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  • Silicone - enlarge breasts, lips, and self-esteem
  • History of lip augmentation with silicone
  • Lip augmentation with silicone: contraindications
  • An alternative to silicone
  • Lip augmentation with silicone: Implications

Beautiful can not forbid. Each in its own way understands this truism. Someone is trying to emphasize the advantages in using makeup and stylish clothes. And some prefer trips to the plastic surgeon. Particularly fashionable in recent years has been to increase the lips. Apparently, thank Angelina Jolie prevents sleep many girls on the planet Earth. Did the plump lips Angie's acting career or not - is unknown, but the fact that plastic surgeons will always be work and bread and butter - that's a fact.

We'll try to understand all the intricacies of the surgical procedure, which is so graciously say the doctors themselves. They listen well to increase the silicone lip may even second-grader. And yourself. Let's write off this bold statement at a regular medical humor and remember the lessons of chemistry. What was told about silicone?

Silicone - enlarge breasts, lips, and self-esteem

The formula of silicone as wise as its description: [R2SiO] n. The composition panacea flat lips and breasts includes an organic group (R), which can be as ethyl and methyl and a phenyl choice. In short, the silicone - a chemical compound comprising oxygen and a silicon. The structure and properties of the substance may vary depending on the degree of polymerization as favorite plastic surgeons silicone. In the medical world, there is an even joke that came up with the silicone blonde, unhappy with their forms. And it is strange, given the degree of intelligence, which is usually awarded blonde woman in a conversation of men.

One way or another, but the silicone implants wear women love and seek, although this method of increasing the splendor of forms has long ceased to be fashionable. No joke! The first injection operations on silicone breast held in America in the distant sixties of the 20th century. During this time, chemists have managed to come up with a lot of other ways to increase the lips, breasts and self-esteem of the average woman. But, nevertheless, the silicone was and still is a major salvation for women who are unhappy with their lips.

 silicone lip

History of lip augmentation with silicone

Sensual lips have always been coveted by girls. No wonder that, in parallel with an increase in the demand for breast pumping procedure silicone lips. In the last century, such operations were, if not rare, it is not enough to work. Plastic surgeon introduced once the desired dose of silicone than is often caused complications and undesirable effect. That drug was introduced too much, and the girl's lips after the operation resembled dumplings with cherries. That silicone unevenly distributed, and lips look symmetrical. At the same time, fix the effects of surgical intervention was almost harder than spend itself enlargement surgery.

And if you download the silicone lips took up almost every plastic surgeon, then pumped his dare not everyone. Plus silicone has an interesting feature: to grow in the body. Now imagine how much effort is like a doctor to remove the implant without the risk of facial nerve hurt? But that did not scare the women, and they are in the pursuit of perfection sometimes takes an unnatural and sometimes comical look.

Years passed, and the process of lip augmentation using silicone injection into them improved. Today surgeon performs this procedure gradually introducing silicone into the body of the girl minimal portions. This method avoids the unwanted skew lips (this is when the drug begins to live his life and gets off in one corner of the mouth). Plus, she can always refuse subsequent injections, if it considers that her lips are already quite plump and attractive.

Also changed the composition of silicone. Now it is as safe to the human body. Therefore, cases of rejection occur less and less. By the way, about the contraindications lip augmentation should tell more detail.

Lip augmentation with silicone: contraindications

Yes, plastic surgeons are sometimes denied their patients in lip augmentation with silicone. And it's not about money or personal animosity doctor to person. A specialist can veto the operation of those women who want to unnaturally plump lips. According to doctors, the caprice of the morning may be replaced by a new and big lips remain caricatured and deflate silicone ones (as we already mentioned) will be a challenge.

The second reason that you may refuse surgery - it's age. Lip augmentation is not threatened underage patients, for that matter, and other plastic surgery. Third taboo in the list of doctors - this increase is one of the lips for no apparent reason. That is, if it is the patient's lips are proportional, and the girl wants to pump the silicone only at the bottom, giving the appearance of a sort of naughty girls. Here, the operation can not take place. At best, the doctor will advise even lip augmentation, which retain their proportionality.

If you are very thin, almost invisible lips, not the fact that the increase with silicone solve the problem created by nature. Some surgeons do not even take up a procedure such as the change area of ​​the lips can not be, and the extra volume to thin lips, not only will not save the situation, but would look ridiculous.

Get ready for the fact that you have to go before the surgery all the doctors for diagnosis of health. People with chronic diseases, bleeding disorders, and diabetes may refuse plastic, despite the fact that the silicone lip augmentation performed under local anesthesia. Too high a surgeon responsible for the failure of the operation. It is clear that doctors are simply unwilling to take the risk.

Where you do right before the procedure, so it is an appointment with a therapist. And it is no coincidence, Because insane people more than others dream to fix his appearance. Is it necessary to mention that when the sad confirmation of the diagnosis, such people become persona "non grata" in the clinics of plastic surgery?

 silicone lip

An alternative to silicone

Let's say you read an article, and is still not questioned in its decision to increase the lips. Well, that's your right. We will not dissuade you, but rather tell you about alternative ways to increase the lips without the use of silicone.


Here you get a lip augmentation with silicone is not, and own fat, which surgeon you pump out of the thigh or buttocks (where he was looking at you the most). Advantages of this method consist in the complete absence of chemistry and life-long result. No you are allergic to silicone and other synthetic drugs. No rejection. And in the place where he was evacuated fat, trace of the intervention of the surgeon is not at all. It seems to be some pluses. But no. Cons too short. Lipofillinga disadvantage is that fat often starts to behave unpredictably, accumulating, not where you need to, and thereby violating the proportionality of the lips.

    Lip augmentation Biogel

After the silicone has brought a lot of trouble plastic surgeons, all began to think what would replace it. And they found. First, to increase the use of synthetic gels. But they also raised pile side effects. Therefore, it was decided to replace them with special Biogel, which include hyaluronic acid. It can be Perlane, Restylane and Restylane Lipp. Beauticians just beat his hands, describing the benefits of data biogels:

  • complete lack of allergic reactions
  • the ability to add additional volume lips, making himself another injection of Biogel,
  • the ability to permanently preserve the result if timely to go to the so-called correction (what, you do go to the barber for a haircut, and manicure occasionally have to tinker)
  • you will not need to carry out special tests on the compatibility of the body, as hyaluronic acid is entirely of natural, and well take root,
  • if the result is not impressed, and you do decide to leave the natural volume of the lips, bio-gel can always withdraw from the body. At the same time you will not need additional operation and intervention of plastic surgeons. Just enter the lips special enzyme that dissolves the Biogel.
  • Aesthetic chiloplasty

It is the cardinal method of increasing the volume and changing the shape of the lips. This plastic surgery, in which the upper lip is cut out strip of skin, a new circuit, which is then sewn to the main skin. Agree that the description is really burning. Now imagine this process in action. It is necessary to you? We are sure that your lips are so thin and flat, as you think. A few lessons from a professional makeup artist will help you to correct the shape of lips with less. So our advice: do not rush to the plastic surgeon.

    Gymnastics for lips

Can not say that some of the exercises will make your lips plump as a magic wand, but systematic lessons will help to develop the muscles. And where there is increased muscle and increases lip volume. So remember a few simple lessons:

  • roll up his lips, relax and re-roll. Repeat step a few minutes,
  • spend douche lip during brushing gently brush and walk on the lips, massaging them,
  • with the power to pull the lips unnatural smile, relax and smile again,
  • whistle more. I do not know how? Then just breathe the air of a rolled lip.

Lip augmentation with silicone: Implications

And again on the silicon. Reviewing the topic lip augmentation can not fail to tell about all the adverse consequences faced by plastic surgery patients. It is not a violation of the proportionality of the lips, which we mentioned earlier, and the changes of the health of the patient. These include:

  1. Soreness when applying makeup to the lips;
  2. Unwanted seal lips;
  3. Poor survival silicone smokers;
  4. Swelling, redness, bleeding after a failed operation;
  5. The need to remove silicone from the lips a few years after the increase. The fact that the active material is not adaptable to aging skin, and age-related changes can cause an accumulation of at least one silicone in place, such as a maximum - rejection.
  6. Inability to completely remove the silicone from the lips. Even the best specialist can not pump out all of the drug from the lips, as (see above) silicone tends to grow into the skin.

The last tip for those who still want to augment the lips with silicone. Before you go to an appointment with a plastic surgeon, look more pictures of girls with bulging lips. Just choose the images are not catalogs clinics that provide this service, and on the Internet. How many disfigured faces! Do you think that the doctor will be able to give the assurance that tomorrow your photo does not join the ranks of topics on the forum unsuccessful plastic? Then why did he ask you to sign a document stating that you will not have any claims to the surgeon due to failed back surgery? Think about it.

 Silicone lips whim or necessity?

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