid makes it possible to deliver it precisely at the area of ​​skin that needs moisture.

Hyaluronic acid administered in two ways:

  1. Locally, in certain areas of the face. Introduction hyaluronate produced locally more concentrated doses, used as fillers (fillers of wrinkles and folds), or contouring (eg, to increase or restore the volume of the lips).
  2. Everywhere. The introduction of hyaluronic acid on the entire surface of the face made her preparations with less content and contributes to the overall improvement of the moisture and the dermis.

Choosing which way biorevitalisation suits you best by a beautician. The choice of drug, the amount and the number of treatments depends on the specific problem to be solved. Depending on the condition of the skin varies the amount administered and the depth of insertion.

Due to the excellent compatibility with body tissue, the procedure gives almost no allergic reactions and complications. Already after the first procedure will be seen a distinct change for the better - the skin look younger, will be evident lifting effect, small wrinkles disappear. The effect is achieved after a course of treatment, it has a prolonged action - the skin remains radiant and youthful six months or more. Then the procedure can be repeated.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the injection of hyaluronic acid injection site can remain small bruises (if beautician gets a needle into the vessel), swelling and redness of the skin. This is a temporary phenomenon and will pass quickly, at most, a week after the procedure. Within a few days to avoid extreme temperatures, heavy physical exertion. Do not just use decorative cosmetics.

Is it time to think about biorevitalisation?

Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid helps to "restore" is not only the skin, but also the entire body, including in places where the skin is aging fastest: the hands, décolleté, back surfaces of the hands, the neck. You should think about carrying out this procedure if you are looking at yourself in the mirror, notice the first signs of aging:

  • dull, dry, dehydrated skin
  • Wrinkles
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • dewlap
  • violation of an oval face


Doctors have identified a number of very rare cases where the injection of hyaluronic acid drugs are contraindicated and may have a negative effect on the body:

  • acute febrile diseases
  • skin diseases
  • blood disease
  • Herpes in the acute stage
  • breastfeeding
  • pregnancy

Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid is a safe way to once again feel attractive, young and desirable.

 Injections of hyaluronic acid: I will forever young