Why is it sometimes necessary to postpone Botox?

Due to the high popularity of non-surgical rejuvenation procedures, there was a serious buzz on the market. As a result, a large flow of patients simply can not soberly assess the consequences of such treatment, although it is very simple.

What you need to think "up"?

Consider the cases in which the doctor may refuse to process:

  • the first days of menstruation;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • chronic kidney disease, liver and lungs (the consent of the attending physician);
  • idiosyncrasy drug (allergy to protein or photosensitivity);
  • minority;
  • diagnosis of alcoholism severe.

The above contraindications do not prohibit the right of Botox procedure done, but the cause to wait for a period for which the cause is resolved. In the case of chronic diseases of all it depends on the extent of complications, as a rule, it is simply a consultation two specialists - your doctor and beautician.

What will happen "after"?

Of course, first of all, you get the updated skin, for which it all began. Depending on the type of procedure chosen, you will see the effect immediately or within a few weeks. In contrast to the methods of restoring the skin with surgery, there is no rehabilitation period, so the next day you can go to work and go about their business.

Accents and rejuvenating effects are directly dependent on the method chosen. For example, the effects rejuvenation mainly associated with alignment color. Your skin will get rid of age spots, the color will get healthy color, visually disappear irregularities. If you choose Botox, primarily to change the shape of the skin - because smoothed wrinkles, gradually it will become even color, it will be easier for her to look after.

What is fear?

Unfortunately, the increased interest in procedures brings to life a vast market of counterfeit products. Because of this, attempts to self-treatment, usually ending with unpleasant consequences. It is of the wrong dosage, which can cause discomfort in the front part, and also no effect if the drug, on the contrary, too much diluted.

It is therefore to apply to the clinic with a good story, despite the fact that the newly discovered small salons offer discounts. Your health is in your hands - the procedure itself is virtually painless, and its negative effects are reduced to a lack of proper attention.

You need to study the list of contraindications, see to their personal calendar, to exclude an allergic reaction (test required to spend in the clinic), in which case you will receive only positive effect.

It is important to be honest with a specialist, because the lack of knowledge about the possible contraindications may distort the course of treatment. With the majority of problems can be overcome, and each method has a worthy alternative. Choosing the best option with your doctor, you will achieve the best effect after the procedure.

Complex techniques

The development of a combination of drugs should take place under medical supervision. There are cross-reactions, so if you decide to do Botox in one institution, subsequent treatment should be carried out under medical supervision, even if you choose another clinic because they hold your data.

 Why is it sometimes necessary to postpone Botox?

 Vacuum cleaning person

  • The principle of vacuum cleaning
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Carrying out the procedure
  • Features Cleaning
  • The frequency of treatments

A common procedure in cosmetology is a vacuum cleaning of the face. The main purpose of this procedure: cleaning the face of dirt, open pores, removing dead skin cells and reducing the fat content of the skin. Generally, vacuum cleaning - this is the first procedure that is prescribed without exception, beauticians in the care of the problem or oily skin.

There is only one "but": before cleaning is necessary for a complete examination by specialists. This is done to avoid vascular diseases and allergic reactions. Only serious salons conduct such surveys, so you can rely on it as a measure of the guaranteed provision of professional beauty services. The procedure for vacuum cleaning person held both women and men.

The principle of vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning person held a special device, the tip of which has a high suction power. It is this tip and cleanses the skin - pulls out her excess fat and dirt. Due to the fact that the skin is affected vacuo, improves blood circulation, complexion appears pink and lymphatic drainage occurs. The procedure itself is painless and does not fall under the concept of risk, it is absolutely non-traumatic. This makes it possible to clean as often as necessary. You can not worry about unpleasant sensations - just "lie down and relax," and then get out of the salon rejuvenated, refreshed, just unearthly beauty!

 Vacuum cleaning person

Indications for the procedure

Bold type of skin - this is the main indication for the procedure. After all, with mechanical cleaning person, the sebaceous glands are damaged and closed pores. This leads to the fact that the skin starts to produce fat with double speed and force. Triggered a defensive reaction of the skin and the consequences will be severe: acne, acne, open pores. A vacuum method works gently and carefully, protecting the skin from damage.

Carrying out the procedure

As before any other cosmetic procedure, steamed face - the vacuum will not be able to carry out proper cleaning tightened and dry skin. Steaming is usually carried out with the use of herbs - chamomile, succession, thyme - it is guaranteed to reduce inflammation. And with steam, vacuum penetrates into the deeper layers of skin and body healthy cleaning it. Dirty skin is a priori can not even visually look healthy. Vacuum cleaning person gives the skin a healthy appearance, rosy cheeks and velvety.

That vacuum stimulates the skin, accelerates blood circulation and limfotechenie conducts light massage of the skin, and this leads to the fact that the skin begins to rejuvenate, and the body to produce new skin cells. No cleaning procedure (of course, except for a vacuum) can not guarantee it.

 Useful vacuum cleaning of the face

Features Cleaning

Despite the almost dreamlike effect, vacuum cleaning of the face and has a contra. For example, this procedure can not be administered if the patient has dry skin. This skin is very easy to injure even the most secure device, the result - cracks, bleeding, bruising. If the skin is inflamed, there are allergic reactions, vacuum cleaning is also banned - it will only aggravate the situation. If you have vascular disease, such a procedure is also prohibited - vacuum vessels expand, damaging them, and appear on the face, "Stars" and "strings".

The frequency of treatments

Only the cosmetologist can recommend the individual schedule of such vacuum treatments. But, by all accounts, cleaning of the face can be carried out as many times as needed and when needed. Simply put, when the signs of contamination, increased fat rashes or acne, you can safely go to the next procedure.

Vacuum cleaning is very good "gets" and other procedures for the treatment and recovery of the skin. For example, if the procedure is carried out exfoliation of dead cells, then immediately appoint and vacuum cleaning of the face - like a vacuum cleaner, a vacuum and removes cells and dirt, as well as relieve the inflammation after the initial procedure. These two procedures are complex. The result: your face shine on health and cleanliness!

 Vacuum cleaning of the face - a healthy skin under any circumstances!

 treatment of stretch marks

  • Ozone therapy
  • Cosmetic peeling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Abdominoplasty

Stretch marks, or as they are called, striae - the problem is very widespread. They can occur at any age. Total 15-20 years ago to get rid of stretch marks have been almost impossible. Once in the skin, they remain there forever. And women had to put up with this problem. However, modern science does not stand still. And, of course, Beauty could not get around this side. After all, the main purpose of beauticians - to help people stay beautiful. Today, treatment of stretch marks has become a reality.

How to treat stretch marks? To date, there are several methods to, if not completely get rid of stretch marks, then at least to make them less visible on the skin. However, whichever one you choose, you have patience - almost all of them carried out the course, and many of them quite painful. So to solve this problem in one trip to the beautician, it is not likely to succeed - this "war" will be long and difficult. Before settling on a particular method, be sure to consult with your doctor. All these methods have a "bouquet" of contraindications. And, of course, it is better to know about them in advance.

Ozone therapy

This method is increasingly used in the fight against stretch marks. However, it is suitable only if they appear on your skin recently. The essence of the procedure is simple - injected under the skin of a special mixture of ozone and oxygen. This improves blood circulation and metabolism in tissues. Incidentally, this method is also used in the treatment of cellulitis and varicose veins even. Typically, the course consists of 7-12 procedures. Contraindications to the ozone therapy are: acute myocardial infarction, tendency to seizures, allergic reactions to ozone, hyperthyroidism and some blood disorders.

 stretch marks treatment

Cosmetic peeling

Peeling is probably the most common way to treat stretch marks. The method is very simple - in the course of this procedure, the upper skin cells are sloughed off. After such an operation the body is trying to recover as quickly as possible and begin to develop a more active is very useful for beauty substances - collagen and elastin. It is through this level the surface of the skin and stretch marks become less noticeable.

The deeper the peel, the more quickly the update will start tissues. Less deep peeling is called Surface. It is suitable for fresh, recently emerged on the skin and is not very big stretch. In this method, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed by mechanical means. The procedure is performed on special equipment. The device delivers a powerful jet of air mixed with sand. Due to this, the skin is polished.

By the deeper - the middle - are laser and chemical peels. The main disadvantage of a chemical peel, is that all the manipulations are carried out under general anesthesia. That, of course, it is not useful for the organism. Applied to the skin, special preparations - usually trichloroacetic, phenolic or alpha-hydroxy - that penetrate the skin and fight against stretch marks. The procedure is not recommended for those who have different cardiovascular diseases.

Laser peels considered one of the most modern methods of struggle against stretch marks. It helps to get rid of even deeper and older stretch marks. The procedure can be performed either with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia - all depends on the surface to be treated. Preparing for it will take about two months - will need daily care for the skin with the help of specially selected creams and ointments. The recovery period will also require time and patience. Fully assess the resulting effect you can no earlier than three months.


This is a relatively new method rightfully considered a great alternative to peel. Recently, cosmetologists use it more and more. It is considered almost a panacea for all skin imperfections - ranging from fine wrinkles and scars and ending with freckles. In fact, microdermabrasion - a polished leather. The same peeling, only dosage and far less traumatic. The procedure is almost painless - you will feel only a slight tingling sensation. So, no anesthesia is required.

By a special tube to the skin surface serves tiny alumina crystals. They are absolutely harmless, do not cause irritation, and its structure is simply not able to leave deep wounds on the skin. Due to the high feed rate, the crystals penetrate the epidermis and immediately removed by the vacuum, but with the "sticking" particles chapped skin. At those points, where was filmed the upper layer of the epidermis, begins active growth of new cells. And after a few sessions, your skin is completely upgraded.

 treatment of stretch marks on the skin


This is certainly the most effective and radical method of treatment of stretch marks on the abdomen. Typically, it is used when all other methods were powerless. With it, you can not just say goodbye with stretch marks, but also to remove saggy after giving birth or as a result of dramatic weight loss stomach. In fact, abdominoplasty - a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts usually from 40 minutes to one and a half hours. Usually abdominal wall incision and the excess skin, along with all the stretch marks are removed and the muscles are tightened diverged to a normal situation. Then prick cosmetic seams and install drainage.

More recently, as a result of this rather complicated abdominal surgery on his stomach certainly remained a scar. It could be more or less - it all depended on the number of "extra" skin and a method of excision - but definitely present. Today, it seems, cosmetologists managed to solve this problem. At least in clinics claim that is being done intradermal suture, which does not leave any traces. After surgery, you will have a long time to wear a compression garment. In addition to this it will be necessary to pass a special, chosen individually rehabilitation course. As with any surgery, abdominoplasty can cause various complications.

As you can see, thanks to modern cosmetology, treatment of stretch marks has become quite possible. Of course, all of these methods have their pros and cons. Before deciding on any major manipulations, all you need to carefully weigh and consider. The main thing - do not harm their health. But if you feel that those nasty strip - striae - spoils your life, then it is possible to overcome them. The choice is yours.

 Treatment of stretch marks - choose the method

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