"The Price of Desire" - Russia's first interactive dance show

The thirst for fame and inspires a person eats at a time. Greed motivates, but without sense becomes a dangerous enemy. Passion inspires a man, but over time its power is declining. How to feel, when you can be tempted, but when it came time to say "Stop! "?

December 11 at the Variety Theatre at 20:00   held a dramatic dance show " Price wishes ". Due to the unique interactive format by spectators to the show for the first time in Russia will be able to choose what the outcome statement.

Under the enchanting music scene unfold on a large-scale show, talks about the evils of the human soul. The three main characters   productions represent the thirst of passion, greed and glory . You will go to a world where wishes come true, and you will see with your own eyes, where it leads. You will have the unique opportunity to vote for one of the options for the final show. Your choice depends on whether the desire to give in or retreat! The director and inspirer of the show, the winner of the All-Russian contest "Dream. Make up your mind. Action "from the brand Rexona Anastasia Yurasova finally fulfill a professional dream - to present its dance show with unique visuals, literally" animating "the scenery on stage.

At the premiere of the mainstream media are expected, as well as well-known figures of culture and art, including the muse of the project - a popular DJ, stylist and TV presenter Alexander Fedorov.

Dream. Make up your mind. Action. A Rexona never let you down!

View videos of all the participants and finalists of the project, as well as vote and now affect the scenario, you can show on the official channel of Rexona Women.

 Dream. Make up your mind. Embodies!

 Holidays in the city

Summer is coming to an end, and someone did not have time to make time for vacation. If all colleagues and friends scattered across the seas, and you had to stay in the city, do not despair - even the metropolis could be turned into a resort.

Add exotic in everyday work

No one can stop you at least for evening travel back to any part of the world with loved ones. Select the country and spend the day in her style. By selecting, for example, Mexico, you can enjoy traditional dishes in a traditional restaurant (or enjoy your favorite home version), see a couple of Mexican movies, and spend the evening at a concert of guitar music. Why not dive in Latin America?

Select the nature

Nature can be found even in urban areas. Take a walk in the park before going to sleep or arrange an evening jog along the waterfront. A walk in the fresh air will help to improve blood circulation, which will saturate the cells with oxygen. If you find the time on the weekend, you can organize a trip to the kebabs. Fresh food, cooked over an open fire surrounded by picturesque trees, sometimes can be exotic lobster on the coast.

Look for new faces hometown

From the stories of many buildings is breathtaking, and even if you always lived in this city, you can always find the streets on which you have not yet had a chance to go through. Imagine a foreigner: look for museums that you have never visited, go to the Summer Exhibition, spend an evening at the theater. It's always exciting - to get acquainted with the history and culture of the city as if you are a tourist.

Arrange home spa

If the work head is buzzing, and body aches, then you urgently need to arrange an evening of relaxation. Start with a hot bath with fragrant salt or soft foam, light scented candles and turn on the calming music. If the soul wants to be a moment in poluskazochnoy Indonesia on the other side of the world, take a relaxing shower with shower gel Balinese flower and oil from NIVEA. He will surprise you with delicate aroma of frangipani flower and allow plunge into the atmosphere of Bali.

 In the city as a resort if you are left with no vacation

 how to make money sitting at home


  • Working from home without the Internet
  • Work on the Internet
  • For a start - posting
  • Copywriting, rewriting, translating articles
  • Earnings in social networks
  • Sales on the internet
  • Finally

Now, with modern technology, very many are so simple, it would seem, the question: "Is it possible to earn money from the comfort of your own home? ". Especially those interested in young mom sitting with the child on maternity leave, and few people will refuse this opportunity. After all, work at home - it is solid pros: long working hours, lack of any serious commitment, leave when you want.

In fact, many variants of household earnings, and each person can choose the most appropriate one, depending on their capabilities, skills and knowledge. And it does not matter whether you use the Internet at the same time or not, the main thing - is to put a specific goal - to make money - and confidently move in the right direction. Today we will try to help you sort out some (although not all) of such options available, but not quite a simple operation. So, if you have some spare time and a great desire to find an additional, and perhaps even the basic income, we begin to study theory.

Just specify that if you sincerely believe that working from home - it's full of "freebie" and for her absolutely nothing to do, dare to assure you that it is not so! For a start you have to peruse a certain amount of information and then to try myself in any particular case and learn to perform certain actions. It is likely that the first time you'll spend on it all his free time without pay, but then, having mastered the basics, you can earn quite decent amount.

Working from home without the Internet

In order to make money sitting at home, not necessarily to use the Internet because there are other, less profitable ways. Here are a few options.

  1. contact number

    You can put an ad, such as "provides a service contact phone number." After that, your employer will give your number in your ads, and you will answer incoming calls from a prepared text. In order to find out the cost of such work, it is possible to ring up similar ads, or ask how much earns Manager. You ask about who needs this service? Yes, very much: realtors, manufacturers of plastic windows or metal doors, shopping and so on. In fact, so many need a good and responsible person for direct order entry or the dissemination of information.

    But it should give you some useful recommendations. Firstly, never work in debt (take money in advance for a certain period of working time), or you can stay at all without pay. And for a stable income recommend finding of two (or more) clients. Secondly, if you have an ad on this (phone services) is not received calls with suggestions, try to ring up their own real estate agencies, credit companies, marketing companies, recruit staff and other organizations that require people on the phone.

    There is no significant difference whether you will communicate with their clients in the office or sitting at home in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee (if necessary, can be provided to the employer reports of all calls). Perhaps the only negative of such work that have a lot to say for a long time, but if you personally is not a problem - go for it!

  2. Typing, coursework, tutoring, photo editing

    All this, under certain skills you can perform while sitting at home and earning. For example, to write term papers or abstracts, does not have to be a professor of science - it is important to know how to use different sources and collect the necessary material. And with teacher training, you will be able to give private lessons at home - we need only advertise in the newspaper or to interview their friends. Believe me, customers are sure to find for you, because tuition is always topical.

    For photo editing, you must first master the Photoshop or a similar program, and then offer its services competently and safely start earning. Such income is virtually unlimited - everything will depend on the quality of work you do, and by "word of mouth" touting you as a professional. For starters can provide these services free of charge, in order to gain experience and get a certain number of customers.

  3. Needlework

    If, for example, know the oven delicious cakes and decorate their original, try to make desserts to order, for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations has not been canceled. You can also sew, knit, to make children's toys or interior - it all depends on what you're good at doing. Develop your hobby and, sitting at home, earn money with it, but be sure to really take a look at your talents and abilities. By the way, to date, handicrafts (the so-called hand made) are very popular, so his handicrafts you can sell and earn good money, but do not forget that in these articles is very much appreciated quality.

    Kindergarten at home or hourly babysitting. This proposal is especially important for young mothers, caring for your baby, because they can simultaneously watch and the other children, and earn money. This own child will remain under supervision and be able to be in the cheerful company of peers. Better to take the kids under his wing for a short while their mothers go shopping, to the hairdresser, beauty salon, and so on. Even better, if it will be your friends and neighbors who are not afraid to entrust their child to a stranger. Accordingly, the payment for such work is to appoint the hour, because sometimes the mother can stay for a while. The main disadvantage of this work - a very big responsibility.

  4. Photo and video shooting

    If you only have a camera or a camera, you can try to offer similar services. Work a little dreary, much time and effort is spent on actual shots, then another installation, but if you like a lesson, then why would not earn? Always try to do the most interesting and beautiful shots, and then your customers will recommend you to their friends, and through them you will gain new customers.

 how you can earn at home

Work on the Internet

Immediately, we note that to expect any miracles from this incredible work at home do not need the Internet, though you can make, but not too much, so do not blindly believe the promises "of $ 200 per day with a minimum of employment." You have to be very careful that you are not cheated and left without payment for work already done. After all, except for a bona fide employers in the network, there are many scams. So, let's see how you can still really make money on the Internet? Note that it is impossible to list everything possible methods, but we will try to briefly describe the most famous of them.

For a start - posting

For those who have virtually nothing about the Internet, but who have a lot of free time and a desire to make money online, can approach this type of activity as the posting. This area is suitable for beginners who do not have their website and for those who do not have much luggage knowledge of PHP, HTML and the like. The point of this method is as follows: for a fee, a person offer post reviews, comments, signatures, posts and answers with links advertisers in various blogs. Or fill your contents fresh, only recently established forum.

This way of earning is simple enough, it can master almost any user, but get paid for this service is very small - about 0, $ 1 per message. Thus, in order to earn at least $ 25, you need to leave at least 200 of his comments, and even more so to get a lot of money in this area, unfortunately, will not succeed, but the posting may be a good starting point for many beginners.

Copywriting, rewriting, translating articles

If the school you are quite well-written essays and presentation, it is safe to try themselves and their hand at writing articles for various websites. Write you sitting at the computer, on various topics, making it on order or already selling pre-prepared material. In fact, this way is quite possible to earn enough good money as an experienced journalist, and the simplest user.

Runet is constantly in need of interesting and unique context, and almost all modern webmasters often seek help for copywriters to simultaneously support several profitable projects. In more than a billion Internet pages and different sites and each day there are new networks, and in fact all they need unique content. Now that you understand the scale of job opportunities in this field?

Try to become a copywriter in several ways: search for interesting proposals on the exchanges of remote work, sell and take orders in the exchanges of content or write a good resume and propose a candidate. The average cost of one unique article of 1000 characters in volume of 30-45 rubles. But for this you need to be sure to write original texts and competent, but not copy them to other resources.

If you have knowledge of foreign languages ​​and has appropriate education, sitting at home, you can easily make money by translating texts from western sites. The cost of these items is much higher, but also to cope with such a task is not everyone can. So if you want to earn good money and are confident in their abilities, try to find a job online translator.

 how you can earn at home

Earnings in social networks

Today, social networks (VKontakte, Classmates, Facebook and others) have absorbed almost everyone, and it is difficult to find a person who would not have it your page. But in addition, these Web resources have become a place of daily communication between people from around the world and constantly attract new users, they also give everyone the opportunity to earn some money.

Any social network is a multi-site, the content of which is filled with the participants themselves, communicate with each other on various topics. Sign up for the same grade or VKotakte can be anyone, but some of this still earn. You may ask how this can be done? Several options. Firstly, it is enough to create a popular group with a large number of participants (it spent a lot of time and effort) and then sell advertising in it, to participate in different affiliate programs to promote any products or sell their untwisted group to another user.

Secondly, having a profile in a social network with lots of friends and a good ranking, you can earn by performing simple actions, for which paid money: put "like" to photos or articles to invite friends into groups or applications, exhibit a certain status and other. The scheme of this work is very simple: choose order - a condition fulfilled - received payment. But again, this type of activity will not bring big income, but can provide a good additional income students or young mothers, who sat with the child will be very happy to receive it.

Sales on the internet

In the US, about 70% of all goods and services are sold through online stores, and many users prefer to shop from the comfort of home, sitting in front of the monitor. These people carry out the acquisition of electronics, home appliances, clothing, furniture, shoes, order a pizza, call a consultant, and the like. And even the simplest online shopping can bring their owners are quite decent earnings.

The Russian segment is a bit behind the Western, and purchasing power have significantly lower, but it does not prevent you to organize your own store on the Internet, the more that can do it any modern user: no need to search the premises, to acquire expensive equipment pay rent, hire staff, and so on. To create it requires much less financial investment, but it is necessary to exert maximum efforts for the promotion and development of the new project.

If you do not want to create is an online store, you can try to engage in sales on the Internet, organizing the so-called joint purchase. The algorithm is as follows:

  • place your ad on the joint purchase of certain goods (shoes, bags, clothes, hats, cosmetics, etc.) with all of the conditions and who wish to dial;
  • process incoming orders and collect payments;
  • redeem specified above items at wholesale price;
  • Product was distributed to its customers.

Thus you will receive pre-established "organizational" percent of the total amount of the order. Money is small, but earnings will depend on the selected product, the number of interested persons, the frequency of, the interest rate of the joint purchasing and other nuances. Believe me, some of it is enough to refuse to release to a permanent job.


Now you know how to learn a new profession and earn a little money sitting at home. It is important that it can be done not only through the Internet, but also perfectly do without it. Do not waste your time for nothing, and choose the most relevant for you and the way to move in the right direction to achieve its goal. But before that, we'll give you a few tips that we hope will benefit.

  • Determine how you will organize its future work, how much time will be spent on it. If you're a mom of a young child, be sure to build your schedule so as not to infringe on their child attention and care (for example, you can work at a time until the child is asleep or in kindergarten).
  • Focus on your talents, skills and virtues - to earn a lot of money, you should be able to something that is not everyone's strength, and to know what the others are not known. Demand for almost all goods and services can always be found.
  • Set the desired level of future income - agree that to achieve the goal much easier if it is defined. In addition, each user different requirements, and if someone will be glad and small penny, another one for the same money, even with the place will not move.
  • If you are going to offer some specific services, first to examine the demand and market prices for similar offers.
  • Do not stop looking for - looking for exactly the work at home, which you will be fully satisfied.
  • Advertise your services - use this for a variety of Internet resources. For example, at the city forum or a social network can be free to talk about yourself and your proposed product (service).

If you're determined to go "home business", do not rush to accept all the proposals came to hand, because right now there are too many scams. Before accepting try to find a customer or prospective employers additional information and testimonials of real people.

Work only with reliable companies that do not require any fees and pre-payment. And then everything will depend on you, and perhaps sitting at home, you can earn good money. Do not forget to share your experience with other Internet users. Good luck!

 Do you know how you can earn money sitting at home?